Occupy the Courts – a US wide event on Fri 20 January

End Corporate Rule. Legalize Democracy. These are the ‘taglines’ for the US network of groups Move to Amend.

On Friday 20 January they follow Occupy Wall Street with Occupy the Courts – “leading the charge on the judiciary which created – and continues to expand – corporate personhood rights.”

This is CRUCIAL for the following reasons:

  • private central and other banksters have already ’emasculated’ all nation states by the Rule of (dishonest) Money
  • “privatisation” has long been part of this process
  • this Rule of Money ensures that Corporations rule the World – a book published in 1995 already
  • corporations ENSURE the absence of personal responsibility
  • corporations always live longer than any individual, especially those that are considered “too big to fail” or “system inherent”.

I wonder when the UK will be ready to follow suit – especially with the idea to Occupy Foreclosed Homes! But “Occupy Veterans” have turned the Old Street Magistrate’s Court in East London already into “Occupy Justice“.

However, the 99% of the UK are invited to participate in The Future of Occupy!

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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5 Responses to Occupy the Courts – a US wide event on Fri 20 January

  1. JM says:

    yes, yes my selector….bring your own AK! it’s going to get nasty….

  2. Derek says:

    Boy do I wish for something like this in the UK. Our crooked and corrupt judiciary, (worse than bankers I might add), need a damn good thrashing.

    Pity we cannot get some of those Arabs over here to start a pro democracy movement. It is long overdue.

  3. Jean says:

    People need to get up to speed. The British Occupy Veterans have been occupying a court for some weeks. They rolled into town in an armoured vehicle.

  4. YOU were lied to when told God is in the Constitution. At best, it’s a stepping stone to God’s Laws.

    Take a closer look at what the people (democracy?) seek to return to: Common Law/Constitution.

    The Constitution(s) are a Con. They were a means Nations / States were turned into Corporations like privately-owned businesses becoming Corporate; feeling privileged, gains in benefits making them feel “freer”. But the truth of the matter is, “so-called” benefits were the stranglehold for slavery. ONLY returning to God’s Laws can defeat corruption and the “Elite” but YOU still do not see “Truth”.

    Deuteronomy 4:2 Ye shall not ADD unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish [ought] from it, that ye may keep the Commandments of the “I AM” your God which I Command you.

    Beware. A time is at hand when T.H.E.Y. are taking God out of the Courts, and sadly with your help. Do YOU really want to take God (WHO else is Justice and Mercy?) out of the Courts? That’s what is happening. Both Old AND New Testaments along with the (Peaceful) Holy Koran could bring the end to slavery.

    The Way home or face The Fire:-

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