Grandma B and other Elderly Victims

Just as every child that gets snatched is a family drama and a shame for society, so is every elderly victim of this society at least an embarrassment, if not a scandal such as Grandma B’s story.

This was a first announcement – as organised white collar crime – what other description would be adequate?

Here’s a summary page about this special group of victims of a society that suffers more and more from the lack of the Enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694. But who makes the connections necessary?


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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6 Responses to Grandma B and other Elderly Victims

  1. Grandma B says:

    For various reasons, Grandma B is currently restricting access to her blog. Please do not let that put you off, as registering will not take long.

    Questions on this case are now being tabled in Parliament. Please see:

    Neither North Yorkshire Police nor the City of York Council are denying these public allegations of corruption. Their silence says it all.

    Anyway, here is the story in brief:

    Grandma B is now 83 years old. She is wheelchair-bound and very frail. The past four years of her life have been horrendous. She lost her husband of 60 years, but that was the easy part. She has also been the victim of sustained and systematic abuse in which she has been defrauded of her house, subjected to threats and harassment because she will not hand over her life savings to her abusers, then unlawfully evicted from her house and stranded abroad, with her abusers trying, fortunately unsuccessfully, to fraudulently sell her house.

    You may well ask who would do such an awful thing to a little, old lady in a wheelchair. Sadly, most abuse takes place within the family and this is very much the case here. The main abusers are Grandma B’s older son, his wife and her two adult grandchildren.

    Grandma B’s younger son was working abroad when he noticed something was very wrong. He immediately rushed back home, where his worst fears were confirmed. While he was travelling, his 87 year-old father was admitted to hospital with a serious heart complaint caused by neglect. His mother too was seriously ill due to neglect. His older brother and his family lived just around the corner, but had done little to help Grandma B and her very sick husband.

    A year before this, Grandma B and her husband had signed over their house to the older son and his family on the understanding they would care for them. Their younger son agreed to this, because he was living and working abroad and could not provide the level of care needed. Hardly was the ink on the agreement dry when the older son and his family started running Grandma B and her husband down, hoping they would pass on as soon as possible.

    When, in April 2008, the younger son arrived in the parental home, he was horrified by what he saw. He dropped what he was doing, gave up his job and home and became the full-time carer for his parents. His father led a full and happy life in his last months. His mother’s physical health has improved dramatically since the younger son took over her care.

    As soon as the younger son took over the care of his parents, the older son and his family started a campaign of harassment designed to drive him out of the parental home and to seize control of their finances. Matters reached such a level in September 2008, that the younger son reported the criminal offences to the police and the abuse to social services.

    What followed from there can only be described as a nightmare. The police made several attempts to arrest the carer on the basis of false allegations, while social services fabricated allegations against him in an attempt to have his powers of attorney revoked and the care of his parents placed in the hands of their abusers.

    A few days after the younger son made his complaint, the police arrived at the parental home to investigate a complaint he has “stolen” his parents’ money. They had no evidence to support this allegation made by the abusers, but refused to record a complaint of harassment by the abusers.

    Social services blocked all attempts at getting the abuse investigated. Grandma B’s social worker made a false allegation of assault against her carer, an unfit, middle-aged man. Social services withdrew this allegation when they were shown evidence that the social worker was a black-belt in martial arts. His claim to have been overpowered and physically ejected from the parental home without injury looked a little ridiculous, to say the least.

    On the morning Grandma B’s husband of 60 years died, the police unlawfully raided her house. They allowed her abusers to charge in, assault her and bawl insults at her over her husband’s still warm corpse. When her carer stood between her and her abusers to protect her, the police officers pushed him out of the way and threatened to arrest him.

    In the following months, the abusers stalked Grandma B, attempted to break into her house and send her abusive letters. The police refused to uphold the law and arrest the criminals in question.

    An independent investigation into Social Service’s handling of the case criticised them and required them to reopen the safeguarding investigation. Months later, they did, but the police and Social Services withheld all evidence of abuse.

    Instead, they fabricated abuse allegations against the carer and applied to the Office of the Public Guardian to have his powers of attorney annulled. The Office of the Public Guardian established the allegations made by Social Services were false and rejected the application.

    Grandma B then went on her wheelchair to a local council meeting to hand out a leaflet protesting about the way the police and social services were treating her. Her local ward councillors set police officers in stab-vests on to her, threatening to arrest her for distributing a “defamatory” leaflet. When her carer pointed out that defamation is a civil matter and not a police matter, the officers looked a little flummoxed, but still tried to prevent her from exercising her democratic right of peaceful protest. Grandma B is a veteran of the Second World War and stood her ground. When her carer called out to the police sergeant attending the meeting in front of the 30 or so members of the public present that she should arrest these officers for harassing a vulnerable person, they beat a hasty retreat. The sergeant refused to uphold the law.

    Instead, two days later, the local police fabricated the first Harassment Warning against her carer. A couple of weeks later, they fabricated a second warning and were clearly intending to fabricate a third, at which point the carer could have been arrested. A file recently obtained from the Office of the Public Guardian shows this was planned to be on Christmas Day 2009, when the main abuser and corrupt police officers were planning to raid Grandma B’s house – unlawfully again, of course.

    In the ensuing two years, the carer’s legal representatives both in Britain and abroad have made dozens of requests for sight of the evidence to support these unsigned, undated harassment warnings which are not legally valid. The police have produced nothing other than excuses and have refused every opportunity to sign these warnings for fear of perjuring themselves. The police inspector that issued the warnings took “early retirement” when challenged by the carer’s solicitor to produce the evidence.

    Exhausted by this constant harassment, Grandma B went abroad on holiday for Christmas 2009. The police tipped off her abusers she was away from home, who then forced entry, changed the locks and unlawfully evicted her. After stealing her valuables in full view of the police, they tried to fraudulently sell her house. Fortunately, Grandma B’s solicitor prevented them from doing so.

    However, her abusers and their friends in the police and local authority, then fabricated a kidnapping allegation against her carer. This request to arrest the carer went from the local CID to Special Branch, to SOCA, to New Scotland Yard, to Interpol London, Interpol in the country in question, then to the national police headquarters and provincial police headquarters before landing on the desk of a local police officer in a remote Alpine village.

    The expectation here was obvious: the local country bumpkin plod would be so impressed by the provenance of this request that he would summon up reinforcements before daring to attempt to tackle this known, hardened, serious international criminal.

    It did not quite work out like that. Two weeks before this request arrived, the police officer and his good wife had been among the many guests at the local pub at Grandma B’s 82nd birthday party. He had been sceptical about the stories he had heard about official corruption in Britain, but now he was supposed to arrest the carer for kidnapping his mother, holding her against her will and incommunicado. He obviously knew these allegations were false, but being a professional, he carried out a proper investigation. His report made it clear that the British police had knowingly lied to Interpol to help corrupt officers defraud a little, old lady on a wheelchair.

    This attempt by corrupt British police to abuse honest local police officers to carry out criminal acts on their behalf is now under investigation by the local foreign ministry.

    Had the carer not been so lucky, then the chances are he would have been remanded in custody pending extradition, while Grandma B would have been returned to Britain and to the tender mercies of social services. Her assets would then have been plundered and divided up between the gang of criminals running this racket.

    There have now been five independent reviews of this case. All have called for it to be reopened. Both the police and local authority have ignored these requests.

    So what is going on here and who is involved? The main abuser is employed by local social services. He, his wife and daughter have provided support services to the local police. They all know who the isolated old people in their area with assets are. It would seem they are systematically targeting defenceless old people and seizing control of their assets before bundling them off into a council home, then selling their assets. The cash then gets laundered through a dodgy private care company as “care fees” and the police officers, social workers, council officials and local politicians involved then pocket the money. The perfect crime, as who is going to listen to a confused, old lady in a home, whose contact with the outside world they are controlling?

    This is rampant corruption and serious, organised crime. Nobody in authority in North Yorkshire – including a certain senior police officer in the news at present – will respond to correspondence and deal with this case.

    How many more victims are there?

  2. peter oakes says:

    I have reason to believe this these thefts and corruption is organised
    by the Crown. In a monarchy the king & queen arrogantly assume their
    citizens property belongs to them and historically speaking that was the
    case. However We are now European Citizens entitled to own property and our own homes, That is the reason there is no Article 1 commitment in our
    UK Human Rights Act. and No Article 13 Right to a Remedy

    We are secretly enslaved ! by the Oath sworn officers of the crown, police, judges, solicitors, HMCS. HMRC. HMP etc.etc. In fact we are in exactly the same situation as the citizens of Bahrain. Saudi Arabia. etc. where of course
    the woman are second class citizens not allowed to drive a car. Know your place.

    The Australians call us POMS Prisoners of Mother England. and Blunkett
    & co introduced community “hobby bobbies” to get rid of queen agents the
    constables, slowly but surely the tactless truth will dawn on you.

    Remember the country is bankrupt, they are stealing monies from everywhere to prevent a Greek Tragedy.

    We desperately need an FBI style agency to investigate our corrupt police and civil servants ASAP

    • Robert Dooran says:

      ‘In fact we are in exactly the same situation as the citizens of Bahrain’

      No we’re not.

      ‘We desperately need an FBI style agency’

      SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency) was formed in 2006.

      • Grandma B says:

        SOCA agents are certainly involved in the case of Grandma B. They participated in an attempt to have her carer framed and jailed.

        We have enough evidence to arrest and hopefully jail those agents. All we need is a straight cop to carry out the law. Do you know one?

  3. peter oakes says:

    Dear B.
    Robert Dooran still thinks the Birmingham 6 are guilty, even after
    Chris Mullins MP forced West Midlands police to admit they destroyed
    er. er. 2000 files are missing, ( probably on the M6 ) Why honest
    decent victims have to be subjected to vitriolic trivia from their fellow man
    means only one thing ! such people are the beneficiaries of this corruption.

    He would deny the CPS declined to prosecute a MET copper for calling a
    spade a spade, but since the Guardian pursued the CPS this POLICEMAN
    has been suspended. But thats OK a bent judge will clear him, lets hope
    they use a Coloured Judge ! Who will turn out to be an “uncle Tom”

    • Robert Dooran says:

      The word ‘coloured’ is really quite outdated. The terms ‘spade’ and ‘uncle Tom’ are just plain offensive.

      Please try to accept that it isn’t the nineteen fifties anymore, there’s a good chap.

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