How can this possibly be permitted in a supposedly free society?

Peter Hitchens of the Daily Mail is on our side! His latest article is entitled Psychiatrists snatching our children? That’s Stalin’s trick. Quotes from the article include the title question as well as:

The abuse of psychiatry is a symptom of tyranny.

If it can be deployed to snatch children, then there is not far to go before it is also used to terrify or subdue opposition. [Remember that Norman Scarth was wise enough to flee his country, for a nasty judge was ready to put him back into jail at 86 years, after he had fought for his country in WWII…]

It’s the not caring that pains me most…

May his article get at least one person who stopped caring to start caring again: about our children, their parents and everybody who objects to tyranny and police states!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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38 Responses to How can this possibly be permitted in a supposedly free society?

  1. earthlinggb says:

    How can this possibly be permitted in a supposedly free society?
    There are so many like you Sabine. They ask questions and complain but when they are offered answers they dismiss or ignore them. So the questions and the lack of dealing with them effectively will continue because you do not know or wish to understand what is at the core of it all. Quite sad really.

  2. PLEASE SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE. I believe that we must ask law enforcement and military to SWITCH SIDES and MOVE TO THE SIDE OF THE PEOPLE, before they have to stand AGAINST their fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers and sons and daughters, who are on the SIDE OF THE PEOPLE… we need to do this worldwide… ASK OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS in LAW ENFORCEMENT AND MILITARY, to STAND BY THE PEOPLE, NOT AGAINST THEM… if you know anyone… start the message… love to all

  3. JM says:

    ‘then there is not far to go before it is also used to terrify or subdue opposition’

    been doing that to me for six years now, that particular one…..where has he been?

    and dated 24th March, no comments and they have already closed the comments?

  4. Agreed with the comment above by earthlinggb :-

    “How can this possibly be permitted in a supposedly free society?”
    There are so many like you Sabine. They ask questions and complain but when they are offered answers they dismiss or ignore them. So the questions and the lack of dealing with them effectively will continue because you do not know or wish to understand what is at the core of it all. Quite sad really.” – end of quote.

    There is no way in hell (and that’s exactly where we are, or don’t you know?) mainstream media “is on our side”. Sure, they will throw a carrot every now and then, but like the Parliament, never serve Justice. The mainstream media reporting of crime serves to numb the public even more, due to a lack of Justice. Thus, you’ve become blinded, becoming more blind to the mainstream reporting of liberal complacency. What are you waiting for :- mainstream reports on horrors of paedophilia??? Cross the Atlantic to see how mainstream reporting does little to bring Justice to all these children.

    As the saying goes, “You can go your own way”, but the path to hell is paved with good “intentions”.

  5. peter oakes says:

    What is your problem Sheltering Cedar ? You seem to have your own “failed”
    agenda ! Diana murdered etc. We already know this, the mainstream media
    covered it time and again. Sabine is obviously “getting through” and others
    jealousy forces comments from failures the ” little people ” If you don’t like
    Victims Unite ignore us, and we will return the favour.

    Thomas Barnado, desperate to rescue abused ? children Thought nothing of kidnapping them ! Until the late 1880,s parents had absolute rights over their children, and Barnado’s practice of “philanthropic abduction” to save children from parents who were violent or cruel, led to him appearing in court 88 times by 1896. The publicity created by three cases in particular, was in part responsible for a change in the law in 1891, which put the welfare of the child above the rights of parents. Dr. Barnado was cleared of all charges, however the court condemned his methods, which the court said were not only “morally
    wrong but might, in the absence of very strict control, grow into a system of deception dangerous to the cause on behalf of which it is practised”.

    Now there is big news about the Oxford arrests by “foreign re; muslim” child
    paedophiles and prostitute providers. You can be assured these arrests were made because the “child traffickers” were interfering in the profits of corrupt
    Public Officers in Oxfordshire. This assumption is reasonable because the
    police paedophile & prostitution was making them ” big bucks” in Australia.

    See Royal Commission Enquiry NSW police paedophiles. This in depth
    enquiry is a mirror of UK corruption! By the social services, police, etc.

    We need a Royal Commission Enquiry in the UK in honour of the queen’s
    60 years of gross negligence concerning her duties to her subjects & now
    European Citizens. What’s wrong with a bit of decent, honest conduct?

    • Robert Dooran says:

      ‘queen’s 60 years of gross negligence concerning her duties’

      Nonsense, the Queen does a terrific job.

  6. To Peter Oakes,

    I believe Sabine is genuine. However, she is vulnerable and not aware of the levels of deception, nor the deception by people whom she deals with; particularly, those within the “truth-movement”.

  7. peter oakes says:

    To Sheltering Cedar. Well said. Sabine might be a bit naive but she has fine
    morals and a big heart. She also has superb communication skills and can
    get the ” message out ” to where it is needed.

    Victims like myself who have been mauled and tormented by these evil
    on the one hand and grossly incompetent civil servants on the other, allow our emotions to come through. This is very negative to the normal person who
    will not accept the horrible truth until they become victims.

    Sabine is definitely “getting through” the negative and vitriolic comments
    victims unite incites ( yes that is the word incites ) is proof that the truth hurts
    for certain types off individuals.

    The more we comment the more we expose and Dame Elizabeth Butler- Sloss
    Kidnapped Corey R. B. from Stoke on Trent . and Edward Timpson MP is
    working with Barnado,s to remove ALL the Safeguards from child abduction
    so that a child can be removed in less than 5minutes at birth. this evil group
    call these ” Safeguards ” handicaps to child abduction, these handicaps are
    easily removed by bogus mental reports from bogus doctors ! It,s un-believable ! and that is why they get away with-it, there is not one inquisitive copper that say,s ” hello hello then what goes on here? ” because that
    is all it would take for the tower of cards to come falling down,

    Sabine is getting there, the Mail is belatedly paying attention ” watch this
    space ” eventually they will Google: Royal Commission Enquiry NSW police
    Paedophiles. And it will dawn on them just what is going on in the UK.

    These groups have been operating for years in the UK. hence the Dunblane
    report black-out for 100 years ( in a Democrcy ? ) and the reason for the
    Oxfordshire arrests ! Johnny Foreigner f——-g up our welfare fund, not
    bloody likely ! It,s all in the NSW Report Vol.4. May be the queen will “order”
    an enquiry as a sixtieth anniversary present to the British people especialy
    young mothers !

  8. To Peter Oakes,

    Understood. There is a simpler (not necessarily easy) way to put a halt to the sick, evil corruption.

    All MP’s, police (Policy) enforcers, judges, lawyers, politicians have sworn to “serve” q Elizabeth 2. From the start, this is a set-up, because people should be serving God (Sovereign) first, foremost. Nevertheless, they’ve a sworn statement, and so does she to serve God the Almighty, Ruler of all. It is THIS sworn OATH, to obey Commandment ONE, I seek to enforce. With God, we OWN THEM. It is the ONLY way to take back people’s rights. Sabine is headed down a secular path. It is a trap. Taking God out of the equation, and popular “truth-Columns” are leading, is extremely precarious.

    The arrest of only Muslims, in the recent Oxford paedophile crime, enforces Muslims as terrorists. Though there may be Muslim involvement, it is typical of
    “truth-Columns” and mainstream media to sway opinion away from the primary predators, and even more so, away from the only Solution.

    E2 (and her cohorts) owns all land, commands the above servants, who are hers but NOT yours. They’ve not sworn to serve people. They have sworn to serve her and do. Change starts at the top. But to do so, the people must first enforce her Oath to serve The Laws of God, first and foremost.

    Sabine is showing minimal sign in support of this:-

  9. peter oakes says:

    Robert Dooran. Is an agent and time waster, If the silly person had
    studied the Royal Commission Enquiry NSW police paedophiles He
    would know and recognise the methodology.

    He is obviously inclined that way and his nonsense confirms his desperation !

    Their game is UP ! Honest decent citizens have now got their measure
    regardless of their attempts to distort and ridicule the ” tactless truth ”

    Our thanks are owed to the internet ! not the media barons who have been
    invested with filth & corruption of the most disgusting, inconceivable behaviour
    violating young innocent children, not allowed to enjoy their life.

    Keep up your confirmation please Robert. Do you want to be in our gang ?

    LoL Gary.
    Victims Unite will be Victorious.

  10. Neil Butterworth says:

    It’s about time that V’s Unite – actually came up with a victory …. an actual real and bona fide victory – or is the real issue to keep peoples cases ‘kicked into the long-grass?

  11. peter oakes says:

    Dear Neil.
    Point taken ! However please realise how difficult it is to achieve
    a result when all the Trump cards and Aces are held by a corrupted group.

    You have to realise that talented and honest cops, solicitors, & judges are not
    going to destroy their families income and future.

    It would be simplified if ” Lie detectors ” were available etc. for the Honest
    defendant ! But given the best will in the world how do you cope with a JM. Negative, negative ass ——se.. These people are involved,
    members of, exploiting, benefiting, from the misery & sufferings of many victims

    They seem to enjoy torture, kiddy sex, etc. hell bent on ridiculing
    people who have not had a private education etc. enjoying the lack of
    pronoouncencaqtions etc. or the lack of eengleeshy

    Be thank full. enjoy, when I was a Kid there was no electric light
    ( gas only ) the radio was powered by an accumulator ( battery )
    and I heard ” journey into space ” Dick Barton special agent ” and the world
    was run by decent people !

    Our Victory is all ready here ! You just have,nt noticed it yet

    Just Google : Royal Commission Enquiry NSW police paedophiles.
    or for the Masonic conspiracy group try . Google: Gorsey Hey masonic
    home for distressed masons.

    And remember most Freemasons are Good people, Mis-guided but good !

    They all remember the 1st question ! ” Where were you made a mason “

    • Robert Dooran says:

      What a tedious would be wit you are ‘timber’ Oakes.

      ‘Our Victory is all ready here ! You just have,nt noticed it yet’

      When you remember what it is be sure to come back and tell us all.

      Have you been at the sherry?

  12. peter oakes says:

    Hey. Rob Doorrank. Your not Stevie H. in disguise are you ?

    You must be one of the child abusers ! absolutely desperate to degenerate
    this Victims Unite site to your own subsea level, your lower,n whale s–t.

    Heart of Oak still smiling and enjoying exposeing the Royal Commission
    Enquiry NSW police paedophiles, I bet you have,nt the courage to
    read the report simply because it is going on here in corrupt uk! as in sick.

    • Robert Dooran says:

      I tried Googling the enquiry but all I could find was this.

      • Robert Dooran says:

        Thanks Sabine, That’s very helpful. I’m not arguing that the commission’s findings are without merit or even that the same thing isn’t going on in the UK. I’m merely suggesting that a fifteen year old enquiry carried out in another country is not evidence that it is.

        Would it be possible to confirm to JM and Peter Oakes that Steve H and I are different people? I assume that you have access to our IP addresses. I find it tiring enough being accused of being a ‘child abuser’ and a ‘government agent’ with ‘special powers’.

        • JM says:

          trolls like you really should stop trying to annoy/ pick fights with some very pissed of people then, at best you’re a wind up merchant…u trying to compensate for having an extremely tiny penis or soemthing?

        • Dear Robert

          This is to confirm that you are DIFFERENT from Steve H in more than one way. I find it most disconcerting that people can’t be more polite to each other. My post re Stephen Fry did not seem to resonate with anybody.

          I can only conclude that it must be therapeutic and/or cultural to treat strangers with as much unfriendliness as I am observing.

          It would, of course, help, if people introduced themselves, preferably in face-to-face meetings. Or at least via chat rooms or Skype.

          I’ll see what WordPress has to offer so that technology can undo the harm that written words can do…


          • JM says:

            I can’t believe you’re pandering to him, very disapointing….he’s a bloody troll, and still quite disconcerting that he has somehow connected the initials on here with the full name that i posted on other forums several years ago…..i have suspcion met Sabine there some years ago under a different name, actually,,,but never got an answer….

            this guy obviously doesn’t care and he has no real interest in the issues involved as far asi can see, so why stalking me? he’s obviously not just passing/ casual observer…….

            and it’s very easy to change IP address/ style of writing….never thought they were same person, not sure where that came from? i dnt wanna distract or impede on your time but if u got a problem with what i say on here pls drop me a private line abt it….

  13. peter oakes says:

    Well said JM.
    The only reason we have not had an enquiry similar
    to Australia is because they KNOW it is the same here. The Citizens
    Advice Bureau CAB has had the absolute proof of serious crimes taking place
    here in the UK. I actually showed them a copy of a statement by PC1836 Podmore. Staffordshire police regarding the County Courts being used
    for theft & fraud by use of the insolvency process.

    The CAB person went off her trolley ! demanding to know where I got a copy !

    I said it is in the court file case 15 of 2001 County Court Stafford, it,s public record whats the problem.

    Needless to say the CAB is another dept. of the corrupt Home Office, They
    know all right and whats more they know the criminals are police, judges, solicitors, civil servants etc.

    I can assure you and any one else reading my comments, I can substantiate
    every peace or is it piece of information . the errrrer is for the nit packers or is it pickers. They don,t like TRUTH

    • Robert Dooran says:

      ‘The only reason we have not had an enquiry similar to Australia is because they KNOW it is the same here.’

      Do you have any evidence to support this?

      ‘The Citizens Advice Bureau CAB has had the absolute proof of serious crimes taking place here in the UK.’

      Only you could make the Citizen’s Advice Bureau sound so sinister. It isn’t the place to report ‘serious crimes’.

      ‘I can assure you and any one else reading my comments, I can substantiate every peace or is it piece of information’

      Go on then, nobody’s stopping you.

  14. JM says:

    i’ve had my own battles with CAB to, morons just following orders when they are so obviously acting wrong and totally illegally….

    the corrupt one’s in this system are the JHs as far as i can see, perversely….but he’s just had a peek through the looking glass at best, he hasn’t stepped through….

  15. JM says:

    & as for Fry…he seems like the affable, intelligent nice guy i used to be…;-)

    bit of a pansy though, to be fair…and i dnt wanna be a pansy anymore! 😉

    • Robert Dooran says:

      Considering Mr. Fry’s sexual orientation do you think ‘pansy’ was the most appropriate choice of words?

      noun (plural pansies)
      1a cultivated variety of viola with brightly coloured flowers.
      2 informal, derogatory an effeminate or homosexual man.

      • JM says:

        & what do you know abt his sexual orientation and what has it got to do with anything?
        PLEASE stop talking to me

        CAB are a part of teh state, that’s wher ethey get there money from—Castle Advice Service also….claimed to be independent six months later i dsicvered they were 100% funded by the people i needed help against…..certainly expalined a lot!

      • Robert Dooran says:

        ‘what do you know abt his sexual orientation’

        He is openly gay.

        ‘and what has it got to do with anything?’

        It is disparaging to refer to a homosexual man as a ‘pansy’.

        ‘PLEASE stop talking to me’

        Nobody is forcing you to reply to my comments.

        • JM says:

          he’s a smart guy and i’m pretty sure he wdn’t take that out of context as cretins like you routinely do….

          & nobody is forcing you to be a knobhead

      • Robert Dooran says:

        Must you always resort to bad language? You’ll upset Sabine!

        • Thank you, Robert! There are enough really bad things going on that upset me. I do prefer to find ‘goodness’ in comments! How else can I keep going? How many battles are there to fight!?…

          • JM says:

            I’m sure Sabine has a thicker skin but my estimation of her is certainly going down the more time she wastes pandering to trolls like you!

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