Demonstrators ask: Abolish the IPCC and Keith Vaz MP responds with an Inquiry

#CardboardCoffinMan Michael Doherty (here in the pub later, together with Ian Puddick) organised this demo that brought together some 200 protestors with excellent speeches.

But the real surprise was the prompt response by the Chairman of the Home Select Committee Keith Vaz MP, as announced by the BBC:

There will be an investigation, an inquiry into the operation, powers and the future of the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission)

I wish all demos had such “instant gratification” and effective interaction between people, mainstream media and politicians!

Here are other mainstream media reports: Guardian Feature: Justice is impossible if you can not trust the police to tell the truth

Private Eye – Web of lies

RT.COM – Fear of something rotten in Scotland Yard

And here is the Facebook page.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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55 Responses to Demonstrators ask: Abolish the IPCC and Keith Vaz MP responds with an Inquiry

  1. Tad Davison says:

    Just shows that faith can move mountains!

    But this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps the end of the beginning.

    Sir Winston Spencer Churchill

    ………………and he knew a thing or two about campaigns.

    Keep up the pressure! I certainly will!

    Tad Davison


  2. Stanley Embling says:

    Once again a corrupt masonic controlled self regulating “Organisation” that’s only there to protect the interests of it’s corrupt fellow brethren and not those of decent hard working Joe Public Victims, ( I know I’ve been down this road hoping to get a “Fair Hearing” from The IPCC, instead I got the opposite, leaving the only winners the certain corrupt Police and the corruption they protect within the Establishment !…An inquiry as requested by Keith VAZ MP is starter but not the answer; what we do need is an in depth investigation, but not by another masonic orientated “organisation” who’s tentacles are attached to the cloaked “Memorandum of Understanding” we now know operates between ACPO, The LAW SOCIETY, INSURERS, and god knows whom else operate in a “Common Purpose”….surely!?

  3. yes aboilsh the ipcc i was told by a very high ranking officer that the police themselves sit on the most important positions so how can the police decide over the police its a joke , and needs abolishing and a inquiry .

    • I also find it interesting that, like the FSA, it was set up to “maintain public confidence”. Why did public confidence go missing in the first place, one might have to ask!?…

    • Tad Davison says:

      It is absolutely true, the IPCC is awash with former policemen. I ask, if a burglar broke into our home, would we then have to go to a burglar to complain about them?

      That is the absurdity of the situation. The Independent Police Complaints Commission has to be exactly that – independent.

      When I caught the local police in a deliberate lie, I complained to the IPCC about their deplorable conduct. The evidence was irrefutable, but that didn’t stop even senior anti-corruption officers claiming that my complaint was vexatious in order to protect their own!

      And the IPCC’s response? They hadn’t got the resources to follow it up. They’re about as useful as a urinal made of snow!

      There was an opportunity to get rid of people who never should have been in a position of trust, but they flunked it. I have often said that were I a magistrate, I would be very reluctant to find a person guilty on police evidence alone. And that situation just cannot be allowed to go unchallenged. But as we have seen, the police are not above concocting a story or bending the truth to cover themselves. A plague on them!

      Tad Davison


      • One long time “victim turned starfighter” commented that Keith Vaz MP can’t be trusted. I wonder whether it’s worth swamping the Home Select Committee with those complaints that the IPCC have just piled and filed?

        • Tad Davison says:

          Keith Vaz is thrice censured, yet is still chairman. Does that not have its own commentary?

          Some people regard honesty and integrity as a treasured commodity. Others, as an inconvenience.

          Tad Davison


  4. ianpuddick says:

    Police Corruption only occurs because it can, it is the culture within these organisations inc the IPCC that has allowed the culture of misconduct & subsequent cover up that allowed certain police officers to effectively behave as if they are above the law.
    City of london Police spent over £1,000,000 trying to remove the website
    The Police need to remembet they are agents of the state and servants of the British People.
    Changing the IPCC into a new transparent system is vital to ensure our democratic values are protected. Ian Puddick

  5. You’re absolutely right Sabine, as each layer covers up they too become implicated in criminal conduct. It’s called perverting the course of justice and certain people in the IPCC are hard at the perverting.

    Here’s a video your readers may enjoy, very funny but gets the point across, RIP IPCC – this sham of an organisation must go.

  6. More to come Sabine, we all need to protect our civil liberties. “Freedom is not genetic, we do not pass it to our children, each generation must fight to protect and preserve it’

    This is a great start, but more to come…..

  7. Stanley Embling says:

    Such misfeasance or malfeasance in Public Office does not just involve The investigations of the Met Police but also involves others similar corrupt IPCC set-ups that hears complaints against such as The Humberside Police ….I know, because in 2010 I found that fact out to my utter disgust and have the relevant documents to prove!….

  8. peter oakes says:

    The IPPC.

    The Irrelevent Police Complaints Commission IPPC. is just another example
    of the gullible media deceived british public. It,s jobs for the boys
    that were never policemen in the first place ! It,s Fraud and the Fraudsters
    and the CAB. Citizens Advice Bureau. is actually the Criminal Advice Bureau. CCRC Criminal Cops Reminding Criminals. SFO. Seriously Flawed Office. HMRC Her Majesty,s Robbers & Conmen. HMP. Her Majesty,s Phsycos.

    Sooner or later all HM dipsticks will realise the House of Conmens logo
    is a PORT CULIS a prison gate with a view ! But your still imprisoned !

    And hm buddy the king come shake-skeik-emir of bahrein or is it Bahrain will be coming to lunch at buckhouse. the queen still provides the sheikdom with
    political prisoner facilities on St. Helena. I have not worked out why the
    so-called royals do not bump off ! their non compliant relatives, but some how
    put them in a meat safe for future use, after all you never know when the
    blood line needs refreshment, better a blue blood than a normal human.

    And our wonderful civil servants commit their lives to this fraud on their
    families & friends————— it must be the index linked pensions, sick
    leave, ( when your OK ) and in the knowledge your f——g your fellow man
    who you think is to stupid to know you are malingerers ! Your arrogance is
    catching up on your frauds !.

  9. JM says:

    I think you’re all pissing in the wind.

    It’s not corruption anymore…..the barrel turned long time ago, the Nazis were not corupt…they are what they are! The ccorrupt one’s (i.e. decent human beings) were forced out o quit on principle long time ago….you can’t be a pigyob unless you are prepared to be a criminal/ do the things decent people will not do….

    & I tird the IPCC once….they just told the perps, who promptly came around kicked the door in again and did soem very bad things things to me for around 3-4 months…murdered the dog to, I think…..

    still refusing to confirm or deny if they are actually pigyobs….they never claimed to be a non physical entity of any sort!

    • Jake, do you think you could try to watch your language a bit? Just as sunshine is nicer than rain, it’s nicer for readers not to have read such negatively emotive words – despite all the insights into negativity that we share!

      • Tad Davison says:

        I can’t speak for others of course, but I wasn’t the least offended by the remark. I thought it succinctly summed-up the difficulty of our predicament. There is a truly massive task ahead, but to anyone who really believes in truth and justice, and hates nepotism, corruption, and vested interests, I say this. Now is your opportunity to have your say and put that right.

        These people are dangerous, and their methods corrosive. They depend upon individuals remaining isolated and divided.

        To re-work an appropriate phrase, if I complain about them, I’ve got a problem. If WE complain about them, THEY’VE got a problem.

        I’m afraid, when they decided to intercept my communications and have me followed all over the place, for in excess of 16 years, they picked on somebody who won’t let it go.

        It also bothers me how badly they conducted their ‘covert’ operations. They’re pathetic. Little wonder 7/7 happened! They also shot an innocent man that day. They lied about the events, key evidence mysteriously went missing, then the person in charge of the fiasco got promoted!

        Sorry about the profanity, but the police are a bloody joke!

        Tad Davison


        Tad Davison


      • JM says:

        CheerZ Tad….and in other news a spade really is a spade……

        ……free speech? but only if i approve of whatyou say and how you say it…..? you’re getting as bad as John Hemming my dear…..

        grown ups are grown ups, there shouldn’t be any children on here…..but on thte other hand, personally i dnt think it will do them any harm to know what is really going on….

        & Tad…you should also google ‘Ripple Effect’ and read about whatthey did to the man that made that, John Hill….also sound sto me like you’re a TI, possibly still in early stages…..I didn’t even here the terms until a couple of years ago! Try googling TI and gangstalking…..see if anything sounds familiar! 😉

        Personally, I don’t think there are any circumtances where I would ‘convict’ anyone now….there is aalways reasonable doubt, more than reasonable doubt…even with ‘video evidence’……like that guy who drove a motorbike into pigyob….context is everything….the rest of the tape wasn’t shown, but even what little you could see she was attacking somebdy else…..and there is no way of telling what ahs gone on before! Context is everything and self defence and defence of another is just that…..

        self defence is not a crime and anyone who capitulates or cooperates with them is a legitimate target…’s called joint enterprise law…perversely if they/ you talk or ‘co-operate’/ (they mean capitulate) with ‘them’ you can be legally prosecuted for ALL the crimes they have committed….they have a SOP to break every single law and commit crime, my SOP is perfectly legal, from what I can gather….it is certainly not a crime!

  10. peter oakes says:

    Many years ago the we had a PCC. Police Complaints Commission.

    This group was operated by the police ! Europe in it,s wisdom said “you
    cannot have a group with vested interests it,s not independent” So they
    advertised for new personnel to form the form the IPCC . these jobs were
    advertised in the national media and applications for these jobs were made
    by many people in several locations that covered the country. It was one
    big monstrous fraud ! All they did was to change the name and address
    of the PCC and transfer the staff over to the IPCC. it must have cost
    £ thousands and all a massive fraud.

    These comments started with a musing of Winston Churchill. It should
    also be remembered Churchill said

    ” Democracy requires constant vigilance ” We took our eye off
    the ball on that one.

    • Tad Davison says:

      I absolutely agree with that! Drifting off topic slightly, that’s why we as a nation are more closely entwined with th EU than we should be. The British people only ever said ‘yes’ to belong to a trading bloc, not a political union where EU law has supremacy over UK law. But successive governments gave away British sovereignty by stealth without proper reference to the people, and through their apathy, most didn’t even question it.

      That’s why everyone who has witnessed the fraud perpetrated by the authorities, especially the police, the courts, and the legal profession, need to be heard so that others wake up to what is going on.

      I mention lawyers. There is one such who purports to be a human rights lawyer, Tom Harrison, from Haverhill. I would’t pay that bloke in washers. I never even got the chance to present witness statements before he wanted out. Funny handshake brigade? Who knows.

      Tad Davison


      • The funny handshake brigade is legally and institutionally protected, Tad, by Royal Charters that started with the City of London and continued with the Law Society!

        It’s very tragic indeed: in 1694, the writers of the Bank of England Act had the right intentions. But in the course of successive governments, Sovereignty and Seignorage were given away, as you also point out.

        We, the people, keep being fooled by the mainstream media and our only hope is to do whatever we can with the net, so that at least we can die with a good conscience…

        Pretty fatalistic, but also realistic, methinks.

        Onwards and upwards!!!

      • Robert Dooran says:

        ‘The funny handshake brigade is legally and institutionally protected’

        Do you mean Peter ‘I am a freemason’ Oakes.

  11. peter oakes says:

    Well if everybody Googled : Gorsey Hey Masonic Home and read the
    Hansard debate it is neatly explained as the man said ” in a mafia like
    operation ” etc. etc. mason is mafon or mafia from the crusades

    Crusaders passed through and looted Italian regions families formed
    mafias to protect themselves from these thieves, Thieves are not stupid
    they rapidly created secret groups based on these mafias Europe and now

    Secretly controlling eduacation,police,law enforcement, taxation, etc. etc.
    and then exploiting the public, The clever bear does not go round sucking
    flowers ! it lets the busy bees do all the work ! then the bear snaffles
    the honey, Magpies and other vermin operate in the sameway

    Presently we are overun with vermin, but nature has allways restored the
    balance Lets hope nature gets to work

  12. Tad Davison says:

    I’m not an expert on terrorism, but it seems to me the security surrounding the event is pretty tight, and demonstrably so.

    Nobody minds when the security forces do their job and prevent murderous acts and barbarism, but they seem to have a problem with enemy identification. By all means concentrate their efforts on the nutters who see anyone who doesn’t happen to agree with their perverted ideology as legitimate targets, but the resources that are devoted to the spying-on, and persecution of others, is astounding!

    Given, as in my own case, the total absence of any evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever, I may conclude they have other motives. The safeguarding of vested interests maybe. But to be fair, I do have one weapon that scares them to death. It’s potentially more devastating than an H-bomb, and far easier to conceal – it’s called a pen!

    Tad Davison


  13. peter oakes says:

    The terrorism is invented and created so as to convince a gullible public
    they are in danger ! They are in more danger of being robbed and defrauded
    of their assets by bent solicitors aided and abetted by bent cops.

    Legal Mafia Rules OK.
    Harold Shipmans patients suffered from that one ” trust me I am a doctor ”

    If I get mugged I will guarantee it will be by off duty coppers trying to
    destroy me.

    The Stern Gang Menachim Began were zionists terrorists ! good old Menachim became Israels prime minister and hero Freedom Fighter.

    And now look at the propaganda b———-t . still going on still stupid public
    sheep, all mesmerised by football ! Alec Fergy for world leader.
    HM Corgi,s wins sheep dog trial . Sits Vacant. Wanted one-off event !

    experienced whoresmen ? Oarsmen to row gilded barge up thames past
    House of Consmen. No experience necessary ex. colonial subjects welcome

    ALL EXPENSES PAID ” home improvements ” “garden features re; duck
    huts” “Moats cleaned” “new bath plugs” etc. etc.

    Your safety guaranteed by RAF tornado,s, RN. Nuke Subs, SAS. SBS. NHS.
    and the Met Police. what more do you need ? Just ask the British sheep

    No Legal immigrants to apply.

  14. JM says:

    I believe our long term security can only be with Europe…..think about this, what happens EVERYTIME an Empire collapes….? What has been happening the last couple of decades, especially the last one? What Super power is collapsing and which super powers are on the rise?

    When Europe and US go to war do you really think they’re going to just let this giant aircraft carrier called ‘Great’ Britian just sit of it’s coast? Do you think we can count on the states to protect us….even if they weren’t going through a period of total collapse? why else would the DHS just order 450 million rounds of hollow points….there are only 311 million americans?

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  16. Phil Thompson says:

    OK FOLKS. How about this one. I had made a video which was posted on Youtube. In the Video there were no swear words, threats or foul gestures. It was DELETED by West Midlands Police. When I asked West Midlands police WHY the Video was DELETED. Here is the EXACT REPLY by a Carl Bird. FOI Unit. KEEP IN MIND the ORIGINAL REQUEST, WHY was the VIDEO DELETED by West Midlands Police.
    I am writing in response to your email, recieved 14 May 2011.
    Pursuant to the provisions of section 14(1) of the Freedom of information Act 2000(the Act) this request has been deemed vexatious. The information Commissioner’s Awareness Guidance states that a request is vexatious when:

    The request can fairly be seen as obsessive;
    The request harassing the authority or causing distress to staff;
    Complying with the request would impose a significant burden in terms of expense and distraction;
    The request is designed to cause disruption or annoyance;
    The request lacks any serious purpose or value.

    I just wish to OPINE that after the above ABSOLUTION of ANY RESPONSIBILITY that ALL GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS and ESPECIALLY the PRIME MINISTER use the ABOVE to AVOID a SIMPLE answer to a SIMPLE question.

    I ask AGAIN. WHICH despicable person asked for a decent Video to be deleted from Youtube. WHAT PROTECTION do they have that they were ALLOWED the PRIVILEGE of not having their name revealed by WEST MIDLANDS POLICE.

    I would welcome any comments.

  17. Phil Thompson says:

    I also wish to add that Carl BIRD flew in ever decreasing circles and vanished into his own fundament. I am SORRY for my last sentence BUT who was Carl Bird PROTECTING..

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  22. derek says:

    All, so called regulators, are as corrupt as they organisations which they are supposed to oversee, and none of them will work in the complainants interest. I, and no doubt many, many others, have witnessed it first hand. All Ombudsmen services, legal regulators, if you can call them that, and the IPCC. Contacting any of these so called regulators in the hope of obtaining justice, is a complete waste of time, money and a stamp. Take the FSA for example which is supposed to oversee wrongdoing by insurers. The w**ker who looked at my case turned out to be a solicitor who specialises in protecting the assets of insurance companies. Evidently he “wormed” his way into the FSA purely to reject claims.
    These regulators, (that’s a joke for starters, as they do no such thing as regulate), are disgusting, deceitful, corrupt, fraudulent, time wasting, organisations, and all of them need disbanding NOW, as they cause further stress to individuals who are trying desperately to obtain justice. They won’t be disbanded because they are part and parcel of the corrupt UK, along with it’s corrupt politicians, judiciary and corruption in sport.

  23. peter oakes says:

    It is not a Joke ! to deceive honest decent citizens who have been duped
    into believing honesty, integrity, may I say it ” Fair Play ” exists in any
    of HM Goverment Depts.

    You and ALL British citizens are secretly enslaved by the ” Judicial Masonic
    Mafia ” freedom is just another word for nothing else to loose !

    The Nazi,s told displaced persons they were being ” re located please write your name and address on your suitcases, they will be returned to you on
    your arrival at your new address ” Buchenvald. Bergen Belsen, Treblinka,
    All in Poland ?

    There are non so-blind that cannot see.

    Dupe em. promise an Ombudsman, Tribunal. Judge, Policeman,Fair Trial,
    etc.ect. lead them to the Chamber of Truth and a Crematorium

    It took five million jews to find out this truth ! of course the Politicians and Zionists
    have improved on the death toll to 10 million ? But Russia lost at least
    20 million. jews, islamists, catholics, christians, what ever they where
    DUPES What are You my friend ?

    And of course they where Communists. What the hell is a Communists ?
    is he she a Republican ? Democrat ? or just another victim?

    Regardless of your nationality, race, color religion. Rejoice in the
    Internet, this priviledge will soon be removed by our controllers.

    And children will still be violated by paedophiles, catholic or is it Islamic
    Christian child groomers. corruption continues OK.

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  26. Peter Danby says:

    Professional Standards are just as bad as the IPCC…

  27. Pete, professional standards are no different than the IPCC. They are the same police family.

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  31. peter oakes says:

    Good on You Now google: Sgt Fluit NSW police paedophiles and compare it with
    Rotherham today 20 Sept. 2014. The cops in Sidney supplied kids via the SS to paedos. then blackmailed them ! the cops ran all the drugs, prostitution, gambling ect. making thousands of Ausie. dollars a week. They had a share out of the loot on a weekly basis the cops called it

    “The Laugh” thats whars been going on in S.Yorks Rotherham. Hillsborough
    they are laughing their socks off for Now !

    The cops in Sidney stifled prosecutions to conceal their corruption See: Royal Commission
    Inquiry NSW police paedophiles vol.4. it,s a good read, even a judge committed suicide?

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