“Glitches” in the child protection system – resulting in adoptions that should never happen let alone be speeded up

There is a new blog on the child snatching block: We Can Change the World.

That’s where people are invited to log the facts of their dramas and sufferings.

Similarly, I’d like to invite people to log the ‘glitches’ they have experienced, by addressing titles such as:

  1. Social Services – Thresholds
    • Children’s Guardian
    • Legal Teams
    • Children’s Solicitor
  3. Family Courts
    • The Secrecy can not produce anything good.
    • Social Services reports are taken as FACTS.
    • Families statements are not taken into account.
  4. Foreign Nationals

We’ll present our collection to Austin Mitchell MP and John Hemming MP on Tuesday, March 6th the day of world wide Peaceful Protest against Child Abuse.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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10 Responses to “Glitches” in the child protection system – resulting in adoptions that should never happen let alone be speeded up

  1. peter oakes says:

    Please look at Franca Arena. wikipedia.org

    very interesting. very appropriate for your March 6th. Meet House of Commons.

    It,s funny how votes go missing in western democracies ?

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  6. I documented covertly between 28 May 2010 and November 2011 over 35,000 audio and video files of Merton Social Workers you can see some of the clips at http://allesegretti.com/dmh/blacker_01 which also has that same event series continuing in Australia.

    • Could this result in a group action against Merton Social Services?

      Or is it simply wiser to ‘just expose’ with the right medium at the right time?

      It seems that ‘justice’ has become so much of a joke that ‘self-help’ consists in mutual help online…

      Thank you for sharing!!!

  7. Oh yes, this includes the ILLEGAL trafficking of children from the UK to Australia and supporting evidence that there is no mechanism to legally move children between the countries by Child Protection. Judge Johnston in the NSW Children Court tried to say that Hauge Convention allows the transfer of children – he is wrong,, he also said that Judges Make Mistakes. He has. The Statute Childrens Act in the UK only permits with leave of the court a child to be taken out of the jurisdiction for 28 days. If 4 children were put on a plane on 28 November 2011 and were still in Australia on 20 January 2012, how can this be legal? How can the High Court of England make a “NO Order” finding on 20 January 2012 more than 50 days after the children left the Jurisdiction? Because, as the Director General told the Children’s Court in NSW on 20 January, “the children were found abandoned at Sydney International Airport on 1 December with no parent or guardian to take them into care” – despite me being at the airport, video recording me being surrounded by 30 police!

    I also have audio recordings of Merton Foster Carer telling these four children to say that their mother was abusive to contact and social workers – the children denied such things happened and said they would not lie. Social Worker Emmanuel Owusu (Now at Kingston) then says if the children say the mother is abusive he will take them Ten Pin Bowling and buy then Ice Cream.

    I also have the Cath Meldrum recorded telling a 5 year old girl “No one says no to me in my house, or you can go outside” she then puts the 5 year old girl outside the front door on Church Road Mitcham opposite the fire station on a Nigh tin January 2011 from 9 PM till midnight standing in a school uniform.

    Cath Meldrum also sexually abused the two girls, making them lick her vagina 27 to 49 times between December 2010 and April 2011. I May this year I also learned that the girls were made to suck the penis of Meldrums 32 year old son Guy Meldrum over the same period. Police commenced investigations in April 2012, however Merton called a halt after I disclosed knowledge and brought the matter into the secret court to prevent me publishing about the Crimes. I’m not in the UK any more, publishing is my greatest strength as an award winning film maker.

    • It can only get better, I hope! But it does include this major awakening and realising that the ‘establishment’ of institutions where people ‘just do their job’ are NOT working in the ‘public interest’, let alone anybody individually…

      BIG SIGHS and MANY THANKS for your contribution!!!…

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