Branded as being UNWANTED: since I was 7, I had 16 foster carers and 2 care homes

Here’s the video by 16-year old Chantalle for whom Phil Thompson is the most inspirational person.

She is most upset about the fact that children in care or being adopted are being branded as being ‘unwanted’ or ‘dirty’…


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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14 Responses to Branded as being UNWANTED: since I was 7, I had 16 foster carers and 2 care homes

  1. thank you for putting my video on here, i dont know what made me make this video, but it just came spilling out.
    its just nice to see people put the opinion of the child out there instead of just government statistics, chantalle x

    • Good, Chantalle! I put the video first on

      It’s indeed refreshing to “hear it from the horse’s mouth” and I hope that you can love life and yourself enough to compensate for all the lack you have experienced!

      If you could tell your story again with better sound quality, and even a little more self-confidence, you could become the youngest “victim turned starfighter”!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for sharing experiences and opinions from the child’s point of view. I was 15 when I had my first daughter and she was stolen from me by social services. Not for anything I had done but because they said I ‘might’ be an emotional risk to her in the future. She was 7 months when they took her and was soon adopted against my will. She will be 14 in May this year and I pray she will come and find me (if she even knows).
      You are a very bright young girl and an inspiration to many.
      Love Hayley xx

  2. heather878 says:

    Well done!

    Google Winona Varney who was also aged 16yr who has her own campaign Facebook Group. There is also another young girl aged 17 yr who has given speeches at conferences with social workers present. Sorry the name escapes me for the present. These cases are slightly different to your own in that the girls returned to their biological mothers.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Chantelle do you know you can sue the local authority for the number of placement moves you have had ?
    Contact Rebecca Fairclough Farleys solicitors Manchester . I have met your grandad he is lovely .

  4. nojusticeforparents says:

    Leading Family Law Partner Represents Brothers in Landmark Case

    Leading Family Law expert, Antonia Love, has represented two brothers, who have spent nearly all their lives in care, in their claim for damages following what Mr Justice Peter Jackson described as amounting to ‘degrading treatment’.

    The brothers were subjected to 13 years of fostering, with one boy having 96 placements and his brother 77.

    Antonia Love, Partner and Head of Farleys’ Family law department, described the case as one of the ‘saddest’ examples of care system failure she has seen.

    The brothers were taken into the care of Lancashire County Council in 1998, with their subsequent history being recorded in what the Judge described as a ‘staggering 19,000 pages of social work records’.

    In 2002 the siblings were placed with ‘abusive’ foster carers and were removed when the police became involved. In 2008, they were again removed from another foster family when one of the boys was assaulted with a belt.

    The Court heard that the boys, now aged 16 and 14, who cannot be named for legal reasons, in one instance, were made to stand against a wall in their underpants during one foster placement, as a punishment for fighting. Since then, one of their foster carers has been convicted of sex offences against another child and jailed for three years.

    The Judge ruled that “Lancashire County Council failed to provide the boys with a proper opportunity of securing a permanent adoptive placement and a settled and secure home life”. He also criticised LCC’s internal review system.

    Miss Love praised the bravery of the boys in bringing their case before the courts before adding, “This is quite simply one of the most shocking cases we have ever come across of children being failed by the care system and we are extremely proud of these two boys for having the courage, after all they have already been through, to see this case through to this rightful judgement.”

    Miss Love heads a team of Family Law Solicitors who specialise in assisting children and family members challenge decisions and actions taken by a Local Authority in relation to the placement and care of children. If you think you may have a case and you would like Farleys to represent you, please contact us now for a free, confidential review of your circumstances.

    The case has been covered by a number of leading news sources including the BBC, The Daily Mail, and The Huffington Post.

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