Judiciary Guilty of Criminal Acts… especially in family courts

“Judiciary Guilty of Criminal Acts…” is the slogan for the 2-week demo outside the Royal Courts of Justice, starting Monday 23rd April, from 9:30am to 4:30pm. Please come round for net-working with likeminded spirits!

… especially in secret family courts which should be replaced by open criminal courts

… in bankruptcy and insolvency procedures where we placed the worst known cases before the relevant Ministers – without any redress or change, let alone ‘remedy’ a la Article 13 of the European Convention of Human Rights

… when covering up crimes by colleagues in the NHS, Inland Revenue, Police and other public ‘authorities’.

when turning innocent victims into political prisoners:

  • the Musas for daring to stand up to Haringey Council
  • Maurice J Kirk BVSc for daring to challenge South Wales Police
  • other women whose children were taken and whom I visit in HMP Holloway – trying to get the privileges of LEGAL visits for McKenzie Friends, i.e. the right to take papers in and out – for prisoners who are on remand and who don’t have legal representation.

Meanwhile, even Reuters is wondering: Is Britain more corrupt than it thinks?


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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20 Responses to Judiciary Guilty of Criminal Acts… especially in family courts


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  3. peter oakes says:

    This video could be seen as a warning to ALL decent people that have information about paedophiles and Government dept. corruption.

    The KGB used to compromise british MP.s in bed with small boys knowing full well that having been subjected to public schools from the age of seven they were seeking a teat to suck on, plus the fact they had been fondled and abused by their teachers, priest, chaplain etc. the answer was to make homo sexuality buggery etc. legal so that the stigma of being queer was removed,
    thus bolstering national security. The problem with that is they are trying to make homosexuality compulsory, hence gay weddings, what larks !

    To end all doubt and to destroy government agencies credibility
    Google : Royal Commission Enquiry NSW Police Paedophiles Vol. 4
    Final Report. It is all there Larry King & All. nothing is new power corrupts
    and people in power corrupt others to maintain their hold !

    Publicity Reveals All and the media reporters have all been corrupted !
    because they ALL know ! but have not got the courage to support
    young children who are abused and then become Government Employees
    thus maintaining the RING. or is ass- hole

    hence the rush of child abduction by the SS. to place kids in care-homes who
    eventually get jobs in the social services as a reward for keeping their gobs shut about the abuse they suffered in care ! very clever really, self preservation ! perpetual motion ! don,t rock the boat ! you could end up swimming.

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  5. peter oakes says:

    Dear Robert.
    I was fortunate enough to be born Normal without a
    Handicap, I am truly sorry and aware of the people less fortunate than myself

    That is why charities were introduced to care for the less fortunate. I am
    not narrow minded or bigoted, I told you and the world I am a freemason
    brother of the Samaritan Lodge. I do hope you have heard of the Samaritans

    You would do yourself a big favour if you would grow-up and join the decent
    people !

    Please Google: commander hook wollongong. no doubt an associate
    of other commanders with charitable connections. Without being rude- crass
    or other derogatory term used to abuse afflicted people would you please
    note those born deaf, dumb, blind, cleft palate speechless, and other ailments
    requiring ” special needs ” ( an official term ) ARE CLASSED ( not My terms)
    (Handicapped ) along with perverts, deviants, paedophiles etc. I am sorry that
    you appear to have some restricted ability, why don,t you use it for beneficial
    purposes rather than trying to ” out-smart Me ! ” I deposit better specimens than you in my local authorities sewers daily.

    silly silly person, go away ! Victims Unite has work to complete.

    • Robert Dooran says:

      ‘I am a freemason’

      I forgot to mention that as well as being a racist and a homophobe you are also a massive hypocrite. The reason you think that the world is corrupt is because you are. You shouldn’t judge others by your own shabby standards.

      • peter oakes says:

        From Your comments and negative attitude towards Victims Unite
        trying to belittle and to inflict more pain on victims that have suffered
        from official misconduct you obviously do not know what standards are.

        Get back under your stone ! annoy bent judges, solicitors etc.

        bye bye.

      • Robert Dooran says:

        ‘annoy bent judges, solicitors etc.’

        I bet you know plenty of them from your time at the lodge. You’re as bent as nine bob note.

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  8. londonhillclimbs says:

    Channel 4 News had a good report on the injustices of the Family Courts and corruption by so called Expert witnesses

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