This Saturday: UK End Child Abuse – March (Hyde Park Corner, 12.00) & Rally: Trafalgar Square, 1 – 4pm

It helps to unite, whether as parents whose children were taken, as supporters who were jailed or as survivors of abuse.

This Saturday, starting with a march at Hyde Park Corner, the rally will, as in 2011 and in 2010, be a great opportunity for networking, sharing experiences and, together, feeling stronger than on our own.

Due to the secrecy of family courts and the intimidation through ‘gagging orders’, it takes courage to be there. But the untold story of gagging orders was published by The Independent in May 2011. This mainstream media overview adds further credibility to our claims. But still nothing seems to change…

Do we have to wait until children find their birth parents via Facebook and take Social Services to court, as these two boys in whose lives Social Services have ‘created havoc’?

Will Slovakia lead other countries in their claims for their young citizens as Slovaks protest at Britain’s ‘illegal child snatching’?


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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8 Responses to This Saturday: UK End Child Abuse – March (Hyde Park Corner, 12.00) & Rally: Trafalgar Square, 1 – 4pm

  1. It would be wonderful to have a hint of royal thinking on this subject; to learn someone, with so much influence, even knew what was going on.

    All very well being known for maintaining dignity at all times, and never putting a foot wrong, but how much more wonderful to know that the lady sitting in such exalted isolation, actually cared enough to get involved – just sometimes, with ‘her’ people.

    I would so much prefer having an active figurehead, than a puppet having to dance to whichever puppet-master is in power at 10 Downing Street, but doubtless it helps to know that the absolute confidentiality of that figurehead is as sacrosanct as the confessional of any priest.

    Thus we will have to continue the marches, and the law-abiding protests, until one day, the justice promised to all free-men in Magna Carta is achieved.

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  3. GloverKellycoverup says:

    First Success – for Not a British National or Citizen! -Thus it actually means F A for British Citizens. Avaaz are a bunch of tree EUhugging Climate Change Al Gore dupes.

  4. Anonymous says:

    For any parent to be reunited with their kidnapped child is a success. Irrespective of their Nationality.
    Exploitation in the trading of children is a global multi million pound industry.

  5. the rallies began ’93, the current organisors have destroyed that her/history, and methodically, dishonestly represented themselves as the pioneers of this. the truth and hope organisor, emma clarke, in fact offered me office/admin/computing help, if she had stuck to her remit, the rallies would have once again flourished, as they did originally, when 1400, rather than 40 marched, and rallied, the atmosphere, electric, eclectic, spontaneous, and creative, free speech, rather than, the so called truthers, who took it over, and steered it all for the holy gregg campaign, that is infested with interference, to say the least. Survivor sites, that traditionally promoted and supported, didn,t, no one knew about it, hardly, and it is a sham, and shameful, tbh, given what she offered, promised and then did, like destroying the only footage of ’94, rally. whilst claiming to be the first rally organisor ??? anyway, survivors are reclaiming and re-energising, and after 2yrs of silence, have now spoken out

    • Sabine Kurjo McNeill says:

      Oh dear, dear, dear,

      Something tragic happens when people ‘become’ organisations… Hence I always believe only in networks of free standing individuals who either help or hurt each other…

      Sighs and THANK YOU!!!

  6. and I must say too, tho, that some very good friends, did go, and some made passionate speeches, and obviously still got alot out of being there, for the genuine suppoters, and the real survivors, you made the best of it, and i respect that. I though could not support for various reasons.

  7. The more spontaneous, the greater the impact. More power to all those brave enough to march, and make their views heard.

    Though few names may be chosen to light up history, the very presence of all people of goodwill, whether in body or spirit, will be felt.

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