New South Wales Parliament apologises for Forced Adoptions

The article Parliament apology on forced adoptions accepted, but mothers still feel hurt is a second interesting ‘precedent’ from New South Wales (NSW). At the time, babies were taken from unmarried mothers!

In 1996, the Royal Commission into NSW Police took place which resulted in reports on corruption, reform and paedophilia.

Here, 91 MPs are recommending a Royal Commission, by having signed this Early Day Motion.

What if the UK Parliament

  1. acknowledged that forced adoption is a punishment without crime and the removal of babies at birth a violation of human rights?
  2. apologised for all wrongful adoptions and promised to re-investigate?
  3. contacted all children and invited them to “Post Adoption Resource Centres” to process their traumatic separations?
  4. compensated all parents for the grief and trauma of institutional abuse?
  5. considered re-investigating over-zealous Social Services‘ decisions of children in ‘care’?
  6. took an active interest in John Hemming MP’s Family Justice Bill that will be debated on October 26th?

Which ever party came up with this agenda, might actually win the sympathies of quite a few voters again!!!…

However, according to these revelations by MI5 and MI6 whistleblowers, it seems that Parliament is not in control of its actions and destiny…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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5 Responses to New South Wales Parliament apologises for Forced Adoptions

  1. Yeah– the mighty men of war are in fear. God willing, I’ll be face to face with a federal MIB DMAFB child abduction mother victim tomorrow (Hebrew time). Jeremiah 16:16. It will get worse. Fight. Combat, G_d willing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Best Idea I’ve heard so far better still put an end to forced adoption.

  3. JM says:

    i find it difficult to believe anybody would accept an apology….i won’t! if somebody murdered your family, raped you, tortured you and completely destroyed your life, would sorry somehow make it ok? somebody try that crap with me i’m likely to deck the bastard, but they wd probably send a woman for soemthing like that….and so far, 35 years on this planet i have managed to avoid hitting anyone, let alone a girl……..which makes me a sexist bastard i know!

    here’s a thought though…anybody put in a FOI request for how many australians emigrated to the uk after this report was published….?

  4. Colin Peters says:

    Only 91 MPs have signed the EDM. That is not enough to progress things further. How convenient for a government, elected by the people, to act against the will of the people in this way by their total and complete lack of interest.

  5. peter oakes says:

    I wonder how many of the 91 MPs are lawyers Colin. Why is there no demand
    for a Royal Commission Inquiry into the police, courts, judges, cum establishment ?

    The Hillsborough report established ALL Govnt. Local Govnt. depts. conspire
    against the public to create a huge deception about the truth of the situation!

    I don,t know if this is to protect individuals or to hide the total incompetence and gross negligence ! ( these must be factors as the officials realize they
    need to conceal the truth ) in other words why tell lies in the first place?

    Currently the Jimmy Savile affair is “talk off the town” it looks like the press
    are getting to grips with the paedophile connection and the involvement
    of childrens homes, kids in care, etc. the Jersey connection and so on,
    this is exactly how the Royal Commission Inquiry into NSW police evolved
    into revealing the whole sordid mess of police corruption across all criminal
    activity in NSW. it showed once and for all the major criminals were the
    law enforcement agencies, entertainers, celebs, councillors MPs etc. and
    I feel any new Commons Debates on Child Protection are in fact “red herrings”
    to cause delay and to add confusion in order to prevent the “day of reckoning”
    that is now dawning !

    I tried to show one MP the absolute proof Dame Elizabeth Butler – Sloss kidnapped abducted Corey Raymond Bradley who I feel was going to be sold
    by NSW Social Services, to a childless couple or worse, This MP did,nt want
    the truth he blathered on about ” habitual residence ” was the reason the
    child was sent back to Australia. ( that was lying rubbish ! whoever has
    SOLE CUSTODY of a child has the right to decide were the child lives-resides ) There has to be a ” Wrongfull Removal ” of a child before it can be
    ordered back to any country . And there was No wrongfull removal, no court
    order giving any other agency, person, any share of Custody regarding this
    child. This child had his own passport that was stolen from him by the British Police !

    WE at Victims Unite are getting results, not as fast or open as we would like,
    but the criminal employees in the Social Services, Care Homes, and Charities
    supposedly guarding and caring for children are getting ” squeeky bums ”
    and this time it,s not the children. Keep your eyes on the obituary
    columns some big names will start appearing in the next few months, the
    poor sods have nowhere to go if they ” phone a friend ” big brother is listening

    good old Nueberger will be trembling now he is number 1 judge, why bother
    getting a DJ when you can get the “big-un ” ” How,s about that then ”
    I see Freddie Star has joined Sabine,s Starfighters

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