Abused girls paid price for ‘child care’ – horrific statistics in The Telegraph

As part of his article / column in the Sunday Telegraph


Christopher Booker writes:

Abused girls paid price for ‘child care’

Much of the response to the case of the teenage girls in Rochdale who were sexually abused by Pakistani and Afghan men has focused on whether this horrifying episode should be discussed in terms of the racial origins of the perpetrators. Rather less attention has been paid to the revelation that many of the 47 girls involved in the case were in council care, under our “child protection” system. Ofsted, reponsible for monitoring child care, is reported to be investigating claims that a great many more girls in care in the area have been abused, not a few of them in “sole” care in private homes run by companies that charge councils up to £250,000 a year for each child, 10 times the annual fee for Eton.


Ofsted admits that 631 children in care have been the victims of actual or suspected sexual abuse in the past five years, 187 in the past 10 months alone. This latest case appears to confirm that many of the 10,000 now being taken into care each year by English social workers are at more risk of serious harm than they ever were from the families from which they were removed. Inevitably, this prompts the question – who is in a position to protect these children from the social workers? Of all the scandals clustering round our dysfunctional “child protection” system, this may be the most obviously shocking – but there are plenty more. So far off the rails has this entire system gone that it is hard to imagine how it can ever be corrected. The only people with the power to call it to account are the politicians. But with the shining exception of John Hemming MP, they seem as oblivious to what is really going on as they are to so much else.

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8 Responses to Abused girls paid price for ‘child care’ – horrific statistics in The Telegraph

  1. peter oakes says:

    The Government Re: Establishment has known for years that the
    Social Services in New South Wales Australia WERE supplying children
    of both sexes for paedophiles, prostitution, Sales to childless couples etc. etc.

    This was established in the Royal Commission Enquiry into Police
    Paedophiles way back in 1996. by judges who had sworn an Oath to the

    The Only Royal family I know off that is head of the Australian Govnt. lives
    in London What a wonderful gift to the British people a Royal Commission
    Enquiry into British judges, HM Courts. Govnt. Depts Re; Social Services
    etc. to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

  2. Roger Gough says:

    A disturbing aspect of the Rochdale case was the direction by the Judge, when sentencing the accused, that the ringleader – who received the longest sentence of, I think, 19 years – ‘could not be identified for legal reasons’ i.e. the judiciary’s code for a cover up to protect either a political or judicial friend. I don’t think it can be the fact that this man had children and that they could then be identified, because others of the named and sentenced men had children for sure; there must be another reason. Does anyone living near Rochdale know the answer to this one; it’s probably a very interesting but disturbing reason.

    • Neil Butterworth says:

      He ‘could’ [Allegedly] well be a senior member of the local council and if so what ramifications does that explode upon the local political fraternity?

      • peter oakes says:

        It was admitted the Ringleader was in fact a Local Councillor ! Before any
        Councillor takes up his position on the Council He / She must swear an OATH
        of allegiance to the Sovereign re: the Queen, Monarch whatever.

        Therefore treason has been committed, but HM Judges will conspire to conceal any such offences because they are accomplices in said oaths. It explains the truth of the many Myths regarding loyal -royal conduct, there,s more honesty and integrity locked-up in HM Prisons called innocent prisoners.

        We need a Diamond of an inquiry into illegal oaths that protect criminals from prosecution, that grant immunity from the law. It is discrimination against the
        honest decent British Now European Citizen or do we live in Bahrein ?
        and secret enslavement ?

    • Identities are hidden because of who else they might bring down eg the Trophy Rape Trial.

  3. peter oakes says:

    Christopher Booker Sunday Telegraph -2June 2012.

    ” A baby is still held in Norfolk, despite judge,s orders ”
    because he is ” habitually resident ”
    That is Kidnapping ! a criminal offence.

    It is absolutely impossible to explain or understand the mess or is it
    corruption ? as in putrid, greed, pollution, monetary gain or pure evil
    because of misguided invested powers bequeathed to inadequate
    Civil Servants out of their depth, floundering in a sea of indecision

    Corey Raymond Bradley was “kidnapped” by Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss
    and sent back to Australian ( no doubt for sale by corrupt NSW social

    Corey had ” Habitual Residence ” in the UK aka Europe this did not stop
    his ” transportation ” to HM Colony Australia ?

    Despite his European British Passport ! No ECHR for baby Bradley ?

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