Can “The Power of We” stop Institutionalised Child Abuse? @BlogActionDay12 #powerofwe

This cartoon was sent by Richard Moore who publishes

In 5,500 words David Icke tells the story: Jimmy Savile – Doorman to the Cesspit.

The Yorkshire Post refers to 340 inquiries in Savile banned from children’s homes for abuse.

The Savile affair and the media – the watchdog which didn’t bark is an article on Inforrm – The International Forum for Responsible Media Blog.

Here’s “Men of Steel” – a conversation between Tony Farrell and David Pidcock about South Yorkshire Police and its shortcomings.

Tonight, I shall share my story of discovering child ‘protection’ as child snatching in this webinar.

Mind the Gap: between online publications and the Mainstream Media! But this mainstream media overview shows that there is awareness of what’s going with Social Services and child abuse.

Christopher Booker’s latest article confirms our views and experiences: The worst scandal I’ve seen in my 50-year career.

It has been said that the Royal Commission into NSW Policing in 1997 started with celebrities and resulted in a volume on corruption, one on reform and one on paedophilia… What about “The Power of We” next?

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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4 Responses to Can “The Power of We” stop Institutionalised Child Abuse? @BlogActionDay12 #powerofwe

  1. peter oakes says:

    ” The Power of We.” Can make a start to turn around the corruption by
    alerting ALL readers to the Elections for Police Commissioners Nov. 15th.

    You must warn everyone NOT to vote for a Tory -Lab.- UKIP.- Lib Dem
    no body supported by a Political Party should be elected to these vital
    positions of trust !

    We are now being exposed to the vile deeds of Jimmy Savile, hidden by his
    colleagues at the BBC, and of course by several police forces. This is the
    exact findings of the Royal Commission Inquiry NSW police paedophiles

    We have now been shown the depths of Senior Police Officers corruption !
    not the humble Constable faithfully recording his/her actions at Hillsborough
    and then being instructed/ ordered/ advised/ directed/ to change their
    statements there-bye Perverting Justice and Misconduct in a Public Office.

    The ordinary member of the public now knows the Contempt the Arrogant
    Civil Servant, Coroner, Police Inspector, City Councillors, and the FA. have
    in store for you ! With their incompetence and gross negligence they kill
    96 Innocent football fans at Hillsborough ! But instead of retaining a
    respectfull stance and silence ! they induce the gutter press to publish
    outrageous lies about fans looting their dying supporters, urinating on them,
    etc. etc. this disgusting conspiracy was to pass the blame of the tragedy from themselves to the People of Liverpool ! The Mothers, & Fathers Sisters
    and Brothers of the 96 dead fans have shown the British Public our police
    are the gangsters, mafia bosses, peddling filth and innueno ! But what
    they dont known is it is the judges and magistrates that protect the criminal
    civil servants from prosecution ! Judges like Elgan Edwards Chester.
    this bent judge concealed bogus & malicious bankruptcies used to steal
    properties and money !

    The Tory Candidate for Cheshire Police Commissioner is John Dwyer
    ex. Assnt. Chief Constable of Cheshire. he is concealing these thefts
    and frauds and has been conspiring with the Federation of Small Business
    to prevent their members finding out ! I know because I an a “victim”

    Today David Parr returning officer will be informed of Dwyers omissions
    and in the meantime google: David Parr Halton Council & Julia Eeles

    This will reveal how our Courts are nothing but frauds on the public

    And see if you can enlighten me on The Peace Commission that by stealth
    has hi-jacked the justice system

    Show them what we can do !

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  3. Like the scum that settles on the surface as the tide recedes, so the evil that has permeated all levels of our society surfaces only after its victims have had to live with the heartbreak and trauma of their defilement during a lifetime of disbelief on the part of that society.

    Eventual revelation, and the relief of being believed may be some compensation, but nothing can erase the memories; or sweeten the residue of bitterness that must remain as legacies of the original contamination or injustice.

    • Sabine Kurjo McNeill says:

      I think that ‘karma’ is the only rational explanation, Maureen…

      THANK YOU for your ever so care-ful comments!!!

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