Out in 2007: Family Court Hell – 1 Father, 133 hearings and 33 judges => Fathers 4 Justice

Thanks to a woman in HMP Holloway whose son was taken by Barnet Council, I learned about this book. She says that 60-70% of all women in Holloway used to be in care, adopted or live with foster parents… She also said that one of the prison warders said that 40-60% of all mothers whose children are taken are foreigners…

This is one man’s harrowing story of frustration and determination as he battled for access rights to his young daughters following the bitter break-up of his marriage. Incredibly, his was a journey that spanned almost ten years, with 133 hearings by 33 judges, and which reportedly cost the taxpayer over GBP1 million.

What should have been a “simple contact dispute” somehow resulted in this innocent family man effectively being criminalized by the family courts, resulting in a stretch on the A Wing of the infamous Pentonville prison, which housed convicted murderers, terrorists, gun runners and drug dealers.

Mark Harris eventually took his case public and the campaign for fathers’ rights took off – with the formation of Fathers 4 Justice. This is a shocking story that deserves to be heard. Here is a Daily Mail article about one of his acts.

Later, in 2001, Matt O’Connor formed another Fathers 4 Justice group, after he also had problems seeing his children when separating from his first wife.

The fact that family courts are secret when children are forcefully being removed, can be understood in a world of white collar crimes.

But Fathers clearly suffer from that secrecy, when just trying to get access to their children!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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13 Responses to Out in 2007: Family Court Hell – 1 Father, 133 hearings and 33 judges => Fathers 4 Justice

  1. If God is with you why submit to political chattel judiciary judgement as they are known to be mass murdering human flesh traffickers. Is there nothing in life worth fighting for ? Kangaroo Kourt…just look at the US NYC WTC cop and fire fighter 911 mass kill-off… These judiciary do not care. Examine the MOTIVE of these NYC WTC NWO 911 cop killers in the US.


  2. Neal Butterworth says:

    And the references to Coleridge – were noted years ago – and in the intervening years F4J – its founder in particular have been found wanting for their sincerity. Some people are years and years out of touch. Publicists and those who give fuel to exposure – are also fallable as in how they too can be fooled.

  3. Anonymous says:

    so neal if your child was taken from you , what would you do?

  4. One more broken heart, in such a long list, may be a mere drop in the bucket of despair; but many drops make a lake; even an ocean, and while the ripples they cause may seem insignificant, when one ripple joins another, a wave may result.

    The mire of injustice has increased only because good people have stood by, and done nothing; thinking there was little they could do, even if they knew about it, and the media have engaged in reporting the sensational misbehavior of celebrities while neglecting cases more deserving of column inches or broadcasting time.

    • Very well put, Maureen!

      Thanks for cheering me up!

      I always refer to the mosquitoes that ultimately will kill the elephant…

      But the tear drops building up a wave is more appropriate!…

      Sighs and hopes – against all the odds!…

      • I know how you feel; the list of victims gets longer; one feels so frustrated at the whinging records of those who could, and should help, but do not. I am so tired of people in positions of ‘so-called’ authority who make the claim ‘…it’s not within my remit…’

  5. Anonymous says:

    When we are wounded, like all animals, we turn to bite that which we believe is inflicting the pain; even though it may not be the cause.

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