You are all suspects now: What are you going to do about it?

This article by John Pilger is pretty frightening unless it triggers some feelings of outrage in you and you act on these kind of premises:

  • the US have launched a permanent war and a police state is consuming Western democracy
  • in Britain, on instructions from the CIA, secret courts are to deal with “terror suspects”. Habeas Corpus is dying.
  • as the law is politicised and Americanised, travesties are not untypical.

May the web and the net help us – besides the conscience that, I think, we are all born with!



About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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19 Responses to You are all suspects now: What are you going to do about it?

  1. peter oakes says:

    What can We do about it ? especially when the media is censored
    Our MPs are mainly lawyers who are part of the control mechanism and
    our Constables are cowards being replaced by community support offices
    AKA employees of controlling Euro regions run by Brussels

    And now Free Speech is being controlled by un-ellected judges because
    Peter Hain and all the other MPs passed the dishonest Human Rights Act
    that has defrauded the British Citizen of Article 1 and Article 13.

    Publish that out ! then joe public might wake-up to the fact we are secretly
    enslaved !

  2. JM says:

    well, glad John is getting my messages…(ripping off my material 😉 ) even if he never did bother to reply….

    plenty willing to be sinn fein, hardly anyone wants to be IRA….

  3. Neil Butterworth says:

    Some have been telling you all about this for a long time – yet you have derided and ignored them ….

    • I think that most people cannot BELIEVE what’s going on, for they can’t IMAGINE it. Only once they are hit themselves, does it begin to dawn on them – and a process of disillusionment sets in that doesn’t seem to stop!…

      For myself, I feel as if I’m opening one can of worms after another…


  4. JM says:

    they used to ask you that question at school, during A-levels….why did the Germans allow it to happen? what was the answer to that one…..?

    it’s all happening again and when you try and tell people you make yourself a target…..

    • If you care to google “THE Secret Red House Report ” .It will reveal the reason why the whole World’s moral standards have dropped.The NAZI war trials have allowed the worst elements to go free,O’YEZ worse,it put them back into the Courts & Govt. not only of Germany, but let this filth impregnate the whole world .Many of the sinners were welcomed into U.K.,USA ,AUSTRALIA ,Etc.thus allowing the NAZI philosophy to prosper & multiply.Now openly visible , this alien disease afflicts all countries. Until the World’s folk unite to cut these cancerous elements out, We can only expect things will get worse.The elite had many friends within the NATZI so did their best to save their friends from the noose & put these filth back on their pedestals of power .The time is now to violently knock these NATZIS & their elite friends off their perches of power.Until all understand & take action we are doomed to suffer some more of what we are getting now. Also (google :URI BEZMENOV ).For more info. G.B.Y. jim .

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  6. Roger Gough says:

    It’s brave of Mr Pilger to ask the question, “What are YOU going to do about it?” He, more than perhaps any one esle on earth will know that WE cannot do anything about ‘it’ at all. Let’s suppose one of us did know what to do about it, would Mr Pilger help us? Try and make contact with him and the brick wall you hit will tell you that he lives in such a rarified atmosphere that he’s quite content to figure out his thoughts, on his own, and then commit them to paper and take the fee. When was the last time anyone saw him PROTESTING in public in this country? He’ll snipe at George Monbiot for making valid points about ‘the system’ in such a way as makes one think he has no room for anyone’s ideas but his own. Come and meet the people John. (unless your health precludes that, in which case I apologise in advance)

    • Roger

      Surely you must leave ‘horses for courses’: demos for demonstrators and articles for journalists! Don’t blame him for not demonstrating! Writing has always been a mighty sword – and websites show that, too!

      • JM says:

        aye..he’s making himself a bigger target by doing that! i daren’t go on a demo….i’d attract more trouble for the others….and talking never actually achieves anything…like the oscar wild quote….

        DOING soemthing actually achieves soemthing and you can’t win a war without cracking some heads/ descending to their level.

      • Roger Gough says:

        Sabine, I must admit that he has been the most strident and authoritative investigative reporter for posibly the past 20 years (but effective?).Maybe he is simply tired of trying to make an impression on the British psyche to a degree that will rouse them to effective action in confronting the crooks who control us. I’m not being unkind in saying that the content of his article had been duplicated by The Guardian in an editorial and could have been put together by anyone with an eye for current affairs and a way with a word processor. I wonder why, when there are so many leftish radicals like Mr Pilger, that they don’t band together themselves and ‘do’ something. It seems from the aforementioned Mr Monbiot’s comments that squabbling for the moral high ground appeals to them far more than worthwhile action. See Monbiot’s article Guardian 21.5.12 and James Delingpole, Telegraph 23..5.12, kind regards, Roger

  7. JM says:

    enough coordinated Raoull Moat’s all on the same day would DO something about it….
    never forget the name. he’s a national hero!

  8. JM says:

    kids, not guns

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