Is Britain more corrupt than it thinks? I guess it depends on who’s thinking!

This Reuters article will please LOTS of Victims Unite readers (> 100,000 since August 2010!). It was recommended by 871 Facebook readers! The first paragraph says:

Britons love to lecture the world about integrity and the rule of law, but the News of the World phone hacking scandal has laid bare a web of collusion between

  • money,
  • power,
  • media
  • and the police.

In fact, the government thinks it can ‘export’ the UK justice system as a plan for growth!

Do take note of the Royal Commission into the New South Wales Police Service which included the protection of paedophiles by NSW Police – as the only rational explanation for all the child snatching that has been going on – besides the money that is involved for Social Workers, foster parents, legal teams, ‘expert witnesses’ and the Police…

LONDON (Reuters) – Britons love to lecture the world about integrity and the rule of law, but the News of the World phone hacking scandal has laid bare a web of collusion between money, power, media and the police.

Far from the innocent, upright democracy of its self-image, Britain is showing a seamy side that anti-corruption campaigners say is getting worse and may be politically explosive as society becomes more unequal due to the financial and economic crises.

Behind a facade of probity, London offers a haven for oligarchs and despots, a place where foreign media magnates have bought access to and influence over the government.

The scandal engulfing Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has already destroyed a newspaper, cost two top police officers their jobs, seen the arrest of powerful media figures and embarrassed the prime minister and political elite.

But it points to a bigger problem in British society — overly cozy relationships among elites that are ethically dangerous, even when they do not involve outright criminality.

Britain says it has been bolstering its legal and regulatory system. Just this month a new law on bribery tightening rules for UK firms operating abroad entered force.

But some of the world’s leading transparency campaigners say that the hacking scandal exemplifies unhealthy links between power and money.

“The bottom line… is that for some time there has been undue influence on UK governments and public policy by powerful private interests,” says Daniel Kaufmann, senior fellow at the Brookings Institute in Washington DC.

“It is … often a more sophisticated form of high-level political corruption. It may not be strictly illegal — or it may be more subtle — but that does not mean it is not very costly for society or the economy,” said Kaufman, a former director of the World Bank Institute and creator of the closely watched Worldwide Governance Indicators.

If unchecked, “elite capture” of political systems can become “privatization of public policy” — a growing danger in both Britain and the United States, he said.

As with media barons such as Murdoch, the influence of the financial services industry is so strong, Kaufmann argued, that politicians have long avoided questioning it.

That acquiescence contributed to the global financial crisis. It has also made Britain one of the key banking centers for the world’s most corrupt oligarchs and despots.

Financial secrecy arrangements — such as Britain’s system of financial “trusts”, which allow powerful figures to mask the ownership of assets — have rarely if ever been challenged by the government, say financiers and campaigners.


When power elites in the Middle East looked for somewhere to send their money during the “Arab Spring” uprisings this year, wealth managers told Reuters London was the prime beneficiary. Much may have been legitimately earned, some almost certainly not.

Both Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s son Gamal and Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif owned property in London through complex trusts and front companies in Panama and the British Virgin Islands.

Through its close links with tax haven satellites such as the Channel Islands, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man, experts say Britain is at the center of many such schemes.

“London has become the money launderers’ destination of choice,” says John Christensen, a former economic adviser to the Channel island of Jersey, who now runs the Tax Justice Network, a group campaigning for tighter regulation.

“If you look at the way we talk about and measure corruption in the West, it’s either Africa or Asia which comes out worse. But we are using a distorted prism.”

It’s not just Britain. A Reuters investigation this month showed how some U.S. states — notably Wyoming and Delaware — were failing to meet international standards, offering “shelf companies” to help hide assets and avoid tax.

Christensen argues that states have been losing control of the financial system for more than 30 years and now find themselves increasingly at its mercy.

Even groups such as Transparency International — which has traditionally focused on criticizing “conventionally” corrupt states in emerging economies — are beginning to shift their attention to developed world corruption.

TI published a report earlier this month entitled “Britain: more corrupt than you think”, showing that a majority of people believed corruption was worsening in the country.

“It is not that corruption is endemic in the UK as it is in some other countries but there is a worrying degree of complacency,” said Chandrashekhar Krishnan, Executive Director of Transparency International UK.

“The focus (now) is on corruption in the media and allegations about bribing the police… but we are also particularly worried about political party funding, parliament, sport and the prison system.”


Even recent gains are not always what they seem. For example Transparency International points to the UK Bribery Act.

The law’s introduction was delayed after frantic lobbying by companies who said it would make them uncompetitive, prompting officials to effectively water down some of the guidance on how rigorously it would be enforced.

The institution responsible for enforcing it, the Serious Fraud Office, is also suffering budget cuts — as are other bodies aimed at tackling grassroots corruption in prisons, police, local government, and taxation.

The previous government halted bribery investigations into arms sales to Saudi Arabia, citing the national interest.

Not everyone despairs. Some argue that the Internet and social media may prompt a new era of transparency, raising the reputational risks for governments that fail to clean up their act.

The Brookings Institute’s Kaufmann argues that antimonopoly regulations and diverse political systems involving more than two main parties could help by making it harder for oligarchs to control the system.

Activists warn of growing public discontent. In Britain, lobby group UKuncut has organised direct action including flash mobs outside firms they accuse of avoiding tax — although they say they had no hand in throwing a cream pie at Murdoch on Tuesday at a parliamentary committee.

“It’s a bit like the beginning of an avalanche where it is very hard to predict where it will end up,” said Tim Hardy, a left-wing blogger describing himself as a cheerleader for the officially leaderless group.

Nor is discontent limited to the political fringe. One former senior British official said on condition of anonymity that groups such as UKuncut “have more of a point than they know”.

Political advisers to banks warn of a growing global anti-establishment backlash.

John Bassett — a former senior official at the British signals intelligence agency GCHQ and now a senior fellow at the Royal United Services Institute — says that coming after the financial and economic crises the hacking scandal “has revitalized the narrative of a corrupt elite.

“The long-term result is likely to be a further erosion in the credibility of the British establishment, particularly the media and police, in the eyes of citizens.”


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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28 Responses to Is Britain more corrupt than it thinks? I guess it depends on who’s thinking!

  1. Grandma B says:

    For a discussion on the rampant corruption in the authorities in North Yorkshire, particularly in the police and local government, please read articles such as:

    There are several on this site going into this corruption in graphic detail along with the documentary evidence.

  2. peter oakes says:

    A British Conference on amending Human Rights is a typical establishment
    smoke screen ! The UK is Not a Signatory or in agreement with ECHR
    the European Convention of Human Rights. Although Kenneth Clarke
    claims to have been an initiator of the Human Rights Act. into UK law also
    proves His dishonesty because he is in Full Knowledge Article 1 is missing
    from the UK. Human Rights Act. And without Article 1. the other Articles are meaningless deceitful rubbish.

    This truth is obvious ! Every one reading this remark should Google :
    European Convention of Human Rights and they will See Article 1 Binds
    and Commits the high standing parties to the Articles contained in the

    Then Google: UK Human Rights Act 2000 or visit your local library and ask
    to see Public Statutes for 2000. and You will now see with your own eyes there is No Article 1 in the British Human Rights Act. Such arrogant contempt for the British public by Kenneth Clarke is blatantly obvious ! And you the
    public still believe there is a spark of decency, integrity, honesty left in
    the UK dream on, The gullible public will be celebrating 60 years of gross
    negligence by a monarch that swore a Coronation oath to maintain justice !
    is the queen the traitor or her oath sworn judges, lawyers,police, establishment grovelers ? Do they think they can con the world forever ?

    For the truth about the UK Google: Royal Commission Enquiry NSW police
    paedophiles . volume 4. final report. this explains the UKs rot. does,nt
    the queen get a briefing on Royal Commissions ?

    The other establishment con. Camera,s in Court headline news and bulls–t
    they only showed the sentencing, not the evidence being presented,
    Every Court Case should be videoed live three copies made daily 1 for
    the record. 2 for defendant. 3 for prosecution. then the TRUTH is recorded
    daily no chicanery with transcripts possible, but the establishment cannot
    stand the Transparency, bye the way SFO is the Seriously Flawed Office
    it has nowt to do with fraud

  3. Derek says:

    I have been saying this for a long, long time. It makes me sick how the UK lecture other countries around the world about corruption and human rights issues, and yet the UK itself, with its corrupt judiciary, courts, police, MP’s, lawers, Local Authorities, must rank near the top when it comes to violation of one’s human rights and justice. Each year the UK creeps further up the scale of corrupt countries, soon be No 1. I think, and no doubt many, many others also, would rank the UK as No 1 already.

  4. British Justice, what justice, I have not seen even a hint of justice. I am the victim and survivor of 41 years of still on-going harassment by my eldest so-called sister and her followers. I have evidence in the way of emails, letters and 41 years of very distressing and terrifying experiences orchestrated by her.
    Her latest trick in March of this year was to follow me on so I would follow her so she could have me arrested again, I have evidence of this.
    Its a very complex family feud that has been going on all my life concerning the web of secrets and lies that have been woven around my existance by so-called family.
    Without any doubt my sister would like to see me locked up for the rest of my life. She has had me sectioned 7 times in the past, but Iv lost count of all the other times she has tried but failed in her attempts to have me sectioned yet again.
    I have tried to complain to the police about what has been happening but they obviously dont care. They look on me as being just a nuisance and wasting their time, and yet they have never charghed me with “wasting their police time”. It seems to me that they are protecting her. She, in their eyes can do no wrong
    I have to admit that I have sent her emails and letters but only in a bid to try and get her to tell me what I believe to be mine by right, THE TRUTH about my identity and why my existance is surrounded by this web of secrets and lies.
    In February 2010 I was hauled up in front of the magistrates court and sentenced for harassing her just months after my 10 year old son died in what the police called a “tragic accident” which came so very conveniently for my so-called sister!
    I was going to plead not guilty and go to the crown court with the evidence I have and bring all of this what has been happening out into the open, but that is the last thing my so-called sister would want, to have to stand up in court and explain herself, yes I know without any doubt that she will have gone to whatever lengths she had to to stop that from happening! I strongly believe my sons death was not the tragic accident that I am supposed to believe it was, my sons death served her purpose very well indeed, my sons death stopped me from talking as she knew it would!
    In January 2010 the solicitor that was supposed to be representing me and looking after my interests employed a psychiatrist to write a report to prove that I was sane or so he said.
    The psychiatrist wrote a very daming report about me and labled me as being delusional and psychotic and recomended that I be put on psychiatric drugs. Without any doubt at all his report was written to discredit me. After the court hearing I had a few months of talking to a psychiatric nurse, in the end she just discharged me and said she couldnt see the point of coming to my home for the appointments, she said she felt it was a waste of her time because clearly I was not delusional or psychotic! I have not had any contact with the mental health team since and not one tablet has passed my lips.
    Neither the solicitor or the psychiatrist were interested in the evidence I have, they both refused to even look at it. The evidence I have clearly proves that what I am saying about my sister is true!
    To date I have never been allowed to tell my side of the story!
    I have always strongly felt since that very short hearing in the magistrates court that both the solicitor and the psychiatrist had discussed me with my sister beforehand.
    The very first thing that solicitor said to me the day of the hearing was: “You do know that your sister had nothing to do with your sons death”. We were not there to discuss my sons death. The only possible reason I can think off why he should come out with that statement is because he had been talking to her beforehand. I will go as far as saying that they, solicitor, psychiatrist and my sister are all corrupt to the core!
    I know that if I had had a decent and caring solicitor I would have been able to tell my side of the story and present my evidence to the court, and I would not have been labled delusional and psychotic, a label that will now stick to me like glue for the rest of my life unless I can prove them all wrong and that what I am saying is true, including what I am saying about my sons needless death!

    • The key power seems, once again, to lie with the Police, and the Judiciary covering up instead of delivering justice, i.e. they are guilty of criminal acts – our motto for the 2-week demo outside the Royal Courts of Justice, if you want to join in! Every day 9.30 to 4.30pm.

      I’m particularly sorry when you have to experience criminality by family!

    • JM says:

      I am so sorry. I can certainly empathise, I’ve experienced much of the same, although my troubles to date pale into insignificance….

      I’m effectively banned from tarvelling now, especially to London, but I wdn’t even be much good to you even if I could make it. Talking/ making a scene never achieves anything anyway ‘cept more violence against you.

  5. peter oakes says:

    Some years ago Paul Burrell princess Diana,s “rock” cum butler was charged
    with theft of Diana,s property, he was defended by a QC. who immediately on
    appointment had Paul examined by the countries leading psychiatrist to establish he was not delusional or unfit to plead. This QC was well aware of
    the dishonest tricks the British judiciary & establishment use to pervert
    justice. Disgusting ! and the gullible public swallow it every time ! and
    Paul Burrell an innocent man is vilified in the UK media !

    Having got Paul,s mental state out of the way and established he was of sound
    mind and fit to stand trial, the whole prosecution collapsed because prince
    Charles had been “summoned” as a witness. This would have exposed
    the legal mafia and judicial corruption in the UK. Rest assured it is only a
    matter of time before Teresa May & Ken Clarke house of cards comes to grief

    Todays i 20th April. page 5. Human Rights. Clarke clashes with Bratza over
    ECHR reforms. quote ” Clarke said: as he declared it would undergo
    “substantial reforms”

    In an embarrassing move, however the the Courts President Sir Nicholas
    Bratza pre-empted his announcement by saying that governments should
    leave the court to decide how it carries out it,s work, insisting the reforms
    would make no change to cases considered.

    Uo Yours Clarke ! the ECHR Court will not accept your corruption !

    Victims Unite is on to You !

    We should look up Sir Nicholas Bratza because he must be a British
    Knight. and in the house of lords. send him an E-Mail Article 1
    Where has it gone ?

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  8. john malcolm says:

    People talk about Nigeria being corrupt, and I suppose it is. But slipping N20 to get a smile out of a Nigerian policeman is very different to the huge sums that change hands in the UK. Often “legally”, as when certain lawyers get awarded juicy “human rights” cases, paid for out of legal aid, while small town lawyers are as hard up as anyone else. In other cases, certain developers mysteriously get planning permission when the locals are solidly against it.
    The secresy that surrounds family courts and law is an open invitation to clever, rich voyears and pedophils to get their naughty little ways

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  10. Peter Danby says:

    I was arrested on false/unproven allegations and given a kicking for trying to escape from the police trying to kidnap me… I was released from custody without any charges only to find out 2 weeks later the police where taking me to court for trying to escape. They have destroyed my career, i cant get a solicitor to appeal against the magistrates court, “is this what what we call JUSTICE”…?

    • No, Peter,

      we must call it: institutionalised violence, corruption, inhumanity and cruelty.

      As German I could only explain SS behaviour to myself by “they were just doing their job”.

      In a system where the money supply is at the heart of all evil, the above is a sad, sad consequence.

      Take it as a spiritual challenge and a social requirement to hang on to likeminded friends. That’s all I can suggest from my current vantage point.

      David Icke thinks that the Illuminati (the 1%) are panicking. Alex Jones talks about “lawlessness out in the open”. Let’s hope this year will be the turning point for humanity to shift from criminal control to liberal freedoms!

      • Peter Danby says:

        Nine years of harassment and my career destroyed”. As for friends they deserted me for standing up for my rights’.
        The UK disgusts me when they do Criminal Records Bureau checks, they do not do checks on the police, i have the proof…
        In the last few days my car has been damaged, but who can help me ? certainly not the police who would rather arrest me than investigate the real crime going on against me”.

        • That means you must make new friends among victims, Peter!

          Yes, it is disgusting what ‘they’ do to ‘us’ – only because they are doing their job!

          I’m sorry to say that I have to agree: the Police isn’t worth approaching. But maybe you want to attend the demo against them next Tuesday?

          • Peter Danby says:

            Am to far away to attend…As for making friends locally’ no chance am surrounded by men who have given into feminists, the men are going around saying they have a feminine side to them” it’s embarrassing !

    • JM says:

      I can certainly empathise, but fear you getting off topic there…if you really have those kind of bigoted views i suggest you keep them to yourself…whats it matter to you if men want to go around in fancy dress, for whatever reason…?

      I’ve been TI for at least 12 and have a lot of what you described many times over…my career never even really got started….no work at all for over seven years, been homeless for over six no way back (legally) and not really any hope…..i also suspect they’ve given me cancer, constant headache for over six years now and a lot of pain in other areas…..there’s no sane or rational reason for what they do, they do it because they enjoy it…..

      • Anonymous says:

        My views are not bigoted, men have really lost their ways and in some ways they are “Neuro Linguistic Programmed” this is in my opinion part of Common Purpose…
        Feminism and the police in my area equals corruption” the police let the women of with serious crimes…How can a female on police bail for trying to stab a police officer and drug issues report me for seeing me in my own property and being at my front door report me to the police and destroy my career with false/unproven allegations on my CRB disclosure ? I also have information which states that the UK police do not have CRB checks prior to being employed’ they can employ anybody at their discretion…

      • Peter Danby says:

        My opinions are not bigoted, i tell people what is happening as i see it”. They only way to get justice is to expose the corruption that in my opinion is to do with Common Purpose..! Neuro Linguistic Programming is damaging good people for the purpose of evil doings and i will not put up with it ! Me and other people will see an end to the trauma the authorities are putting innocent people through…..!

  11. No, no, Peter. Read Carl Gustav Jung or anything about Yin and Yang. Men discovering their feminine side are not feminists. Just as women discovering their male side are not ‘masculinists’!… It’s all about balance. Within and without. KEEP THE FAITH, above all in yourself! Don’t give yourself up!

    • Peter Danby says:

      I don’t have a female side to me” MEN don’t carry on like this, men don’t wear skirts……Feminism is destroying “MANKIND RIGHTS”.

  12. JM says:

    all very intriguing…I dnt know abt such stuff and not even a clue where to look….but i’m wondering if u actually got soem legally trained people regularly looking here now, or at least students…? 😉

    wossit matter—pretty sure it’s still illegal to go around shooting people in the head, abducting people, raping and torture and stealing…but until these laws are enforced and it actually becomes LEGAL to defend oneslef regardless of who the perps employer is alleged to be after the fact, what is the point?

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