UK MPs raise Concerns over ‘corrupt and hostile’ Judiciary – in the Maldives

Thanks to Colin Peters, I learned about these MPs criticising the judiciary in the Maldives:

Please put your comment on this Maldivean publication or this one and / or write to the MPs. Here’s what I sent:

Dear …

I was most interested to read about your willingness to criticise the Judiciary in the Maldives for being ‘corrupt and hostile’. Might we therefore count on you supporting our criticisms in the UK, by asking the Minister of Justice how he expects corruption and hostility towards victims of white collar crimes to go away here, in the UK?

Here’s the evidence we’ve collected so far:

  • Victims Unite has published some 30 individual cases and has had over 85,000 visitors since August 2010
  • Reporting of Fraud – EDM 516 in 2010 – illustrates the beginning of the problem: reporting is too complicated, but actually not worth it, because fraud is not being investigated
  • The Forensics of Legal Fraud: Volume 1 and Volume 2 analyse and present two really horrific cases of corruption in detail
  • four fraudulent key sample cases were put before the Minister of Justice and the Business Minister without any effect or result
  • Complaint procedures are simply designed to fob off and never achieve anything.

Furthermore, you may want to take note of the following petitions and, above all, their comments:

Should you be willing to take our concerns seriously, we would love to talk to you in person. Might you be able to join us at a meeting in the House of Commons on 6th March at 11am?

March 6th has been chosen for a day of world wide protest against child abuse, where the Family Courts are certainly hostile, whereas the corruption seems to lie with Social Services who seem to dictate what happens in courts.

In case you didn’t know about this, can you sit back and NOT do anything about it?

Looking forward to hearing from you,…

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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16 Responses to UK MPs raise Concerns over ‘corrupt and hostile’ Judiciary – in the Maldives

  1. Colin Peters says:

    Excellent Sabine.

    I would urge all fellow victims to email these MPs with details of their own experiences of injustice.
    If a lot of people assail these MPs with a lot of individual cases of injustice, it might reveal to the government the extent of the problem.
    That it is not just an islolated case of corruption and injustice here and there, but it is endemic throughout the whole system.

    There again, will the government want to know?

    Incidently, I left a comment on the publication yesterday but now, try as I might, I can’t log on to the site to view it.

    That was fast!!!

  2. Stanley Embling says:

    Brilliant move Sabine,..just as Colin Peters suggests I’ve already sent details to these MP’s detailing my own case , also suggested they Google the many other Victims cases as detailed by Sabine in “Victims Unite”……

    Maybe it will; with the grace of God, get some kind of action…but there again knowing Ken Clark is the Minister of Justice (whom I written to before without getting any reply,) I don’t hold out much hope…..

  3. Derek says:

    First Class Sabine. We need more like you in the UK to combat solicitor fraud and corruption, and yes the complaints body do nothing to address the problem. I myself have lost legal rights to my property through falsification of plans etc, and collaboration with the Local Authority by the crooked solicitors.

    A former Local Concillation Officer with the former Solicitor Complaints Bureau, described it as the worst case of solicitor incompetence and wrongdoing he had ever seen. That speaks volumes. I tried to sue the first solicitor I instructed, but was naive and did not know that our judiciary are just as corrupt. Even though judge had overwhelming evidence of failure by the solicitors concerned, he twisted and distorted the material evidence so as to blame my legal insurers, when that was definatley not the case.

    I had to pay the crooked solicitors costs amounting to nearly £1,000. However over 3 years later the solicitor came back demanding over £8,000 for costs. It went to before a district judge in July 2003, who told the solicitor to provide details of how he arrived at such a grotesque figure, when costs had been paid.

    Notice how solicitor waited 3 years, and applied at a differing court in the hope that I had discarded original receipt. After July 2003, I heard no more until Feb 2004 whereby I received a court order stating that £200 a month would be deducted from my salary until the full amount had been paid. I was not informed of the court hearing date so how could I defend it?

    I have complained to court, MP, MOJ, Police, (it is after all serious fraud) but to no avail. That £200 a month could have gone towards my retirement, and as I have now been made redundant and exhausted all my savings, I will have to go on Pension Credit of over £250 a week. I do not see why I should go to work to earn money for my retirement, to then have that money stolen from me by a crooked solicitor such that the taxpayer has to fund my income.

    Can we not all group together and take our cases to the ECHR?

  4. peter oakes says:

    John Glenn MP was or could still be, a Magistrate at Horseferry Magistrates

    There was a very important case for all “victims” at Horseferry Mags. this
    case involved entrapment wherebye innocent people were induced to
    commit offences ( this applies to many court personnel and judges being
    induced into theft,fraud, persecution etc. ) they were either entrapped or
    willingly take part in serious criminal offences!

    Bennet-V- Horseferry Mags. 1993 3 All ER 138.

    The court ruled. A jurisdiction to prevent Abuse of Authority is not permissable

    Virtually all victims I know ( and there is many ) are victims of Abuse of Authority
    by bent judges deliberately, blatantly, downright un-believably defying the
    LAW in several ways.

    The comments are currently commendable ! We will see who the agents and
    spoilers are ! when the mundane drivel kicks in, they are lost for words at

    We should concentrate on John Glenn MP. and hopefully we have a “victims
    unite” supporter in his constituency ?? We can then nullify parliamentary
    clap trap about MPs only being allowed to represent their constituents

    We are All Constituents of Parliament and MPs are our only representatives

    Alistair Burt MP is a qualified Solicitor and no doubt a “Legal Mafia” member
    he can soon be exposed as a ” good guy ” or committing treason ! as an MP
    by providing the truth concerning thieving judge Nueberger who uses the
    insolvency process.

  5. Stanley Embling says:

    To Derek above …You mention Pension Credits…..It would appear from your comments, you don’t know that the ceiling for a couple to get Pension Credits has now been reduced to £209, as against (when myself and Wife [both well over 70,] first started to get it a few years ago;] that ceiling was then £214 for a married couple..
    However we have just been informed that because the last retirement Pension and personal pension rise put us just 40 pence over the £209 limit our Pension Credits will stop in April 2012. This Exclusion now leaves us to pay Pull Council Tax in excess of £1000 per year whereby we used to pay £300 per year also deprives us access to other things such as Dentures, Spectacles and Legal Aid funding!!
    We all know that the £ in our pockets have NOT kept pace in line with the true cost of living index manipulated as against the true figure on inflation!……
    Therefore this sudden reduction in the ceiling for retired persons Pension Credits help prove even more that “a Con Trick” has been worked by the Conservative and Lib Dem Bilderberga Junta, to make a savings for themselves whilst starving those of us in society least able to fight back, has it not??

  6. peter oakes says:

    From experience I know various groups are corrupted along with
    Ross Altman. pensions guru.

    There is a large group called ” Pensions Theft. Org. ” these people cannot
    believe sound companies were deliberately bankrupted in order to
    give access to the “pension fund ” built up over many years. I even provided
    the evidence of bogus malicious bankruptcies used to steal cash & assets.

    The Organisers don,t respond but keep asking for donations to finance
    solicitors and barristers in their futile attempts to get compensation !

    Another group is SHA. ” Share holders association ” again they ask for donations to pay for legal mafia members to take futile legal action in their
    vain attempt to re-coup there losses re: Bradford & Bingley shareholders
    lost millions due to criminal solicitors manipulating Land Registry data and
    obtaining mortgages by fraud.

    This is ORGANISED CRIME it is Police business ! and these groups should
    wake up! because they belong to the victims in ” Victims Unite ” they
    just cannot see “wood for trees”

    A very easy investigation will no doubt reveal that solicitors- trustees-
    insolvency practissioners involved in many company bankruptcies are one
    and the same group of mafia members. One poor victim did,nt get a penny
    pay-out when the firm he worked for 34 years was bankrupted two weeks
    before his retirement ! He had paid in for 34 years and then robbed of his
    pension. Now living on state pension ni on poverty !

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  11. These are truly enormous ideas in regarding blogging. You have touched some fastidious points here.

    Any way keep up wrinting.

    • It’s more about facts and real life experiences than ‘ideas’, I’m afraid… And it tends to be only people who’ve had their own experiences who can write about them. Others can’t even IMAGINE such horrors!…

  12. colinberry2 says:

    Well how true Sabine, it seem as if my new MP is also scared or no the results she would get from the Ministry of Justice, she won’t even answer my emails now. The whole case stink of corruption and void decisions taken by solicitors and the judiciary.
    MP She seem to have more concern with the problems they have in Africa rather than the ones we have in Edmonton.'s

    I don’t know have anyone notice, some of my work published, there seem to be gremlins lurking, it’s only that I know the work is there and persists trying the link that it finally comes alive, I wonder have they got a software that create such problems.

  13. colinberry2 says:

    Sabine you seem to have an enemy at David Icke forum, the funny thing at the same time this thread was posted your Facebook account was closed. PE mail below.

    alf hearted
    Senior Member

    Join Date: Jan 2012
    Posts: 13,040
    Likes: 21 (16 Posts)
    Default Re: Sabine
    Originally Posted by colinberry1
    alf hearted, I’m not sure what are you trying to say, I am not good on abbreviations so you have to spell it out to me, is there a problem with Sabine?
    Apart from her total incompetence? Seriously, have a look at the part she has played in this Hampstead alleged satanic cult story. She has bought every wild allegation made, hook, line and sinker, and then took the accusations to Theresa May via email. Yes, that Theresa May, the staunch protector of the establishment, and “delaying-tactics” specialist.

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