Mummy, what is ‘paedophilia’? I don’t know. I will look it up.


Newsnight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the real live quote of a boy who saw his mum at a ‘contact centre’, after having been separated from his parents by Social Services:

Mummy, what is ‘paedophilia’?

I don’t know. I will look it up.

We know the parents who are foreigners, and we have observed that foreigners seem to be targeted by Social Services.

We know the foster parents who used the word in front of the boy. But what can we do?

Even the mainstream media are ‘getting it’ at long last:

And bloggers are riding the Savile tide with great stride:

Ben Fellows: I ran the gauntlet of paedophiles – both at the BBC and at other TV production companies, and also in theatres, as well as on commercial photo shoots.

I wonder now about high level Jews keeping his dirty secrets…

The sad fact is that in the UK and Canada the secret Intelligence / security services are known to see part of their role as operating outside the law to illegally protect establishment elites from justice when they do wrong.


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6 Responses to Mummy, what is ‘paedophilia’? I don’t know. I will look it up.

  1. Peter Danby says:

    How can Harriet Harman say anything about an inquiry with regards Jimmy Savile when she wants child pornography legalizing, she makes me sick…!!!!!!

  2. Stanley Embling says:

    Will Harriet Harman’s call for a full, independent inquiry into the Jimmy Savile scandal ..for The abused VICTIMS I would sincerely hope it does!….
    But in calling for such an investigation I sincerely hope also, that she would also call for similar indepth investigation into the “TAINTED” POLITICAL Levies that the Labour Party receives (as sponsorship/funding,) off The GMB Union, have done so between 1980 to 2010.
    After all Harriet Harman and ED Milliband were informed of such criminal activities in early 2010; involving the “TAINTED” sponsorship and funding ; ill gained by the GMB Union as Political Levies (by deception, conspiracy/fraud ,) off us many thousand(s) duped/deceived excluded/ blackballed unwary Trade Union members from British Steel Scunthorpe; the financial losses and affects from such, these remains ongoing to this day!…However, if she wants to see evidence (again,) previously supplied;to her, also to former Labour MP (convicted criminal) Elliot Morley, also supplied to former Labour MP, Ian Cawsey from 1999 perhaps they will no doubt allow her inspect it?? ..Failing that possibly GMB UNION will surely assist to ensure an unadulterated investigation could take place; to allow us many robbed Victims get rightful compensation Justice/ Finality once and for all surely??.

    • Peter Danby says:

      How the hell can we trust MPs like Harriet Harman who are advocating child pornography, never mind doing inquires. Members of the public could do a better job than her at least it would be thorough and concise…..!

  3. Stanley Embling says:

    Is Harriet Harman from the satanic worshiping Masonic fraternity ?? or, from The Bilderburgers; whom if so, it could help explain why she wants child pornography legalizing…a matter which in my opinion is utter and totally revolting

  4. peter oakes says:

    Harriet Harman is the witch that made Mr. Ebert a Sectn 42 Vexatious Litigant
    to conceal the theft of his home by the Baruch family as concealed by
    the Countries top judge Nueberger. How,s about that then folk,s

    And for your info. a honorable MP and Lord died recently. This honorable MP
    quit the front bench to defend the people of Cleveland. Honest decent,
    parents accused of molesting their own children. This MP saved 96 children
    from the SS and Jimmy Savile,s accomplices,s.

    Just like Anfield re: Hillsborough the other 96 victims ! and guess who
    supported the bent paedophiles er. er I mean paediatricians sorry !

    It was child kidnapper & accomplice of Edward Timpson MP friend of
    John Hemming MP ? Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss

  5. Re “How Hattie’s friends defended paedophilia” someone commented:

    Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt, in the 1990 wrote an IPPR report entitled “The Family Way”. Harman writes:

    “It cannot be assumed that men are bound to be an asset to family life or that the presence of fathers in families is necessarily a means to social cohesion”

    It was Labour policy to remove fathers from families by offering incentives for single mother households, which as a result have increased dramatically. Social Services at the same time grew in power and the proliferation of children being put into care increased substantially under Labour. The State snatching children for trivial reasons is now a standard practise by Social Services. It appears it was Labour’s policy to deliberately create a dysfunctional family which would enable the State to be able to take children into care, with the main objective being for them to be used by child abusers. Social services may will be acting as a mechanism to facilitate paedophile sex rings.

    Also see the following vids and great comments

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