How to Steal a House from an 82-year old Lady in Norfolk: Money buying Brute Force


Reemtsma (Photo credit: asvensson)


This is a case of criminal trespass, of a boundary dispute and of original title map deeds versus UK Land Registry General Boundaries. It is also of false claims, potential false address and the rich Claimant’s abuse of legal system.

Place of Crime – Kings Lynn, W. Norfolk England. Victim – 82 year old Lady and her Son, who has a spinal injury.

Case Summary

April 1 2009 – Claimants destroys old boundary fence, over 50m and plough 200 sqm of Defendant’s Land. Replace fence with stronger poles and upright the pushed over straining post. Three times on 3 April, May and June, fence is broken, cut and finally ‘shredded’ as barbed wire replacement is cut into a 100 pieces of dangerous loops left on the garden. Pets & wildlife risk at risk.

Tractor driver says – ‘you are not using is so we will’. Works for agent Velcourt on the behalf of Eaubrink Farm GmbH.

Show Victims deed map ownership to workers, Farm Manager and Director.

No letters or phone calls returned from Velcourt or local Farm. Police called but they say – boundary dispute, its civil.

Lawyers from Velcourt, representing all Velcourt and Eaubrink GmbH accuse a 82 year old of trespass and building a fence on their land. Issue claim from Christian-F-Hansen Strasse 19 address in Hamburg. Mother and Son sued. He has heart attack on eve of hearing, so in Hospital for Hearing. Mother informs Court reception on way to Hospital. In absence Claimant insists carry on and transfer case to Norwich 160 km across County round trip. Case awarded to a Claimant who also demands a penal notice and injunction if walk on or put up owners fence again. Prison for 82yr old who has never touched the fence.

Case in joint names and jointly and severally liable. However, charge is in name of Herr Bernard Reemtsma, with a Hamburg Address. Must contact him for his permission, if want to raise any money from property – to fight, or pay off the alleged ‘debt’. Claim is for crop and for removal of fence. Approx £360 with a handful of sugar beet planted in rough soil in April 2009, which failed.

Cost of Injunction, Lawyer, Barristers is now £9,000. Case appealed to London but no oral hearing granted and Court delay provision of transcript to victims.

Path blocked to any higher appeal court, with no oral hearing allowed to speak.

Charging order now put in sole name of Mother and Son refused entry into Court, despite being witness to fact, a party to debt and litigant friend. Court refuse any entry and as Mother unable to attend Court for Health reasons she has GP and MP letters to support, they award Order of Sale on 30th July 2012.

Application for retrial and an Appeal is blocked, until Circuit Judge who made original decision rules no retrial and no Appeal, with sale to commence today 23rd September 2012 for forced sale price around half its market value, by Valuer employed by Claimant, Seller of all surrounding land to Herr Reemtsma for six million pounds and Lawyers of Reemtsma and Velcourt, Shawcross of Herefordshire, whose Senior Partner is a founding Director of Velcourt and is a conflict of Interest lawyer of Reemtsma.

Submissions of Fact

1) B.Reemtsma/ Eaubrink Farm GmbH was not the owner of the adjacent land in April 2009, when his agent removed the boundary fence. A boundary track was also removed, as aerial shot show.

2) Claimant and Court relied on plans of General Boundaries not Root of Title Conveyancing maps, as per House of Lords Caselaw (1999)and in precedent cases of Steward v Gallop & an (2010)

3) Claimant used a forged Land Registry map with an exaggerated extension into field by hand drawn means, claiming to be of Land Registry.

4) Claimant withheld root of title deeds showing our ownership. A Court fraud.

5) No attendance, either by a medical absence, supported by medical report or GP letter, or barred from Court entry – Infringes rights to present a defence.

6) Initial request to transfer to a local Court and another jurisdiction ignored.

7) Claim form address is neither place of residence of place this business is in fact carried out. This makes claim void so an appeal challenge made to Order for Sale on Thursday 20th September to RCJ. A more local appeal to vary the order also made as second position to allow a means back into Court and for a challenge on valuation, timing and a means to raise funds, when Reemtsma is contactable, at a working address?

8) Crop damage claimed is for a weak crop planted into unused soil of 40 yrs, in April 2009, when Claimant did not own the land. This is a fraudulent claim.

Our contacts: 07919497144 and this email, which you may forward to any German Journalist who is interested in this case. Please do circulate to ‘help’.

Bernard Reemtsma is claiming he works from Christian F Hansen Strasse with the Eaubrink Farm GmbH, but the telephone numbers given at Firm 25 and Unternehmensregister are those of World Imperial Tobacco and they say he has not worked there for 12 years. Bernhard has caused tremendous grief and stress to an 82 year old Lady with a history – Father took surrender of 1st World War German Fleet at Scapa Flow & personally saved drowning German Sailors – he used to say “they are all some Mother’s Sons”. Mother lost twin brothers in her sight during the Blitz.

We have German friends now and had met many extremely honourable and pleasant Germans, until this Bernhard Reemtsma, who is causing extremely draconian pressure and measures for a few metres of land that are on all old deeds & we had owned it for 12 years previous to his coming. The land is on deeds going back until 1970 for here, so this aggressive theft is horrendous.

Throwing Barristers, Penal Notices and not once speaking, or writing first, was a very un-neighbourly act. Reemtsma Family is trying to do some good, with their charity in Hamburg – elderly, sick and disabled catered for, then you see a very different side – elderly victim 82 and disabled Son, aggression and this Charity Address in Hamburg runs this International Company and a few more with Swiss foundation and telephones go through to a Tobacco Company that sell 90 billion cigarettes to Ukraine (so that is bad for the ‘youth’ of Ukraine), and apparently sell individual ciggies to African Children aged as young as 8 to get them all addicted young, when they cannot afford a packet. A duality of minds and profiteering that harks to a much darker time. Does Reemtsma need 200sqm of our land when he has 1800 hectares? Does he need to sell our house, or buy it so cheap?

Herr Reemtsma now has control of our house, as Eastern Circuit Judges have colluded to prevent any oral hearing. A clear Order to vary timetable and for a valuation of property was blocked last Friday 21 Sept, but the 31p post was not sent off until Monday, a day after the sale at under half value, to Herr B. Reemtsma – so we could nothing. The Pro Bono Barrister is appalled, but he says it is final if a Circuit Judge refuses leave to Appeal (since 2010) with no recourse to Court of Appeal, Supreme Court or HOL. Lying & deception wins.

We are in ‘siege mode’ and, if we leave together, they will possess it now. Mum is not able to leave her house so is effectively under house arrest as the order states if she vacates it, its theirs.

We had a guy here all last Sunday who is a locksmith. We thought we had the oral hearing requested, but that was already told to other side on Friday the Court had refused any further hearing.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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14 Responses to How to Steal a House from an 82-year old Lady in Norfolk: Money buying Brute Force

  1. This is reminiscent of several cases, where the victims have been seeking justice for many years, with which I have become acquainted in Wales.

    Ownership of property is no longer sacrosanct if once the legal wolves are taken by the tail.

    The result is heartbreak, and loss of all rights, by the individual who has dared to invoke the law against the bully boys with money.

  2. Ismail Bhamjee says:

    There is a Judgment given in the Old Bailey Court of Lord Archer on the Case of Perjury and Perverting the Cause of Justice.

    It is open for her to apply for Summons before the Magistrates Courts under Section 1 or 53 of the Magistrates Courts Act 1980.

    There is Section 41 (2) and (5) of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 which has not been inserted under the Civil Procedure Rules Part 52.

    There is a CPR PART 52-17 Rules which does allow to make an Application in the High Court or the Court of Appeal to have the Case Re-open.

    There is also a Right to make an Application for Judicial Review against the County Court in the Administrative Court, whilst there are time limits, but extension of time should be made.

    I hope and trust that this shall assist any other person in the United Kingdom, whilst there are some changes in Law comming inforce from the 1st October 2012, as the New CPR PART 81 Rules does apply.

    I thank you in advance and wait to hear from you

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Ismail – I shall look into this straight away.

      Stuart Wilkie – Son of victim.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Abdullah,

      It gets worse, we have just found today that the ‘retired’ Judge of 7th September, Alasdair Darroch -all printed in the regional papers- has arisen to haunt us again on the 18th Sept with another of his draconian gems. Rather than wait for his own order to elapse on 23rd Sept, allowing us time to arrange some monies to save our home. On 18th he made a Warrant Order, without our knowledge and gave it to the Claimant, who tried to enforce it last Friday, rattling the gates, shouting out,despite it not being given a Warrant number or signed. They watch our every move with assistance of a neighb our who stole another piece of our land, but who is scheduled for demolition, if they try anything else or assist the Claimants.

      This Judge is abusing his power so under the Fraud Act 2006, s2 (c) Section 4 is he not the guilty party here – of fraud? Now he is retired, can he be sued as an individual citizen? Why is he allowed to defraud us of our family home and put an 82 year old onto the street? Terms are we vacate, they possess immediately, but we have nowhere to go and where are we to put all our belongings? The ‘damages’ claimed are some £306, but the costs from first action were over £9,000. Darroch has incurred three if not four hearings in Norwich, when we said from the outset we needed local court access. I am myself have hospital treatment tomorrow in the late afternoon and cannot drive far now. Does the 2010 Disability Act not appy to Court

      • I think that Private Prosecutions are the ‘remedy’.

        Do speak to Michael Doherty and Norman Scarth:

        • JM says:

          trouble with that is a) extremely expensive and victims dnt have any money b) you need to be able to identify all the perps, name address, DOB c) and if u can get past the corrupt system/ gain access that Keir Starmer c*** will just cancel it….last i heard on him he was threatening to put survivors of the most horriific, instituionalised sexual and physical abuse in prison for having the audacity of asking him to do the job he is paid to do…

          it wd cost far more than the 100K Jean charles- de menezes mother got to prosecute them even if they could be identified…

    • Stuart Wilkie says:

      Hi Ismail,

      This Perjury has affected all levels of this case, from County to High Court, but I cannot get the judges interested to even look at it. Nor are the Police it seems – your application to the Magistrates Court idea is great, but how does one go about it?

      It is back in the Court of Appeal, as the low valuation was increased somewhat by the High Court, who then awarded costs to the Claimant, ignoring the need for the Appeal. It is still undervalued and the costs are being challenged. Their perjury has created this totally false claim. Conflicts of interest abound with the Lawyer being a property developer and former owner of adjacent land it seems, as confirmed by my MP and Companies house information. Surely, it must debase their false claims, forged maps and acts of criminal trespass in order to make it appear the land was theirs first. Aerial shots proves otherwise.

      Best regards,

      Stuart Wilkie

  3. Tony Butler says:



    The victim has not been allowed her Common Law right to challenge her accuser in a Common Law court before an informed jury. A judge, as a government employee,has no lawful judicial authority inside a courtroom, only a Jury can hear or try a case whereby a Guilty verdict can deprive them of their liberty of property.
    Therefore the County Court Judgment can only have been reached by an imposter posing as a judge perjuring his oath of office.

  4. john c malcolm says:

    It would appear to me that some people have been “seen right” here, to their pecunary advantage.
    It amuses me that the same rulers make a big fuss about bribery in Africa. A Nigerian policeman taking N20 in a road block is an angel compared to some of the people running this country!

  5. Laksmi: Ruos says:

    The claimant and the courts are working to conspire and collude in committing a civil crime of tort against you and your mother, and yes, you have been denied all rights, you haven’t been provided with a remedy, so you make up your own private remedy, hit them back with a commercial lien, and take them for everything they’ve got. If they cannot provide you with a remedy they are breaking the law. Get someone to help you with the commercial lien.

    I am so sorry to hear this is happening to you, please rest assure that there are so many people on this planet who have been wronged and I think we are waking up and fighting back these tyrants. May God bless you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Laksmi – the Claimant has had an advantage throughout. They had not even paid the correct court fee (I have it in writing from the first hearing) yet were allowed to proceed.

      I asked to change jurisdiction to another Court service on the defence form, but this was not discusses and yet was ignored by Norfolk Cts -the same Circuit Judge had previously denied me a hearing, as a Claimant, where he totally refused to listen to me as a Litigant saying he “only wanted to hear Counsel” after 40mins of the Defendant’s Counsel prattling on, with no susbtance, the Judge said ‘unless you have anything to say, I am ready to make an Order – I said I had my case to state – he said you have 5 minutes as I have another case now. I said – With respect I have the same time as a Counsel, under equality of arms, to speak and I need to answer everything he has said. That made the Judge put down his pen, fold his arms and stare at the ceiling. – he then called out loudly ‘two minutes’ – then ‘three minutes’ and then 30 second later – Right that’s it and awarded a penalty of £1,000 costs to claimant against ‘this defendant’ that were not asked for – I smiled and left the Court. Next day, creepy opposing Barrister called me to say – there is a mistake in the Order – you are the Claimant? I know I said. Barrister implores ‘But the error is the Judge awarded you the costs’ – “I know, he must have come to his senses afterall” – I say – ‘please forward cash as I do not take any cheques!’ He settled out of Court, but Judge is the same Tasmanian Devil in this debacle and now he has retired after making this decision, literally on his last day in Court.

      My Mother has done absolutely nothing wrong and this ogre has given away the piece of land and put a charge and penal notice against her. They refused to accept GP letters over health and ran hearings in secret, barring attendance to me. They also refused to supply transcripts for the appeal hearing, which was refused for no actual reason – just saying ‘no merits’, but there is established HOL precedent case law. Even the Appeal Judge LJ Patten was on one of the Appeals and is totally inconsistent here.

      Thank you for your thoughts and support.

      Son of Victim

  6. It is high time those who claim to be the legitimate government; the legal and judicial representatives of that government, as well as those professing to be the enforcers of all, in the Queen’s name, were made to commit to memory, and act at all times in accordance with, the Magna Carta that David Cameron, as Prime Minister of the monarch, could not translate when asked on an American quiz show.

    His ignorance is proof that we are governed by callow youths who are oblivious of the foundation upon which our country built its laws, giving birth to a democracy that helped establish so many others in countries beyond the shores of Britain.

    Perhaps HMQEII could have a confidential word with him, and them; now that would be worth eavesdropping in upon.

  7. Rosie says:

    I think it’s worth using TRUST LAW in this case. I have used this on numerous situations…..even HMRC and it has worked and all have ‘backed off’.

    The trust starts with the birth certificate and becomes a cestui que trust. The government, court (judge, magistrate) bank etc become the trustees, you become the General Executor and Beneficiary.

    I have put all my worldly goods into a trust……please look at the Universal Community Trust site. Also please listen on You Tube to Frank O’Collins on Trusts and also Dean Clifford.

    Too much to write here, hence I have guided you to the sites that will educate you on this, and I wish you all the very best in your fight with these thugs

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