Invitations to Online Activists: Abolish the City, Inquiry into Policing and Restore Magna Carta!

City of London CorporationThis excellent news came as a text message from journalist Tony Gosling: John McDonnell MP has tabled an Early Day Motion about the abuse of power by the City of London Corporation:

That this House congratulates the Bureau of Investigative Journalism for its thorough research in exposing the abuse of power by the City of London Corporation in using its public resources in a multi-million pound lobbying exercise to distort Government policies, in particular its tax regime, in the interests of the banks and finance houses that control the City Corporation through its undemocratic electoral system based on the business vote; and calls on the Government to instigate an urgent independent inquiry into the role and influence of the City Corporation with the aim of bringing forward proposals for its abolition.

Everybody who knows that and how we’ve been trying to redress the imbalance between Westminster and the City since 1998 will know that this brings a smile on my face!

What can you do? Ask your MP to sign the EDM by using WriteToThem.

And while you’re emailing your MP, check whether they are one of the 91 MPs who signed the request for a Royal Commission on Policing.

I know that many people don’t believe in MPs any more. But I know there are a few gems among them, and John Hemming and John McDonnell, the sponsors of these 2 EDMs certainly belong to them. Reading EDMs that they sponsor or sign is one excellent way of finding out what they are into.

Another thing you can do online is to sign Colin Peters’ petition to Restore the Magna Carta for true justice from our peers. It is targeted at the Prime Minister.

I’m sure you discover new things you can do online every day. You just have to find “your way”.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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13 Responses to Invitations to Online Activists: Abolish the City, Inquiry into Policing and Restore Magna Carta!

  1. Tony Butler says:

    Magna Carta remains intact : No Parliament, Judge or Monarch can alter it – lawfully.

    Magna Carta
    “…here is a law which is above the King and which even he must not break. This reaffirmation of a supreme law and its expression in a general charter is the great work of Magna Carta; and this alone justifies the respect in which men have held it.”
    Winston Churchill

    “We should recognise a hierarchy of Acts of Parliament: as it were “ordinary” statutes and “constitutional statutes”. The special status of constitutional statutes follows the special status of constitutional rights. Examples are the Magna Carta, Bill of Rights 1689 … Ordinary statutes may be impliedly repealed. Constitutional statutes may not…”
    Divisional Court ruling in the case of the “Metric Martyrs” 2002, (sections 62 and 63)

    It follows therefore that any changes made were unlawful and therefore invalid.

    It is our common law that needs restoring and the right to defend our individual freedoms granted by Magna Carta, in a true Court of Law, in which, both the law and the controversy are examined by a randomly selected jury, who reach their verdit according to their conscience.

    Tyranny by government and the judiciary can only be prevented by the jury, which possesses the authority to nullify bad and unjust laws by refusing to convict.

    The lie: “There is no excuse for breaking the law!” is the cry of the tyrant, laws
    are made to protect society, not to punish it. In the days when we issued a summons it always stated, “That you did, without lawful authority, or reasonable excuse commit the offence of …” for no Jury would convict someone who acted reasonably in the circumstances.

    Trials, without a jury are unlawful, if the Government seeks to remove our liberty or seize our property it must by Law (common law) prent its case to a jury. Fines and seizures before conviction in a court of Common Law, by our peers (jury) are illegal and banned. The threat of fines before conviction in a court of law, void the offence. (Bill of Rights)

    Therefore, it is the enforcement of our 35 times ratified British Constitution that is required, the outlawing of the Law Society’s use of Legalise to trick defendants and remove their Constitutional right to a trial by jury.

    We must restore the authority and powers of the Jury, which has been taken by the judges for themselves. A Judge has no lawful power in Common Law, to either judge, decide the penalty of those convicted, or select what evidence the Jury is allowed to see. Those powers belong to the jury, we are judged and sentenced by our peers.

    It is the independent and randomly selected twelve people who comprise a jury and are considered to hold, between them, the views of the ‘country’ that are the bedrock of democracy and freedom.

    Though wresting power back from the politicians and judiciary will be a battle, it is one that we cannot afford to lose.

  2. peter oakes says:

    It is obvious from the MPs supporting the Royal Commission into
    Policing are all Labor or Liberal.

    Only One conservative has voted in favor !. How can Cameron say his
    Party is in the Public Interest ? when it is blatantly supporting by
    Omission the “Legal Mafia” that exploits the British Public stealing
    pensions, property, assets of all types,

    This needs reporting to the House of Commons transparency committee
    it should be impossible in a democracy for such an imbalance to exist by
    happenstance, there must be deliberate interference from the Tory
    leadership, Is this because they are protecting their parties donors
    and financial supporters ?

    May be the ” can of worms has a loose lid “

  3. Colin Peters says:

    That’s great news Sabine.
    For an MP to reference the abuse of power by a huge body like the City of London Corporation might only be a small step away from another MP citing the many abuses of power committed on a daily basis by lawyers and judges.
    Let’s hope so because little by little certain sections of the media such as the Daily Mail in Sheida’s case and the Guardian in Patrick’s case seem to be becoming less reluctant in criticising the ‘system’ and its members.

    Encouraged by this, more MPs might be more willing to ‘come out of the closet’ and speak against injustices suffered by their own constituents.

    Let’s hope so because we need it!

    Thank you for promoting my petition which I admit, could have been better worded, but I think that the bulk of people know where I am coming from.

    Thousands of years ago Magna Carta was brought into being to ensure that we, the people, should not be lumbered with the kind of evil system of law which we have right now!

    The petition had stalled and I’ve just checked it out to find that you have given it a kick start. Well done Sabine.

    If it is going to be of any use to us at all we must have thousands of signatures, and if we can reach all of the victims, apart from just the many that we know of, we shall have thousands!

  4. Roger Gough says:

    Leveson was prefaced I believe by a question; ‘Who guards the guardians?’ Yes, we can hope for a ‘randomly selected jury’ but the selection process is handled by the executive’s agents in secret. When the need for them arises, they can be expected to turn it to their advantage like just about everything else.

    An ageing friend of mine once asked me for advice about how to get out of jury service. “Tell ’em you’re an alcoholic”. It worked; he was never called.

    I offered the same excuse when I was called for duty and they said that it was no excuse. I again declined their offer and said that I was racist. (As ex-old bill it had been proven to the satisfaction of Macpherson after all that we were institutionally racist. Why was I different?) ‘We don’t believe you. Present yourself to the Judge on Monday in an attempt to prove your point; not to do so will be contempt’. I went along – just me, him and the clerk. When asked, I told him a racist joke and he said, ‘I’ve heard funnier. See you Monday morning.’

    Apropos Leveson: On The Media Show this week (R4), Neil Wallis (still on bail) was asked his opinion of Leveson. “There’s one fault. There’s a gaping great hole in the enquiry concerning a story that no one will talk about. It’s relevant, everybody knows about, it but no one will speak about it”. Q “So what is it about?” A “I won’t say.” (Answers on a postcard pse.) Might the fragrant Rebekah tell all as she’s led to the cells after being found ‘Guilty’ of her indiscretions?

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  7. Peter Danby says:

    Policing in my area i find is selective, i have been falsely arrested twice and given a kicking, the WPC wanted me dead before we got to custody”. If Common Law was taken seriously the police officers would been taken to court on various charges, but as we all know, police officers are let off with serious crimes which the public would get a prison sentence for. We need to do something that stops more statute laws being enacted, they are out of control. I believe 3,000 statute laws were introduced when Labour where in power, the coalition party as part of their manifesto were going to get rid of these useless statutes, but have done nothing, in fact the coalition government have introduced more statutes, it’s time we took back our country…!

    • There are 91 MPs who signed the Early Day Motion on a “Royal Commission on Policing”. Have you been in touch with your MP? See

      • Peter Danby says:

        I do not contact my MP as the previous one reported me to the police for asking advice, i got a harassment warning, i guess they don’t like me knowing the truth….!

        • I would try the new one, asking about EDM 1604 and also approach John Hemming MP. He is very supportive of Victims Unite and is prompt on emails.

          • Peter Danby says:

            I do not trust any MPs, as far as am concerned they all have their own agenda and that does not help us… We have been let down to much for my liking. Back in 2010 when i was kidnapped by the police they tried to put a asbo on me for contacting people/organisations asking for help in my issues, i did not know that contacting people/organisations was a crime. This is why i will not have any dealings with my new MP.

            • I would not ‘extrapolate’ from one individual to another. I would ALWAYS give every person a first chance.

              In my world, everybody does their best. If they knew better, they would do better.

              But your choice is yours.

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