The Times today: Police files reveal vast child protection scandal

South Yorkshire Police

Whether it’s fraudulent bankruptcieshome repossessions or child rape, the Police doesn’t investigate… No wonder 91 MPs ask for a Royal Commission on Policing

to deliver a service to the public that is fit for purpose.

Here is the text as it was published in The Times today

Police files reveal vast child protection scandal
By Andrew Norfolk

Confidential police reports and intelligence files that reveal a hidden truth about the sale and extensive use of English children for sex are exposed today.

They show that for more than a decade organised groups of men were able to groom, pimp and traffic girls across the country with virtual impunity. Offenders were identified to police but not prosecuted.

A child welfare expert, speaking under condition of anonymity, said that agencies’ reluctance to tackle such street-grooming networks was “the biggest child protection scandal of our time”.

The Times has published several articles about a pattern of crimes across northern England and the Midlands involving groups of men, largely of Pakistani heritage, and the sexual abuse of white girls aged from 12 to 16.

We can now reveal evidence from more than 200 restricted-access documents, which show that, in one area, police and child protection agencies have held extensive knowledge of this crime model for ten years, yet have never publicly acknowledged its existence.

The internal police and social services correspondence, research papers, intelligence reports and case files are a detailed history of alleged child sexual exploitation in South Yorkshire since 2000, focusing on Rotherham. They include a confidential 2010 report by the police intelligence bureau warning that thousands of such crimes were committed in the county each year.

It contains explosive details about the men responsible for the most serious, co-ordinated abuse. “Possibly the most shocking threat is the existence of substantial and organised offender networks that groom and exploit victims on a worrying scale,” the report says. “Practitioners throughout the force state there is a problem with networks of Asian offenders both locally and nationally. This was particularly stressed in Sheffield and even more so in Rotherham, where there appears to be a significant problem with networks of Asian males exploiting young white females.” Such groups are said to have trafficked South Yorkshire child victims “to many other cities, including Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford and Dover”.

Another confidential 2010 report. for the Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board, noted that such crimes had “cultural characteristics . . . which are locally sensitive in terms of diversity”.

It said: “There are sensitivities of ethnicity with potential to endanger the harmony of community relationships. Great care will be taken in drafting . . . this report to ensure that its findings embrace Rotherham’s qualities of diversity. It is imperative that suggestions of a wider cultural phenomenon are avoided.”

Alleged crimes for which no one was prosecuted include:

Fifty-four Rotherham children were linked to sexual exploitation by three brothers from one British Pakistani family, 18 identifying one brother as their “boyfriend” and several allegedly made pregnant by him;

A 14-year-old girl from a loving, supportive family was allegedly held in a flat and forced to perform sex acts on five men, four of them Pakistani, plus a 32-year-old Iraqi Kurd asylum seeker. She gave a filmed police interview and identified her abusers;

One girl, 15, spent days in hospital after a broken bottle was allegedly forced inside her by two young British Pakistani men in a park, causing her to bleed extensively;

A 13-year-old girl was found at 3am with disrupted clothing in a house with a large group of Asian men who had fed her vodka. A neighbour reported the girl’s screams.

Police arrested the child for being drunk and disorderly but did not question the men;
A specialist project’s intelligence report for police identified 61 girls — 59 white, two Asian — linked to sexual exploitation by three brothers from another British Pakistani family. It named 41 associates of the brothers who allegedly used girls for sex.

The confidential documents revealed today suggest a failure by police and social services to protect teenagers and bring charges against their abusers, even when agencies held detailed intelligence about the men and their victims.

They also reveal that one young white girl, known by social services to have been sexually abused by Asian men from the age of 12, was offered language lessons in Urdu and Punjabi by Rotherham council. The aim was “to engage” her in education.

Denis MacShane, MP for Rotherham, said he was appalled that in several meetings with senior South Yorkshire police officers to discuss internal trafficking, “no one has ever revealed or even hinted at the important allegations made by The Times”.

He added: “There’s a culture here of denial and cover-up and a refusal to accept the reality that we have men living in the Rotherham community who treat young girls as objects for their sexual pleasure. It’s time to tell the truth. We must root out this evil.”

In 2002, the confidential report of a Home Office-funded research project considered a series of Rotherham case studies. It criticised police for “in all cases” treating young victims “as deviant and promiscuous” while “the men they were found with were never questioned or investigated”.

There have only been two group prosecutions in South Yorkshire since 1996, when concerns were first raised about grooming networks. Several Iraqi Kurds were charged in Sheffield in 2007 and eight British Pakistanis went on trial in Rotherham in 2010.

Throughout this period, Rotherham council has failed to accept the role of ethnicity and culture in such group offending. Earlier this year, this newspaper revealed how the town’s safeguarding children board censored a report into the murder of a 17-year-old girl to conceal the ethnicity of the British Pakistani men suspected of using her for sex from the age of 11.

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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19 Responses to The Times today: Police files reveal vast child protection scandal

  1. This situation is happening here, too. My neighbor expressed shock at the lack of morals among NEA American teachers at Tucson Apollo middle school. NEA teachers indoctrinate the children into a homosexual lifestyle in Tucson schools. Pedophile NEA public school teachers feed voyeuristically upon this sexual perversion and prey upon the children. School police officers aid & abet this NWO indoctrination and child mass murder through abortion acts of war against children of We the People. My neighbor is a first generation immigrant from Mexico and was ignorant of the on-going NWO planned disintegration of this country. NEA and public school teachers support the fluoridation of children through tap water, bottled water, and foodstuffs. HF aq toxic waste fluoridation results in cancer, Pineal Gland brain damage, and makes political chattel children and adults manageable. This is how come Police use it in jails and prison. this is how come Stalin used it in Russia. This is how come Hitler used it in the Third Reich. this is how come the Prussian General Staff pioneered its use among combat troop indoctrination and brain washing through the VT-SS, Brandenburgers, and Hitler Youth.

  2. Colin Peters says:

    All of this is pure unmitigated evil.
    In the Bible, (Mathew 24 for example) Jesus tells us that these are the last days before Armaggedon, the final conflict between good and evil.
    How much more proof do you need people?
    In all recorded history, apart from our victorian forefathers who shoved children up chimneys in order to clean them, has there ever been a time when children were so horribly, horribly abused just for the pure pleasure, and nothing else,of dirty perverted paedophiles.
    If my memory serves me correctly, even the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomarah were annihalated for lusting after eachother, not children!
    Mankind will not bring an end to all this evil.
    Only Jehovah God Himself and His Son Jesus Christ,will bring this about.
    And, No. I am not a religious looney, just an ordinary bloke who can see how Bible based prophesies are unfolding in our own space and time.

  3. While all this is happening in the background, we have the police blathering about an MP calling them ‘plebs’ for questioning his riding a bicycle through the gates of Downing Street through which limousines pass every day, and wasting time by writing all the petty details in their note books, then telling tales to the media, and whining about being called nasty names!

    My mind cringes at the thoughts running through my brain while pictures of those two dead policewomen, so recently killed while honourably doing their duty, look out from the same media sources, and questions are already being asked about their presence at the scene, while even worse insinuations are being made about their superior officers’ complicity in that too.

    Time these Stygian Stables were purged, cleaned and disinfected.

  4. Tony Butler says:

    We have heard how the traitor PM Tony Blair imposed a blanket ban on the reporting the accusations that his government and the establishment was and in all probability still is, awash with paedophiles.
    In Scotland also, the same accusations are being made, and an 83 year old who refused to demanding justice is now languishing in jail.
    Blair, subverted the independence of the civil service, judiciary, military and the police, in line with, Fabian Society policy and is now their President.
    His natural successor, or so Cameron claimed, neglects to mention the he and his millionaire ministers are all members of the freemasons, known as the Bilderbergs, the founders of the EU. along with Merkel, Sarkozy, Hollande, Clinton, major, Darling, Blair, Brown, Osborne, Goldsmith, Gorbachev, Miliband D, Miliband E, Rothschild etc.
    All dedicated to overthowing democracy, culling the human population, and destroying industry, power supplies, and national identities.
    Paedophilia appears to be considered a recreational pastime, hence the child trafficking racketeers of the family courts and social services (adoptable commodities) when used to describe children snatched by the state can only mean, children for sale.
    However, there are many decent people serving in civil; service, judiciary, military and police, who are appalled by what is happening in Britain, but when are you and I going to start fighting back?

  5. Cador Pendry says:

    Plebs is the kindest comment that I can leave after this article!

  6. peter oakes says:

    Dear Maureen Jenner. Please look at the facts ! Have you ever visited
    Downing St. ? The Constable on the gate is one of us ! the lowest rank ?
    of policeman being reduced to a bloody doorman, no tips, or gratuities
    Re; doorman at the Dorchester or Grosvenor hotel or Ritz, Hilton, Cafe Royal
    they get £50 for opening a car door !

    This arrogant Tory whip knows full well there is a “wicket” gate something
    reserved for “tradesmen” or the public just a few steps away ! Not this
    Tory whip ! he wants the main gate opening by a Constable. Why have.nt
    they got a gateman, or illegal immigrant, Pole, or Somali to open the bloody
    gate !

    If that Constable was black ! this tory whip would be charged with dis-respecting a black constable !

    No No this arrogant bastard riddled with Class prejudice, living in the past
    assumed a constable would tug his forelock, take of his cap, and turn into
    a genuflecting lickspittle only to pleased to serve his master !

    You just might start understanding that Constables are sick of being abused by their
    so-called superior officers re: 165 constables being Ordered er adviced to
    change their statements re: Hillsborough. Peter Fahy chief constable GMP
    failing to pass on intelligence a police officer was going to be killed on his
    manor ! in fact two were murdered. The Constable knows the legal mafia
    want to replace them with Community Support Officers. or GS4o or
    whatever incompetent group you name.

    Well done “Bobby” let every “jack” know you decent folks are sick of the
    bleeding corruption in our Country and for F—-s Sake start feeling some collars in the legal mafia Solicitors, judges, MP,s Edward Timpson MP &

  7. Dear Peter, why lambaste me for stating the obvious?

    It was all a fuss over nothing, after all, we are taught as children; ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.’ A verbal warning was given and recorded by the police officer, and the MP apologized; now let’s move on.

    Far more serious are the allegations in the above report; those really need some explanations as well as a thorough investigation.

    Wonder why they’re not making the headlines, while the exploits of a runaway teenager, and more indiscreet comments concerning HMQEII and a BBC correspondent are?

  8. peter oakes says:

    Dear Maureen. I am not lambasting You, in fact I think your bloody marvelous
    for being realistic. But No No No do not move on, a Government Whip abused his position and a Constable. The Constables are being continually
    under-mined by their superiors, ordered to alter statements re: Hillsborough.

    If a Government Whip can lie his way out of trouble and we allow it to happen
    Then we get what we deserve, and that is what is wrong with Joe Public.

    Everything is OK until it happens to them ! ” I am alright jack ” well kids
    ain,t alright and need our concerns & protection !

    • Point taken Peter, and thank you for getting back in such a constructive way. I’m one-hundred percent in favour of honesty – at all levels; just that some things can take forever and still not press any buttons with those who could make all the difference.

  9. peter oakes says:

    Dear Muareen. There is a simple solution ! that frightens the living daylights
    out of the Courts, Legal Profession, Judges, etc. and that is All court hearings
    to be video-ed on the day, a copy cum disc. given to defendant, the Record
    and the prosecution.

    And of course the introduction of ” lie detectors ” to be available to any parties
    in court proceedings on request both for & against adversaries.

    Sorry that,s two solutions but “every little helps” asda speak.

    On Honesty I want you to know the Civil Airlines authorities have given
    pilots immunity from disciplinary action. If they self report their mistakes
    that could damage the aircraft and safety re: extreme turns high G forces,
    hard landings general abuse of air frame etc.

    This is done so that hidden unreported damage etc does not lead an ill
    informed aircrew into an accident etc. These reports are circulated
    worldwide and have increased airline safety to an un-dreamed of level
    of flight safety ! So honesty does “Pay”

  10. Now that sounds a very encouraging policy, especially in view of what’s gone before.

  11. Veronique says:

    I can’t believe it! It’s happening in France too.(I’m talking about state kidnapping and institutional rape) Social workers, judges, psychologists, lawyers, police et all the rest. They rip kids and babies from their mothers, hand them over to their violent and sexual abusing father, then off to children’s home and pouf!!!! they disappear. Colin Peters’ comment makes you wonder. It’s world-wide and it’s so cruel, so inhumane. So it can only be diabolic.
    You know, I hope Mr Peters is right because I think we can save kids individually but we can’t stop the whole procedure because there are too many human beings who just close their eyes, their ears and their hearts.
    How many people went on the UK end child abuse march?

    • Yes, the international quality of this drama became also clear in The where Slovak children are being reported to be ‘shipped’ to Italy, while the UK snatches Slovak kids!

      I also have a German report about kids being ‘kidnapped’ by the German State…

      Only The Power of We can make the difference required!!!


  12. peter oakes says:

    Hi Sabine. have you thought of introducing “Victims Unite ” to Andy Burnham
    MP. this guy supported the Hillsborough victims and it has led to the police
    and other authorities being exposed as perverters of justice, conspirators
    concealing incompetence and gross negligence.

    Given our lack of positive results I would like to suggest that many of our
    so-called friends in Parliament are in fact “blockers” a report in the Independent Sunday 30th Sept. 2012 Hillsborough: ” Families fury at spin
    operation ” Senior Labor MPs worked to dampen criticism when second
    inquiry was denied in 1998.

    Senior Home Office civil servants had agreed a plan to “neutralise the local media” before the publication of lord justice Stuart- Smiths much criticised
    They also briefed Liverpool MPs to ensure they were ” on message” ahead
    of Jack Straws announcement. Memos prepared for senior ministers indicated the then Home Office Minister George Howarth. the defence minister Peter Kilfoyle and labor whip Jane Kennedy ALL Liverpool MPs agreed at a meeting to try and ensure ” all local MPs were on message ” to support the governments position.

    Stabbed in the Back by treacherous Liverpool MPs

  13. It begins to look as though the common denominator in all this, might be the murky conglomerate know as Common Purpose, which nurtures the overthrow of democracy through infiltration of democratic government at all levels.

    It has been suggested, disciples of CP believe that if children are stripped of human emotion, (kidnapped?), they can more readily be groomed to play their designated roles as dehumanised servants of the state. The horror of paedophilia is perhaps one aspect of this.

    We saw the corruption of youth in Nazi Germany, and Stalinist Russia; the latter is not dead yet, as we saw recently when a group of young women were jailed for making fun of Putin – that rings some ominous bells about the silly young boy, so recently sent to prison for uttering inappropriate words over the internet.

    It is time for all of us to be aware, and to beware, that the democracy we take for granted, is as fragile as the next election. We must never forget that Blair, and his New Labour acolytes, all but swept it away in Britain. Democracy is too precious a gem to lose; it requires our constant vigilance, and a more robust defence than most politicians, of any political persuasion, seem prepared to put up.

    • I think we all would like to see ONE answer, ONE formula, ONE explanation, ONE ‘pill’…

      In reality, we are dealing with lots of aspects of MANY unconscious people who are not in touch with their conscience, whether by mind control and torture or other reasons.

      We are also dealing with MONEY as the means to employ them and thus get them to ‘just do their job’ in their positions of power, which, all too often, they abuse ‘royally’.

      Once we manage to make sense, know and understand what’s going on, the question is: what is worth doing about it???

      On Friday, Caul Grant will have a hearing granted at the Royal Courts of Justice where we can support him. He’s inviting people to be there from 10.30 onwards. Or else just come for the hearing that will be publicised by the Royal Courts of Justice on Thursday after 2pm.

  14. peter oakes says:

    Maureen is correct about Common Purpose. You take a local council civil
    servant to an expensive hotel for a two day indoctrination course and convince
    him/her they are the leaders needed in the local community, school teachers
    headmasters, fire chiefs, enviroment personnel etc. these are convinced
    they know best ! in truth they are sad, pathetic incompetents that drink bottled
    water all of it paid for from our rates & tax.

    Now if you have a group of de-humanised zombies that were raped and sexually abused and reduced in self-worth and esteem as induced by
    living in so-called care homes, fostered for monetary reasons ,you have
    recruits to be groomed into civil servants that get promoted beyond their
    inadequate capabilities who now supervise and manipulate the Common
    Purpose graduates that operate local authorities.

    You now have Communism by the back-door any objectors are branded
    as non-compliant they get false tax demands, bogus bankruptcies, their
    children snatched into care on false allegations. It is happening re:
    Hillsborough approx. 150 constables instructed, ordered, required to
    change their statements, I wonder how many sergeants and inspectors
    changed theirs, or were the ” on message ” as the Home Office required !

    Why is it common practice for the establishment to lie to and mislead the public? and how come the establishment has not recognised the treason
    going on in its own ranks, suddenly the Jimmy Sa-vile scandal has
    cropped up, is this a diversion to take heat of the Hillsborough cover-up !

    The Hillsborogh scandal must be promoted in the memory of the dead 96
    innocent supporters thank god they had the Liverpool Football Team and
    the citizens of Liverpool behind them, and the commitment of a DECENT
    HONEST MP Andy Burnham. they were,t even his Constituents their MP,s
    Kilfoyle etc. stabbed them in the back!

  15. The news over recent weeks has been filled with horror stories that are, at bottom, manifestations of the evil prevalent within our society.

    We have been regaled with stories of police-cover-ups; paedophilia on a mammoth scale; the abduction of a minor, with her complicity, by her teacher; the abduction and possible murder of a five-year-old by someone she seemed to trust; the imprisonment of a youth for making stupid remarks on a social network; and a reported bad-mouthing remark made by an MP (who was not imprisoned); the eventual deportation of a man who, for some eight years, declared hatred of this country, but who was housed, with his wife and their eight children, in a five-bed-roomed council-house, in which she still lives – as of right – with three of those eight children. The media have had a field-day.

    When new stories hit the headlines, they have their five minutes in the limelight. Too often, the victims are left in limbo, or worse; some are subjected to near persecution for speaking up, while those guilty of acts of evil, too often pass into some quiet haven and get forgotten – or overlooked, whether by intent, or accident, no one seems too sure.

    Where evil is exposed, the perpetrators should suffer the penalty, with no exceptions made for rank.

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