Helping to cover up government crime is the legal profession’s most dangerous weakness

Now that’s a bold statement as a title, isn’t it!? Enjoy the article!

We all know about the legal profession covering up what we call ‘white collar crime’. We also know that this covers governmental agencies who are committing such crimes. But, so far,

  • against individual victims of all sorts of wrong-doings
  • particularly badly when snatching children.

Now, William Finnerty addresses head on what monetary reformers have been analysing for years: the debt-based money system that, in the UK, came into being with the founding of the Bank of England thanks to the Bank of England Act 1694.

I’ve always maintained that the Bank of England (the head of the banking cartel) should pay triple the value of the National Debt to the Treasury (the puppet government).

For the 1694 Act says that the Corporation is not to trade – to avoid the serious oppression of Their Majesties’ Subjects.

Hence we’ve been asking for the enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694! We are not alone!!!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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10 Responses to Helping to cover up government crime is the legal profession’s most dangerous weakness

  1. earthlinggb says:

    Oh at last! Taking a little step into the “Twilight Zone” now Sabine? Now make sure you’re not now considered some “nutty conspiracy theorist” won’t you? After all, we can’t have that now can we? 😉
    Birth certificate = subrogated rights to legal system and “citizenship”. Citizenship = Taxpayer = Government statute (“law”) forcing you to bail out banks while “bestowing” upon you all the “goodies” like a passport, employment, benefits etc etc.
    Who does your car belong to Sabine? You? Try telling the DVLA that when you don’t pay the registration or licence or insurance etc and they tow it away to crush it (because they can because YOU are only the “registered keeper” NOT the owner!
    Now consider the registration of birth and, if you DON’T register, you are prosecuted. Why? Because the state wants another slave PLUS, if you don’t be the perfect little state slave, they now have the authority to take your child (just like the Musas etc) because you registered the child’s birth just like your car!
    It’s very simple. But you will still refuse to see it while it stares you in the face!

  2. earthlinggb says:

    And who is this “Crown Prosecution service” Sabine? Those who prosecute according to THEIR laws? Do you know? If you do, tell us because no-one else knows! Let’s ask Tony Benn shall we?
    “I turn to the matter of lifelong confidentiality to the Crown, which presumably should have bound Peter Wright. Who is the Crown? Did the Queen tell Peter Wright to try to destroy the Prime Minister? Obviously not. Did the Prime Minister tell Peter Wright to destroy himself? Obviously not. Did the Home Secretary tell Peter Wright to try to destroy the Government? Obviously not. The Crown is the code name we use for those central areas of Government in defence, intelligence and international relations—a state within the state—that the Government, and, I regret to say, previous Governments, did not wish to be subject to parliamentary scrutiny or discussion. The Crown is a term used to cover a concrete emplacement surrounded by barbed wire that the Home Secretary thinks needs fresh protection. It is not that he intends it to be subject to public scrutiny.”

  3. earthlinggb says:

    Moderating comments now? No free speech either now from you?

  4. peter oakes says:

    Bloody hell ! What did we do to deserve this garbage ? Another Troll
    that knows everything but cannot communicate ! sad really

    Obviously Victims Unite is perceived as a threat to the legal mafia cum
    government thefts & fraud

  5. Dear Earthling

    I suggest you click on if you think I’m new to the ‘twilight zone’…

  6. JM says:

    thanks for the article, d bloody hell i just turned 35…really wasn’t hoping to make it this far!

  7. peter oakes says:

    Dear JM. At 35 you are just starting out, the sole object of ” Victims Unite ”
    is to protect and educate ( probablaly the wrong term ) I should say
    share our information to the younger generation who believe the govnt.
    spin . My only desire is to protect your assets, home, pension, savings,etc.
    from the myriad of predators out there ! All white collar, Solicitors, lawyers
    are the biggest thieves and liars going, protected by the police who “draw rent”
    from them and allowing them to practice.

    The police bang up the violent mugger for stealing your wallet with £50 in it,
    but do nothing when a solicitor steals your inheritance, ie. your mothers house
    and assets.

    You can be assured the CAB Citizens Advice Bureau know all about these
    thefts & frauds by the legal mafia, the downfall of Northern Rock, Bradford & Bingeley. Cheshire Bldg. Society, Cheltenham & Glos. etc.etc

    all done by mortgage frauds & solicitors ! because these frauds were assisted by the gross negligence of govnt. depts. re: land registry ,Insolvency Service
    etc. the govnt .is responsible for compensating the Victims because of it,s
    gross negligence,

    Perhaps now you will realise ALL MP,s are fully aware of the truth ! but cannot
    reveal their incompetence and duplicity in such monstrous crimes against
    the public, hence the expression ” don,t call the fire brigade, it,s only
    smoke ! ” in truth the whole is ablaze from end to end just look at
    the Greek tragedy, if you can get any info. from Euro. censoring !

    struth the barbie,s on fire Whats next ? the house, no noooooooooo the
    f—-ing country.

    • JM says:

      just starting out? i’ve been a TI for at least 12 years, probably my whole ‘adult’ life if not before…I do not have a single penny to my name, all stolen and a damnsite worse…..haven’t been allowed to work or access to a bank account for over six years!

      i’ve lost everything i did have and aren’t allowed to ‘work’ gain anything until somebody makes me righteous again….

      just starting out indeed…..

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