The “Absurdity of Social Services” on Slovak TV – incl. Protest in Nottingham

In my observation, most victims of Social Services and secret Family Courts tend to believe in justice and fairness, until they experience very harsh realities.

This was true for a Slovak father who lost his two sons to foster parents who were allowed to adopt them.

When he gave up believing in The Rule of Law, he spoke to the press and TV in his home country. This TV news reported on 21st August 2012 on the ‘absurdity of Social Services’ as well as a protest against child snatching in Nottingham. 

He lost his £50,000 p.a. job as well as his house, due to the trauma inflicted upon him.

He knows of some 30 Slovak families who are affected as well as many others, especially from small countries.

The TV programme caused John Hemming MP to table this Early Day Motion: HUMAN RIGHTS and FORCED ADOPTIONS in the ENGLISH and WELSH COURTS. Please ask your MP to sign it!

In his desperation and hope for justice, he wrote this letter to the Prime Minister:

The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA
United Kingdom

Dear Mr. Cameron

I am a Slovak father of three boys and a girl,

Two years ago social services took my two youngest boys, aged 3 and 4 years, into care and began the process of investigation with a view to put them up for adoption.

My sons and I have been made the victims of a long and drawn out investigation which has resulted in the judge’s decision being to allow my sons to be adopted. There is no evidence to suggest that I am guilty of abusing my children, there cannot be as I did not do it. Still, it was found that I was the responsible party. It is impossible to prove that I did not do it, and my request to undergo a polygraph test has been declined / ignored.

I have no idea on where else to turn, but I am desperate to prove my innocence so that I can be reunited with my children. Please can you help me to have all the evidence re-checked, and the case re-opened so that I can bring my children home.

I look forward to hearing back from you and I can be contacted as follows

Yours sincerely

Vladimir Boor
07511 564 116

PS. It is my intention to appeal to Ivan Gašparovič – the president of Slovakia for assistance


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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39 Responses to The “Absurdity of Social Services” on Slovak TV – incl. Protest in Nottingham

  1. Anonymous says:

    The protest by Slovak families at Medway Family Court is amazing but I’m surprised that Kent Police and the SS didn’t come out and snatch all the children. I bet the Slovak children are adopted by non-Slovak families something ordered by the perverse Marxist SS workers. I know SS purposely target foreign families as easy meat seeing as they are usually without extended family to support them and do not speak English well. All to meet adoption targets introduced by the Labour Party that the coalition government want to make easier to meet!

    Europe is aware of the child abuse going on in Britain by local council SS brigades and it is only a matter of time before these shameful crimes are known to the British Public. It is absolutely disgusting what SS are doing and must be stopped

    • Robert Dooran says:

      Are you familiar with the term Godwin’s law? Referring to social services as the ‘SS’ makes you sound like a loon.

      • Maggie says:

        Mr Dooran, do your research go back to the Eugenics society, if you do not know who they were, they are now known as the world population. Then go to Mr Hitler check out the SS, so what is new in 2012, the new name for Mr Hitlers SS is social services you must agree social services sounds far better then SS, but by god they are the same organisation. 20 first century Mr Hitlers SS ripping families apart. Now go back and become the silent witness as all the children in the land are.

        • Dear Maggie

          Please don’t be disappointed if Mr Dooran doesn’t come back to you. He tried to come back under a few disguises, but I blocked him from this as other of my sites.

          Hence the “Mental Health Warning” and the page about “Haters & Trolls”.

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  3. Fred Godwin says:

    Mr Dooran please tell me what is wrong with using the acronym SS when refering to Social Services? You sound like one of the Marxist internet thought police who think they can tell everyone what to do. By the way are you a social worker?

  4. Anonymous says:

    From what I can see Robert the only “loon” on this sight seems to be your obnoxious self.

  5. Jimmy says:

    Obviously some very persuasive arguments for Robert to deal with here.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Very persuasive indeed Jimmy.
    Perhaps it is best to allow him to find a way of answering Fred Godwins’ questions first.

  7. Anonymous dude that wants justice says:

    Well considering the things that have happened, does ANYONE know where, when and how they hit the specific families ????? Is there any chance of it coming to Wales?? Or is it just over England?? Please people answer me, because I have been as many say “On Needles”. Thank you

    • The map in the online version shows you the ‘intertrade’ between Local Councils. It is said that Kent is the capital of Peadophilia UK.

      This portfolio of nine cases that I submitted to the Education Committee covers three of the worst cases we know in Wales.

      The Stop the Secrecy in Family Courts petition was initiated in Wales.

      David Paul Jenkins lost his 3 sons to Cardiff Social Services and is very active on Facebook. I leave the rest to Google and other Search mechanisms…

  8. Carnabwth says:

    Children have been kidnapped in Wales for –
    Parents complaining that their children are being bullied.
    Parents speaking out against the Establishment.
    Teachers and Headteachers making up stories.
    Being believed to be or are travellers.
    Redundancies provide feeding frenzies for SS to take children.
    Anyone even a nosey neighbour can make a false story based on heresay that will trigger Police and SS coming to your door.
    Lets not forget Headteachers, teachers and Police are part of this.

  9. Anonymous says:

    im slovakian i do no now they stealing children from families no reason social workers will get in problems soon

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a Slovakian living and working in UK and I’m struggling to believe this. There is far more children on adoption list than there is families who want to adopt. Why would Social Services take away someones children for no reason when there’s not enough foster parents? I’ve seen some of these so called families and they give me goosebumps. I feel sorry for their children. These often non english speaking, uneducated, unskilled and violent people come here to sponge off the government and are surprised when they have their children taken away from them. These people are mostly romany gypsies or people with extremely rough background often running away from trouble back home in their own country. Makes me feel ashamed for being slovakian

      • JM says:

        um, what happened to the reply from ‘commented’ that just came around on the email that i came here to reply to?

      • JM says:

        oh, it’s back…changed to ‘anonymous’…


        Plenty of English people and of all nationalities that behvae like that. you shouldn’t be ashamed of a whole nation because of one or two.

        I’m ashamed to be born English- but that’s because of the governemnt for past century or so and all who work for them….

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Anonymous, I am a Czech Roma living in UK… And probably to ur surprise I do work, pay tax and take care of my family (No Benefits).. My English Is not as good as yours but my character for sure…WTH is wrong with Czech and Slovak?!!!!! You know what.. My reason to move to UK is not economical as probably yours, but I am actually sick to listen all your bull shits. First of all how come that you guys and I mean Czech and Slovak can blame all community for some of their bad members.. I do not blame all the Czech, that they are stealers, just because one off them is!!! (Mr. president and his stolen pen)

      Do I blame all Czech that they kill new-borns just because some of them did… NO I blame those who did it !!!! So how come that you, who are so intelligent well educated do not understand the basic?!!! That if someone in the community is bad it does NOT necessary mean, that all the community is bad… This is exactly what you are doing… put all of us to one bag. And even more some of you are not shamed to share your bull shits on the internet…. You should realize u are no more in Nazi Slovak Republic, but in multicultural country where people live next to each other and do not care whether they are Roma or Japanese…

      BTW all what have happened to Bor family seems to be truth. and they were not uneducated poor and on benefits family…..

  10. Anonymous says:

    Prime Minister will not do anything about this problem, He knows it happens and he agrees to that. Its stupid ,its discrimination..

  11. Anonymous dude that wants justice says:

    So there have been cases in WALES??? If so when and where specifically please do say, as I am in Wales

  12. Carnabwth says:

    Where do you want to start in Wales.
    You have the Paedophile Playground of Carmarthenshire.with its pseudo cults and the infamous North Wales Masonic Paedophile gang that involved the Police and leading figures of public life.
    Exploitation in Bridgend.
    Gross abuse in Swansea, Neath Port Talbot, Bridgend and Cardiff.
    Child Trafficking is a lucrative business that props up Local Authority slush funds, a legal monopoly, and open market for abuse and Luciferian recreation and initiations.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    illuminati centra v washington ,watican, and britishRoyal, I bet that kids doctor removes blood and if we take one hour with their parents, we have to stop them!

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  17. Anonymous says:

    good luck, God help

  18. Nic Hull says:

    MP David Ward has invited us to attend his ‘surgery’ in order to dispel these terrible untruths and vicious rumors about our brilliant Social Services and the good work they do in striving, as has always been the case, to ensure every step is taken to have children remain with their parents, every effort is made to ensure this.

    We welcome any of these families who have fabricated these ridiculous lies and terrible rumors to email, write to and attend The charming family man Mr Wards home and discuss these lies face to face.

    We are also confident that every effort is made to reassure any foreign visitors wishing to bring children into the UK that it is now safe to do so, please bring all of your children to us, and then please, as of personal request by David, fuck off back home without them, and stay there.

    Thank you.

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