Great Britain: The Stolen Children

Florence Bellone is a Belgian journalist who has investigated child snatching in the UK for a considerable time. As a result, she has

  1. written to the Education Select Committee: The Child Protection System in England
  2. won a Special Radio Prize for Great Britain: The Stolen Children.

The Grand Jury distinguished the report for its investigative merit in highlighting a human rights issue occurring in a highly-developed European Member State. The piece was characterised as ‘a technically impressive, investigative report into shocking and relatively unknown human rights violations’.

The Education Select Committee has released a new invitation for written evidence to be submitted by 23 January 2012. It must address at least one of three bullet points:

  • The impact of neglect and the long term consequences of a delay in intervention where there is evidence of neglect;
  • Older young people (especially those aged 15 to 19) and child protection;
  • Thresholds for intervention, for taking children into care and for adoption.

My own contribution to the Committee is in draft form here.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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10 Responses to Great Britain: The Stolen Children

  1. Nathanael says:

    l was originally able to put hyperlinks on my page but since postings related to musa family my account has been restricted to prevent that, on facebook

  2. What is shocking is well-intentioned people making a name for themselves as journalists or what have you; getting awards, merit for reporting, and then nothing is done about the problem which is the reason for the efforts in the first place. Unless actual real-life people are held accountable, like real-life families with names/identities (and RIGHTS), all we end up with are stories for journalism.

    Am I suggesting to stop reports? No. But honorary acknowledgement from an enemy (Parliament) is lacking The same applies to BBC, or MSM, useful at making a farce of the most serious reports.

    The people who quietly are successful in bringing families back together from corrupt (evil) courts, live lives in danger; are followed, monitored, spied on; and lack the notoriety or deserved attention.

    The System, current U.K. Parliamentary System of Slavery spearheaded by Elizabeth 2, must END.

    Support Muad’Dib in 2012:-

  3. JM says:

    well done florence, good to know not all journalists that side of the channel are poxy morons…
    and i totally agree with Sheltering Cedar…..but i guess you know what needs to be doen to make that happen! and you’re TI’s there…..that is just the beginning…

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  7. Catherine Mill says:

    Excellent Article.
    We have the same problem in Eire/Ireland now too, with the importing from UK of the fostering business £££ Children are the commodity that feeds the business. it reminds me of cash for kids.
    Non nationals are at serious risk and especially well educated single mothers.

    Non national children are assimilated into white Catholic families asap.

    We always had a problem with child snatchers. It was so bad years ago that there was a shoot to kill policy on them.

    In Ireland we still have strong mothers labelled as

    I am a veteran of this Inquisition court system.

    We also have SS- soul suckers- who get orders to use ECT on abused children to burn out memories of abuse. Especially if the abuse happens in corporate care.

    The Munch Mum virus ….lol.. has just landed in Eire- it is labelled a personality dis- order according to one

    We also have something different to UK- breaching Art 6 of human rights.- SS will ask the judge not to allow parents or their solicitors to read any of the reports before the court- my case- so we had no means to rebut anything.
    We were told it is simply the way it is.
    This is the same in 2012.

    I got my reports eventually- calling Strasbourg- case worker said I had to try everything else first, but then one phone call and she could have them for me.

    I used the case law- but solicit-ors do not seem to be aware of the law, or simply play the game for the money

    I do not see mention of the Trojan Horse method of stealing children here- that is take a baby even when the High court refuses ICO? Then pretend to parents that judge wants to see them on another matter, and LA will ask lower court for an order. But the case is never listed and parents do not know of the secret kangaroo court. There will be no written order, no paper trail , so baby disappears without a trace?

    I have studied the types of social workers- the predator psychopaths who use torture are my favourite now.

    Best Interests of the child is still used- same as SS Germany- and why does no one notice that it carries Hitler\’s SS energy signature on it- so of course nothing changes with this.

    So much to share if you ever want it.

  8. Catherine Mill says:

    i forgot to explain Trojan Horse 100%- all parties (including parents)and clerk of RCJ will remove the refusal of the ICO from all files, then try and tell mother she must be mentally ill- as there was no hearing in RCJ. There was and for some reason- we now know why- the justice judge sent copy of the order to the mother after warning SS not to dare try any tricks. SS Barrister then attacks mother to get the order from her physically, until we point out that we have copies all over the world. That’s how it goes in the 21st century Inquisition Ireland and UK.

    Dr Wrennell has written on the Trojan Horse method etc.

  9. Catherine Mill says:
    Persecution strategies in a child care order investigation.

    The Swedish child Snatchers perfected this system in the 1070’s and exported it world wide.
    Of course the Roman Catholic church and the Crown had been snatching native children for eons of time, warehousing them, stripping them of all identity, experimenting on them, etc. Same in Ireland. Paddy Doyle God Squad comes to mind.

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