What a Judge can do to you: Tribunal Costs that could Ruin Author and 9 Months in a Coma

The author in question came to one of our meetings at the House of Commons, looking for help and support.

Here’s the story as told by the Yorkshire Press in May 2009:

A YORKSHIRE author is facing financial ruin after losing an employment tribunal where substantial costs were awarded against her.

Sonia Seerani, 45, has been told by a legal adviser the circumstances of her case were highly unusual after a judge invited her former employer, Sheffield Council, to recover costs from her.

The situation has also had a detrimental effect on her health, she said, including blood pressure being so high it had affected her vision.

This high blood pressure eventually resulted in a coma that lasted for nine months. She has not recovered health-wise yet…

But who cares??? Who would dream about fair trials and compensation?

As Norman Scarth put it:

I asked a lawyer: will you help me expose bent judges?

The answer was:  My career will be over, if I do. 


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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10 Responses to What a Judge can do to you: Tribunal Costs that could Ruin Author and 9 Months in a Coma

  1. JM says:

    Bloody hell! Thanks for the headsup on this one….I used to ‘survive’ under SCC for many years, so I know how ‘dissgustingly’ they behave towards people…even to the point of trying to murder me…being pushed under cars, cars driven at me in the street, poisoning my water supply, cutting off central heating and trying to starve me…..there didn’t seem to be any sense to it, just for enjoyment sake. I even worked for them in several different depts. around the city….so I know how they treaat ’employees’ who refuse to break the law or refuse to sign off on contracts when they’re obviously dodgy/ corrupt/ backhanders changing hands….they don’t even bother to hide it particularly well, it’s all in ‘plane site’…..unfortunately having to deal with that kind of crap was the best years of my life, looking back.

    But as for the blurred vision…..that problem for me has been getting progressively worse to the point oftotal blindness lasting several minutes at a time sometimes. I had thought DEW or possibly brain tumour….but had realised it could be due to high blood pressure as well! Maybe it is just that….constantly living in fear is quite stressful!

    It’s nasty personal vindictiveness by unelected ********* at the end of the day….this story seems a bit uncomplete…I’m guessing the appeal didn’t pan out and she probably has lost everything by now?

  2. Derek says:

    I cannot see how this is possible unless our crooked laws have been bent in the last 6 months. It is a known fact that in any Employment Tribunal neither side pays any costs, even if they are the losing party. I know because I went through a tribunal myself last year.

  3. JM says:

    Laws don’t apply to these people- they unilaterally vary them whenever they like!

    • Indeed! Judges make them up as they go along, knowing that nobody challenges them. However, John Hemming MP has stated that Parliament can remove judges. That’s the route to follow: gather evidence and feed John Hemming MP!

      • JM says:

        Not sure that is actually true is it? Thought he said they should have that power…but actually don’t. Same reason the real power has always been with th e ‘unelected ‘civil service’ (poxy morons)….you control all the information to the supposed ‘decision makers’ then you HAVE control of the decision making process….
        And what abt removing those ‘terrorist’ MPS that keep voting to inflict yet more terrorist attrocities on other citizens of this planet? They all need more than just removing….even prosecution and life in jail not enough….it’s time to bring back crucifiction for some of these sickoes…

  4. peter oakes says:

    Hi Derek.
    It does not matter that costs can or cannot be awarded ! The
    Victim does not realise this, most people fortunately never have to go through
    one of these “degradation ceremonies” called tribunals and most people don,t
    realise the judge is a “legal mafia member”

    This is british torture at it,s worst and most destructive best, the “Victim” who
    knows the truth and has seen and recognised the blatant perverting of justice
    perjury etc. etc. is now in mental trauma as intended ! the threat of financial
    ruin and being made homeless adds more to the cruel, de-grading, inhuman
    treatment ( Torture Article 3 ECHR no one, but no one can be subjected to
    torture ) in britain it is rife!

    To help and assist future victims please remember the UK has the most corrupt
    law enforcement agencies in the world that have practised and honed their
    evil methods and skills over centuries through use of the corrupt “legal
    profession” that have perfected their control into the “legal mafia” !

    35% of MPs are “legal mafia lawyers” Edward Timpson MP and barrister is personally known to myself as an accessory to this type of torture concerning Crewe& Nantwich Borough Council. (now disbanded)

    The “Legal Mafia” use three torture tactics to destroy honest citizens who
    where foolish enough to believe they lived in a Democracy where no one
    is above the law ! ( many of us in Victims Unite know the truth about that nonsence )

    Method 1. Pressure through frustration and torment by corrupt courts
    result in a mental breakdown deliberately applied to induce the victim
    into some violent act or non-compliant fixated behaviour.
    The “Legal Mafia” gets you Sectioned under the Mental Health Act

    Method 2. The “Legal Mafia” always awards any legal costs Courts Tribunals
    etc. to the Official party local authority, etc. regardless of the evidence or
    truth. This enables the “Legal Mafia” to Bankrupt you and to steal your
    assets, home etc. it also usually breaks up the family, as intended

    Method 3. Should you have a strong will and supportive family the “Legal
    Mafia” will have you made a Section 42. Supreme Court Act. Vexatious
    Litigant. this evil device was used by Harriet Harmen when she was solicitor
    general against Mr.Ebert. who had proved Master of the Rolls and Mafia Don.
    Nueberger had stolen his home with his high court accomplices Laddie,
    Lightman, etc.etc. these thieving judges also concealed the attempted
    theft and fraud of the Royal Masonic Hospital along with thefts from Charities

    Now you know how the “Legal Mafia” operates and why their accomplices in
    ACCPO Association of Chief Police Officers have a ” Memorandum of
    Understanding with the Law Society ” dog does not eat dog !

    Please forward to your MP and watch them ignoring your letter. Cos
    they know dam well it,s ” the tactless truth ”

    Don,t Vote for a Lawyer ! You are a Turkey voting for christmas if you do!

  5. justician says:

    Peter Oakes, I believe that every word of yours in this post is true. Thank you for this post. I believe that a very large percentage of British judges are in fact criminals (especially in Employment Tribunals, but not only in them), and that presently there is nothing to stop their corruption. They cheat and lie at will in their judgments. We need a lot of changes to the legal profession, but probably they will never happen : why should ruling crooks (judges, lawyers, MPs etc) agree to give up the golden egg, and the position of power, which they currently have in their hands ?

    To ascertain whether such beliefs about judges represent the reality, or are only ‘sour grapes’ as the supposedly crooks of the corrupt legal profession would have us believe, we need :
    (1) A Public Enquiry into the alleged criminality, corruption and dishonesty of British judges. No lawyers to be on the Panel, for obvious reasons.
    (2) The establishment of a National, Centralized, Specialized, Independent Police Unit to investigate criminality, corruption, dishonesty and wrong-doing by judges.
    (3) Complete overhaul of the method of appointing judges.
    (4) Inventing a method to force Parliament to use its powers to sack corrupt judges.

    And much more.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am a victim of courtroom fraud and police fraud

  7. peter oakes says:

    Rotherham abuse victim: ” We were raped on a daily basis” 05 April 2015, just
    a few hours before Voting today -7th May 2015. ( did you vote for more of the same
    liars, thieves, mafia, ?)

    http:/www. bbc.co.uk-england-south-yorkshire-32586558

    ” If I am lieing I am dieing” stolen from Gerry Glower USA.!

    A Dr.Heal was appointed as a strategic drugs analyst to carry out research on drug use, drug dealing and related problems in the County from 2003 to 2006.

    The 2014 Jay report, which uncovered the ( off the Ricter scale) 2003 report ! which was of child sexual exploitation
    in Rotherham makes reference to Dr.Heal,s report being contained in an information pack
    presented to Rotherham Council in November 2004.

    It also states both the 2003 and 2006 reports were sent to High ranking offices and other agencies ( partners ) including South Yorkshire police,s district commander and
    chief superintendents ! ( these of Hillsborough infamy ).

    ” I just cannot fathom why no action was taken” said Dr.Heal, who has since left the South Yorkshire force.

    It wont go on indefinately ! there has to be some good Cops somewhere !for
    all our sakes

    Google : Sgnt. Fluit NSW police paedophiles .The UK cops are just the
    same a bunch of mafia thugs ! all in the masons ?? where are the good
    Samaritan brothers ?

  8. justician says:

    The amazing level of corruption in Britain’s Employment Tribunal can be gauged from posts on the following site : http://etclaims.co.uk/2014/03/is-the-tribunal-system-corrupt/
    This site is still open and taking in posts. When one goes to read it, best to avoid the article of the solicitors (they will say that, wouldn’t they ?) and also first few posts may be useless, instead concentrate on later posts which claim massive corruption.

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