German – British Musings about ‘The Rule of Law’ and its Enforcement – on a Rainy Sunday

Bernard Reemtsma may sound familiar to smokers, especially German ones. But Stuart Wilkie, formerly a ski racer with a spinal injury and Chairman of the Justice Society in Scotland, is now fighting a man who claims to have that name in Norfolk. Mr Reemtsma seems to have paid a few people to get what he wants, never mind his neighbours: he wants their land and their house.  What does it take to do so?

In a nutshell:

  1. pay people to use brute force and a bulldozer to remove a fence
  2. pay lawyers
  3. bribe Court staff,  Judges and the Land Registry to ignore the Rule of Law
  4. ask for us McKenzie Friends to come to the rescue…

In 2 pages here.

Then there is this English Patriot in Germany Mike James who published rather explosive material in 2004. I found it, after it had been suggested to me that Bush blackmailed Blair into Iraq and Afghanistan by threatening to publish the UK list of some 763 “VIP Paedophiles”. Thus I can guide readers to

Gordon Brown, the current British Prime Minister, is a practising paedophile whose activities are known not only to the British, American and Israeli intelligence services, but also by Rupert Murdoch and his senior editor at the Sunday Times.

which leads us to the Hillsborough drama, the lack and cover-up of its investigation and the current mood regarding the unwillingness of Police to investigate crime, never mind their collusion with Social Services and Prisons to snatch children and criminalise their parents…

Our two volumes on The Forensics of Legal Fraud have illustrated that sort of collusion extensively and the promise after the demo to abolish the IPCC is still waiting to be fulfilled…

Remember also that since March 2011, 91 MPs have signed an Early Day Motion asking for a Royal Commission on Policing – similar to the one carried out in 1996 on New South Wales Police. That resulted in three clearly entitled reports: corruption, reform and … paedophilia.

The most popular German blog on internet news is undoubtedly Der Honigmann sagt – an amazing collection of ‘full spectrum’ items by a free spirit who also was a beekeeper at some time. Hence the title ‘honey man’. There, an article suggested that 105 children are taken a day!

And now I have discovered the similarly popular exquisitely English blog Hat 4 UKA diary of deception and distortion – or The Slog – Evidenced bollocks destruction – with a remarkable memory of Glienicker Brücke, the most memorable bridge between East and West Berlin which I still very much enjoy crossing now.

May our joint German – British on-line efforts eventually ensure that war atrocities will stop, especially if they are fuelled by the ‘urges’ of paedophiles who, really, need to heal their inner child instead of hurting others’…

However, my most recent shocks were

  1. not only Tony Farrell in the UK being dismissed by Yorkshire Police because of his suggestion that “the enemy is within”
  2. also German Member of Bundestag Hermann Scheer who died at 66, suggesting the same, as well as talking about Secret Armies
  3. this was the subject of a PhD and book in 10 languages by Swiss historian Daniel Ganser: NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe.

And thus the question is whether, in the UK and in Germany, secret armies will shoot their own people. The soldiers may all be ‘global’ and have no sense of nationalism or patriotism, let alone sympathy or empathy. Or will these people who are paid to kill have a ‘crisis of conscience’ as Tony Farrell?

In Memory of the Peaceful RevolutionIn 1989, in Leipzig the Army did not shoot and a ‘golden egg’ rings a bell every Monday to remember the beginning of the peaceful revolution with the following text:

Democracy is infinitely near.
As art already visible for a long time…

In 1929, war was made illegal by the Kellogg-Briand-Pact

Can we hold leaders to account???


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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7 Responses to German – British Musings about ‘The Rule of Law’ and its Enforcement – on a Rainy Sunday

  1. peter oakes says:

    Secret Armies : I have heard rumors ni whispers that lots of fostered children
    and those taken into Care ? end – up as soldiers in the Zionist army fighting
    for jewish interests.

    I put this down to the usual anti-jewish lobby that is with us all the time.

    However after a little thought how convenient to have a private army that
    has been de-humanised by sexual abuse in institutions, known no family,
    or loving support from a doting mother. How ruthless and frightening such
    an army would be, no loyalty to race or nation, just blind politically poisoned
    zombie,s I feel the Norway shootings were caused by such fears as no more
    than school children were being politically indoctrinated ( robbed of their childhood and youth )to be state agents of a socialist govnt. ( communist)
    via a polluted democracy. The EU frightens me with their obscure regulations re: bent cucumbers, never having the accounts signed off by auditors and
    weird socialist like Neil Kinnock who despises royalty but his son marries a
    Danish princess and his wife draws a fat paycheck from Europe in fact the
    kinnock family are worth millions, not bad for socialists that started with nowt!

    Now given all the Child abductions taking place are there? any figures for
    the number of Muslim children, Jewish children, Black Children, White,
    Mixed race etc. because common sense say,s they should be in proportion
    to the populations of various peoples, I have that sneaking feeling White
    children are preferred over the rest to avoid race issues and they fit the
    Euro pattern re: Belgians, Dutch, Germans, Brits, French etc.

  2. Roger Gough says:

    There are already foreign troops stationed in Britain. Eastern Europeans at RAF Innsworth in Gloucestershire. A letter I wrote to the Western Daily Press on the subject was treated as an op-ed. These troops form part of the EU’s Rapid Response Unit. The airfield doesn’t even have a landing strip – how rapid can they be? 18 months ago in a time of acute austerity it cost Britain £35 million to bring it back into service as it had been mothballed. Good business -as usual- for Cameroon’s buddies. RAF Lyneham (close to the now ‘Royal’ Wootton Bassett) and only 30 miles away – an ideal base for troops of any kind because it can handle Hercules transporters – has now been shut and the airfield’s many advantages (not least it’s phenomenal land value) seeks exploitation by…. Cameroon’s buddies. Local knowledge held by other UK citizens might reveal other such examples. UKIP, who I alerted, never bothered to respond. How strange, surely meat and drink to them? When I revealed the fact at the AGM of The Bruges Group few would believe me and I had to provide the proof. For the full story google ‘RAF Innsworth’

  3. Isaiah 24 and HAARP have forced Armor School to Benning here. NWO have delusion of ‘Doomsday Survivor Elohim’ or ‘Elohim Syndrome’ note. See Genesis memra Tora 1:28. Hold what you have in sovereignty, God willing and fight to the death. The lawful punishment for treason, cowardice in the face of the enemy, and desertion is summary execution Termination with Extreme Prejudice in the field at small unit commander discretion albeit mercy trumps judgment and there is nothing new under the sun– gas ozone has a forty-five (45) minute shelf life and leaves no/none/zero forensic evidence when generated from Medical Grade o2, appears as heart attack death by natural causes. note. Bruises in ‘heart attack’ thrashing are common, but avoid broken jaw, black eye, and broken nose. Post aerobic exercise warm-down offers the best opportunities.

    Chief Art, Cherokee

    Humor does good like a medicine and bild morale, esprit de corps, and unit cohesion.

    Q & A: Who was the first Jew ? Judah/Yudah. Who was the first Israelite ? Israel/Jacob/Jacob. Who was the Patriarch ? Abraham– of even Ishmael, too ???? Who was the Matriarch of all Hebrew Tribesman ? Sarah. How is Abraham blessing to the world ? Messiah Isaiah 7:14/John 3:16 the Lion of Judah. What do Nazi’s, Arabs, and Jews have in common ? They all believe themselves Master Race when in truth Messiah was the blessing of Hebrews chapter 11. Everything else is grass, stubble, mist, vanity…

    Chuck Norris clips his nails with Hedge clippers.

    Chuck Norris is so tough his Lady trims his beard with a Riding Lawn Mower. (yeah, I know that’s really SNL funny, but Bill Murray still owes G_d beau coup jokes.)

    Q: What does G_d feel like when He is fishing around in Bill Murray’s brain for Chuck Norris jokes ?

    A: He feels like He is picking a booger out of a snotty nose.

    Chuck Norris is so tough that G_d made Bill Murray to write Chuck Norris jokes.

    Chuck Norris is so tough that Bill Murray crawled on his hands and knees and begged to write funny jokes for Expendibles III.

    Chuck Norris’ new 2012 Tv show:

    Chuck Norris: Doomsday Gourmet ‘Cooking with Road Kill and the Mayan Calendar’.

    Episode One 21 DEC 2012

    “This is pretty good Road Kill Cafe BBQ, Chuck Norris.” Stumps the legless SOF Green Beret said. “Nothing like fresh Road Kill. No ‘gamey’ taste.”

    “That’s ’cause this Free Range never knew what hit it !” Chuck Norris laughed. “Slaughter house kills die in torment and fear because they smell the charnel house death for days before slaughter. They know…also there’s no Rx vaccines and steroids & estrogen in this meat. This is fresh, healthy Free Range just killed by Jeep. Look, the blood on the bumper and windshield hasn’t even scabbed-over yet.”

    “Did you read the Field Expedient Hydrofluoric acid HF Flyer, Chuck ?”

    “Yeah… Health and safety

    HF burns, not evident until a day after

    Hydrofluoric acid is a highly corrosive liquid and is a contact poison. It should be handled with extreme care, beyond that accorded to other mineral acids. Owing to its low dissociation constant, HF as a neutral lipid-soluble molecule penetrates tissue more rapidly than typical mineral acids. Because of the ability of hydrofluoric acid to penetrate tissue, poisoning can occur readily through exposure of skin or eyes, or when inhaled or swallowed. Symptoms of exposure to hydrofluoric acid may not be immediately evident. HF interferes with nerve function, meaning that burns may not initially be painful. Accidental exposures can go unnoticed, delaying treatment and increasing the extent and seriousness of the injury.[8]
    Once absorbed into blood through the skin, it reacts with blood calcium and may cause cardiac arrest. Burns with areas larger than 25 square inches (160 cm2) have the potential to cause serious systemic toxicity from interference with blood and tissue calcium levels.[9] In the body, hydrofluoric acid reacts with the ubiquitous biologically important ions Ca2+ and Mg2+. Formation of insoluble calcium fluoride is proposed as the etiology for both precipitous fall in serum calcium and the severe pain associated with tissue toxicity.[10] In some cases, exposures can lead tohypocalcemia. Thus, hydrofluoric acid exposure is often treated with calcium gluconate, a source of Ca2+ that sequesters the fluoride ions. HFchemical burns can be treated with a water wash and 2.5% calcium gluconate gel.[11][12][13] or special rinsing solutions.[14][15] However, because it is absorbed, medical treatment is necessary;[9] rinsing off is not enough. Intra-arterial infusions of calcium chloride have also shown great effectiveness in treating burns.[16]

    “At first blush,”, Stumps said, “getting this Hydrofluoric acid HF sounded like a piece of a cake. Did you read the Field Expedient flyer ?”

    “Yeah…” Chuck said.

    Field Expedient NBC Ordnance Hydrofluoric acid HF

    Procure fluoride HF aq (aqueous) hydrofluoric acid (aq differentiates this compound from the gas phase) right next to home: your local/state/fed governance poisons you with it every day– that’s how come you are so easily controlled by politicians. It is readily availble at jails and prisons. Law Enforcement, both government and commercial, dose inmates with fluoride HF aq (aqueous) hydrofluoric acid. You sheeple-people drink it in your tap & bottled water, soda pop, and alcoholic beverages. It makes you sterile, incapable of ‘critical thinking’, susceptible to media propaganda brain-washing, and docile. This is how Hitler indoctrinated Nazi Germany. This is how Stalin indoctrinated the USSR. It is is how come government media controls you so easily. It is why you are so gullible and why there is not a modern Jew King David, George Washington, Nez Pierce Chief Joseph, Chief Cochise, Wallis the Bruce Braveheart, Daniel Boone, or Davy Crockett left among you sheep of 2012. Fluoride HF aq (aqueous) hydrofluoric acid (aq differentiates this compound from the gas phase) will kill cyborgs, high dollar aircraft, equipment, and facilities. It even eats concrete and bullet stopping synthetic rubber and will blind instantly and permanently. It is a lethal contact and aerosol toxin. Liquid HF aq may be the only effective weapon against robots, ships, and unmanned aircraft. It must be handled NBC Def Con 4. Warheads should be in containment having an interior coating of epoxy, including glass. Instant loads may use fast dry Epoxy paint. Up-loaded ordnance should be used immediately. Missile warhead compartments (paper machete) may be painted with epoxy paint. Procure HF aq (HF) free at your local municiple water works. Water works Portland, Oregon for example. 73% of all USA water is fluoridated. HF aq (HF) is a toxic byprodct of the nuclear, electronics, steel, aluminum, and fertilizer industries. For example, EU Spain exports it’s HF aq (HF) as a toxic byproduct to Eire or Ireland. Eire is a designated EU toxic waste dump. Israel, IDF, Mossad have begun fluoride HF aq (aqueous) hydrofluoric acidation of Israel. Fluoride HF aq Field Expedient Ordnance procurement operations are a great way to test local defenses or create a Haz Mat diversion for operations else where. All treasonous New World Order Global Governance assets will deploy to protect their fluoride HF aq (aqueous) hydrofluoric acid stockpiles. They must have HF stockpiles in order to poison you through drinking water, but they dare not allow it to be weaponized against them. It is a NWO Achilles Heel. An effective REECE tactic is to organize Anti-Floridation Groups, identify Liquid HF aq shipping lines, and personnel– especially Harbor Masters, ship captains, shipping insurance underwriters, truck drivers, product handlers, and dedicated military/LEO/Private Security employees. Photograph them in operation and publicize their fluoride HF aq (HF) activities where they live, work, school, shop, play, and especially where they go to church or worship and pay Tithes or give offerings. These treasonous mass murderers are respected for their power and wealth by many people who are clueless about the HF aq (HF) power & wealth origins. Publicizing the dual-use field expedient military specification ordance weapon potential of fluoride HF aq (aqueous) hydrofluoric acid will galvanize and motivate citizens to research and even initiate political action against this murderous tyrants. The lawful pnishment for treason, cowardice in the face of the enemy, and desertion is summary execution death and Termination with Extreme Prejudice by small nit commander in the field, you obey the law don’t you ? Gas Ozone is a preferred method as it leaves no forensic evidence and appears as heart attack death by natural causes.

    …by the way. What happened to your partners and how did your legs get blown-off ?”

    “We had a containment spill while procuring HF aq (HF) from NWO DoD USAF Plant #44 Raytheon. Raytheon was dumping it into the Tucson water aquifer and we stopped that, but spilled a little. My guys got dissolved so fast there was nothing left to bury and I got so much on my legs that I had to blow my legs-off before the aggressive Hydrogen penetrated my bloodstream and gave me a heart attack.”

    “I’m sorry to hear that.” Chuck Norris said.

    “Me too.” Stumps said. “Those were my favorite Combat Boots– Bundeswehr German Infantry Cold Weather and of Lamb Skin. May I have some more BBQ?”

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  5. peter oakes says:

    RAF Innsworh. HQ. ACCR. Allied Rapid Reaction Corp. made up of soldiers from several nations, what if all these soldiers were products of childrens
    homes, Dr. Barnados, state kidnapping by social services ? is this a
    volunteer corp or specially selected de-humanised, products of various
    institutions devoid of pity, humanity, trained and conditioned to complete
    obedience due to their in-ability to relate to normal human beings

    It seems very strange this Corp is kept remote from other military units by
    living in an isolated community, but with-in minutes certainly way under the
    hour from several airstrips military and civil, any of them ideal for a Hercules
    or Chinook that of course can operate anywhere.

    ” Democracy requires Constant Vigilance.” re: Winston Churchill.

  6. You paint a picture that is every bit as frightening as that evoked by Common Purpose; the elitist arm extending to those who believe in dominating from within, any and every level of society. (Just enter those two words into any search engine, and see the extent of the infiltration).

    It extends into education through schools and universities; churches and various religious personnel; into all levels of journalism, politics, and the police,as well as the legal profession and the judiciary.

    There is an ominous subculture, and it is not too bizarre to compare what is happening to that forecast by HG Wells and George Orwell. It’s made possible by most people refusing to believe it is happening – or even possible.

    The decadence currently pervading so many aspects of our lives, is contributing to the blind, but willing speed with which humanity is acquiescing, and accepting the inevitability of this decline into total subservience of the masses under the dominance of a stronger elite.

    Every bauble handed to the public is scooped up with blind fascination; heralded as the latest wonder, and ‘must have’.

  7. peter oakes says:

    Thank God or is it Allah, Mohamed, Alex Ferguson someone has got an
    imagination and a brain to realise the ” creeping coup that has ” Hi-Jacked ”
    our country by stealth.

    The Common Purpose is run by paedophiles and homosexuals those people
    born with a handicap who will not accept their misfortune ! They are hell bent to make perverts and homosexual handicaps to be compulsory enforced onto
    those fortunate enough to be born normal naturally adjusted human beings.

    And their hatred includes Muslims, Christians, Wesle,ans, Non Conformists
    Catholics Uncle tom cobbly & All. Oh don.t forget baptists etc.etc.etc.

    Thank You Maureen Jenner. for showing a male chauvanistic bugger like me, has a kindred soul in the female camp !


    And what,s more my spelling is rubbish due to going to skool run by woofta,s

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