It’s a Fit Up: excellent article about another shocking imprisonment

The Sovereign Independent is an excellent paper, and here is an excellent article about another shocking imprisonment related to child abuse aka paedophilia.

Robert Green has been exposing the abuse that Hollie Greig has endured and the harassment she and her mother have been subjected to.

What ‘gratitude’ when asking for justice and fairness! Children and vulnerable adults such as Hollie Greig get traumatised. Parents and supporters get gagged, criminalised and imprisoned. Are human rights worth the paper they are written on???

A good radio show with Brian Gerrish here.

But the more ‘enlightened’ we become, the more cynical and having to expect the worst, methinks… Here is his latest interview before Robert was sentenced so ridiculously.

And here is an animated video with the message of the FREE ROBERT GREEN CAMPAIGN. If you want to participate on 7/8 April, email Roger with FREE ROBERT GREEN CAMPAIGN in the subject line.

Please use Email a Prisoner to give support to

  • Vicky Haigh [A 8294 CH in New Hall]
  • Gloria Musa [A 2767 CJ in Holloway]
  • Joseph Chiwar Musa [A 2793 CJ in Pentonville]

It appears that foreigners are particularly targeted by Social Services. One such story appeared in The Telegraph recently: A mother on a visit to the UK loses her three children to social services – a particularly disturbing case emerges, as the media wake up to the soaring numbers of children being taken into ‘care’.

No wonder Anonymous vs Social Services organises a demo in Haringey Council on Saturday 3rd March and One Voice for the Kids a world wide Peaceful Protest against Child Abuse on Tuesday 6th March.

We are part of it in Westminster. Join us, if you like!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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59 Responses to It’s a Fit Up: excellent article about another shocking imprisonment

  1. JM says:

    Impossible to even and try and say anything… heart and thoughts are with him!

  2. peter oakes says:

    I have every sympathy for Robert. But I realised along long time ago you
    need documented- photographic-video recorded evidence or similar that
    will prove to the general public what you claim is true !

    Courts held in secret, barred to the public, transcripts falsified ( INAUDIBLE )
    god knows how many transcripts I have seen with that on beggars belief. Judges do as they please because the corrupt establishment “orders” them to
    pervert justice to conceal the truth. In the Public Interest, a wonderful perverse
    claim if ever there was one.

    The criminals are in high & medium public office level, the establishment is
    desperate to convince the public they are trustworthy. law abiding employees
    local councillors and MPs all join the “club” and are instructed,” do not rock
    the boat” etc.

    Then we come to the Internet , our only hope, but then we get the “spoilers”
    establishment agents, solicitors, etc. who all want to be anonymous yet at
    the same time try to “character assasinate” anyone who speaks the truth.

    The only readily available method is to publish on the internet copies of
    official documents that prove govnt. depts. are liars & thieves etc. and
    the info must go worldwide instantly to prevent censorship. The first
    requirement is to prove the establishment is dishonest ! and that you the
    Victim is speaking the truth and alerting your fellow citizen to the dangers they face from all establishment depts, we must not push one subject re: child abduction because it offends a lot of people who,s only activity is to stick their
    head in the sand . they do not want to know the rotten truth ! as long as it
    does not affect them and their families. We need to frighten the life out of
    them, that their homes and assets are constantly under threat, re: Pensions
    Theft.Org. they wont accept their pensions were stolen by bogus bankruptcies
    corrupt solicitors and judges ! even when they call their campaign group
    Pensions Theft. Org. Theft is a criminal offence ! but they dont like the
    unpleasantnes. It,s the same when people go to the butchers for a sirloin
    steak. ” oh that looks nice I will have two please” they would,nt go down
    to the slaughter house and watch the beast killed, hung-drawn & quartered,

    In the meantime we need to get Roberts prisoner No. and HMP address.
    and send him letters, you know the real one,s with stamps. And send them

    Robert Green No. hmp.
    C/O Alex Salmond.
    Paedophile Protection Committee
    Scottish Parliament

    Just let Robert know he is not alone and the postmen& women will spread the word. and remember you are acting in the Public Interest to protect
    defenceless children

  3. peter oakes says:

    To Wake Up Orkney.
    I am a Freemason like many of my honorable brothers
    I was duped into joining a fellowship of worthy men, but like all good groups
    the Masons were infiltrated by evil scroundrels, you can see their vehicles in public every day, they display their personnalised No. plate with 666 in the
    registration, The bible knows this no. as the “beast” or evil no. This does
    not relate to master masons, this no. belongs to the hierachy
    or controllers.

    Scotland is riddled with Freemasonary historicaly it was a force for good when
    Scotland was being torn apart by clan and religeous hatred, masonery was
    a haven for peace and harmony. Not so today, Masons have been corrupted by evil, it knows no bounds.

    This web site will be viewed by bent coppers, paedophiles, legal mafia solicitors
    & lawyers, remember a Lawyer is a professional liar – misrepresenter. they have no other purpose, they replaced money lenders because they were outlawed ! and changed their name to Lawyers, remember Soliciting is illegal
    ask any prostitute ( if you are fortunate enough to know or afford one )

    Now like I said in my first comment ! You must establish your credibility !
    remember there are good cops, honest solicitors, judges, who know how
    rotten & corrupt the system is, they need our help to protect their interests.

    Please Google : Gorsey Hey Masonic Home and you will see a Hansard
    report House of Commons ( thats written . documented evidence or fact. )

    Then Google: Royal Masonic Hospital and you will see how the Masons were robbed of their charity monies ( concealed by Master of the Rolls Nueberger )

    Now your getting the facts ! then Google : Royal Commission Enquiry
    New South Wales Police Paedophiles. then you lot in Orkney will
    realise Why the Dunblane report has been put beyond public scutiny for
    100 years ( is it because Minister George Robertson was involved ? you know
    the one Defence minister shipped out to European Parliament rapidly )

  4. peter oakes says:

    To JM
    Like many people you are negative, not listening !

    I said if you have irrefutable evidence ie. a photo of a criminal offence

    and you manage to get it exposed world wide in less than 24 hours.

    There is no way they would imprison you for 10 years, the people you are
    scared of, are scared of the light of truth shining on their crimes !

    please stop replying to these serious attempts to expose corruption . life
    is tough enough, with out you pouring worrying claims of imprisonment.

    Robert Green is in prison because he made allegations of sexual abuse of
    a child without any documentary-photographic evidence to support his claims,

    I have no doubt Robert believes in himself, unfortunately joe public does,not
    and it,s joe public who needs convincing.

    Our oppressors rely on secrecy, prove them criminals, and they will self

    I have made statements on Victims Unite that should be criminal libel,

    Why don,t you send them to Nueberger, Edward Timpson MP.
    are you afraid, ?? I said it. I stand bye it. and I can prove it, trouble is
    Nueberger & Timpson ignore me, I wonder if they would ignore you or
    anyone else out there ? In the meantime write to Robert Green C/O Alex Salmond.

    • JM says:

      & if Robert had been there filiming it he would, no doubt, be in jail for child pornography….you would publish that on the web would you?

  5. In regards to:- An Excellent E-mail to Alex Salmond About Hollie Greig:-

    Where is the letter (if there ever was one) to Elizabeth 2?

    Robert said:-
    ” … but it is hard, I propose, to imagine that Her Majesty would
    have acted as she did had the full facts about the recipient been made
    known to her.” End of quote from Robert Green’s Blog post.
    ——- .

    Debra said:-
    “I believe John Coleman when he says Elizabeth 2 is head of the
    Committee of 300. She is a head of the NWO ‘Corporation’ group of
    untouchables, or so it seems. She, however, is not the fictional
    entity, but is a real-life human entity and whose spirit-being is not
    aligned with benefiting the people.” End of quote from “Who are the

  6. peter oakes says:

    Yes if it gets the dirty bastards convicted! Stop being so bloody pedantic
    you knob head.

    People don,t want to believe adults police, judges, solicitors, shag and abuse
    children ! they want to believe it,s low life from council estates and the un-employed ! You would deny catholic priest have been abusing children,

    Even though they now face conviction after years of abuse, as usual the authorities take years to act in the hope the dirty bastards die in the meantime.

    And it,s not just catholic priest, it,s scout masters, choir teachers of all religious

    You are an absolute idiot ! Google: Royal Commission Enquiry
    NSW. Police Paedophiles. that is the horrific truth It is not me making this up.

    Get real. Face up to the truth ! or are you one of the abusers ? trying to
    discredit Robert Green and other brave people standing up to the filth.

    Facing your own destruction, because good is now turning slowly but surely on evil, and we will prevail as inane comments are shouting panic ! anonimously.
    afraid to put their name to the truth and a worthwhile pursuit of corruption.

    • JM says:

      i’m starting to suspect that there is soemthing seriously wrong with you….you oughta try listening to whaat people actually say, or yourself for that matter…..

  7. peter oakes says:

    To JM. You realy are a very silly immature individual seeking to hide the truth and to discredit this web site that is doing it,s best to assist Victims of government, establishment criminal offences, it is trying to help their mental health because many honest, decent people cannot believe the law enforcement agencies are totally corrupt. In fact your that bloody stupid you
    don,t believe Dr. Harold Shipman murdered 300 honest decent citizens of this

    You are an absolute disgrace to the Victims making comments who,s only
    desire is to Right terrible Wrongs and to protect innocent children from individuals no doubt like yourself.

    I said stupid ! if you wan,t the truth about the so called ” wild unsubstantiated
    allegations ” judge Rank accused me of making. Please Google the following for a copy of a letter Dated 26th August 1997. The Hon. Justice JRT Wood.
    Royal Commission.


    26 August 1997.

    The Hon. RJ Carr MP
    Premier of New South Wales
    Govenor Macquarie Tower
    1 Farrer Place
    SYDNEY NSW 2000.

    My Dear Premier.

    Pursuant to Letters Patent issued to me by the Government of the State of New South Wales. I now have the honour to present to you the Final Report of my
    inquiry into paragraphs (d), (d1) to (d3) and (g) to (j) inclusive of the consolidated terms of reference ( the Paedophile terms ).

    Yours sincerely

    The Hon Justice JRT Wood
    Royal Commission.


    That is an exact copy JM. not your drivel ! I can substantiate every claim I
    make a—hole.

    And I am offencive to s–ts like you ! that take pleasure from the sufferings of genuine Victims now f—k of.

    Peter Oakes. I even put my name to MY claims you gutless pillock.

    And please note that enquiry was 15 years ago and the situation has not
    changed one jot. We need a Royal Commission Enquiry NOW !

    • JM says:

      I can understand a bit of emotion here…but…..there is obviously something wrong with your state of mind……c’mon Sabine, you need to be a little bit wary of this guy…..

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  9. Steve H says:

    All freemasons are Richard Heads – all of them. Read the last few paragraphs of Melanoma Phillips’ Daily Mail commentary at page 14 of today – Monday 20th February 2012 – she’s finally thrown some dirt at ‘Stalinism & Communism’ – well well melanoma ….. trying to rebrand / recaste yourself as a good un eh! She a ‘caught out’ journo type – but more importantly an ‘opinion former’.

    My name is fully know to all herein Liz what’s on named me some months ago.

    Well done Peter Oakes for that little bit of honesty – but how about a little bit more in that you may well have been tripped / entrapped into being a naughty boy with respect to Mrs Foden at the Plymouth County & Magistrates’ courts some years ago?

  10. peter oakes says:

    Well Hamilton, you just had to do it again ! I firmly believe you are an “agent”
    “stool pidgeon” You know the evil little git that works for a corrupt govnt.
    and becomes a prisoner, in order to spy on the other prisoners!

    For the record not all masons are bad, many like myself were dupes, in the sameway Joe Public is duped daily into trusting police, solicitors, MPs. etc.

    Some good masons have paid a terrible price for being decent and honest
    ( something you would,nt understand ). Four ” Friends of the Royal Masonic
    Hostipal ” were bankrupted by the legal masonic mafia . Eberts persecutor
    Nueberger was involved in the cover -up supposedly the jewish masonic mafia.

    I have repeatedly asked people Google : Gorsey Hey masonic home, like the
    Masonic hospital it was a registered charity. The Charity Commissioners
    confirmed criminal offences re; theft of charities monies and assets had
    taken place, even confirmed in a Hansard Record ( there,s no better in this
    country )

    I have never had anything to do with Beryl Fodens bankruptcy. ! I visited
    Plymouth Magistrates Court with Beryl to support her, when she was laying an
    information in a private prosecution. That is my total involvement with Beryl.

    You showed your true self in Stourbridge County Court when I was supporting David Fabb. And it was noted by another stalwart starfighter !

    You are a traitor to this group, a government agent, “stool pidgeon” doing
    your incompetent best to destroy ” Victims Unite ” You and your colleagues
    at the ” jewish mafia ” are in panic because you know it is corrupt zionists
    looting monies anywhere they can, that is why you can,t afford a
    Royal Commission Enquiry same as NSW had in the 1980,s. You are
    batting for Nueberger ! you are no Wonder Stevie.

    Victims Unite are getting through !

    And no doubt the ” other spoilers ” will now chip in with irrelevant, personal
    insults, allegations, but not one bit of substance ! just negative drivel full
    of vile vitriolic intent.

    PS. I don,t do ” little bits of honesty ” I am totally honest, I know no otherway,

    I just tell the ” tactless truth ” and paid a terrible price for exposing bent judges
    like Rank, Fletcher, Harrison, Hodge, McCombe, and no doubt Nueberger,
    Butler-Sloss. (kidnapper) the list goes on.

  11. Robert Dooran says:

    JM, Peter Oaks and Steve H appear to be engaged in a who’s the biggest wacko competition.

    My money is on Peter Oaks.

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  13. What contradictions? – let’s have an example Stevie baby

  14. peter oakes says:

    Such predictable clap- trap when there is important work & duty to be done.

    I have long suspected the “spoilers” & “agents” are actually criminals themselves feeling the hot breathe of hounds & honesty on the evil necks and no doubt hearing the screams of children being violated ( something they no doubt enjoy !

    Quote ” page 15: Paedophilia, when manifested by overt physical acts involving the sexual exploitation and abuse of children, is recognised by the legislature as a serious crime ”

    ( would the pillocks making inane, pointless remarks derived and intended to harm & ridicule Victims Unite now realise they are assisting offenders and being accessories after the fact to these vile & serious crimes as recognised by the legislature in Australia and of course
    England & Wales )

    Quote: ” the Dept. of Community Services (DCS) demonstrably failed to provide adequate care, protection or support for children in the field of child sexual abuse. ” ( sounds familiar)

    ” DCS has not been alone in this failing. Every other department, agency and institution examined has neglected to address the problem. The criminal justice process has also proven itself wanting, and in many cases has further TRAUMATISED the VICTIMS of child sexual abuse ” ( my capitals)

    A. Public Inquiry into Paedophilia- A Background.

    First Warnings of a Problem.

    1.1 In March 1989 a police operation known as Operation Hawkesbury concluded with the arrest and charging of a Detective Sergeant of Police Larry Churchill, and others for conspiracy to supply a prohibited drug ( methyl amphetamine). While in custody awaiting committal, one of the co-conspirators , Mr. Colin Fisk, who describes himself as a homosexual hebphile bordering on pederism at the lower range, provided information to the police
    concerning his alleged association with:

    Other people who had sexual relationships with children; and

    a group of police officers who had protected such offenders from investigation and/or prosecution, who were involved in extortion and fraud ( sound like the pillocks again )

    1.6 In making his disclosure to the police. Mr Fisk alleged that Detective Fluit, was one of the police officers prepared to provide protection for himself and his friends. This allegation was denied byDetective Fluit in evidence before the Royal Commission. When the association between Mr.Fisk and Dtective Fluit became know calls for a public enquiry intensified.

    Reference to the ICAC.
    1.8 Following the broadcast of this programme, a motion was moved in the Legislative Assembly on Nov 18th 1993, By the Honorable Member for Heffron, Mrs. Deidri Grusovin and agreed to, for the establishment of a judicial inquiry into the paedophile networks in this State.

    1.11 Mr. Fisk was about to give evidence before the Royal Commission:

    He would expose respected businessmen, a former media personality,
    Top Legal identities, an ex politician and that

    he was at risk of being murdered by a ring of millionaire child molesters
    and corrupt police officers who protected them:

    Further Enlargement of the Royal Commission Terms of Reference

    1.23 In the course of that debate ( which was adjourned ) the Honorable Franca Arena named a former politician who had been the subject of evidence in the Royal Commission under a code- name and posed various questions concerning former Justice Yeldham, a prominent person who she suggested had received preferential tretment. Shortly afterwards Justice Yeldham took his own life.

    All this is from Vol.4. Final Report. Royal Commission Enquiry NSW police

    Now you pillocks this report is 350 plus pages. its Australia Public Record

    Check it out.

    If you wont help to stamp out child abuse or to punish paedophiles
    just f—off. You have confirmed your allegiances in your
    drivel & vitriolic remarks

  15. Steve H says:

    Peter Oakes – your use of language and the manner in which you write ‘in anger’ shows what little use you would be in any court of law – as a witness – I personally could make mince meat out of you in 5 minutes. You need to calm yourself down and you also need to learn the difference between what you think and assert as being fact against what is “your opinion”.

    The most Mr Angry on this website is you Mr Oakes. There are several others on here who are purely here to ‘agitate’ – they are known by their paper-trails of postings cum comments.

    Truth’s will out – they won’t be outing on this website – I promise all of you that.

  16. peter oakes says:

    Oh boy does the truth and Official Australian Government Record
    expose the idiots.

    As for your comments on Courts of Law and being a witness, there is no bloody point, every court I have been in, the truth is ignored, certain individuals can commit perjury, and you can forecast the result before the hearing starts ! Yourself witnessed that in Stourbridge Stevie boy.

    As for being most “angry” it,s not surprising when idiots that can,t – won,t
    face the tactless truth ! It,s not me, making-up these quotes it,s in the
    Royal Commission Enquiry into NSW police paedophiles. just bloody
    Google it, and do your own research pillocks. And that last lot was in the first
    20 pages, I don,t need to read 350 pages to get the idea !

    And remember there are four times more people in the UK than Australia !
    It is therefore reasonable to assume the problem is four times as bad here
    in England and Wales, and why would a judge ” lock away ” the Dunblane
    Report for 100 years, ?? Something to hide ?. They don,t put State Secrets
    away for that amount of time 50 years max.

    Robert Green would just love to be watching this space, he would then realise
    just who difficult obtaining justice really is in the UK.

    And no I am not angry, just frustrated ! at pillocks that cannot see ” wood for trees”

    And Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss kidnapped a baby from Stoke on Trent no
    doubt for sale or worse !to her friends in Australia. send that to Butler-Sloss
    Stevie. And whats more Staffordshire police in Burslem knew, but the
    Inspector in charge had to send it higher-up. seems theres a better law
    enforcement ” higher-up” But Ronny Flanagan of Northern Ireland fame and
    Inspector of HM Constabularies buried the truth ! no prosecution of Butler-Sloss has taken place yet !

    And further more I have the courage and conviction to put My name
    Peter Oakes on what I say ! not initials, and I am just begging you pillocks
    forward these remarks of mine to Butler-Sloss, Judge Harrison. McCombe.
    Fletcher, etc. etc. the judiciary and police forces are rotten ! but when the
    stink gets to much Joe Public will get the Royal Commission Enquiry We
    deserve, perhaps the queen will order it as a sixty years in office, as a present
    and apology for sixty years of her neglect re: the Coronation Oath.

  17. peter oakes says:

    Gone Quite.
    Lost for truthful words ?

    Still enjoying the screams of children?

    having their rectums penetrated ?

    Are you PIE members ?

  18. Steve H says:

    Calm down Peter – your making a fool of yourself.

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  20. peter oakes says:

    Not me Stevie.

    I am only quoting from Vol. 4. Final Report
    Royal Commission Enquiry NSW Police Paedophiles.

    Here is some more for you to dispute ! you silly person.

    Page 80. 3.95. it produced a publication called The BLAZE Bulletin which promoted man/boy sex and support for men who had sex with boys. It claimed

    Blaze is committed to supporting all boy lovers wherever and whoever they are and our magazine may help you to bring a little help and strength to those friends of ours who are lonely or simply scared of being found out, even though they might be the most loving and least harmful people in the world.

    at. 3.97 Some members of BLAZE became particularly involved in writing to Government with research stats. in support of legislative change. Mr. Nugent did not agree with this approach so he and D1 established a shop in Glebe, The Children,s Liberation Railway where pamphlets and posters were produced proclaiming :

    We are a commune for children,s rights, activists, a place for young people escaping from homes, institutions, parents, schools Stay with us, join our struggle for children,s rights

    Two of the ” rights” promoted were;

    Our rights to enjoy our own bodies and to choose who we love and have sex with: No laws that punish voluntary relationships.

    3.97. These views are views shared by paedophiles both within BLAZE and other organisations such as Paedophile Information Exchange ( PIE ) in
    England, the North American Boy Lovers Association ( NAMBLA ) the Boy Lover Network, the Rene Guyon Society ( with it,s infamous motto ” sex before eight , or it,s to late ) and the Lewis Carroll Collectors Guild.

    3.99 Some of these associations are quite brazen in their lobbying and promotion of paedophile activity and their potential influence has been by the internet.
    They are potentially dangerous, if for no reason other than the group support and ” legitimacy” they encourage.

    Now I am sick of you Hamilton and anonymous with your covert and overt implied support for paedophiles and their disgusting activities !

    no doubt you are both PIE members, your continued attempts to discredit this website seem to support that statement, and as for anonymous and his/her
    inability to realise this activity is international and well organised ! There
    are record numbers of children being “snatched ” Where are they going ??

    Anonymous knows, but he does,nt want the public to realise it.

    Don,t you like ? Australian National Public Record and it,s horrible truths.

  21. peter oakes says:

    The Oz. connection is because the baby kidnapped from Stoke on Trent
    by Dame Elizabeth Butler- Sloss then head of the family division,
    was then sent to Australia.

    Australia is the ONLY Government that ordered a Royal Commission
    Enquiry into police paedophiles this enquiry revealed Australian Social Services were providing children to paedophiles.

    Now do you thicko,s understand ! do you honestly believe ” it can,t happen
    here in the UK.” You don,t believe the Enquiry revealed Paedophile
    Exchange England ( PIE ) The North American Boy Lovers Association
    ( NAMBLA )

    These Paedo,s are sending children world wide Read Page 81. para 3.98

    Royal Commission Enquiry NSW Police Paedophiles Vol 4. Final Report.

    It is Australian Official Government Record.

    It is the same as the Public Record Office Kew. No matter how you try to
    destroy my credibility You cannot destroy the Official Records they will be there
    in 500 years time set in stone,

    And individuals that try to destroy the truth, conceal disgusting traits ,etc.
    must have another agenda ! from the rest of honorable, decent people.

    You can bet your last penny Members of Parliament& Westmister are
    dreading the thought of the British sheep demanding a similar enquiry !

  22. peter oakes says:

    Hi Folks.
    The Oz. connection ! HMAS Collins. Her Majesty,s Submarine.
    HMAS Sidney. Her Majesty,s Ship.

    RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Judges, Solicitors, Police,
    Politicals swear allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen

    All the Judges and police, MP.s Councillors in England Wales & Scotland
    ( at the moment ) do the same.

    It is completely illegal as far as we in England and Wales are concerned
    because we are Citizens of Europe entitled by ECHR to have impartial trials, hearings, tribunals ?

    Question for the doubters ! How can you obtain a fair impartial trial or
    hearing when all the Judges- Magistrates- Law Enforcements agents
    Oath Sworn individuals to a Monarch ? that is not compatable with
    European Democracy is it ?

    We are secretly enslaved, Dupes of corrupt dishonest decievers in the
    mother of all democratic ? Parliaments.

    Please grow up and face the Tactless Truth.

    PS. They can,t charge me with sedition, because I am supporting re: promoting
    my true Parliament the European Commission My passport confirms it
    because it is a European Passport entitling Me & You to the
    Fundamental Rights & Freedoms stated in ECHR, unless of course the
    Americans want to extradite me-cum rendition with UK Gov. approval backed
    up by High Court Judges.

    Can anyone remember Geofrey Scriven ? the last my charged with

    ” Bringing the judiciary into dis-repute.” ?

  23. peter oakes says:

    Not to my knowledge. Geofrey was charged by high court judges who where involved in Eberts case,s

    The charge had not been used since the 1930,s and was seized upon
    by R. Verkaik, of the Independent and J.Rosenburg. of the Telegraph. the Times also knew. You know the ones these wonderful Law correspondents with major papers that hang around the Strand.

    The judges realised they were making a martyr out of Geofrey so they dropped
    the charges, and made him a Vexatious Litigant Sect. 42. Supreme Court Act.

    as a legal gag on a worthy Starfighter.

    Geofrey suffered a stroke- cum misfortune and is now in a nursing home
    in Newcastle to my knowledge.

    Hamilton will know ????.

  24. peter oakes says:

    There is nothing mysterious about Mr.Ebert. except his appearances in court disappear re: Southwark Crown Court Court 15. Aug.4th.2008. before
    Recorder Brigden. and PC Donovan of the Met. ( liar) from Collingdale

    And No you dipstick ! My names is Peter Oakes. ! not the thick timber ! Oaks!

    As in trees get my drift ?

    Keep trying pillock, You might get lucky one day. but you
    will need to get up early ! it,s a thing about birds & worms,

    Geeeez what did we do to deserve these cretins ?

    Please try & keep-up it,s Olympic year England expects and all that !

    There,ll be more bloody flags than Nelson, at Trafalgar or was it the Somme

    Some battle somewhere. In the meantime try

    Royal Commission Enquiry NSW Police Paedophiles Final Report Vol 4.

    340+ Pages of thorough investigation you are trying to trash ! Your not a
    Paedo. ? are you ? No Name

  25. Steve H says:

    I have been quietly reading through this whole thread for the past few days – I can’t respond in detail at the moment because I am researching as to why Roman Polanski a child abuser [bu**ery of a young child drink & drugs] appears to have been ‘shielded’ by the EU and the authorities in Switzerland from being extradited to the USA?

    I am also researching the strange matter of Anne Applebaum of the Washington Post – protesting that Roman Polanski [A fact here – he’s a Polish Jew] “should be excused” – for “his child abuse” some 30 or so years ago and that he in them hollyweirdo days with others appear to have gotten away with it? Applebaum wrote a good book about the Soviet Gulags – but her protecting of Polanski begs questions. I Remember also that she is married to the Polish Foreign Minister Sikorsky – who just happened to be the one person who did not die on that jet which crashed killing the rest of the Polish Government a few years ago. – They were going to honour the dead of the Katyn Massacre. how odd!

    Is there something or a group of sicko perverted nutters in the EU who are protecting Roman Polanski – and thus ‘protecting themselves?

    Obviously I am still investigating – or am I?

    • JM says:

      some good points there…didn’t think that polish crash was that long ago, but perception of time is one thing thatgoes when in limbo….but one small point though, how can anybody get a ‘fair trial’ for seomthing that allegedly happened 30 years ago? never mind a jury who hasn’t seen the ‘press reports’……
      and even if, i know doesn’t excuse…but with what hjappened to his family….has he not suffered enough? question i ask why i US pursuing this now…..

      • Steve H says:

        don’t be yet another duped apologist. There are “No Excuses” – whatsoever.

        The despicable deed was done in 1977. Apologist excuse merchants are no better than the perpetrators.

        • JM says:

          I’m not duped, my main point was why now? Hitler embarke on a big space programme, beaming lots of messages into space….keep looking up there and you won’t see what is going on in your own backyard!
          and i was abused by my aunt 20 odd years ago.relatively minor yes i would love to see her punished and so many others….but also important to me is right from wrong…. wdn’t convict anyone on one person’s word alone….and what other evidence is there? even if i had the means?

          i do actually believe better 100 guilty walk free rather than 1 innocent go to gaol….and innocent until PROVEN guilty…..they’re yet to accuse me of breaking any law….and i’ve been TI at least 12 years now…

          and how can declaring war on decent people be ‘preventing a breach of the peace’? he was handing some leaflets out….dread to think what pigyobs will do to you if u refuse to accept one of their propaganda letters….they go str8 in bin when come through this door….

  26. JM says:

    any word on how Robert is coping?

  27. P Ronald says:

    I have sent Belinda Mckenzie, Ayem, and Yvonne, who I have as Robert Greens Contacts a mail. In receiving no reply a second was sent today.
    This mail requests if Robert Green has been taken to court justly for stating issues he has no proof of?
    For the NHS in Wales (part of my ongoing persecution for wanting honest public duty and the acts of UK law honestly upheld) are currently taking me to court for evidence they cannot confirm. (all in documented evidence)
    So under the acts of UK law how can a person be jailed for saying something they have no evidence – Yet the UK government can take a member of society to court when they have the same?
    Is this not under the law a malicious conflict of interest and is this not a violation to the human rights of everybody in the UK?
    As stated in my sent mails this fully documented evidence is available to anyone helping Robert get out, for should this not be our main priority?
    P Ronald

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  34. peter oakes says:

    After all the comments over many years as “jimmy said how,s about that then”
    south yorkshire ” Hillsborough and NOW Rotherham August 2014 ! Yes
    Yes today and these comments started several years ago as Stevie H. for arsehole knows full well. Come on you trolls, prove me wrong.

  35. peter oakes says:

    Fast forward to Nov.2014. The corrupt establishment appointed ” Kidsnapper Butler-Sloss” to
    chair the Rotherham child abuse inquiry, Would you believe It. she had to step down because
    she was caught perverting justice in the RCJ re: king of Saudi Arabia.

    And now the second appointee Fiona Woolfe has now been forced by public opinion
    to step down. Now I will bet the Rotherham Inquiry will turn up the same result
    as the Australian Inquiry

    • JM says:

      have you heard the one about the petition trying to Micky Mansfield to lead the enquiry now? he’s so incompetent he can’t even get an ‘unlawful killing’ verdict when anon psychopaths crept up behind the guy and shot him repeatedly in the head whilst wearing disguises….that is the official version!

  36. peter oakes says:

    Well now, BBC News 17th Feb.2015. Quote “we have lifted a stone and a lot of worms came out” regarding the Rotherham child abuse inquiry. It seems many SS units throughout the
    country have failed in their duties and children have been abused, the police have failed to pursue offenders and other perpetrators of child abuse.

    The judge from New Zealand will no-doubt get to the truth ! but it will be four years before
    Joe public gets to know the result. In the meantime BBC propaganda will deminish and degrade
    the horrific nature of these vile offences in order to make sadistice deviant behaviour sound
    like normal practice so that Jimmy, Rolf, Stuart, were not ” bad lads” after all !

    If you want a “glittering experience” join my gang

  37. peter oakes says:

    Now for the “doubter,s” trolling away assisting child abusers, paedophiles, .Giving
    accomplices,s help and assistance. Doing their incompetent best to dis-credit
    “Victims Unite” and honest decent citizens trying to eradicate this filth.

    It is now a few years since comments started here ! The wheel is turning ever
    so slowly but turning, turning, turning and a cure will be found for dementia !
    so that Lord Janner can be cured and brought to justice for abusing little boys!

    BBC. News -5th May/2015 two days before the election of David Cameron !

    Just 48 hours and a week is a “long time in politics”, well the arrogant Scot Alex Salmond
    has been elected with a bunch of Scottish MPs hiding the truth about Robert Green and Holly Greig. Will they apologise in Westminster for abusing Robert ?.

    Now the News.
    -5May 2015. Fresh evidence has emerged that the authorities in Rotherham were warned about child sex exploitation in 2003 and again in 2006 by a drugs specialist engaged by South Yorkshire police to investigate the wider aspects of drug abuse re: social consequences
    for the “Partners” ( in crime) Social Services, Rotherham Council, Health,Education etc.etc.
    this report was sent to Superintendents and higher ranks, senior Civil Servants etc.

    Oh yes ! the bastards knew all right, and have known for years ! FINDINGS “widely known”
    South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Allan Billings said Agencies knew about
    Dr.Heals. report at the time but were concentrating on other issues. ( no doubt
    doctoring Hillsborough Statements or where are we going to extort money if we loose
    this income ) Same same. Sgnt.Fluit NSW Police paedophiles.

    Victims Unite is not a law enforcement agency because this foul crime would have been dealt with several years ago as the comments made here reveal the Truth. If we knew the Authorities
    knew as Allan Billings admitted ! thats perverting the course of justice, assisting offenders, being accomplices,s

    Big wheel keep on turning ! And people will realise the Records held in Archive by the Authorities
    are a pack of lies re: Hillsborough Statements, Police Records, all doctored to suit the occasions
    obituaries, tax demands, health records, you cannot trust anything, Oh and do not mention
    dues. Janner, and Leone were dues involved in ceremonies something about sacrificing
    your own son, to prove your committment, but you can substitute and kill a sheep instead
    it could have been a goat ? but thats satans animal . It,s only my opinion, everything
    I write is an opinion, ask Sgnt.Fluit

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