The People have had enough: Masters of Cover-Up – How the Establishment closes ranks to protect its own and deny the people the truth

This Daily Mail article on 14th Sept 2012 is Stephen Glover’s account of his disillusionment and loss of faith in the ‘establishment’.

It could have been a summary of my 14 years of exposure to victim stories…

He cites:

  • cover-up, lies, obfuscation and incompetence in the South Yorkshire Police and ambulance service in the 1989 Hillborough disaster
  • the Police, Parliament, the Church, the civil service, government, the City and parts of the Press turn out to be self-serving, incompetent or dishonest
  • hundreds of paedophile cases in the Roman Catholic Church
  • the Church of England being slow to act in sexual abuse cases
  • the bankers: some of them showed recklessness and greed, while behaving as if the banks were their own property
  • most of all, we have been disheartened by the lies and evasions of government: Tony Blair manipulated the evidence in taking this country to war against Iraq.

Here is where I need to introject the link to a blog that I found thanks to Operation Ore with the suggestion that Blair was blackmailed by Bush into the Iraq war, by publishing that list of UK elite paedophiles – with a supportive article along these lines of criticism / exposure / investigation here.

According to the investigating Portuguese Police Officer, the McCanns were also closer to them than the truth about their daughter…

Stephen Glover asks: why should our institutions behave in this way and resist being accountable?

  • His tentative suggestion is that they have been reluctant to adopt the democratic age
  • they retain a conviction that they know what is best for us
  • there is a sense in which politicians, the police and the civil service still regard us almost as serfs with limited rights.

There’s good cause to be disenchanted by the way the police and so many of our other institutions cover up their mistakes and wrong-doing.

“Disenchanted?” The victims I know are deeply wounded, profoundly hurt and are desperately fighting a struggle that is far too hard in a battle that is simply too long…

US journalist Leah McGrath Goodman became a victim of the UK Establishment when she spoke about what she was researching: child abuse in Jersey

My explanation is that little boys are traumatised when they are torn away from their parents and sent to boarding schools. There the only ‘substitute’ for love is what older boys or teachers show them…

In secret family courts, they act out later what happened to them in childhood: they separate children from their parents…

We have now set up Taxpayers Unite! as a group that tackles accountability and illegality, starting with war crimes. For wars were made illegal in 1928 with the Kellogg-Briand Pact!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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31 Responses to The People have had enough: Masters of Cover-Up – How the Establishment closes ranks to protect its own and deny the people the truth

  1. Roger Gough says:

    The fact of the matter is that however earnest Mr Glover (and his paper) might be, they themselves are restricted. Firstly by way of Government edict in the form of PIIO’s; secondly by their overwhelming desire to remain ‘in the club’ themselves. They cannot or will not publish and be damned. It’s easier and more profitable. Does anyone seriously think that after receiving ‘advice’ from Lord Falconer and Michael Mansfield (which is to remain secret; ah ha, the makings of another cover up) the Liverpool families will receive any ‘justice’?

    • Actually, I think that ‘justice’ should be COMPENSATION. For in the end, ‘justice’ is always about money or freedom…

      But many victims would be happy with just the SENSE of ‘justice’, i.e. their wounds and damages being acknowledged!

      • JM says:

        I can’t agree with that. To quotes Versailles, ‘No reparations without punishment’.

        Besides it’s not THEIR money that you would be compensated with, it’s taxpayer’s i.e. YOURS.

        Lookup the compo payments for MKUltra victims- destroyed their lives, only a fraction could even claim and after decades of fighting for it—- a few poxy grand each….it’s not even a victory when the insult is that big. Didn’t even cover the interest on what was stolen from them…

    • What’s a PIIO, Roger?

      Google doesn’t seem to know…

      • Roger Gough says:

        Sabine, maybe I left an ‘0’ in when I shouldn’t have. I’ve always known them as Public Interest Immunity Orders, but google recognises PII. They can explain (!) They used to be ‘D’ notices and are shortly to be replaced by Closed Material Orders. Last year I was involved in a public argument about them with (hows this for name dropping): Alan Rusbridger, Guardian Editor; Nick Davies, Guardian ‘phone hacking exposee reporter; and Carl Bernstein, Watergate Investigative Journalist; at The Royal Institution in Mayfair. The Guardian bods (quite incredibly) said they didn’t know what they were, even when I explained their purpose and the fact that I found out about them in THEIR newspaper ! (They quoted the use of PIIs in an editorial last week). I suggested at the public lecture that such an order is in existence over the more sensational parts of Leveson – a comment they didn’t much like. I’ve asked many people where a current list of such orders is maintained. Remarkably even the Founder and Editor of Index on Censorship appears not to know. Heaven fofend that we should know what’s going on! regards, R

  2. peter oakes says:

    The Daily Mail is a disgusting rag ! It has known for years all about the
    Royal Commission Enquiry NSW Police corruption since 2007 When it
    covered-up concealed the kidnapping of Corey Raymond Bradley
    By Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss at the time the head of the Family Division

    This disgusting piece of——— was supplying children to the New South
    Wales Social Services in full knowledge they were trafficking children ! even to police paedophiles in the NSW Police

    Oh what a wonderful world and the two lady constables murdered in
    Manchester were sent to their death by treacherous colleagues that knew
    full well Hattersley is a No-Go area, it is organised criminals isolated in the sticks, and senior ranks knew this including bent cop Peter Fahy chief constable and so-called head of the illegal the
    Association of Chief Police Officers ACPO. the bent Ltd. Company
    that has a
    Memorandum of Understanding with the Law Society cum_ SRA re
    the Union of professional liars called solicitors ( clever bastards know
    soliciting is a criminal offence ) J.Public is that stupid not to realise
    these lawyers are taking the piss.

    How the bloody hell does a guy charged with two murders get Police Bail ?

    Answer that Peter Fahy you bent cop and buddy of John Dwyer Tory
    candidate for police commissioner in cheshire

    I hope Fahy and his criminal colleagues rot in hell for sending two honest, decent and in-experienced Constables into a shit pit ! when they should have been learning their craft and gaining experience in
    Prestbury, Sale. Wilmslow. Altrincham were Fahy and M.U. players reside

  3. GloverKellycoverup says:

    Peter – He didn’t get Police Bail – do please concentrate on the facts before you let your mind run amok.

  4. vomituk says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Sabine. You don’t mention medical abuse or silencing the voice of protest by killing the protester. Stick to your guns. Regards J M Todd.

  5. JM says:

    This Glover chap sound slike a nasty opportunist amoral prick…jumping on the proverbial bandwagon with this Hillsborough thing….then hen researching him i also find this nasty attack on a personal hero of mine…

  6. peter oakes says:

    To GloverKelly. I am sorry for repeating what I read and hear , this
    morning BBC News re-iterated the cowardly murder was on bail after
    being arrested for the murders of a father and son linked in a shooting
    in the Cottontree Pub. Manchester. he the had been caught on CCTV throwing a grenade and fireing shots at the fathers house,

    He was also under investigation for the suspected murder of two others.

    This piece of ——– is a serious criminal of the foulest type ! and from
    my experience there will be some senior police officers crapping blue
    lights in Manchester drugs is mega business and can only operate with
    a licence ( un-official of course ) but this murderer was being given immunity
    from prosecution or being remanded on bail, all for a fee of course

    GMP knows full well the Manchester County Court is used by solicitors-judges
    for thefts & frauds via. the Insolvency process. And if you cast your mind back GMP gunned down by several shots the driver of a car in Warrigton
    in Cheshire. GMP did not inform or request help from Cheshire Police
    not even alerting them to warn the public they were out hunting bear for
    real ! and when people are executed in this manner it,s one purpose is
    to destroy any witness,s that might turn Queens evidence in a plea bargain

    And I would hazard a guess and say the foul murderer was an associate
    or competing dealer with the guy shot in Warrington ! No wonder Peter
    Fahy looks like death because he is a worried man. He might even throw
    himself of Snowdon like his predessor or have I got my facts wrong on that one ???

  7. Stanley Embling says:

    And, as Victim(s) of such, trying to expose these satanic worshiping two faced fifth Column quislings, (being shielded and protected by a Parliamentary Convention,to which I’ve just received evidence confirming such facts [from the Home Secretaries/ Equality Ministers quango’s],) don’t we just know this!..

  8. Obfuscation has become endemic within our society among those in authority.

    The revelations of the Expenses Scandal about the years of duplicity practised by politicians, and their complicity in stealing from the taxpayer; followed by those of the Blair Government’s complicity in the Iraq cover-up, have rendered politics and politicians being regarded by most people, much as they would regard a nasty smell under the nose, and, until they prove worthy of a change in our opinion, most must remain figures of contempt.

    Recent revelations about the concealment of vital evidence over the Hillsborough disaster have laid bare the extent to which the police are culpable, of behaving in a less than praiseworthy manner, so they too must not wonder that people pour derision on their protestations of innocence, honour and duty to the public.

    That said, there are those among our public servants who do give outstanding service and for them we are thankful, but they are all too few, as well as difficult to find, while those who betray our trust, destroy the credibility of those few. .


    Article on the leader page of a UK Sunday newspaper [see link below]:

    22 February 1998:

    THE EVIL THAT MUST BE MADE TO SPEAK ITS NAME [North Wales is where I live and have been trying to expose corruption and Freemasonry.]

    “What’s in a name? Let’s try two.

    The first is Barry, a young man with dark eyes as intense as Welsh coal. You will not have heard of Barry, although his story is public and his tale most appalling.

    Barry is one of some 400 witnesses who for almost a year have been giving evidence to a tribunal taking place under the direction of silver-haired former High Court judge Sir Ronald Waterhouse. The pace of business is slow, sometimes painstaking. Usually no more than three of four members of the public attend.

    “No one ever paid any attention”, Barry explains. “That’s why it happened. No one gives a damn”.

    There is a greater chance that you will have heard of John Allen, another witness who gave evidence in Caernarvon Crown Court last week. On that occasion the public galleries were more crowded, observers straining to catch a glimpse of a man whose name once meant something in North Wales.

    For John Allen was a pillar of the community. Public carer. Founder of the Bryn Alyn network of children’s homes that local authorities supported to the astonishing tune of £28 million. And a man who was sentenced to six years for crimes of the most unimaginable foulness.

    But even as I write the next words, many readers will go no further. For I have led you into one of the great taboos of our time, the shame that dare not whisper its name.

    The Waterhouse enquiry is considering accusations that for more than 20 years the children’s homes of North Wales were turned into an evil empire dedicated not to caring for children, but to their wholesale physical and sexual abuse.

    Hundreds of children, mostly boys, were systematically tortured and terrorised. Their assailants were their so-called carers within the local social services. People like John Allen. And – allegedly – policemen, peers, even priests. These children claim they were brutalised into acts of oral and anal sex, sometimes committed simultaneously, and sodomized with crowbars, bottles and chair legs.

    (You’ll find more comfortable reading on almost any other page of this newspaper. You can turn the pages, pass by on the other side as so many have done all these years. But don’t. These children need you).

    They were subjected to a daily, almost casual regime of cruelty and ritual humiliation. Beaten so fiercely that they ended up in casualty wards. Forced to clean toilets with their toothbrushes. One had his pet gerbil chopped to pieces in front of him. With a shovel.

    Of course, many of the allegations are just that – allegations. But in the words of Gerard Ellis QC, the leading counsel to the tribunal, there is no doubt that physical and sexual abuse was inflicted “on an almost unimaginable scale”.

    Elected councillors visited these homes regularly, even claimed expenses for doing so, but heard, saw, and said, nothing. After all, children have no votes.

    Clwyd County Council commissioned a report into the allegations. And when it was delivered they shredded every copy. Because their insurance company, Municipal Mutual, threatened to withdraw cover if the conclusions were made public and opened the door to claims. Money was put before justice. The truth was buried.

    All too often officials who fell under a cloud were allowed to retire on pensions or move to other jobs. It was so much easier, less messy that way. Or the facts were simply ignored.

    Roger Saint was a foster parent who became a member of the adoption panel in Clwyd. The local authority was told by police that he had a previous conviction as a child abuser. What did it do? Absolutely nothing.

    The cowardice ended only last May when Saint was jailed for a string of further sex offences against children.

    Wilful ignorance was the habit in the local social services departments of North Wales. It couldn’t be happening, not here. After all, the accusers were only children. But not everyone turned a blind eye. One local social services officer demanded that something be done. Her bosses’ response was to sack her. They decided she wasn’t enough of a team player in the great game of cover-up and sweep-aside.”

    The following piece was published in the Guardian [see link below]: “Power is the fabric of a paedophile ring, essential first to subjugate the children, whose passivity is essential for the adults’ indulgence; and second, where possible, to neutralise the authorities who might otherwise frustrate its activities.

    In the case of North Wales, the allegations of conspiracy have embraced police officers, social workers, local authority executives, senior businessmen and politicians – in one case, a prominent supporter of the Conservative Pary – all of whom are accused of using their power corruptly to protect the paedophile ring to which they belonged. More than ten years after these allegations first surfaced, their truth remains a matter of bitter dispute.

    On the fringe of the tribunal hearing, there are disturbing suggestions of a violent cover-up. The London Evening Standard has run a series of stories about two brothers, Adrian Johns and Lea Homburg, who were abused by a convicted paedophile named John Allen. Allen ran a complex of homes in North Wales and London and is said to have been supplying boys to wealthy outsiders. The Standard reported that the two brothers were trying to blackmail him when, in April 1992, Adrian was burned to death in a house fire in Brighton. Lea later died in mysterious circumstances.

    A dozen others who complained of abuse by the alleged ring have also died. One is said to have slipped on ice on a railway bridge and fallen to his death. Another, who was found dead in his flat was said to have died of natural causes; he was aged 21. Several are said to have committed suicide although in the case of one of them, his mother said his supposed suicide note was written in someone else’s handwriting. Others died apparently through abusing heroin, alcohol and solvents.

    Over the years, twenty seven police inquiries failed to disclose the scale of the alleged abuse. Thirteen reports by social services went unpublished. Several journalists reached out for the truth and ended up scorched by libel actions. When police finally launched a major inquiry, in 1991, they secured the conviction of only four care workers and concluded that there was no evidence of a paedophile ring. Clwyd County Council then commissioned its own independent inquiry but decreed that its report could not be published.”

    An evil and corrupt system, serving only to protect abusers in power. I have been naming and shaming and trying to expose corruption in North Wales [no longer Clwyd but Conwy County Council] for 13 years.

    • Phew, Sharon,

      It doesn’t end, does it!?…

      I’m just trying to recover from the shock of reading Bush is supposed to have blackmailed Blair into Iraq and Afghanistan by threatening to publish lists of “VIP Paedophiles”…

      Then I found Revealed: British Premier Gordon Brown is a Paedophile , published by a Brit in Germany in 2004 – with links to other articles linking Britain’s War Machine with an Elite Paedophile Ring…

      BIG SIGHS!!!…

      May they all retire early and crawl into some holes – never to be seen again – with their pensions…

    • The tentacles of corruption are tightly wrapped around so much, and so many
      in our society are involved, it has become almost impossible to distinguish good from evil, but I hope, and pray, that good will ultimately triumph over evil.

      I have to admit that I once believed the power of the internet would triumph, but for that to happen, more people need to; become involved; be willing to sign their names, and be unafraid to stand by what they believe.

      Currently, we have many who claim to be acting on behalf of people, but at the first sign of trouble, they vanish, or claim that the subject under discussion is ‘not within their remit.’

    • Roger Gough says:

      Thank you Sharon. Further proof that we live in a quite repulsive society.

      • JM says:

        First Blood Part 1 was by far the best, very inspiring….shame abt the ending, but then if i had my way there would have been no sequels….

        • JM says:

          actually, he wasn’t even a rebel…just some random bloke walking down the street, down on his luck….who just happened to have some military training…

          and i know it sort of goes against the principles, but anybody else feel like lending some support to this Andrew Mitchell chap? perectly legal to ride a bike down the street as far as i know….it is illegal to threaten people with violence and abduction…even if they were real pigyobs….also perfectly legal to swear as far as i know…i actually got bothered to send him a message actually, so expecting another revenge attack for it even though kinda on his side on this thing alone…

  10. peter oakes says:

    I was not being facetious when I said I thought the two police constables
    were deliberately sent to their death by their senior officers, in order to
    regain the high ground and public sympathy after police corruption scandals re: Hillsborough. Chief Constable Cumberland suspended, Chief Constable Cleveland sacked!

    It is now reported in todays Sunday Mirror 23rd.Sept. 2012. the Police
    were tipped – off by Manchester gangsters a police constable was going to
    be murdered ! The senior ranks did,nt inform the constables of this threat !
    by gangsters

    Now Peter Fahy is an accessory to murder and guilty of Omission See:
    R-V – Dytham Misconduct in a Public Office

    • Roger Gough says:

      Peter, may I give a possible reason for these killings; killings which the Chief Constable declared he could not conceive of a motive for. If I had suggested the following 2 years ago I would have been laughed at (I might still be). We should look to Anders Breivik (briefly). He held that his Government had betrayed their people, in his eyes anyway. To redress the balance he took it upon himself to cause an incident which would get his opinion heard. (Voting? Hah!!).

      Cregan, for many months, was adept at evading the Police, so why did he effectively surrender when he had no need to? A few days before the Manchester shootings the British public were told that THEIR Government (and the Police) had betrayed the people – in the matter of Hillsborough – and a mighty betrayal it was. A man who was as mentally unstable as Cregan appeared to be (a la Brievik), and with Westminster’s deceit fresh in his mind, he decided to strike a blow for the 96; against the Police: he set up the call; shot them dead; calmly got in his car and surrendered. I repeat – it’s a theory. But the Chief Constable can’t work it out so……..

      Incidentally the Police service generally can be blamed for at least one of the deaths. If the ‘double-up’ patrolling of officers on foot had not been instigated as common practice in recent years it would have achieved at least 2 things. Firstly the area covered by patrolling foot officers would have increased by 50% i..e. officers patrolling separate streets rather than the same street together (and chatting about last night’s football rather than meeting the residents who could provide them with information about local incidents, events etc) and secondly only one PC would have been sent to make a report on this alleged burglary as the girls in Manchester were called to (how many should it take?).

      Theresa May, when visiting Gloucestershire last year, praised the Glos Constabulary for ‘their pioneering work on single officer patrolling’ notwithstanding it was the required practice when Robert Peel founded the Police 150 odd years ago. British progress. I was reminded by a friend after my initial post that the above scenario was similar to the plot for the film Rambo (which I haven’t seen) i.e. wronged rebel takes his revenge.

  11. peter oakes says:

    To Roger Gough. You mentioned the word “Mental” the murderer of the two
    police constables knew exactly what he was doing ! A Mr. Robert Ashman
    known as the ” mad samuri swordsman ” Knew exactly what he was doing when he took a sword to kill his lying MP. who knew full well Robert had lost his home, pension, everything by frauds with the Nat.West bank. his MP frustrated and tormented him by omission for years, Robert hoped to achieve relief from this torture and to expose mortgage frauds & corruption by killing this cretin and saving millions of future sufferers re: the Victims of Northern Rock. Bradford & Bingley, Cheltenham & Glouster etc. etc.

    To hide the judicial thefts & frauds the judge found Robert un-fit to plead and he was detained under the Mental Health Act in Broadmore.

    The Manchester murderer will die in Custody re: Dr. Harold Shipman. or
    he will be found Un-fit to plead due to Mental issues ! eitherway a cover-up
    will be created same as Dunblane. George Robertson Gordon Browns buddy & Paedophiles. Dr. Kelly. “weapons of mass destruction” etc.

    This murderer thought by killing two constables in cold blood, jumping in his
    car and going to the nearest police station would trigger an inquiry and investigation into the rotten corruption in the Gtr. Manchester Police !

    Dream on. Watch this space ! I hope the Constables did not die in Vain.

    “Now open the bloody gate you bloody pleb” On yer bike arsehole

    PC Decent. Met. police

  12. Roger Gough says:

    I notice that the Judge who initially presided over Cregan’s appearance in Court has issued a warning that “the media” should not make any pronouncements on the case lest the defendant’s case is prejudiced. Best say no more then:}

    • JM says:

      bit late for that innit’…? as always…..but in other news non white people are going to be exported to the US to be tortured, for talking…as the human rights court has ruled….

  13. Noelle Rawe says:

    Sabine, From the article: “There is a sense in which politicians, the police and the civil service still regard us almost as serfs with limited rights”

    I share this view as well, but remove the “almost” – and add: like a 1000 years ago, as we, ‘the little people’, ARE treated by ‘the Establishment’, as well as its lackeys, like pieces dirt, non-entities who do not have the right to have rights, there to be used and abused at will by them. Based on my (ongoing) 10-year battle, as a leaseholder, I contend that it definitely applies to leaseholders: we are treated – by ALL – as the lowest form of life on earth.

    The more ‘the Establisment’ and its lackeys dish out the abuse and torment, the more they expect the ‘little people’ to lick their jackboots, ‘in gratitude’ for the oppressive treatment.

    1000 years ago, the punishment for the serfs ‘daring’ to stand-up to ‘the Establishment’ of the day, barons, etc., was death: through hanging; being buried alive with their head above ground, so that… well, you can imagine, etc.

    In the 21st century, for ‘daring’ to stand-up to ‘the Establishment’ for our so-called ‘rights’, we are also ‘buried alive, with our head above the ground’, and (based on my experience) those who lead the charge are the police and the courts – by tormenting us endlessly; destroying our life; turning us into destitute, criminalized pariahs, ostracized by all.

    And the PM, David Cameron, was reported in a Guardian article of 25 Jan 12, as saying that “Britain has a long and exemplary record on human rights”!

    • I know, Noelle,

      The whole drama is one of ‘reverse criminalisation’: criminals are in charge and the innocent get criminalized.

      As an observer, you can only ask yourself: which side are you on?

      And: what’s the meaning and purpose our our lives?

      Let’s assume it’s about “being on the ride side”: the side of good, not evil unto our brothers and sisters…

      With sighs and hopes,

  14. James Todd says:

    1brEDGAZ11 A FEN OF STAGNANT WATERS Wednesday 19 December 2012 THE DUNGHILL GAZETTE 11 This publication is not remotely connected with Freemasonry. Vomit is an acronym for Victims Of Ministry Ill Treatment. (Apologies if you have already received a copy of this publication.}

    *Not everybody knows this*

    All wireless phone calls are monitored and stored by GCHQ (Echelon?). All landline calls are monitored by BT and stored in the converted telephone exchanges. At one time BT telephone handsets were able to record all conversations within earshot.

    The enemies of our enemies are our friends. The friends of our enemies are our enemies.

    If anyone believes that she or he is being unjustly criticised in these publications we will publish detail of any relevant complaint and delete the complainants name from our address book.

    Subject: AN APPEAL TO THE QUEEN – PAEDOPHILES IN POWER Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 21:28:23 +0000

    One brave Englishman battling the beast big-time respect to Michael Murrin, please help circulate. Belinda

  15. Freedom of Speech says:


    Having Psychic ability, and bad experiences of my own, through our Australian Legal System, and by the Australian Police, “Family Law” and “Domestic Violence” everything that I ever believed in, just isn’t their anymore. I realize that they are people, just like you and I, and their are good and bad in all, regardless of our labels.

    Growing up, I grew up to respect those who whore those labels, thought they were smart, their to protect our communities, believed in them, put them into a category they were of the highest of all people in my country, and to be respected. Not anymore. Currently our Legal System, Police force, are the topic in all our communities, and everyone has had enough. Everyone is starting to see it now, that the only reason these Judges let these sick horrible people back into out communities, is so they all have a job, money in their pockets, a revolving door, in and out of Jail they go, to reoffend. My belief now is, Judges should be Voted in, just like our Politicians, because today, they need to earn the trust of our communities back again, as we all are not so blinded by what’s been shoved down our throats by Media, Police, Politicians, or Newspaper Articles, anymore.

    When I met this man at a local Country music night, and got to know him over a 3 month period, his behavior showed me something was not right, and all the things he said to me, I went in search of a young woman who was murdered and her body was found at ………. due to him not naming her. I found her, and was talking to friends about this man, and that’s when I heard her spirit, clearly warning me, “No, he wants you to think it’s Milat, so you don’t focus on him, Please, you gotta listen, it’s him, it’s him”. She told me he was clever very, very clever, as when I questioned that he would of been investigated by Police, in which I found out he was never investigated at all. Gosh. This Spirit told me their is a group of them, and some of them are deceased, and I thought, well that makes sense as to this mans age. I started to then research more, and she clearly said, No Ivan Milat is innocent, and deserves to be free’d from Jail NOW! No I new nothing of the Milat Case, until after I met this man who I have no doubt in my mind is a Serial Killer. No I don’t rarely watch news, Media, or read Newspapers. So yep I went looking into this blindfolded.

    The more this spirit told me, the more I searched trying to understand the short messages, Eg: “You need to look at a Map” She kept on at me to look at a Map, I did but didn’t get what she was saying. ” “A for Asquith, B for Beecroft, C for Cronulla, D for Darlinghurst” “The Orienteers” “The Smell” “Angels Clothes are not her clothes, they changed them” “They tampered with body parts” in the hope that they wouldn’t be identified. “Ask Paul Onions what were the TAPES” I questioned her as to what she meant, she replied; “Were the Tapes Country” “He is a Lier” This man I met that attends local country music nights, she clearly told me he was one of the group that murdered her. I have worked out a lot more of the things she has said to me, but I think what disturbed me the most was when she said “It’s the Biggest cover up in Australian History”, she is correct. It is right in front of every Australians faces, but you probably don’t know were to look, as this man and this spirit who’s currently guiding me, or you don’t have the common sense to read all on the internet, instead you listen to just Media, Police, Newspaper Articles, that are literally covering up the truth, no you won’t see what I can see.

    Going through Missing persons, it is an absolute disgrace to our Country, that all this vital EVIDENCE has conveniently gone missing. Files, DNA, some whited out, is horrific for all these families who have lost their loved ones, to the yes “CULT GROUPS” in the worst un Humane way imaginable, which is FACT, and so many of them still today have not been found! Three Cult groups back then “The Temple of Ra” “The Orange People” and the “Cabaret Conspiracy” Yes, some of them are still alive, because I have found them. Maybe the Police should start researching “The Belangalo Orienteering Maps” also other Orienteering maps of other REGIONS, also “Br…….. P………r” who came out to Australia from New Zealand in 1970, and set up his business in Lake Macquarie NSW in 1972 to 1987 which is in the Hunter Valley Region????? Then moved to Bunandoon. Why was not DNA done on this MAN????None of the Missing Persons have been resolved from the Hunter Valley????

    I’ll give use a clue, were you’ve found their belongings, or vehicles, of some of the missing, they are playing games with Police, it’s right in front of your faces!

    The only reason Ivan Milat is in Jail, is because Police made a huge mistake, and now are covering it up, they stick together, and how they live with themselves I will never understand it. We all make mistakes, they are called lessons, learn from them, so that these things do not ever happen again. This spirit is telling me the Truth is coming, and it’s going to hit Australia hard, our Politicians, our Forces, our Legal System, because when I think about what she is saying, it’s understandable, because they have nearly every Australian believing Ivan Milat is the biggest Serial Killer, and the facts are, he didn’t murder anyone, the impact is going to be huge. What’s sad about that, the answers are coming from another country, not our own, which makes it worse, and it’s going to take a very long time for Australians to ever believe in our Government, Forces or Legal System for a very long time to come.

    Everyone Australian by the Laws of our Country, is entitled to a fair and HONEST HEARING! The only reason you are not giving him LEGAL AIDE or allowing him the RIGHTS TO AN APPEAL, is because IVAN MILAT would be proved INOCSCENT.

    I feel very relieved the truth is coming, because all those who have been murdered might finally be found, and put to rest, and their families will finally as painful as it’s going to be, have the answers in which they’ve been searching for years. God bless them all.

    • MANY THANKS INDEED for this remarkable story and your insights!!!

      Ironically, I think what you describe for Australia is true for most Western countries! Just in different degrees, presumably…

      Hang in there! Keep the Faith! And don’t forget to let us know what your spirits tell you!!!


    Hi Sabine, thank you! “I have lot’s of knowledge regarding the Milat Case” and I’ve only skimmed through! I have no doubt I can put it all together, but I’ve put it down now, due to this spirit telling me the Truth is coming, and No one will stop it. Very relieved that the weight is off my shoulders now, and this weight will be going back to were it belongs, with our Government and Police force here in Australia.

    This spirit has showed me “The Media” it’s all over the News around the world” it’s going to be huge. She is also showing me the shocked look on people’s faces, as to them believing that Ivan Milat is this big Serial Killer.

    When I started to read about the Belangalo murders, I mentally struggled, I found it so hard to believe that others could murder all these people in the most disturbing way imaginable, and literally get away with it. What’s worse is they continued to murder after Ivan Milat was Jailed, it’s right in front of every Australian. “The Internet” These murderers are just like you and I, hard to pick out, they are clever. Very smart people when reading about the “All seeing Eye of Ra”. Makes a lot of sense, the sticks over the graves shaped like a temple, pyramid. The bricks, stones, the spirit is telling me they all left a part of each one of them at these murder seen’s. I wonder how well Ivan Milat did at school?

    I have told a lot of people about the evidence I’ve found after questioning them regarding Ivan Milat.

    Out of 20 people I questioned! The whole 20 People believed Ivan Milat was a cold blooded murderer. I then asked them why they thought Ivan Milat was this big Serial Killer, some said: have you read the book, others said, he was found guilty, and others said they watched it on the news etc etc. I then said to each one of them, have any of you ever read the court hearing report on Ivan Milat, they replied NO, I then said, have any of you ever read “Missing Persons” Australia, they all said NO, I then said have any of you ever googled and read in Ivan Milat’s defence, they all replied NO. So currently even myself inclusive thought Ivan Milat was guilty of murder, a Serial killer, until this Spirit, I met this man, and I started researching. Yes we are brainwashed into believing what they want us to believe, because No Ivan Milat did not murder anyone. How do you lose Ivan Milat’s DNA, seriously! How do you lose a murder victims FILE, seriously, Yes they are hiding the truth.

    Sabine, their is good and bad in us all, I personally have made mistakes in my life in which I really regret, but it’s in the past, I can’t go back and change them, but I can take ownership of them in which I have and will continue to do so.

    Life is full of lessons for us all to learn by, turning a blind eye to them is by no means any benefit to any of us, and will only continue to make things worse.
    Isn’t life supposed to be happy, and peaceful.

    I personally went through too much trauma, and with the knowledge I have now, I know to live in hate or anger of what they did to me, only feeds them, gives them more POWER!

    Now I live life to be happy, and I live in hope, that changes are made in our country, as it’s all coming to a head, and it needs to happen, so positive changes are made for the Australian people.

    My own thoughts of how to STAMP OUT CORRUPTION,is to rebuild a better system. Police evidence on any murdered Victim, or any Victim, Rape, Child abuse etc should be securely locked in some form of File in which can never go missing or be tampered with! It is now 2014, we have the best Technology, and yet our Police still write in these little black books?

    JUDGES, should be voted in, let them prove to us that they deserve to be in this POSITION, and earn the Trust of our communities, if they don’t we should have the right to Vote them out.

    DNA should be taken from every Missing Persons family, so that when remains are found, it can straight away be put into a system, and MATCHED!

    Their is a lot of good Police out their, even in our Legal Sector, I’ve met them, but I’ve also met the Bad. Currently, we are seeing the Bad out weighing the Good. How many Police did we lose last year? I think it was 5, and we shouldn’t of lost any!

    I CONGRATULATE all the Police or any person for having the GUTS to take a stand, and telling the Truth of all the wrong doings of those with whom we are meant to Trust and believe in.

    One last thing! WARNING for all the Australian families who still have not found their loved one’s, DO NOT GO ON SKELETON remains CLOTHING or the approximate AGES in which those whom have been found. They are TAMPERING with clothing and REMAINS, so that they can not be IDENTIFIED. Believe me when I say this!

    Thanks for listening!

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