There was an ‘arguable case’ that the family court judge had ‘fallen into error’

United Kingdom

United Kingdom (Photo credit: stumayhew)

Now we get to read it in the Dail Mail: Slovakian grandmother wins right to challenge High Court adoption ruling keeping grandsons in the UK

  • She wants the boys, who were born in England to Slovakian parents, to leave the UK
  • Social workers intervened after one suffered an injury thought to have been caused by his father.

Meanwhile, the boys are staying with their foster / adoptive parents…

But if the adoption is reversed, this may become an important precedence!


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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12 Responses to There was an ‘arguable case’ that the family court judge had ‘fallen into error’

  1. boris says:

    right now I’m watching a document on TV JoJ Plus about the Mum Booterova.Its seems to me that there is something so bad the Social Services and so on my whole family is crying watching this I’m from Slovakia got a 8 month old baby and feel scared so hopeless and without any power.I cant believe whats is actually happening here in UK.The mother is a professional child carer got many certificates is able to open a child care for up to 8children and not able to be with her own children when the mother is a professional carer for children.There is something rotten in this and the social serv. don’t want to admit their fault as its gone to far.Please if there is somebody out there that can help please help there is nothing worse than mother or father not being able to be with his own child.I wud kill myself.

    • You can’t compare who suffers more: the mum or the dad. For SS told the mum, if she claimed that the dad WAS aggressive / abusive, she would get the kids!

      Of course, that was just part of the ‘game’… No wonder, the stress was too much for the couple to stay together… We are / have been helping as best as we can!

      But it’s never enough: mums in prison have said that the biggest paedophile ring is the State!

  2. Well, the mums in prison are right; but paedophila goes higher up.

    I refer to the related article “Foreign government may take UK to European court over its ‘illegal’ child-snatching’. Publicity is vital and credit is due to Christopher Booker of the Telegraph who reports as far as he is allowed re the UK baby-snatchers, but we get back to the point of working within the matrix; nothing is going to change because the Illuminati families control all the world’s courts/govts/mainstream media… This is just more of the arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. It doesn’t matter if the Slovakian Govt [or any country’s Govt] pick a fight with the UK Govt or if the ECHR poke their nose into it. The only result will be fat cat lawyers and other professionals raking it in. Christopher Booker needs to go further and expose the Masonic Mafia who are behind all State child-snatching injustices [in Britain and Internationally] and the illuminati families who head the evil Secret Society network. But he won’t cos his hands are tied. Ex Illuminati insider ‘Svali’ describes them as a “sadistic Satanic cult of the richest, most powerful people in the world. They are above governments and are untouchable. They are largely homosexual and paedophilic, they practice animal and child sacrifice and ritual murder. They work ‘hand in glove’ with Freemasonry and control the world traffic in drugs, guns, porn and prostitution…” Whilst the general populace of ‘sheople’ remain in ignorant bliss and apathy, the Illuminati families continue bulldozing through their evil NWO. They achieve success, through their loyal Masonic networks, by the complete destruction of strong, loving, productive, intelligent, ‘bedrock of society’ families. [Notice that Social Services rarely intervene in the families that need their help, they largely leave genuinely abused children to suffer and die – Baby P, Victoria Climbie, the children who exist in children’s ‘homes’ …] These ‘divide and conquer’ techniques are used amongst the ‘working classes’ of all populations:- countries are pitted against each other; religious groups against each other …

    Svali states that the Illuminati families are “well-respected ‘Christian’ appearing business leaders in the community” and that their “image in the community is all-important; they will do anything to maintain a normal, respected facade” and that they “DESPISE exposure”. She also says “I really don’t believe people will do anything about the Illuminati even if they know. The Illumanists don’t care who prints this stuff, or if they are ‘exposed’ because they are counting on the majority not believing it, having done a pretty good job with a media blitz campaign.” She points out that the ‘news’ papers/programmes address it as a “laughable conspiracy theory”. However she does add that it is possible to bring them down because of their “arrogance and carelessness” and states “Hopefully, as these people and their agenda are exposed the common man will rise up against this intended rule to be foisted upon an unspecting mankind.” It will take a few brave, determined leaders to awaken, organize and mobilize the masses. For more on ‘Svali’ see

    So, straight from the horse’s mouth. What’s needed is a mass worldwide awakening. We need some gutsy mainstream reporters and MPs to climb out of the box. But how many of them are willing to risk their careers? [and worse]. Courageous David Icke did and it landed him with months of ridicule and torment. But they’re not laughing at him now. [Well the trolls might be; but they’re insignificant.] Will Christopher Booker rise to the challenge? Will Sue Reid [who reports “How Social Services are paid bonuses to snatch babies”] of the Daily Mail? In all fairness, she too deserves credit for getting some truth out. But if she really wants to help put a stop to the heartache of forced adoption, she too will be bolder in her reporting. They could make a start by covering the Hollie Greig story and exposing Scottish Establishment paedophiles. Meanwhile the general populace need to turn off ‘Corrie’ and ‘Eastenders’, pay some attention to the ‘alternative press’, open their minds, questioning everything and think the unthinkable. Too late when the State Stooges come for their kids…

  3. katie says:

    I´ve spent last 4 hours watching the TV JOJ discusions with the grandmother of those two boys, people from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and people from Slovak Parliament and others ínvolved in this case, I can´t believe this is happening in 21st century in country like Great Britain – I understand that they made this law to protect abused kids but if the law can be twisted this way that means there is something terribly wrong with the whole system… I am sooo dissapointed, angry and disgusted.

    • Yes, it is sooo unbelievable that you can only believe it when you see it and when it happens to people you know.

      I have watched a criminal court case that was sooo farcical and sooo ‘staged’ that it can be called anything but ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’. BUT: judges get away with murder, for they are ‘the law’…

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  5. We have to get passionate; we’re heading for hell in a handbasket. Judges get away with murder because there is something terribly wrong with people’s inability to think, to notice what is going on around them and to do something to put things right. Further to Peter’s point about the two murdered police officers and Raul Moat, police officers obey the orders of their utterly corrupt puppet masters and they happily collect their wages seemingly oblivious to the part they play in the damage caused to humankind and the planet. DON’T POLICE OFFICERS REALISE THAT THEIR OWN CHILDREN WILL EVENTUALLY BE BITTEN BY THE VERY BEAST THEY ARE NURTURING? People who work for the Armed Forces, Social Services, Courts… also the Freemason foot soldiers, the Mainstream reporters who regurgitate the Govt propaganda and lies… they all need to think carefully about the role they’re playing in the ushering in of the Orwellian NWO nightmare. The ‘useful idiots’ will be in for a big surprise when they realise the noose they helped to tie will be placed around their own necks. People can’t perceive reality. The Bible says: “The people have eyes, yet they can’t see, they have ears, yet they can’t hear.” People in public service will sell out their mother for a paycheck, then attend church service on a Sunday. In Hitler’s Germany cops following orders went door to door rounding up innocent little Jewish children and shipped them to extermination camps. And most of them didn’t see anything wrong with what they were doing. Haven’t we learned anything from history?

    God offers the choice and we must decide to take a stand and pray. Pray for the courage to fight for our freedom; pray for individuals caught up in groups that teach lies and deception; pray for ourselves, for the spiritual strength to resist evil when it occurs and to choose righteousness and the love of God instead of selfishness; pray for the courage to be like those who are not merely bystanders, watchers of moral decay, in a world where evil won because “good men did nothing”, but to be like those who follow Jesus and “did something” to make a difference.

    The people in uniform are NOT our friends

    Back to ‘Svali’, people might be interested in the following:
    Ex-Illuminati Programmer turned Born-Again Christian and Whistleblower is Confirmed Alive and Well! by Ed Koni
    I have recently confirmed that Svali, the ex-Illuminati mind control programmer who opened the eyes of thousands of people on the internet with her writings and radio interview about the inner workings of the Illuminati, is indeed alive and well! Praise Jesus! She had not been heard from online since November of 2006 and it was feared she had been killed. I have learned that she is residing safely in an isolated place of refuge with a number of fellow Christian brothers and sisters. She is in no immediate danger and is continuing to heal and grow in the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no internet access where she is staying so she cannot electronically communicate with the outside world even if she wanted to. I cannot elaborate any further on her whereabouts as I don’t want to endanger her in any way.

    I know many of you, myself included, were very concerned that the cult had possibly eliminated Svali. It is a great joy knowing that the Lord Jesus has provided a safe haven for her and that she is being watched over by Him and the brethren there.

    Back in 1992, Svali and her first husband came to me and another pastor here in San Diego, CA and described some spiritual problems that Svali was experiencing. It was her desire to be free spiritually and she was really struggling to obtain that freedom she desperately sought after. We could tell by Svali’s reaction to our questions that there was a tremendous battle going on inside of her, but at that time we had no idea what was the extent of her problems or the upcoming spiritual battles that were soon to follow.

    The initial ministry sessions we had with Svali were absolutely incredible! The fight to keep her denial and programming in place was intense and there is no way Svali could have gotten as far as she did without putting her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We had much opposition from the enemy to try to keep Svali from uncovering her past but Svali is a real fighter and she wasn’t about to be denied. After a few months of very heavy ministry work the pressure became too much for Svali to stay any longer in San Diego. As she stated in her writings, San Diego is the west coast headquarters for the Illuminati and everywhere she went she was harassed and threatened. She finally had to flee for her life and left California.

    I lost touch with Svali for almost 10 years as I didn’t know exactly where she had went and I had no idea on how to contact her. One day I came across some of her writings under her pen name “Svali”, and I realized who it was. I was able to track her down and reconnect with her. She was very open to my call and thanked me for helping her to break down the initial stages of her denial system. I kept in touch with her off and on over the next few years and I warned her about the dangers of revealing too much about the inside workings of the Illuminati. She of course knew about the danger of this far more than I did.

    Although the Illuminati is very large and not easily intimidated, I am sure they were at least a bit concerned to have someone who had an intimate knowledge of how they program people and about their operations exposing it on the internet. Svali cared deeply for the people who have been hurt by this cult so she refused to be silenced about her past involvement despite many threats and attacks upon her and her family. She continued to write many articles about the Illuminati in hopes of helping people inside of the Illuminati to escape and to let the world know just how real this cult is and to reveal their plans of world domination. I believe we are seeing these plans now unfold to a greater degree around the world as the planned collapse of the world’s financial system seems to have been accelerated and is now in full swing.

    The Victory
    by Svali
    The greatest victory belongs to Jesus, He’s the One who heals and frees us.
    Satan thought he won and laughed, little did he know his victims are being let go!
    By the greatest power in heaven above, the redeeming power of God’s great love.
    Jesus is the One kneeling beside us, untying the cords by His, Holy Spirit inside us.
    Chasing away the darkness within, healing and cleansing us from the sin.
    Jesus we love you! Your children cry, Thank You for freeing us, when we thought we would die.
    Your mercy so great, I can’t understand, Calvary’s love to free the damned.
    Satan tried his feeble best, to fight a battle he’d already lost, because Jesus paid the cost.
    His ransom paid, I am not a slave any more, but a child, set free to say,

    Back to The Matrix, you’ll like this:

  6. peter oakes says:

    I will get back to that old chestnut ! ” There cannot be a God because He ?She
    would not permit such evil to go on ”

    Experience shows Child Abusers. Paedophiles, are so-called religeous
    Christian decent, honest, citizens

    So please drop born again Christians, Muslims, Adventist, Religions of
    all types are a curse on people un-fortunate enough to be born into a country
    with religeous control Catholics are by far the worste. Mexico. Ireland,
    Portugal, Spain, etc the Catholic priest have been disgusting ! but they are
    not the only ones. Before any idiot accusess,s me of religeous bias my
    own view is they are all the bloody same ! total hippocrites sailing under
    false flags

    And duping innocent people by abuse of their power ? a power they can
    only possess over ignorant peoples believe me I am a witch doctor and I
    will put a spell on you, or draw a curse on your family, well I must
    have upset god somewhere down the road for the hell I have endured as
    a victim.

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