Labour Councillor for Leicester Manish Sood found guilty of Grooming School kids for sex

Labour25 started by publishing information about 25 convicted paedophiles in the Labour Party. Now there are 36 in total.

And this is their latest story:

The parents of the children swore at the Labour Councillor as he was found guilty of trying to molest their children as he was ushered quickly by security staff at Leicester Crown Court. The paedophile known as Labour Councillor for Leicester Manish Sood who stood in the dock brings the Labour Party paedophiles to total a staggering 36 with Four others arrested and slipping through the court system. But there was no slipping away from the judge at this court.. and the verdict was guilty.

The Labour25 listed paedophile Manish Sood, spotted an advertisement by a school girl for a job in Gumtree, an online service with a part time work column. Paedophile Manish Sood then decided to phone her and asked her for sex at a fixed price. The child got frightened and was so scared, she told no-one but her friend in her school. She told her friend what the paedophile Labour councillor was asking her to do for him. He sent scores of filthy text messages and phone calls of an explicit nature.

The victim’s friend got angry, so she rang Manish Sood and told him to leave her friend alone. Manish Sood then asked her who she was and when he realised that she was a child too, he asked to meet her for a ‘massage.’ ‘’I will pick you up from school.’’ he commented. ‘’Can you bring condoms for me.’’ He added, then he asked the child to wear toe rings. The filth poured out and the Two children couldn’t stop the Labour paedophile. Around 200 phone calls and text messages by Manish Sood were received by the children offering sex for money. He offered them £200 each, but the kids refused.

Then they realised he wouldn’t go away, so they contacted their teacher, who listened in on the conversation by the Labour paedophile. The Judge gave him a Three year supervision order and banned from being near children unsupervised. Manish Sood admitted in court his fixation for little girls. His mother, also involved with the Labour Council in Leicester as aid to the Mayor, stood by him throughout the trial, saying he was a ‘good man.’
If it wasn’t for the protection of paedophiles by the Leicester Labour Council.. the newly prosecuted Labour25 paedophile Manish Sood would be in prison for grooming children.
The parents shouted ‘’Labour Paedophiles at it again.’’ And ‘’Get with the Labour25 paedophiles.’’ At the closing of the case when a member of Parents Against Paedophiles gave out 120 leaflets to passers by who vented their anger.

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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7 Responses to Labour Councillor for Leicester Manish Sood found guilty of Grooming School kids for sex

  1. Stanley Embling says:

    Would it not be a blessing if all such perverts in Politics the Courts and other positions of Powers and wherever hiding; were named and shamed? But as with every thing else we know such perverts with Money and wealth stop such happening!! Therefore Why do people vote for and allow such perverted and corrupt People to Control and run our country with such impunity and act as though free from recriminations as former Labour MP Prime Minister Charles Tony Lynton Blair, (alleged caught soliciting in certain Mens Public Toilets [in his University days,]) did?

  2. Colin Peters says:

    Let us not also forget that when the Operation Ore scandal broke, it was claimed that many high ranking policemen and lawyers and judges names were on the list.
    Up to press s few minnows have been thrown to the media but what about the bigger fish?
    Who is covering up for them or do they not really exist?

  3. peter oakes says:

    Is it fickle fate ? The one criminal offence that reveals ALL MPs,
    public servants ? Police, solicitors, judges, are accomplices and accessories after the fact is !

    R – V – SOOD. False declaration ! Sectn. 5. 1911 Perjury Act.

    Did an honest Doctor . Under-taker, Nurse. or similar bubble Dr. Sood.
    for committing this offence by signing death certificates ! on dead citizens
    he had never seen !

    Was this grassing-up done by a decent Doctor who suspected Dr.Sood
    was up to no good involved in paedophilia etc. ? But scared to death
    of being charged with ” RACISM ” if he/ she expressed their opinion or
    indeed their experience of serious wrong-doing by Dr. Sood.

    Was Dr. Sood covering up serious criminal offences ? carried out by
    his ethnic community ? After all just a few days ago a Mother & Father
    of Asian origin were imprisoned for LIFE for murdering their OWN Daughter
    in a Honor Killing, racialists clap trap from bigoted religious ancient
    immigrants hell bent on destroying the culture and nationality of Gt. Britain
    is this the truth ? supported by treacherous civil servants trying to
    prevent the civil unrest ! that will happen due to Asian men abusing
    young British girls because they only respect arranged marriages and
    any free thinking girl is a slut to be sexually exploited by frustrated
    Asians that are married and mature but desire lustful pornographic escapes by use of so-called white and loose un – age British girls.

    Did the authorities go to great length to conceal the truth from the Public
    because of a ” Racist ” backlash !

    Best stop now. Telling the Tactless truth can get you in trouble in the
    good old UK.

  4. Acknowledging TONY BLAIRS student t escapades ,depraved though they may have been in those times ? I am struggling to find out details of GORDON BROWNs junior ” experiences ” (sexually ? ) . Being the known fact that this man only bought the love of a good woman so late in his life (past his sell -by date ) one is led to wonder if some accommodating person had it in for him ??? Is this the reward for starting with a bottom then working his way up ?

  5. Anonymous says:

    The statue of Justice is shown blindfold over the Old Bailey!
    Justice should be impartial of appearance

  6. Dear All ,a good friend reminded me the other day ; that a certain Anthony Charles Lynton Bliar in his ” COTTAGING ” days also had a penchant for sexual crossdressing ,which assisted him tremendously in him giving his POSH speaking ,snob friends , whom attended UNI . To his fantastic performance as “MIRANDA ” the STRIPPER , gaining much applause from the attendant NOBility . It is still whispered in HIGH-PLACES that his long curly auburn locks enhanced his performances ,in ” bringing the house down “, which was a prerequisite for his meteoric rise to POWER (as you may have noticed ) ? If you care to “Google ” ” YURI BEZMENOV ” whom stated that the U.S.S.R. were in their final stages of ” SUBVERSION ” of both the U.S.A. & G.B . via the employment of ” intellectual IDIOTS ” to vastly lower the morality of the peoples of the West & ensuring their becoming more PLIANT in accepting the mantle of Communism willingly . Further ; he said it was easily achieved by guiding , & assisting “intellectual , pervert , IDIOTS “, especially professors in universities to assist their programs of internal SUBVERSION to be accomplished quickly .This enabled two things to occur , (A ) Breaking the moral will of the People & ( B ) Rapidly elevating ” Dodgy People ” into power control positions ,such as High Court Judges ,politicians ,Etc . As we all now can clearly see ,YES ? Good Googling My Friends . God Bless You All . JIM .

  7. If you think Manish Sood is bad.. Google Labour25 Susan Smith Labour Councillor Lambeth council. She was charged and sent to prison with her transvestite lover Ron Lineker for abducting a child, dying her hair, and making her do Three in a bed sex against her will. They both got 3 years for rape and abduction. There are 39 labour party monsters in all, the newly discovered ones are John Johnson and Richard Harris.

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