The White Rose (Munich, 1942) – a virtual reincarnation due to Family Court Corruption in the UK

The White Rose was a non-violent intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany from June 1942 until February 1943 in Munich.

Now it is the name of a blog with nine chapters on the Family Court Corruption in the UK.

It includes the, presumably incomplete, list of 72 child deaths caused by 45 Social Services.

On top of the list is Manchester with 5 deaths, followed by Swansea with 4 and Birmingham, Haringey, Hackney, Norfolk, Nottingham with 3 each. This list was first published by FASSIT in February 2006 and was updated. It contains details about every case and often online memorials. In April 2011, the Daily Mail wrote Abused by the system: 25 children die under the noses of Social Services. Channel IV broadcast Profiting from Kids in Care.

  1. Children should reach ‘standards of development’?
  2. Pre-booked seats on the gravy train – to discourage honesty
  3. More fluff than fact – to make different-size sleepers fit one-size beds
  4. We have loads of people who will adopt her…
  5. The father better be the ‘primary carer’…
  6. ‘Failure to thrive’ – but medically based!
  7. Three solicitors and five barristers: sold down the river
  8. The pursuit of profit at the expense of the child
  9. Justice has been gagged as well as blindfolded…

The article ends with these questions we shall debate with MPs on Tuesday, the day of world wide protest against child abuse:

  • Should Family Courts be kept secret or opened to public scrutiny?
  • Should all cases before a UK court be subject to the strict application of factual evidence?
  • Should any Justice system in the United Kingdom be allowed to operate behind closed doors without a Jury?
  • Should those social workers and local authorities operating within the system be exempt from prosecution before the law when it is found that they have lied under oath?
  • Should those social workers and their employers and the elected council representatives who ignore child abuse by their staff be subject to the full force of the law and be prosecuted?
  • Should those brought before the Family Courts be allowed the same rights under law to open and honest justice before a jury, to the same degree as awarded to murderers, rapists, terrorists and others accused of committing serious criminal acts? At present those brought before the Family Courts are denied these rights.
  • In general as those brought before the Family Court system have never been charged with a criminal offence and are there because someone ‘thinks they just might’ do wrong sometime in the future. Should this be allowed?

Here are the 72 ‘Lost Souls’: child deaths caused by the failure of Social Services…

As John Hemming MP says in this Edge Media interview: Social Services get involved when they shouldn’t and don’t get involved when they should…

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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19 Responses to The White Rose (Munich, 1942) – a virtual reincarnation due to Family Court Corruption in the UK

  1. john malcolm says:

    I agree fully with all the points raised above.
    Family court proceedings should be held in the open in sessions at least accessible to both the press and concerned family members. The law needs tightening up to involve the same rules of evidence as any other court. Nobody should be above the law, whether they are civil servants or not, and if they tell fibs under oath they should be prosecuted. Juries should be available when doubtful cases are presented, or people being sent to jail

  2. Steve H says:

    There is not one MP [Including Hemmings] in Parliament with enough ‘backbone’ to stand up and decry the despicable, sick and evil ‘actions & inactions’ by the Judges throughout the UK – who allow these sick and perverted secret family court proceedings to continue … in the 21st Century.

    One example of a judge who consistently acts beyond the pale and who ‘has acted’ beyond his remit recently and as a current serving judge is Mister Justice Coleridge.

    I refer to an article published in the Daily Mail a couple of moths ago – where he as a ‘currently sitting judge’ – expressed his views ‘published into the public domain’ by the Daily Mail – on the issues of Marriage & Divorce.

    The article went further in stating that numerous MP’s were backing his views / stance on the matter.

    I took umbrage – with the article and in effect that Coleridge – should not be expressing his views as a currently serving judge. Needless to say the Daily Mail letters Editor and or other powers at the Daily Mail refused to publish my letter.

    MP’s – give the impression that they ‘are concerned’ – but they are not; because they in the ‘Trick upon the public’, are totally and utterly suborned – wherein they claim to be independent of the judiciary and that they are powerless to ‘interfere in the judicial process’.

    It is a disgusting ‘trick’ that has served spineless MP’s and an even more spineless judiciary …. well for many decades.

    The UK’s Family Courts but more importantly the UK’s Judiciary are [they claim to be of superior intelligence Huh! – superior deception & duplicity more like – for their financial betterment] are the human cesspit of evil personified. They will not be “living the lie” upon the British Public for much longer and, nor will their evil counterparts in the EU courts.

    Wall – is just another despicable low-life of the judiciary as well.

    And finally less of the Nazi stuff the Commies were as bad if not worse.

  3. Steve H says:

    Ref Fassit: A victim (Doesn’t matter their gender) was “skrewed over by District cum circuit Judge Bryce.

    “Bryce” operates around Lancashire – he’s a dirty evil B’strd – and I am qualified to state it.

    As for The Dirty ‘Blackmailing’ Dame Butler-Slo’SS’ – the issue behind her is of her ‘husband’s activities’ …

    The PTB do generally tend to place those ‘most guilty themselves’ in the highest positions of authority in their field of coruption and child abuse. It’s one of their ‘Tricks’ …. to cause confusion and chaos.

    Watch out ATOS & Mouchel …… Fraud is fraud is fraud.

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  5. Steve H says:

    Mitchell is a windbag and has never achieved anything for any victim.

    He has form – going back decades.

    • It is such a joy to bathe in your predictable negativity, Steve!

      Keep pumping it. It fuels some.

      • Steve H says:

        Your invitation is gladly accepted Sabine. His form is well known [And documented – and not just by me] as are many other Parliamentarians.

        How you equate negativity – to the brutal truth beggars belief. Do please take off your rose tinted glasses and smell the coffee.

      • Robert Dooran says:

        I’m sure that one of your 276 followers will post something more positive shortly.

  6. Steve H says:

    Where are all of your predominantly ‘duped’ older males rallying to your common cause – Sabine? Are they found wanting or have they ‘woken up to your spiel?’

    Oh dear …. spin me another few lines of twisted rhetoric Please

    Yours sighingly [Not] Steve.

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