I Struggle to Find anyone – on the Prosecution side – who is credible re Police Corruption

This video about Ian Puddick’s case with Chris Plumley, Channel 4 Dispatches Correspondent, is a neat and clean example of what lots and lots of victims have suffered from:

  • the Rule of Money over the Rule of Law
  • abuse of power and perversion of justice
  • police harassment due to police corruption
  • the takeover of control by an American ‘security company’.

No wonder Maurice J Kirk who has been harassed and bullied by South Wales Police for twenty years has a hard time standing up to them, especially when they keep him in prison without clear charges and under the most ridiculous conditions.

And no wonder, Caul Grant has been demonstrating with his Campaign for Truth and Justice for a week ready to stay on for another week. 


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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15 Responses to I Struggle to Find anyone – on the Prosecution side – who is credible re Police Corruption

  1. Tad Davison says:

    It takes guts to expose this trash. I have a similar story to tell. My crime, was to campaign on law and order, as I don’t like criminals one little bit, and governments have consistently done too little to combat it for far too long. Being highly motivated, I would therefore by my own volition, visit Westminster quite regularly, and occasionally make TV appearances to make my feelings known, and to try to hold the authorities to account.

    I must have ruffled a few feathers, as I proved beyond any reasonable doubt, that as a consequence of my public-spirited gesture, my home was bugged, and my telephone calls were monitored and listened to for around fifteen years. That, I will never forgive, because by extension, it wasn’t just my calls, it was those of my wife and young family.

    I was never arrested, nor even questioned, but the intrusion into my privacy was punishment enough, and that is akin to being punished without trial, and therefore, without the right to have my say.

    For any government to combat crime effectively, and it isn’t difficult to do with the political will, it would signal the end of the gravy train for the lawyers, who are the only ones to benefit from high levels of crime. Although I don’t personally know any, there must surely be some honest ones out there somewhere who won’t, under any circumstances, take their thirty pieces of silver.

    The same goes for the police. If one told me it was raining, I’d go outside to check for myself. I have ABSOLUTELY NO FAITH WHATSOEVER that the police will, and always do, tell THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. And what could possibly be more dangerousand corrosive than a corrupt police service?

    You will notice I always put my name to everything I write as I have nothing to hide. I must be about the most law-abiding man on the planet, so, as I have told many a politician, the only way they will ever get anything on me, is to make it up. But I wouldn’t even put that past them!

    It’s high time our political representatives grasped this nettle and actually did something for the money they get!

    A copy of your e-mail and attached video has been forwarded to quite a number of politicians including the Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Keith Vaz MP, and other serving members It’ll be interesting to see what happens as a consequence

    Tad Davison


    • It takes one to know one, Tad! Thank You for your appreciation and support! The web is our only hope. I am soo appalled at the degrees of cover-up “they” go to and expect us to take them seriously, when they must be called a farce and charade what happens in courts and family courts, where the ‘smartest’ legal team vies for the good will of the ‘most just’ judge…

      I am biased, as I’ve come across only victims. But their stories are soo horrendous that I got more and more involved and went to compare prison conditions in Germany.

      I can only hope that, once my software inventions will be available, I will become more effective in bringing about change. For now, I keep blogging!

      • Tad Davison says:

        Many thanks.

        I have established some useful contacts over the years, and I often send them posts from the Victims Unite website. Some are a bit reluctant to voice their support openly, which I can understand to a degree, but they assure me privately these things are, at the very least, brought up at the appropriate level.

        I wish I could say I have faith in the system, but this is an up-hill struggle, because there are so many vested interests that influential people wish to protect. On a personal level, some outwardly erudite people have tried to tempt me with opportunities either to make money, or to further my ‘social standing’ by not being so vociferous in the nature of my campaign. I’m afraid they’ve got me all wrong if they think I’m going to compromise my beliefs or integrity. There’s an old passage from the good book, that says, ‘What would it profit a man were he to sell his soul for the whole world?’ Instead, I much prefer to sleep at night!

        Tad Davison


    • JM says:

      They dnt just plant bags of talcing powder on you thesse days….they could jusst section you….seems to be their preferred option these days…..then just left to rot for years, totally isolated, no access to money or even people most of the time…..

      • Tad Davison says:

        JM Witness the scandal of the liquid cosh (medication) given to our elderly folk in care homes to keep them quiet. That’s what they’d like to do with all of us.

        Divide and conquer. As an individual, we’re out on our own. As a unit, they can’t win, but that prospect gets them jittery!

        Tad Davison


        • We just have to “get” to them, one at a time!…

          • JM says:

            Tad, I know the name from somewhere….you’re not a famous actor or soemthing are you?
            Yes, they do it to the elderly to….it’s like they believe nothing wrong with it when they cal it SOP. Believe ther was a Panorama or Dispatchces programme, last year or seomthing….but they don’t count as ‘mentaal paatients’/ Prisoners…..the population of mental prisons has actually been growing 40% per year, every year for more than a decade…..maybe the CIA is still going around putting LSD into people’s bread, i don’t know…..but where are all the political dissidents in this country? eh?
            my links are on the site soemwhere if u fancy a read…
            guess that is why I’e been totally isolated for six years now….(been aa TI for at least 12) I think, if it weren’t for the internet wd have no comms with anybody…..but it would require about 40% of the general population at least now, d hal of them would fall as cannon fodder before they run out of bullets…..they’r even putting SAMS on top of peoples’ homes now!

            • Tad Davison says:

              Sorry to disappoint you JM, but alas not famous at all, and being an intensely private man, that’s the way I prefer it. I did once have the chance to record with a notable record label, but I chose working on an oil platform instead. If it wasn’t for the fact that I wish to confound the authorities, and want them to know the name of their accuser, I wouldn’t even put my name to everything I write.


              Tad Davison


              • JM says:


                maybe i was thinking of that guy! 😉 I need a lawyer like Patty Hewes….

                I’m an intensly pivate man to…but that’s enough to make you a target these days! not so much these daays…i ahve nothing left to be private about, but unusual choice that! hear good money on the oil rigss…..but i can’t swim and hate water….;-) so cdn’t do that….but if u musical though you ever thought abt some political songs..? you dnt ned a recording studio these days, few quid fo a cheap caamea and anybody can get on youtube…..

                but as for as privacy goes:




                • Tad Davison says:

                  We risk drifting off the subject with these pleasantries JM, but I thank you all the same. The oil platform I first worked on, the Maersk Explorer, did it’s best to blow itself to pieces back in 1977, and the wages were very mediocre. £59 a week, but working 28 days about, we did at least get six months paid holiday a year. I must have been a sucker for punishment though. I used to take temporary jobs when I was ashore.

                  I’m afraid I don’t have much in common with Billy Bragg, either his playing, or his politics. I blame his kind for much of today’s ills.

                  Tad Davison


                  • JM says:

                    I concur with all that…’77 was year i was born though so don’t rememebr that! glad u made it out…;-) six months on, six months off sounds good to me though….i think forum format wdd definaately work better on here though, PMs caan sstopusoing off topic….;-)

  2. Oh, I still have far to go then, Tad! I only wear three gags with pride!… But I’m glad you can influence things ‘behind the scenes’. It’s always in the corridors that things happen, isn’t it. But: nothing happens unless you make things happen! And people who rely on their pensions can only act once retired… But maybe the grey panthers will not only rise in Spain as the Indignados!…

  3. peter oakes says:

    How encouraging to read the Tad Davison. comments, It gets lonely exposing
    the truth to a gullible public, plus having to put up with trolls ! when there is
    Civic Duty to perform, smart arses should realise corruption on corruption
    and head in sand will lead to a total disaster far far worse than the mess
    we are in now ! Trust is an essential commodity in a democracy and there
    is not much around at present.

    The Times 26April 2012. ” Hain contempt of court case threatens freedom of speech” Peter Hain has been charged with “scandalising the court”

    The last man charged with this offence was Geoffrey Harold Scriven who had exposed the corruption of Master of the Rolls Nueberger along with other
    legal mafia judges in the RCJ. Nueberger was an accomplice in the theft of Eberts home and in covering-up the theft of The Royal Masonic Hospital.

    Nueberger gets a mention in this Times article because he is at the Core of judicial corruption along with kidnapper Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss ( you
    know the one she ” mis-directed herself ” in the Saudi King RCJ affair.)

    May be Peter Hain will ask the bent judge John Larkin QC. Why Article 1 is
    missing from the British Human Rights Act. because it means neither Peter
    Hain or any other European British Citizen has any Fundamental Rights and
    Freedoms as guaranteed by ECHR.

    When Geoffrey Scriven attended the RCJ to address the offence of
    “scandalising the court” ( exposing bent judges ) they made him a
    Vexatious Litigant ! How do you go from being the accused to being a
    Litigant ? let alone a vexatious one ! Geoffrey was exposing bent judges
    They make it up as they go along !

    Please forward this comment to Peter Hain. to defend Free Speech
    and to assist in upholding the Law R-V-Sharp R-V-Stringer.

    Obstructing public justice. Tell the truth in the UK and your in Contempt
    of Court. Who are these judges ? God ? they are corrupted by their own
    unchallenged un-granted assumed power it is treason against the Crown

    And NO you MPs don,t have the Power anymore Europe insists you
    fly the European Flag over Westminster not the Union Flag alone !

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please set up a Twitter account it is a great way to spread you word and link to your blog

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