First Success Story: Five Slovak Children Return to Slovakia

British court returned five Slovak Children home!

This link takes you to the English report of a Slovak paper, if you click the TRANSLATE button.

Chatham Court in Kent ruled in favour of a family with five children.

It is thought that the cases of some 38 Slovak families concerning roughly 85 children will be re-examined by Slovak authorities.

Maybe some of them will join the rally tomorrow between Hyde Park Corner and Trafalgar Square?


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6 Responses to First Success Story: Five Slovak Children Return to Slovakia

  1. Jean McDonald says:

    Congratulations to all concerned in the success of this case Jean

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  2. Colin Peters says:

    It is pertinent to note that the Slovakian Government has become involved before any favourable action from our courts.
    Now, what are the chances of more members of our own government getting behind MP John Hemming and many members of the public who know and who care???

  3. JM says:

    sounds to me like the ONLY reason they done that is to stop the European Courts getting involved….

  4. peter oakes says:

    As Usual it seems the news came from a Slovak news paper and Not
    the British media Why is that ??

    For sure the Govnt. did,nt want a European examination of the British
    courts and lawyers.

  5. Good news never seems to travel as fast as bad news, but this is great news; shame on our media that it has not seen fit to report it.

  6. Fantastically encouraging! We have this scourge of social “services” destroying families very strongly developed in Scandinavia and we have been trying to fight it for years. Yeah, victims, unite!

    There are some sections in English here:
    And please look especially at some of the links to articles in English in this long thread:

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