400 People demonstrate outside the UK Embassy in Bratislava (Slovakia)


Protest outside UK Embassy for Martin and Samuel BoorHere it is:  paper planes flying for Martin and Samuel, the two boys taken by UK Social Services with 3 police cars, from the Lutheran Pastor of the family 2 years ago – on the 5 o’clock news of TV Slovakia, starting at 3:56 until 7:58.

A protest before the UK Embassy – with some 400 people and the following English placards:

  • STOP legal kidnappers
  • BRITAIN thief of children
  • Freedom for (Vladimir) Boor’s Family
  • UK our model???
  • Kids to Mothers
  • Justice for Decent Mom

Echoing the remarkable Italian film about a father and son, longing for his mother in a concentration camp, protesters chant Life is Beautiful.

And a Slovakian paper published that the Court case will be re-opened. The bottom of the page refers to a Slovak family whose 5 children were taken… Praised be the web that offers translation!

Here it is on Facebook: the mother with her sons…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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20 Responses to 400 People demonstrate outside the UK Embassy in Bratislava (Slovakia)

  1. forcedadoption says:


  2. Colin Peters says:

    Thank you for publishing this Sabine and bringing it to my attention. You are more capable than myself, and, I will support you in any way that I can in getting on the back of this, in bringing the horrific injustice currently being suffered by the Musa family, to the attention of the British public.

  3. peter oakes says:

    Edward Timpson MP is My MP ! he is a Barrister and he is an accomplice and
    co-conspirator with corrupt police and Cllrs. in Crewe Cheshire.

    He knows the Courts and authorities conspire together to achieve a result
    that is favorable to kidnappers re:Corey Raymond Bradley. kidnapped by
    Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss.

    Timpson MP knows the Courts are corrupt! and used to steal assets and money via. the Insolvency Process he is a Legal Mafia Member and no
    doubt now engaged in child trafficking.

  4. peter oakes says:

    Hi Sabine. Very interested in latest Victims Unite exposure re: Slovakia. I cannot let it pass by not expressing my deepest sympathy for the 2 lady constables killed on duty in Manchester yesterday, their relatives will be distraught and totally unaware of why it happened ! The reasons are the same as Raul Moat in Newcastle. And that is the total corruption in the senior ranks of the police, Peter Fahy chief constable of Manchester is totally corrupted from being chief constable of Cheshire.

    I have documents concerning Edward Timpson MP and of course info. of kidnapping by Butler -Sloss I will forward some of them by mail if you are still in London.

    Given your experience of documents in courts re: Ebert Woodgreen this year you may understand my next request; Could you please ask John Hemming MP. to write to me on House of Commons stationery requesting any information I have concerning child abduction and kidnapping by the judiciary or other govnt. agency

    E-mail will not suffice as I only deal in documents and a letter from the House is in fact a “summons” and a legal, civic duty to be complied with ! I hope you can understand my reasons because of my total uselessness on computors Regards Peter O. ________________________________

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  6. Hitoshi Kitano says:

    Why is there a Japanese flag outside the British embassy?

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  8. john c malcolm says:

    Forced adoptions are a serious breach of human rights and should be banned by the EU . It is not surprizing the Slovakian Govt. is upset and it upsets me that the UK is “defending” its case with lawyers paid for with tax money. Tax money coming from all of us. The people who want forced adoptions should be asked to pay the money back out of their own funds.

  9. Ludovit ZLATY says:

    here you can watch the full documentary prepared by TV JOJ (with English subtitles)… 😦

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  12. Before you write a blog, you need the correct facts? Am i right? Yes i am, you quite obviously do not have the correct facts so this is completely untrue almost fictional if you like. I know this case inside out and i knew both Martin and Samuel personally and so much over the media about this whole case is fictional. I think you should look back at what you think you know and ask your self is it really true what you have been told? Because i can tell you now its all a load of CRAP!!! Kind Regards

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