New Blog on the Block: about “Targeted Individuals” (TIs)

Quite a few “Targeted Individuals” have come my way and I’ve never felt quite comfortable with their allegations / stories / claims about ‘electronic harassment’ and ‘gang stalking’.

Now, however, one person was killed after long sleep deprivation. His inquest was so bizarre, that John Allman vowed to do him justice by setting up first and more recently John Allman, UK so that people can have their say.

Among the comments are two wonderful rational explanations

  1. Peter F in comment #10 speaks about his experience as part of military intelligence
  2. EB in comment #33 explains how it works and how any silly body can ‘play’ with this nasty stuff.

Long live the kind of anarchy created by lawlessness of the elite 1% who  base their power on dishonest money and positions in institutions that don’t live up to their remit…

Furthermore, I have been given the following links:


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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86 Responses to New Blog on the Block: about “Targeted Individuals” (TIs)

  1. JM says:

    ummm ‘never felt quite comfortable’…? do you mean you never believed them or at least considered it was possible/ might be telling them the truth? would help if you could tell people that……

    you don’t really know until it happens to you…..i’m now doing a Moaty…with what little money and technical ability i have i am now spending a small fortune on bits of camera in the hope i can get them working/ try collect some evidence…..but then again nobody avtually got to see any of that evidence the UK’s most famous TI collected now did they….?

    the only bits of CCTV you ever allowed to see are the bits they can use against you….like when defending yourself, they dnt show the bit when it was them attacking you….

    • david says:

      Hi there I am your newbie on the site and I would also like to know what you ment by that comment was you trying to play devils advocate or something? What is your angle do you really think they have all made it up? Are you are a targeted Individual, are you or have you been experiencing energy weapons stalking etc? No offence meant but I am new to this sight and I do not know from that comment if you could be one of the stalkers or one of their protectors?

      • John Allman says:

        David, you wrote, “No offence meant but … I do not know from that comment if you could be one of the stalkers or one of their protectors?”

        There isn’t really ANY comment from which a targeted person would be able to “know” that somebody writing a blog wasn’t a perp. Especially a comment to the effect that the person whom they were trying to make that decision about, didn’t know herself whether the people who report OS/EH were telling the truth, but was beginning to come around to that way of thinking.

      • JM says:

        yep, in short certainly TI, not that i generally approve of labels….suspect i been getting bit of everyhting at one time or another, when u look at it objectively you can never be to sure exactly what is causing what… can’t see the wind, you can see the effects of the wind…

        but beaten up abudcted, tortured, on several occasions…..

        recently severe heart problems, far worse than usual so maybe they changed frequencies, maybe i was posioned, maybe soemthing else….would you accept it as truth if somebody told you they were a non physical entity and told you it was true?

        history is always written by some cunt called victor, as the saying goes…;-)

        point being they make up whatever version they like, when they can be bothered to ‘account’ for themselves….even then not even a name….there has to be media interest for that much! only time you can actually get a name is when u kill one in self defence….of all the cases, some must actually be self defence right? they routinely break into homes, soemtimes wearing masks attack people and sell the footage to tv companies for entertainment…..fight or flight? i can’t fly and they block all the exits….

        plenty of perps yes infiltrating these boards…CIA rumoured to have a whole floor dedicated to it! actually, not a rumour it was wikileaked/ confirmed.

        and you not wonder about JA? suppose the fact that he’s open abt the fact that he’s ex MOD helps allay suspicions….but maybe that’s why? 😉 it’s not stupid people we’re dealing with although they o like to employ psychotic morons to do the grunt work/ pigyobs and browncoats.

        u might have gathhered i’m pretty angry and totally terrified, but u dnt really know until it’s done to you……may i ask why your interest in the subject? some of my ‘story’ is on here… can judge me all you want….i’m way past caring!

        • John Allman says:

          Yeah, JM, I worked at the MoD from 1975 until 1977. How did you know? Did I tell you, or did you find my CV on the web somewhere?

          • JM says:

            we had a long convo about it on the email some time ago….you not rememeber or not recognise the initials? 😉
            Linkedn i think…sure your site links to it actually?

        • mauricekirky says:

          Am I targeted victim currently in hiding following a narrow escape earlier from arrest?
          http://www.kirkflyingvet com

          • JM says:

            Maurice, really wish i could suggest soemthing…but u do know they can track the IP you just used? hope u taken steps…
            think you know how it is better than most….i’m glad you have somewhere safe to hide….but they have access to EVERYTHING, so if it’s anybody you know it’s trackable….i have nowhere to run to but i do hope you’re safe….never understood why you came back from France, but not really safe there either….they abduct people on orders of English SS there to! Thinking of you man…

        • bert says:

          Hello JM im Bernard Dempsey, id like to get in touch with other human beings regarded as ti,s at least the ones who wont bow to the wind all too easily, if people feel thats not fair of me they can get in touch with me if they want a little advice such as camcorders, they get away with so much when we are asleep, you would not believe how often each night my hands go to my mouth when i did not do it because i am factually fast a;asleep. they do try to stop me using such ways! 🙂 .

          • John Allman says:

            Hi, Bernard

            The email address I have for you failed earlier this afternoon, when I tried to send you the following.


            From: John Allman
            Sent: Friday, December 07, 2012 3:24 PM
            To: dempseyb
            Subject: How are you?

            Hi Bernard

            I noticed that you had written to JM, in the form of a comment on Sabine’s blog. It has been a while since we spoke. Back then, you were carer for your mother, and that was keeping you so busy, you didn’t have much time left for anything else. Having read your note to JM, I thought I’d ask how you were getting on nowadays. How are you?


          • JM says:

            it’s really not good form to be putting people’s personal info that you were no doubt told in confidence on apublic forum, hope Sabine will see fit to remove it.
            nice to hear from you…and happy to be in contact….i know sabine is busy and i hate to ask, but if she’s happy to pass on my email to you i’m happy for her to do so….
            no wish to sound negative and nice idea and all….but please read what i say in regard t that on this thread! no doubt they have been got on video many times…..public never get to see it though…..and it’s not as if you can actually use it against them in court or anything! i have cameras ehre as well….but they’ve installed a lot worse than cameras!

            do you know why violent crime is officially falling in every area ACCEPT murders/ burglaries gone wrong? have a think in context of RIPA laws…

            any word on Maurice? hope he got somewhere safe….

            • Jake

              If I click on John Allman’s name as the comment author, I get his website where there is a contact page. Can you try?

              • JM says:

                Sabine, that link doesn’t work for me- it’s either down for a bit or being blocked here…they been doing that a lot to me with RT recently!
                that’s no problem but you say it appears to work for you?
                if you misreading/ misunderstanding I meant to put me in contact with Bert…

            • me says:

              anyone from or near Long beach CA

    • Anonymous says:


      I am contacting you as a T.I myself, please see my YouTube channel which has gained nearly 10,000 views, showing evidence and helping with the issues a target will face.

      I am also completing a website which will provide everything a target will need to defend themselves, gather evidence and ultimately beat the possible negative effects of organised intrusive surveillance and harassment. Furthermore once enough evidence is gathered to be able to guarantee either successful court action or tribunal action we can then assist with the legal proceedings, compensation and prepare the individual for potentially a new environment.

      The website address is

      Using my skillset and a few carefully selected others I believe that any T.I or POI who searches for help should be provided with a complete service to minimise the potential implications such as loss of employment, effects on friends and family, psychological and/or health repercussions.

      I would like to take this opportunity to propose a mutual arrangement whereby you may be able to promote or recommend our services on your page in return for a 10-15% referral fee on each service a target recommended by you purchases.

      If you are interested in working to help this resource please don’t hesitate to contact me.

      Kind Regards,

      Dan Bryan


  2. Neil Butterworth says:

    Quite a few “targeted individuals” have come my way ….

    You are quite correct Sabine; quite a few more possibly than the two you have mentioned I might add.

  3. JM says:

    best forum i found on subject, if anybody looking

  4. John Allman says:

    I promised Darrim I would take an interest in any inquest into his death, if he did meet the violent end with which he had told me he had been threatened. That is why, in this order, over a period of over two-and-a-half years, I spoke to Darrim’s father on the telephone, wrote to the coroner, helped the police with their investigation, started the website, put out an appeal for correspondence that Darrim had sent to others, helped the police some more by passing that correspondence on to them, attended a Pre-Inquest Hearing at which I applied for Properly Interested Person (PIP) status, made an application for judicial review permission in respect of the decision that I wasn’t a PIP, attended the inquest (which I wouldn’t describe as “bizarre”) as a witness and observer (but not a PIP), attended a hearing of my application for judicial review permission, applied for permission to appeal against the refusal of judicial review permission, and made the posting I did on the new blog I started on Friday 1st June this year.

    • Thank you, John!

      I thought two things were ‘bizarre’: not to accept you (what’s the big deal to accept anybody who asks?) and the ultimate cause of death.

      I met yesterday a TI who gave me links to websites and who claims that there are some 200 such sufferers in the UK. Would you agree?

      • John Allman says:

        I cannot think of a way of determining whether any estimate of the number of people targeted in the UK is accurate. However, your other friend’s estimate is of the same order of magnitude as my own, which is based on the size of my mailing list.

        The press report of the inquest linked to at, reports that a man who believed that somebody else might murder him and was conspicuously afraid of this happening, nevertheless killed himself, deliberately. I would agree that, on the face of it, this is bizarre.

        The verdict mentioned “a disturbed state of mind”, but I think the coroner could and should have allowed more investigation as to how this “disturbed state of mine” had come about. The day before, the deceased had posted on You Tube a report that he had been subjected to severe sleep deprivation lasting over a hundred hours, and an allegation that this was inflicted on him by others, using directed energy weapons. This should have been explored more, I believe.

        Thank you for the interest you are taking in this.

    • mauricekirky says:

      As a long standing TI currently in hiding followibg police visit yesterday, see, what do I do next?

  5. JM says:

    I didn’t even hear the term ‘TI’ until about 8 years in….up ’till then i knew something was obviously going on but believed i was pretty much the only one….it was via a contact of JA that I first heard the term and a lot more things started to make some sense…
    it also depends on your definition of TI also….do you only include those that are definately being targetted by DEW? what if it’s afew weeks on, few weeks off? or just intermittent? do you include all individuals that have been targetted? generally harrassed, beaten up, pets murdered etc…..?
    Fact is i’m not hundred % sure abt DEW (you can’t see them), although i have most of the symptoms on this list

    and i think the main point of this technology is population control/ subjgation…not just on the battlefield and ‘occupied countries’ but at ‘home’ as well…..the TV with all it’s propaganda is one form of that as well as fluoride in the water most likely….so you’re really talking about millions if not billions on one level….certainly far more than 200! most will never hear the term and most dnt have access to basic comms like internet…i didn’t for a long time, which was quite a hardship in itself for soemone like me…

    😉 and it’s not really so bizarre these days….all ‘tribunals/ meetings/ cabinet meetings/ trials’ whatever you want to call them ONLY allow their own version of events, one side, endlessly repeated by anonymous people/ so called experts/ call it evidence so they can get the verdict they want…..they even do it when there isn’t even a jury! shameful waste of taxpayers’ money if you ask me……;-)

  6. Rae Merrill says:

    I am being acoustically harassed. The sound starts around midnight and tends to go off by 10am at the latest. I’m trying to work out whether it is coming from a neighbours house or its external. The thing is when you step outside the house you don’t hear a thing. It’s only inside. Basically it prevents you from getting any sleep.

    • I wonder how you can locate the source!?…

      • Rae Merrill says:

        The sound is low key humming sound. I’ve tried ear plugs but that doesn’t work. I’m now going to get a ‘white noise’ CD to play as background music and see if that masks the unwanted sound. I’m trying to work out where it comes from. It’s either the guy next door or it’s satellite. I’m trying to find an expert on this to get some advice. It could be microwave sound or infrasound. I think it’s the former because I’m getting the tingling effect on the skin and becoming very dehydrated.

        • JM says:

          Rae- It might be a form of tinitus, i used to get that- but did fade eventually, lasted couple of years…Jack Straw was also rumoured to have suffered from that as well, whther it was inflicted on him to control i don’t know….that’s just speculation!
          The othet thing with microwave and RF weapons is that they’re amplified/ concentrated within your home via the metal supports in the walls and the elctrical wiring, which might explain why you can’t hear anything when u go outside…i have heard that earthing your house, like folks do for lightning strikes helps….bit of metal running down outside wall into ground basically, but i am doubtful on that one…
          as for the device, it used to be unamrked vans, low wheel arches in the street…but nowadays devices are much smaller…workmen in the street, under your drive, your own garden…the crime was also legalised many years ago for g-men to break into your home and install things, very often under the cover of British Gas…
          just a rumour but many activists been murdered when caught in the act, dressed up as burglaries gone wrong…but think about it, RIPA been around for over a decade- in all that time nobody been caught red handed? surely media wd have reported….? they do, but the cover story instead….
          i still get the tingling and dehydrated thing every now and then….it doesn’t seem to be as consstant as it used to be for me, or maybe my body just become more accustomed to it, i dnt know.
          wish i could be of help.

        • Try the people who developed CHIRP at UCL. They are fanatic about sound.

        • When I moved to this address I first enjoyed how quiet was – a cul de sac, backed on to woodland. After about 3 months I started to be annoyed by a continuous high pitched hum. It would start about midnight then stop about 6am. It became difficult to sleep. Then the noise became continuous. I couldn’t hear it in any part of the house, nor outside – only in my room. I was able to sleep by using a combination of earplugs – the Boots wax ones are the best, and playing music through noise excluding headphones. But the noise was still annoying during the day. Then I had a thought . Some TI’s think they are under surveillance in their rooms. I suppose that would include being monitored for sound. So if you can hear a sound they can too. So I started to wear my wax ear plugs during the day and left my windows open to amplify the noise in the room. The ear plugs didn’t exclude the noise, but made it possible to ignore it. A few weeks later the high pitched hum stopped. In total the hum lasted for 9 months. But a few weeks later I developed tinnitus something I had never experienced before. ?
          The next thing, when I went for an eye test, I was given a hard sell for having a free hearing test at the same time. Because of the long wait for the test I didn’t go. Why the long wait? This is a quiet country town. Six months later I got a letter from the opticians, not simply reminding me I was due for a test, but a very detailed, persuasive letter why I NEEDED to have an eye test. Including the offer of a hearing test too. I have been wearing glasses for 50 years. In my experience in that time opticians just send reminders, not hard sell letters.
          So, maybe those TI’s who think Targets are being used as test subjects for a variety of experiments have a point. If the noise aggravation and tinnitus were caused, they would want to monitor the results of their experiments.
          However as I have been on the receiving end of Doctors giving no diagnosis and on that basis refusing any treatment, I reject cooperating with monitoring tests. Why should I cooperate with being an unconsenting test subject – denied proper medical care awhile?

  7. Rae Merrill says:

    It would be more reassuring if it was Tinitus but it comes on and off as if on schedule at certain times of the day and I’m sure Tinitus would affect me most of the day and even outside. It isn’t a tinkling sound either it’s a very low key thrumming sound, like a generator.

    I’m keeping a diary now anyway so I don’t need to explain anything verbally. If I find sympathetic people they can read the diary so I don’t look like a nut.

    But JM, you’re right I think you can become accustomed to it as normal background noise. I’m more concerned about the radiation aspect if it is microwaves. I’m also interested to find out if it can be focused so well as to avoid the elderly neighbours who live just through the walls. It could be they’re getting dozed as well but are putting symptoms down to old age. I know one of them was very sick this week with vomiting which is out of character as she is normally as fit as a fiddle.

    I’ve also been looking for potential outdoor sources, can’t see anything, no vans around. What I would like to know is what measuring equipment do I need to measure the sound and to test for microwaves.

  8. JM says:

    Hi Rae

    cdn’t get on last night here, they were blocking me…i appear to be totally blocked from Sabine’s other site…hopefully this one will post this tim!
    First though, just to mention couple of weird things….last night i could hear one of those old style modem things, sounded like anyway, coming from the ‘new pipework’ recently installed after I turned my computer off…definately sounded like it was relaying soemthing! I’m just old enough to remmebr how they sound….oh so odd! they have more advanced tech than that…
    I think i’m always getting blasted with something shortly after midnight to prevent me sleeping….i wdn’t quite call it mind control, more emotional manipulation/ implanted images…usually involves masked and unmasked psychos in breaking, attacking and me having to defend myself…it usually stops before i get sentenced, then just plays again….

    i also have problems with my lower back and legs…thoguht for a long time it was because of when they dislocated my back/ trapped nerve or something, only started shortly after…but now i do think more like DEW induced….last night was a particularly bad one, probably worst yet…all muscles below knee completely tense up, bit more than severe cramp, can’t move anything below the knee- total agony, all i cd do not to scream- not a nice way to be woken up! Fortunately walk in shower now so i was just able to get there and blast with very hot water…only thing that seems to shift it!

    In rely though, that’s the kind on Tinitus i had i think, as well as the more common kind….think it builds to soemthing more like what u wd call tinitus…

    i used to keep diaries, no end of evidence as well from other things….just came str8 down the phoneline and wiped the lot! broke in and stole paper copies….i didn’t have a camera back then…now if i do manage to catch soemthing first i have to kill the motherfuckers, get past them to a postbox and send it to….I don’t have anybody! regardless, they intercept the mail to….
    apart from last night i haven’t heard any sounds for long time…but with regard to other victims, it may well be how they murdered my dog…suspected just standard posioning but vets destroyed all possible evidence….gran died preamturely to as well as my aunt, pretty sure i got cancer to now so hopefully not too long left…

    they’re a lot clever than the vans these days…there’s also soem secret law, rumoured, where they can force their way in house opposite and set up there, make them sign soemthing similar to official secrets act- life in jail if they tell anyone! but rarely used, 99.9% of people immeidately bend over for any psychopath that claims to be a non physical entity…
    i’ve had no resources for years, but i know you can pick RF scanners up on ebay realtively cheaply, less than a tenner—but they’re lmost certainly operating on different frequencies that are illegal to detect, so manufacturers dnt make them…as for microwave, lots of useful info on peacepink and other pages…..i wd suggest try chatting in there, i’m there soemtimes…../ occasionally….;-)
    best of lcuk to you anyway!

  9. Rae Merrill says:

    Still getting fried with this thing. Can feel heating in the gut and radiation sores appearing on my right arm. Was pretty intense last night. Think I’ll need to go away
    for a while for some respite. Been measuring activity with an old radio and it appears the energy is coming straight down through the roof.

    • JM says:

      I’m glad you have somewhere to get away to…i have no respite. I get a lot of pains in the gut and lower, I wdn’t describe as heat though. Maybe different bodies react to the same thing in different ways. Or maybe it’s slightly different versions being used on us. The constant headache is and the lack of vision is the worse though, headache for last 6 years +, blurry vision/ temporary blindness abt five years i reckon. If you have any chance of changing ID and getting away i wd do so.

  10. Rae Merrill says:

    Yes I’m looking at a move but it can’t be done before next spring. Of course the network will eventually track you down through your NI number and of course that’s all part of it, keeping you on the move.

  11. Rae Merrill says:

    Update: It turns out the old woman next door has gone into hospital. She was badly dehydrated, same as me, she is also suffering kidney problems because of this and she’s had gut issues, same as me. I’ve been checking the walls with a radio for microwave interference and there is an awful lot coming down the wall adjoining our houses and a lot coming in from the ceiling in my house.

    My feeling is that the direct energy attack on me is not so well focussed as to exclude the house next door. Accordingly, I think she is succumbing to radiation sickness due to her age. Of course I can’t raise this issue because people will think I’m nuts so have to look on with complete impotence.

    These DEW attacks are totally evil and cowardly!

  12. JM says:

    They track you by more than your nino number these days. i haven’t used mine or tried for abt seven years now….no doubt i will trigger some alrams if i ever do so again!
    Mobile phone. Your bank card has an RFID in it. Most TIs and large part of the general population also been implanted with those, dentists, any injections, any surgery….also in your clothes.

    i have the same, cosntantly tired, splitting headache for 7 years now, dehyfradted as u say..all of that…very blurry vision right now as well…recently seemed to have got worse again…plumbers in and out of the house for over a year now…still not over yet, back again Wednesday apparently but possibly not- in fear anytime….the last one was ex military as well, and was in the loft an awful long time…I’m physically unable to get up there now to luck but with the ‘beeps’ i mentioned above and increase in symptoms…

    yep, total cowards…and ironically psychopaths that enjoy attacking people…i wd have killed myself long ago if i could, but that is not even legal….i’m far more likely to kill one in self defence….and i’m expecting trouble again this next week…being taken alive again is my worse fear….anybody know where i can get a cyanide pill just in case? in all seriousness…

  13. Rae Merrill says:

    Thanks for link to Barry Trower’s interview. Anyway, time for an update. I went away on the pushbike for 5 nights, taking cash only and stayed at a hostel and a b&b. Distance was about 70 miles from home. No microwave harrassment or acoustic harrassment while I slept in the dorm at the hostel. At the b&b on night 3 no harrassment. Then the next day I used my debit card at the village store to pay for something and get cash back. I also tried using my mobile phone even though the reception wasn’t good enough to get through due to the remote location. Anyway, back at the b&b the harrassment started that night. The next morning headed back to the hostel 40 miles away using cash only to buy stuff and not using the mobile phone. Result – no harrassment.

    So my little holiday experiment has demonstrated that the cause of my nightly harrassment at home isn’t neighbours, or a nearby parcked van, but is in fact satellite based and all they need is a GPS location to target you. Hope this helps.

  14. JM says:

    nice work Rae!
    but u do know they can track the phone even when it’s turned off these days?

    pretty sure i’m chipped though, so no hope of me getting off grid for a bit, even if i had resources….

    but anyway, was looking for this page the other day cd not find it, wanted to post

  15. Woman Warrior says:

    I think it is a chip they either inject a plant when you go to hospital, dentist, even tetnis needle thinking it if for other purposes, if you have never been to the above, they put gas or chemicals to put you into a deep sleep and enter your home whilst sleeping and impregnate the chip devices…..I have been targeted for 5 years now and have been poisoned, gased that is three houses including mine on either side had gas leaks……. there using a odourless gas that takes the oxygen out of the air at night when you are sleeping so in due course go down terminally ill with cancer, or heart attack, liver faiure……we all mus fight these criminals people numbers can outdo these elites, uluminati’s, black popes it is there time to suffer……I can say our Lord Almigthy Yeshua (jesus) is bigger than satans armies….we need to lean on him more I can honestly say he is real as I would be dead by now if I didn’t cry out to him…… millions of us victims to pray for our victory to have these inhumanes punished…United We STAND we don’t go down without a fight ..2,000 victims here in Australia……contact we need to form a unity NOW!!!!

  16. My gangstalking and slander started when I was a student at Ulster University (Coleraine) in 1979. I was gangstalked and slandered when living at International House (Birmingham) 1985. I was gangstalked and slandered while working at Balham Sorting and Delivery Office up till 2011. I now live in Harrogate and the gangstalking and slander continue.

    • You must be really ‘worth it’!

      Be proud and SHRUG THEM OFF!!!…

      I hope this doesn’t come over as being cynical. But it’s really important NOT to be in ‘victim mode’!!!

      • jake says:

        easier said than do though, soon as you actually defend yourslef in an official prison being tortured for life

    • Kathleen says:

      I have strange things happen to me on a regular basis. All of my personal projects have been sabotaged and people deliberately invade my personal space. Also constant noise, I am drained. I suffered from severe headaches as a child and had a very harsh upbringing. Something is not adding up, every job has difficult customers and some members of staff give me a rough time or are hostile toward me. I know this is much more than the average person takes, I am lost as to what to do. I don’t try in my field anymore even though I have good qualifications because I have been blocked from achieving anything. I am single as no one ever asks me out, i’ve always found that strange as I was attractive when younger. K

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’ve added a blog of my story here if you’d like to read it.

    • jake says:

      Thanks for writing that! yes, we all know what you’re talking about there….we get the same, constant and sometimes extremely violent….it can get a lot worse than what you experienced so far.

      One thing though keeping a diary, log or even getting them on film will do you know good. They just broke in and stole it. They can also come straight down the wire into your computer…there is no stopping them. I even found cameras in my home, got plenty of footage of me having sex with the woman who should have been my wife for a start….but they just got in and stole the cameras back- other devices as well….really not sure what but i’m sure they were not cameras…

      and no papers for eight years now, so homeless, no job, life or any hope left really….just a few weeks ago some psycho smashed my teeth in and the front door of where i’m currently dossing down, stole aabout 130 worth of computer equipment and cash……then pigyobs threatening me and my diabled dad soemtime later….they only got the moeny because they were threatening to call pigyobs (i dnt think they were planning on turning themselvs in) and teh fact i’m too weak to actually defend msyelf these days (i’ve never actually hit anyone in entire life and used to be quite proud iof that)— obviously another staged incident

      guess what i got left of ‘recollections/ diary’ should also be on this thread….only published online in hope that it wdn’t be destroyed along with the rest, but i immediately lost all access to it- but still up last i checked! 😉

  18. The Host says:

    I am a T.I in Australia and it appears to me that I have become a host for all the parasites that are cashing in on this big counter terrorism myth. I am harassed out of every University in the country. The police have told people that I am a Terrorist. That I use to murder people. It is unbelievable what these criminals are getting away with. There is no resource available for me to defend myself as they just deny saying anything in the first place. I cannot enter a CBD without harassment. In effect I have been reduced to a slave of sorts.

    I provide employment for Military, Police, Dr’s, drug companies and Social Worker type people, while I am stuck on a shitty little pension. It is no wonder these people participate so heavily in this new virus that has been let into the country.

    Rape is not beneath these maggots either, as I have woken up Vaseline on my vagina. I guess they think that know one is going to help or believe me anyway, so they may as well have a little fun.

    The police also act with the court system to charge and convict of false crimes. When I have suffered grevious bodily harm, they just pretend that it didn’t happen and refuse to lay charges.

    Kidnapping is not beneath them either.

    I feel like I am living behind enemy lines.

    • JM says:

      wish i could suggest soemthing to help, but most of us can’t help ourselves. lot of us have ‘disappeared’ lately….expecting same for myself
      whole planet is well behind enemy lines and has been for soemtime.

  19. Lee says:

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  20. yur5 says:

    Oh, I think we should unite against this. In Russia, Putin do whatever he wants to do with people. Stalking, controlling and electronical harassment. He do it even against 5-years old children! Destroying their lives!

  21. yur5 says:

    How you can like him, if he the person who responsible for this crimes? Believe me, I know the situation from inside.

  22. yur5 says:

    Related to one politician, which Putin trust…

  23. JM says:

    yur5…wd be nice to hear more but understand if u can’t…

    they’re all developing these weapons and using it on their ‘subjects’—because the other one is, you have to compete or you get wiped out….as long as there is some opposition there is a fight, and therefore always hope that the better choice will win…is all i’m saying.

    grass is always greener on the other side granted.

    and it can’t be easy being on that side when you’re targetted…..but guess our side looks better from there and vice versa…

  24. yur5 says:

    Here, in Russia, it is used on 5 -years old children, plus unstoppable stalking. This is both bad for mental and physical health. If they survived, till they become grown-ups.

    • JM says:

      heard it’s the same here, but i not witnessed on those that young personally….but when they in the same house/ vicinity it amouints to same thing.

  25. Anonymous says:

    if anyone is sincere g stalk info please holla . Not that they r kicking my but iam actuall embarrasing 200 people a day. but i am tired help

  26. Anonymous says:

    killed . God put this hear because I am Gang stalking without the evil. Even if it kills me. I see this through weaker person would have died. Me i thrive as well as. the lead for this group name of at least 300 a day i battle in will, smartness, and the ability to be so sarcastic it makes them feel stupid. but i will admit i am tired .

  27. Zeta says:

    Hello, I am being electronically harassed, I understand it’s been going about 2 years, but has been openly intensified to something that amounts to torture on a daily basis for the last four days. I am asked to become a submissive. Anybody knows anything in terms of whom I could contact for advice about this and whome to approach in the UK? I feel fried, sometimes sexual arousal is used, I hear the voice – repeatitive, very clear; I also seemingly saw people following me, which made the sound more audible in the street when I was passing them. I believe it’s something in my body and is controlled remotely. It’s a fourth day now, I haven’t been able to sleep for most of the nights properly, and completely couldn’t sleep last night. It’s horrible as police seems to be unaware, which is quite unacceptable because the technology has been out there for decades; there is a lot about it in the USA, but the UK seems to be some quiet pond where victims cannot get any help. Any advice, help would be really appreciated as I am feeling I am in trouble and being pushed really hard as if to complete the job, so I feel like I need help fast but everything is too slow! Thank you very much x

    • John Allman says:

      Sorry to learn of what is happening to you, Zeta. I am not promising to “help” anybody, but there are many people in the UK with the same story as yours, and I have a mailing list, to which I write occasionally, when there is some news to pass on, or somebody wants to ask me to publicise a need of theirs.

      It is my practice to use “Bcc” to write to the list. This means that I am not putting everybody on the list in touch automatically with everybody else on the list. I have been criticised for this, but I have also been criticised when writing to just two people, for revealing one’s email address to the other, so I cannot win either way.

    • JM says:

      John- know you referring to me there- but really you can’t give other people’s personal info out without their permission, it is a crime and probably still illegal and since you left the MOD I doubt you bo longer have immunity from prosecution….;-)
      Zeta- same boat here, and no answers really- best I can advice you to d is check out

      where u will find info and plenty of us in same boat…real suspicion it’s been infiltrated really and JA is a mod there…..;-) but nothing secure or private anymore, ifu in same situation nothing to lose but probably nothing to gain i’m afraid- ‘cept talk with other folk in same boat, i’m in chat room most evenings….

      • John Allman says:

        JM, no I wasn’t talking about you. Have I ever given out your personal information to anybody? I don’t remember doing so?

        I worked for the MoD from 1975 to 1977, for less than 25 months. I left because I was only there to learn to be a computer programmer, and they had put on filing, seemingly permanently, after I’d had a letter published in New Scientist critical of “need to know” official secrecy, and suggesting a Freedom of Information Act instead. (I was a man before my time. We now have that Act.)

        Immunity from prosecution? You must be joking! I was prosecuted twice during that period, once for a driving offence and convicted, and once for not having purchased a rail ticket, with intent to avoid payment and acquitted. (I had a ticket, but the guard had already booked me before I found it and tried to show it to him, to be told that I had taken too long to find it!)

        I am also a moderator at Peacepink. And it was my blog that inspired the blog post that we’re still posting comments on now. You have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide – from me! LOL!

        Seriously, I hope you’re bearing up OK. Zeta seems to be having a bad time. I have been too, recently, but not as bad as some people.

        • JM says:

          I think you know I was only playing with you…and wow, petty buggers! you left there year i was born then….
          sur ei commented to you about using BCC field for your mailing list—-guess i’m not the only onewho relaises what a threat that is…..once had aan idiot at soem company i briefly worked for (not been allowed to work for ten years now) rather than email me a pdf, emailed the entire mailmerge for it/ his entire customer database, never prosecuted, never even sacked….but my emplyer made a lot of money from that one! just one example of many….
          you have my email- if u wanna chat about what been going on with you….still pretty bad here, physical violence, folk losing hose as well now so i’m nearly killing myself trying to sortthe house out/ clear stuff….it neverends and the abuse is being ratcheted up to coincide with…..hardly ever see u on pp, but lets chat next time u on….

  28. me says:

    anyone live in long beach ca

  29. David Sharp says:

    I believe that I may be a targeted individual. It all started when I managed to survive an attempt on my life set up by a politician. Instead of the Police investigating and charging the hitmen I was thrown in a psych ward and told that the whole event was in my head. Interestingly our Premier resigned the next morning, don’t know if it’s related but big coincidence. I can prove it happened but have never been given the opportunity. Every attempt I make is thwarted in one way or another. I have written many emails to authorities and either they don’t get my messages or are too scared to look into it. I have tried calling to follow up my emails but as soon as I say my name they simply hang up on me. I don’t experience the ‘microwave’ or ‘electromagnetic stuff’ but the interference in my computer, work life and friends/associates constitutes a very familiar pattern. You don’t see it, can’t prove it but deep down you just sense it. There is something very wrong with this world and the people in charge. The most likely conclusion I can draw from my experience is that politicians are bumping people off so they can collect their welfare payments and when someone escapes the net they throw all their resources at you to stop you exposing them. My name is David Sharp and I did not die on Everest if you get the analogy.

  30. David Sharp says:

    They hit me with the remote ECT or whatever it is last night, a few times. Jeeeez it hurts. Guess they saved the best for last?!

    • JM says:

      people call it different names but i think i’ve had same/ similar thing….best ’till last though? i just found out somebody has taken life insurance out on me which expires end of year….so expecting to be murdered again. it’s what they do at the end….just cash in big time….but heres’ the thing though, TI for 15 years…..but no papers/ bank account for the last eight—– so who has been paying the premiums? easy thing to prove now….i’ve scanned the evidence and been sending it around a lot…..i thinking suicide now, public as possible, no way they can write it up as accidental just so they can’t get the money….

    • Who benefits, I wonder?

      Are they just protecting their jobs and pensions?

      • JM says:

        it’s far more than that, torturing people is there job…..anybody who might be politically active, different views on things than the PTB. keep them destitute, living hand to mouth, black listed for jobs is just how it starts…’s also a form of eugenics as people in this situation can’t start families/ pass their genes on to next generation…..

        but then with their perverse form of economics….they go trawling for victims… long as queeny keeps dolling out shillings there will always be somebody willing to drop bombs on children. then i presume they have to make up excuses to whoever they trake their orders from….so they dnt lose their ‘job’ or have to move to another area…always in his/ her interest to go along with it as more victims, more he is responsible for….job creation equals up a grade payrise……but they also sbcontract the tech out to private companies…..who also do it to people privately…..many TIs aren’t even political, just had a run in a wealthy landlord or soemthing like that…..genies well out of the bottle….best thing is not illegal as far as i can figure…..they wnt admit it happening so no law against it, moved on helluva lot since mkultra……i dnt think they even use drugs anymore as more efficient and controllable to have same effect with DEW, + no evidence in the blood stream…..also of course those who are morally devoid love watching people having sex in their own home/ beds….no need to go to trouble with cameras anymore…..all 3d hologrpahic porn now courtesy of smart metres/ wifi… can be anywhere on the planet and watch whoever you like, courtesy of google going around mapping all the wifi spots/ and other methods to get that data….

  31. luke phone talker..... ''may the force be with you'' says:

    im a targeted individual . i unwrapped a police operation aimed aginst me 13 years ago in Ash Aldershot Hampshire , england. its happening right now. Ive been looking for information about this for a long time . its been a real eye opener. im going to blog on all gangstalking & targeted individual websites . the more/ quicker people make everyone aware of whats going on the quicker this bullying will stop . maybe they are trying to create a world where everyone puts their hand over their mouth when they speak 😦 thats whats happening in my life !

    • John Allman says:

      Hi, Luke Phone-talker

      “the more/ quicker people make everyone aware of what’s going on the quicker this bullying will stop”

      These are admirable sentiments, often expressed, not least by myself, whose “new blog on the block” started out with a post about the late Darrim Daoud, and a court case I simply couldn’t win.

      Unfortunately, however, the “what’s going on” that is modern, that you lump together under the popular (but slightly misleading) heading of “gangstalking” and which requires the complicity of public sector staff (such as the police whom you mentioned), is very diverse, and gets ever more diverse as new techniques and technologies are deployed, although, at heart, it’s the same old thing as ever, just done in different ways. It’s part of a problem that dates back to the dawn of time (so-to-speak), for which I find a phrase the apostle Paul used in the bible rather apt, “the secret power of lawlessness”, one manifestation of many of what Christians call “sin”.

      An additional complication, is misinformation. This includes deliberate misinformation of agents of the abusive industry concerned, as you would expect. It also includes the false claims of mentally damaged people whose paranoid imaginations invent abuse that isn’t really happening. It includes the exaggerated complaints of abuse of people who are abused, who have been sensitised, to render them hyper-vigilant so that *some* (but not all) of their abuse is incorrectly apprehended. Then there is what I call “gushing”, the practice of an abuse victim of simply over-loading anybody he or she finds willing to listen to any of his complaints, with an account of every detail of his or her complaints, overwhelming the listener unaware of the crime, putting them off learning about it,k and taking it as seriously as it deserves to be taken.

      I have had a new personal landing page since new year’s day 2015:


      whence you can click your way to everything I’ve learnt, and to my new since Christmas 2014 You Tube channel, and find all my published contact details.

      Since you call yourself “Luke Phone-talker”, and you live near where I used to live, may I invite you to do some homework getting to know my public persona? Then, if you want to write to me,k or phone me, I’d be pleased to hear from you.

      Neither Sabine nor I cover all manifold the human rights abuses afoot. How could any mere mortal? Both of us bring “baggage” of our own, and see the world through our *own* eyes. Sabine and I aren’t deadly enemies, or close friends. As you have read, Sabine was once sceptical about alleged targeted individuals, receiving the “organised stalking” and “directed energy weapons” abuse about which Darrim campaigned, before his untimely death. There is so *much* wrong with the world (and with every member of its population not long after birth, it says in the book of Job!), that it is as well that at least there are *some* people passionate about *some* of the wrongs being done.

      You are unique, but you do not need to be alone. If you email me, I’ll add you to my mailing list, and you will receive (probably) no more than a dozen or so emails a year from me, blank copied to everybody on the list. I will invite you to join in with activism events. You might make some new friends. Some of them might hurt you, but some of them may be friends you remain glad you made, decades later. We might change the world for the better, a bit, before we die. Are you up for that? It isn’t risk-free, I have found. But it’s better than isolation and despair, in my experience.

  32. JM says:

    on the same subject

    to be honest, i never really believed the gist of this one…kind of in the possibility, but not as far as TIs goes…only plave i seen it even mentioned

    then fair few weeks a go now i received letter saying that my life insurance was expiring and trying to get me to renew….accept i have never bought life insurance, have had no income or home at all for over 9 years now, no papers/ bank account of any kind…..

    obviously they didn’t implement the threat to murder me. why? maybe because i contacted the insurance company (no reply received) or because i plastered copies of that letter all over the place….only actual piece of evidence currently in my possession— but so what? what can i do with it?

    and up all night again myself…physicalpain actually quite bareable at the minute, about as low as it gets…and i hear no high pitch humming……i dnt undersatnd how they can control my sleep, but it’s got to be artifical…soemdays i go several days without any sleep at all….so tired all the time, but just can’t sleep. slept couple of hours on and off last evening….but that is abt the most i get at any one time, and years like this……can u imagine what that does to you?

    to add on to what JA just said…’hyper vigilant’….that is just a natural state that everybody finds them in when going through this? it’s not paranoia….and constanting feeling on the verge of ‘panicking’, i supposeis the closest word…..ready to slit your own throat at the sound of some other yob battering on or down the door/ kicking door in…..or defned yourself….that’s pretty much where i’m constantly at…..i u don’t kil yourself, sooner or later you end up like Murice Kirk, whetehr you actually defend yourself or not….is the only choice we really have at end of the day.

    and you have to be wary within the TI community…infiltraited by perps…..and with the so called ‘paranoia’. you can suspect anybody and everybody… can’t trust any of us…..and allegations been made against JA as well, some of which do sound most convincing…..manipulating pigyobs into getting people for him for a start, which is actually a very easy thing to do…maniuplating people, obviously these mindless psycopaths aren’t too bright, otherwise they wdn’t be pigyobs.

    i know it’s not really much comfort knwing your’re not the only one.

  33. D says:

    The Targeted Individual phenomonon is far easier to explain- whether there are direct energy weapons deployed or not there are definately people who are targeted and the method may not require such technology but only a natural order of organisation that exists within a group of people who by their own ideaology form a network practicaly from birth to work against EVERYONE else on this Eath.

    This group believes they are better than everyone else and know how to seek each other out within organizations and will help each other up the ladder in to positions at the expense of ‘non members’. You don’t even have to be actively against them- the only criteria to become targeted is to be an intelligent individual who ‘could be a threat to them’.

    It is the ONE group who act in this way and who by their methods have obtained positions that allow them to have control over pretty much everything. It is so blatant and under everyone’s nose that most people are unable to see it whilst the perpetrators laugh at us all.

    As has been alluded to in a previous post- this has been going on for a long time but naturally as technology improves so does change the instruments that are at the disposal of the perpetrators to use against the targeted individual- BUT THEY DON’T NEED THE TECHNOLOGY TO BRING YOU DOWN- in fact the technology aspect of this might even work in the groups favour by discrediting anyone who says that they are targeted by such means as it’s difficult for most people to believe in that sort of thing.

    As I said it’s simpler, much simpler. If there is a group of people who are fanatical about themselves and their group then you only have to become noticed by some of them and as they hold high positions everywhere they can do a lot of damage without any type of direct energy weapons- just like they have been doing since the beginning of time. This group is opposed to goodness and morality and you can see their influence in the media and their constant fight against Christianity.

    Once you open your eyes their methodology is in clear view and plain to see- whether it be in a small business with a handful of employees or whether in the government- it is the natural way in which they operate- the method is ingrained in them hence why it is so powerful and successful.

  34. Kim George says:

    Hi to everyone reading this.

    I’m a new TI as I’ve only recently discovered that I am a targeted individual. My handler is someone I know from a job I had once had. My perpetrators are accusing me of a crime. Something I know nothing about. This started about 10 years ago and ever since my life has been a roller coaster. I don’t know exactly if a crime did in fact occur but I know that I have been set up for something. I need help. They’ve infiltrated every aspect of my life and the media in my country (if not the entire country) is in on it. I also believe that international media has been infiltrated. Every website in support of TIs is blocked – they have hacked my computer. All computers I have had or used since this started has been hacked. I know that they have allowed me to access this site for a reason. I don’t know what that reason is, but I feel like I need to get help. Please could you assist me with the numbers or email addresses of organizations that can help me. I am being electronically harassed with DEW. They are reading my mind and they have involved people I work with. these are my contact details:

    • JM says:

      I wish i could say there is help available but there i snot. The only escape is death. Over 15 years for me and about to get very bad again by the looks of it….so death is certainly preferable to being taken alive again.
      Best of luck to you but I’m more than ready to go now.

      • JM says:

        & i didn’t quite notice—- first off….but 18th April….and it just shown through? been commenting on few of Sabine’s posts lately but they stopped showing up again…..pretty obvious it’s ‘them’ that is doing it….but why? like so much of it, it makes no discernible sense until you comment on such things and then it’s all a ‘delusion’…..and everything that comes before and after is legalised apparently.

  35. sethtad says:

    Targeted individuals are real and are victims of a global control grid run by psychopathic zionist bankers who wish to be hailed as God. But these sick people are destroying society, hence the school mass shootings and other craziness we see around us.

  36. Nathaniel steedman says:

    Been using elf on me for years had electric shocks smear campaign mk ultra death threats targeted individual im the victim and no one seems to give a shit cost me my job my health trying to cause my mental health damage need help as theyre crimnal organization beleive even in my own family are in on it

  37. Michelle Ollerenshaw says:

    This is done by mass hypnosis ,brainwashing,mind control technologies and abuse.I was in a secret society with LSD and two cult leaders abusing all the members including children.When I became a whistleblower they attacked my family and discredited me.To this day my family do not believe me choosing to stay in the secret society and it breaks my heart.

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