Victims united in Victory: rogue lawyer struck off at long last!

It takes Dr Sheida Oraki’s intelligence and persistence, Diane Mitchell‘s experience with solicitors from hell (or nearby) and Maurice Kirk‘s camera (and banner) to get this photo taken some time ago!

But today it is the perfect illustration for this article in the Daily Mail: Vaz’s crooked pal struck off: Victory for the Mail as conman is found guilty of 104 breaches of rules.

May Keith Vaz MP behave more respectably with his promise to investigate the powers and future of the IPCC!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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27 Responses to Victims united in Victory: rogue lawyer struck off at long last!

  1. Tad Davison says:

    One down, 150,000 to go!


  2. Jackie Holden says:

    Just read it! Phew!

  3. JM says:

    bloody hell….on the surface that looks like a win, but i bet he’s got enough stashed away to still be sitting pretty….

    second thought though, is it really true? knowing how the establsihment really behaves….one has to wonder if he may be the real victim here…..

    who can u trust?

    • Ramin says:

      I can tell you for fact he is a crook,He was my lawyer in a case and then he was my ex partners lawyer against me in a litigation case that cost me my life.
      Conflict of interest ??
      And the conwoman is still at it to this day and she is like teflon ,nothing sticks…

      • Tad Davison says:

        I can think of plenty of others, particularly one in Haverhill, Suffolk, who was ‘got at’ by the police who fed him with misinformation that could easily be disproven. Thus, he failed to do his job, and ensure the public’s protection from a corrupt public body. No wonder people like Saville went on for so many years, and that injustice was left to continue and fester because nobody had the guts, or the wherewithal to rock the proverbial boat.

        I liken lawyers to a breed of snake who see us as mere prey, and one must always exercise the greatest care when facing one. They only come out when they smell a profit, and ethics are way down their list of priorities.

        We can even point to the political process, and say with clarity, that its shortcomings are down to their influence. They have geared it, not to work for the people, but to funnel the gravy-train into their greedy mouths. The only people who benefit from another’s misfortune.

        Tad Davison


  4. Colin Peters says:

    Some time ago I was down in London with Maurice Kirk, Patrick Cullinane and Paul Talbot Jenkins, George Wescott, and Diana Mitchell and quite a few others, outside of the offices of Dean and Dean supporting Sheida Oraki by megaphoning and calling upon Mireshoki to answer to the accusations that we were all levelling against him.
    During this time we were all aware of being videoed, the implication being that these video recordings might be used against us, and toi identify us
    at some time in the future.
    It is my belief that Sheida, through the channels of the Mail, and the support of people like ourselves, has met success through her remorsless publicising of her case.
    It is hard work and it is not yet over but, is this the way forward?
    All of us — select a case. — examine the facts of that case- and if satisfied on the merits of that case ,band together in support and deluge the mediia and ask for justice.

    • JM says:

      thanks Colin…that does make it more convincing! I’m sure it’s probably all true and then some….but the question in my mind still remains….why was this one in particular singled out? as others have pointed out….plenty more and far worse offenders i believe still protected… why this guy? it’s necessary in politics to offer up the odd sacrificial lamb from time to time….but maybe this guy simply because he didn’t go to the same masonic Unis taht the rest of the gang went to, and basically just blagged his way in….

      and i know all about being intimidated with cameras (you’re on facial recog now, everywhere you go is tracked and stored)….they have concealed ones in the house, pretty sure of it….i stopped ripping them out years ago! every single incident when they have physically attacked and far worse was also filmed….you go to the IPCC abt the CCTV footage and the rest they just kick your door in and do unspeakable things to you….and then sell the happy slapping footage to TV companies for entertainment!
      and i been spamming the media with my story and others for years….that doesn’t really achieve anything…it seems the only reason why DM published this piece was that they became personally involved….
      still no chance of getting back on my feet with no bank account….

      dnt get me wrong, i admire your efforts and wish i was able to perhaps join you….but answer me this, when did the pacifists win a war? just one? anytime…anywhere?
      or name one where so called ‘good guys’ didn’t win…..

      things hotting up for me again also here……i’m expecting more bad things!

  5. peter oakes says:

    Many Congratulations Sheida, Well Done, Perhaps now
    the doubters will believe Victims rather than professional lawyer
    liars & theives

  6. peter oakes says:

    I just read the item again and I noticed Sheida got a “mention” on the
    last page ! last para. ! Bloody disgusting considering the misery and
    suffering heaped on Sheida and Family.

    WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG ? Daily Snail. Why did,nt the Met. Police
    pursue this criminal for his Criminal Offences re: Extortion ! Fraud !

    Why does the Met. abandon it,s Duty to pursue criminals without fear or
    favor ? Why are the Law Society cum Regulation Authority allowed to
    conceal offences, assist offenders, become accessories after the fact, accomplices ???

    It is because the Legal Mafia Profession is protected by 35% of MPs
    that are lawyers, re: Edward Timpson MP.

    Why has the Daily Mail not exposed the “judicial masonic legal mafia” they
    were given plenty of evidence outside the RCJ. They even took a group
    photo. of many mafia victims some years back. All of them part of Victims

    Congratulations to the Oraki Family for their strength of character and
    commitment to honest, decent, civil behaviour in a foreign land, You
    are a credit to your birth Country, whilst I am ashamed of england and
    it,s corrupt establishment and our cowardly countrymen, a disgrace to
    their grand parents & forefathers

  7. Roger says:

    Some years ago the Government of the day created a fund to deal with the illnesses miner’s contracted when working in the pits. One North of England Solicitor’s firm dealt with massive amounts of miner’s claims under the scheme. In all, the firm stole £6 million of the miners compensation. When brought to book (but never charged with a criminbal offence) the solicitor was struck off but nothing was done to reclaim any of the £6 mill. What lap of luxury is he living in now? I tried to find out more about this creep from the internet but nearly all sources had been taken down; those that hadn’t been had been severely redacted.

    • JM says:

      I know the firm you are referring to, ACS Law I believe or similar…I temped as an admin clerk for them briefly- I was not happy about all the laws that I was rpeatedly being told to break, not to mention the fact that my immediate ‘lin manager’ was a pisshead and immediately had it in for me because I refused to join him drinking every lunch time (???). Besides anything else, cdn’t afford to on temp wages—besides the point though, immediately dismissed, bad mouthed at the agnecy, put on the blacklist and they still owe me over two hundred in wages to this day…..
      I believe Nabarro Nathenson or similar was also involved- temped briefly for them to from what I remember, I don’t know if they were involved in the criminality of that but saw a few dodgy things going on there to….
      part of the reason was quite clearly with govt backing….they wanted to minimise the cost of the claims as well as the compo payments, so the companies involved were pretty much allowed to do what they like to accomplish that I think….just that the guy from ACS creamed off a bit too much by all accounts…..
      there was also a ‘rumour’ going around that the senior solicitor who died in a motorcycle accident couple of days before I started there wasn’t really an accident….just a rumour, but I cdn’t comment on that beyond that….

  8. Neil Butterworth says:

    Mireskandari – was given “A licence” (A Commission) to practice by the Law Society. All liability and costs for his actions – fall on the Law Society. One would hope that the Law Society – have insurance cover.

  9. M Brecht says:

    I don’t see in this a success against “rogue” lawyers. This guy was scape goated. He was involved in a fight against the MET police for their corruption etc and they dug every dirt they could to get “legally” rid of him. He was the lawyer of the constable who himself was involved against the MET police for their racism, and low and behold – he too was dishonored, charged with corruption and thrown into prison. Both are ethnically non-British. The one true lesson from both tales is that when you fight these bullies you need have a clean west (be “whiter than white”) and watch your back. If this man would have not fought the MET police he would still be practising.

    • Oh dear, I bet you’re right. I still haven’t learned to think ‘worst case scenario’ as being ‘normal’!…

    • JM says:

      that’s more what i was getting at…but it doesn’t matter if you are ‘whiter than white’—- they dnt even need to bother to plant drugs or anything on you these days….just make soemthing up and their ‘word’ is considered law even when they endlessly contradict themselves in the same sentence sometimes……or just throw you in a mental prison…..

      occasionally they do tell ‘most of the truth’ though. like the car they deliberately drove a car into. attacked him with dogs. clubs and other weapons. gang of twenty or so of them. bright lights in the eyes and no identifying marks. they say because he tried to defend himself it was evidence of a mental illness. so locked up and tortured indefinately, no end date. you’re never yourself again once your mind has been destroyed with drugs and electrodes into the brain. still under section as far as I know….part of me just hoping they do that to someone who is in the public eye for once…..

      • Tad Davison says:

        These comments truly give breadth and depth to the problem. In my experience, the police set out to discredit the plaintiff, even resorting to defamation. I can sum them up in one word – dangerous! Anyone who doesn’t acquiesce to their underhanded culture, or sup at their table, is derided. I’d say anyone who sups with the Devil, needs a bloody long spoon!

        At least I can breathe clean air and sleep at night!

        Tad Davison


        • JM says:

          clean air? what country you living in then? 😉 sleep at night? same question….you not afraid of those psychos in Darth vader masks breaking in and murdering you and yours whilst in bed..? or worse/ take you alive….they can and do do to anyone…i don’t think you feeling the fear….i’ve barely slept for over six years now.

          • Tad Davison says:

            JM, I know where you’re coming from, and I have every sympathy with you. I have said many times before, that we have a clandestined so-called ‘authority’ that are very much a law unto themselves. They spread fear and loathing, and seemingly, there’s little we can do to prevent it – except collectively fight against it. That is our strength. Indivisibility.

            I’ll not take the thirty pieces of silver and be a part of their tainted, corrupt mechanism. They can get stuffed!

            I despise all criminals, and just because these people have an air of respectability, doesn’y make them clean. I like the feeling that comes with not being tainted by this scum. Keep up the fight my friend.

            Tad Davison


            • JM says:

              gonna take more than ‘civil disobedience’ though….i did that and very bad things followed by complete isolation for 6 years….you can’t ‘do anything’/ instigate others when u in this situation, which is why they do it, it’s not by accident…
              if u can make it to Ireland i suggest you take it….still guns and things buried in the ground over there, invest in a metal detector? 😉

  10. Colin Peters says:

    Words and yet more words from a poster who chooses to remain anonymous.
    That in itself teaches me all that I need to know.
    Allow us the documented proof of your assertions together with your own interest and identity.
    Either put up or shut up.

  11. Many thanks indeed, dear Awakening Consciousness!

    At least this kind of ‘anonymous’ name matches the content you’re providing. Robert Dooran tried to come in as ‘Jonathan Swift’! Another phoney as ‘gandhi’!…

    But I’ve now put a ‘Mental Health Warning’ up, reiterating the purpose of this site.

    With many thanks for your excellent clarification,


  12. Awakening Consciousness says:

    Thank you, Sabine. What is even more interesting is the fact that conniving Shahrokh M has deflected and impinged on a straightforward prosecution being brought against him, because a few months ago he has issued a massive multi-million claim against the Law society through the Californian supreme court (what a joke), in the jurisdiction he continues to hide away, which therefore makes it awkward to prosecute him when he has a pending action against another party!! He’s a wily criminal, just like his “wife”, who has prostituted her integrity to aid and abet him and was /is being paid to do so!

    As to the involved staff at the Bankruptcy court, they made racist comments and showed extreme prejudice against poor Dr. Oraki, and have no doubt illegally assisted Ms Mishari in order to cover their own backs over the fraudulent “bankruptcies” against the Orakis – ironically petitioned by Mireskandari himself! No wonder they’ve all bolted out of the door now, by leaving the court’s employ! See how very important it is to get the full story?

    Mireskandari and his entourage is nothing more than an amoral conman with a pack of salivating hyena-followers who has used LAUNDERED STOLEN FUNDS to bribe “people in high places” to get away with financial murder against innocent people for all these years. He appears to have bribed the Met police (resulting in Ali Dizaiei being jailed for corruption charges and the resignation of Chief Commissioner Sir Paul Stevenson), and because the corruption in the Met is “still alive and kicking”, the new guys on the block are heading the same way as Ali Dizaie did – they raided the Orakis family home on 17 December 2011, breaching all of their PACE codes, stealing personal items after refusing to give their ID (this is DS Lander and “Malik”), and searching for the evidence which Dr. Oraki had discovered that exposed fraudster Mireskandari! This would appear to prove the police have been ‘bought off by Mireskandari – it is only a question of time when the tables will be turned on to the REAL ones who should be criminally charged. Everyone needs to now write to complain to the CPS about Dr Oraki being charged, and also to complain about the corruption within the Met police which is clearly NOT yet cleaned up!

  13. JM says:

    um, plenty to ponder there….

  14. Ramin says:

    Mireskandari defened my ex when she did a hit and run ,She got off and then the two of them destroyed my life

  15. anne torrens says:

    I have just taken away my case notes and found myself another Solicitor,as the Solicitor who had taken my case and given it to a so called good Barrister, failed to state that he was not a practising Barrister. He was also trying to get money out of me by phone calls to my home. He turned up late for my hearings twice and I was issued with costs of £400 because of his unprofessional behaviour and lack of preparation for my case.
    I have also researched and found out that he is a crook and con man. Who has also spent some time in prison else where. He actually appears in a Court Newsletter as having conned someone just Weeks ago in London.

    I’m hoping to to be able to claim back my fees through the new solicitor and report the Company to the Law Society and Ondibusman.

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