Smashed: Oxford sex-trafficking gang ‘which preyed on vulnerable girls from care homes, aged as young as 11’

The Daily Express opens Pandora’s box again, it seems, albeit, once again, not allowing comments – “for legal reasons”.

But, at least the problem is being addressed:

  • girls are being groomed and trafficked for sexual abuse
  • they come from foster homes
  • foreigners seem to be preferred.

Is this what the Musas are being crucified for???

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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10 Responses to Smashed: Oxford sex-trafficking gang ‘which preyed on vulnerable girls from care homes, aged as young as 11’

  1. JM says:

    if the perps were british troops it wd all be covered up and probably promoted for it though….

  2. Pete Danby says:

    I recently saw a Freedom Of Information request regarding a police officer from West Mercia Police enticing a under age girl into sex. The police officer was suspended for 12 months, i do not believe this to be a isolated case, am disgusted with our UK police and as this is the case i have decided that i will never report any issues to them in future…!

    • JM says:

      i’m the same…when i tried to report issues to them before the abuse just intensifiedd, dog murdered, more violent attacks, abductions, gang raped….the more you try and communicate with these sickos the worse it gets!

      • Pete Danby says:

        I think the problem is people being Neuro Linguistic Programmed a form of hypnosis, people lack logic and it has also been linked to the suicides in South Wales by young ladies hanging themselves….

        • JM says:

          that’s sounds like some pretty fancy terminology! in moresimpler terms itsthe faact that they (whoever they are) do waht they do and not what they claims to do…..sadistic nazzi scum…..
          are you referring to Bridgend suicide thing? what was most suspicious was the pigyobs went around an tole all their computers allegedly….so no hope of any vidence being recovere from then! no warrant or anything…not just copies…the whole lot….
          there was a link i was reading recently…Tetra? apparently from an insider, good info on that but relates to what u talking abt i think…
          actually, somebody managed to delete the bookmark (i’m the only one with access to this machine) but managed to dig out from an email

          on a more pratical level though, i was sexually abused as a child by a relative…she now ha a grandchild…nobody else is going to prtect him and i can’t be onvinced she has stopped….so if i wish to protect that child my only option is to kill her and go to prison? what can one do? just knowing isn’t ‘doing’ anything….

    • JM says:

      12 month all expenses paid holiday? that is SOP, exactly the same reward when pgyob accessed APNR and helped his mate go around and murder some guy….of course is he murderedhim himself it wd undoubtedly been promotion to royal protection squad or soemthing…..and that’s the bitch in charge of this socalled phone hacking now!

  3. Robert Dooran says:

    This is the second article Sabine has posted bemoaning the fact that the Mail online doesn’t allow comments on some stories for legal reasons. She openly admits to censoring comments on her own site. This is complete hypocrisy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Six men – Zeshan Ahmed, Akhtar Dogar, Anjun Dogar, Kamar Jamil, Bassan Karrar and Mohammed Karrar – were appearing for a preliminary crown court hearing. This was for the sex trafficking of little girls aged between 11 and 16.. now! u have their names so pls feel free to share !!

  5. Anonymous says:

    apparently Dogar paid a gagging order of £50,000 to silence the press.. this is the recent Oxford case..the should be name and shamed

  6. And what is the common denominator? Muslim men of Pakistani origin..the Sikh awareness society are actively trying to educate anyone willing to listen…to pass on information to protect our children.. I lost my child and the social services were ignorant to the facts, infact social services unwittingly are instrumental in providing accommodation to young vulnerable brainwashed children who are being exploited and turned away from their loving family environment.

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