Five Mothers on Hunger Strike in HMP Holloway

I only know one of them: American Melissa Laird who has not had seen her then 4-year old boy since December 2011, when she was separated from him in Spain. She was on her 16th day of not taking either food or drink when we visited her yesterday.

But nobody takes any notice. Except those four inmates who also find it unbearable to be separated from their children ‘without sound reason’ or ‘just cause’, as the Slovak Government refers to ‘care’ and forced adoptions in the UK. One of the mothers is Russian.

Another exception is a journalist and author who booked a visit. But later he got a call to cancel it!… He has been advised that a Judicial Review would be his ‘remedy’, i.e. next legal step.

It is not ‘nice’ to think that UK Police and Social Services used a hospital visit for Melissa’s little boy in Spain as a pretext of snatching him. Pretending that she could only see him again, if she were to sign an extradition paper, they took hold of him and flew her to HMP Holloway.

A number of family court hearings took place where at least twice she was not ‘produced’. But who cares, as long as Social Services get what they want, the child, and the judiciary appears to put a legal blanket over their wrong-doings?

She is being held on ‘immigration issues’ and a judge recently refused bail because “the welfare of the child” is of paramount importance. So far, nobody had the decency of establishing a DNA test to prove that the boy is hers or get witnesses to attest what a good mother she is. And what lies is the boy being told???

There are many variations on the theme of child snatching. And there are many people who believe that Social Services are doing the right thing – at times. But John Hemming MP says:

they get involved when they shouldn’t and don’t get involved when they should.

He is the only MP who tries to make a difference and has over 1,700 cases on file with his campaigning group Justice for Families.

Parents Against Injustice have dealt with over 13,000 cases! How many more Jimmy Savile scandals does the UK need, before it becomes common knowledge what, so far, only victims of Secret Family Courts and their supporters are aware of?

How many more children need to die in ‘care’ or get abused?

How many more bad statistics need to be published?

How many more mothers will be forcibly drugged because they protect their children?

When will the people who have the power to make a difference begin to care???


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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40 Responses to Five Mothers on Hunger Strike in HMP Holloway

  1. mymouths2big says:

    These horrifying reports must be acted upon. They are unlawful and there is nationwide evidence of conspiracy to kidnap, by Social Services using forged documents.
    Obtaining a signature by deception voids the document.
    A criminal complaint should be made to the police, quoting, Magna carta and Bill of Rights.“To no one will we sell, to no one will we refuse or delay, right or justice.”
    The police cannot refuse to investigate a complaint of kidnap and child abduction: they swore upon their oath of office to uphold the law and refusing to do so is a criminal neglect of duty.
    All gagging orders imposed upon parents by family courts are unlawful and cannot be enforced. Threats of removing other siblings should parents object are criminal acts and should be treated as such.
    We all have a right to justice, the right to appeal to our peers in a court of law,

    Fight, or be trodden on, those are the only true options.

    • Nice comment, ideas and principles!!!…

      However, I wear already three gagging orders with pride, i.e. the threat of imprisonment, if I was to publish details about the children concerned.

      Have you ever seen the Police visit prisons to investigate?

      Which police would do so on behalf of foreigners?

      We’ve reached a state of “nobody is responsible, let alone accountable…” aka anarchy…

  2. In 1696, England first used the legal principle of parens patriae, which gave the royal crown care of “charities, infants, idiots, and lunatics returned to the chancery.” This principal of parens patriae has been identified as the statutory basis for U.S. governmental intervention in families’ child rearing practices.
    I bet the same principle is applied in the U.K. as well everywhere. This is where social services get their “God like” appearance.

  3. These horrifying reports must be acted upon. They are unlawful and there is nationwide evidence of conspiracy to kidnap, by Social Services using forged documents.
    Obtaining a signature by deception voids the document.

    Amen. Here– some 5-7 years ago I heard a report of man’s wife w/children on the run from social Service in Florida while he was attempting to become a
    sheriff. sch a Sheriff wold kick the stuffing out of these Rx Vaccine and HF aq wielding child molesters and traffickers in human flesh.

    Claire O’Sullivan reportedly has a similar problem in Eire and is Escape and Evading Guarda and cross-dressing judges in Kangaroo Kourt– NEVER trust them and never surrender, G_d willing. Like the FBI– these wing nuts will tell all manner of lies in order to get their hands on you. They are specially trained liars. They call these lies Hostage Negotiation and they seek only to introduce you to the ground quickly and give you Fives in the Kisser ! Silence. Search. Segregate, And Speed to the rear areas jail houses. NJever accept food or drink from them as it will be Rx drugged. They are treasonous NWO neo-Nazis and the law of the land and lawful punishment for treason is death.

  4. Sorry about the typos– I ain’t perfect. My skill sets are average.

  5. It is bad all over earth and getting worse. I read:

    FBI reports citizens do not trust them: Yesterday the FBI issued a warning about “Anti-government extremists”, that “people against taxes and regulations pose a growing threat to local law enforcement officers in the United States”. In other words, people who are opposed to the government’s forceful confiscation of the fruits of their labor/ingenuity without consent, and who are opposed to the tens of thousands of arbitrary and unconstitutional federal government rules created by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats…. These people are “dangerous” according to America’s version of the KGB. People who believe in the limited, non-interventionist government philosophy of Thomas Jefferson are subversive, enemies of the state in the spirit of enemies of the Soviet Union. Read the FBI warning from Reuters: Missing from the FBI’s dire warnings against these dangerous malcontents, is any advisory or warning about themselves.

    note. LEO have saved my life twice (2) while in active duty voluntary political chattel Army uniform, Fort Huachuca– in lethal
    force hand to hand combat and once in a fire fight. There are evil acting military, LEO, and people. I have been on both sides
    of that fence and there is not one sucking air planet-side who is righteous– all men are continually evil without Messiah. I like some military, LEO, and even bankers. (Let’s be serious now– many NWO sheeple goy political chattel LEO and Mil Spec wish’d those LEO had let me be murdered LOL.)

  6. JM says:

    I’m sure there is more than five of them…..what really is surprising to me though is that she hasn’t had a tube forced down her throat 4 times a day already, sadistic c***** that run these prisons…..when i was on hunger strike the threat was made to me and I was heavily drugged and beaten up….dnt really remember much after that!

    • Back to the days of the Suffragettes as Patriarchy dies a slow death.

    • they have made the threat no one knows about it , melissa being an american and the embassy refuses to get her out of holloway saying it is up to the courts and i have asked for them to move her to a detention center for immigration and they refuse will not answer my emails and have no answers, they want proof of her citizenship and they have it, what their problem is i do no know, but they will have answers for me in the end and why has she not been given visits by her son at the prison. if you want to kno who i am i am her mother and i have been trying to raise funds to get to u k to help her but i don’t have money to get there
      my name is francine stover

      • JM says:

        just a quick note to say I haven’t been getting the replies to this one, even though subscribed—‘cept this one from ~Francine, which seems to imply they’re being blocked by a third party….

        Francine, I wish there was soemthing more constructive I could say to you. There is nothing one can say or do TBH, you can’t reason with these ‘people’- they do what they do to people because they enjoy it, there is no rational reason for attacking anybody.
        I’m glad that she has a mother who is at least trying to support her. My so called mother collaborated with them and is still doing so…
        just wishing, wishing….wishing or talking never achieves anything ‘cept more abuse being inflcited…..there is only one real solution….i just hope they don’t start implementing that threat.

        • Anonymous says:

          i have a fundraiser on
          i fell if i was there they would do more than they are doing now, i could really push the embassy into action and i do not quit i am a fighter andi will fight to the end, i love my daughter . i had a mother that hated me and would do anything against me she told my cousin one time about a man i was dating that he was to good for me, she also went behind my back and had my other 3 children taken from me and i know how melissa feels about zeb it really hurts when you have your children taken away and not knowing where they are and how they are being treated, i was always searching for them, looking at kids faces and wondering if that could be them., but now i know where they are. they are older and have kids of their own.

          • JM says:

            francine…i can sympathise, i know somewhat what it is like….wd most probably end up severing all contact with my family if i could. i hate them…i wish i could donate soemthing, but i dnt have a penny to my name, still homless here and in prison of sorts….an official one wd be in some ways better….
            one odd thing abt this site and your user ID though….didn’t realise u were posting under this one as well as c******, but the email i got attributed it to C***** but here it’s under anoymous- so a lil perplexed….this site is monitored and interferred with all the time, but just can’t get my head around that one…just to mention!

  7. S Simmons says:

    I am from the UK.Things are as bad in the UK where social services are concerned.I complained about some “fraud docs” involving indirect contact with my birth son and all photos of him were stopped.I took my complaint to level 2 and was rewarded (only way i can explain it) with one extra indirect contact a year.I feel this was to keep me hush on everything.I am also the only birth parent i am aware of to my knowledge so far (and i am joined to many many groups) who has had the judge acknowledge “fraud” to have taken place by both the social worker and more so the Guardian Ad Litem during court procedures.I know from the same judge this Guardian, due to retire, had never ever done this to any other family he was involved with.Been due to retire and by the time my case ended,the only way i’d have been able to get anything done about it to get any form of justice would have been via private prosecution.Make no mistake,i have been set up from the start and i have the evidence written to support this.I am very bitter about it and when i wrote to the council to show them my evidence,their only reply was i am “too late” and i recall my written evidence was not even acknowledged by them.They had no plans to speak with the social worker concerned to investigate my evidence which in itself is fraudulent.The lady who had dealt with it had previously dealt with a complaint by myself and had since got promoted to a higher position and it was her my written evidence had had to go to.She herself had looked into my complaint in a biased manner in not speaking to any family members i mentioned in my complaint.It ended any more of my letters would not be answered and i would only get a receipt to acknowledge my letters.My son was “illegally kidnapped” by social services and the council concerned and all i had done was ask for their help on a temporary basis with my youngest child a baby at the time.I have four children altogether and the older three were not adopted.The money they make is from babies as they are more appealing to potential adopters to bring the child up their way.The whole lot is a money making scam and many UK families are now standing up to them realising evidence against them is been severely fabricated.You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.One parent could give their child food at contact and be slammed for it,another could take food and be praised but whatever they do,is only to their advantage which is to steal the child and break up loving families homes.

    • mymouths2big says:

      The problem appears to be, and I can only comment upon UK law and the correspondence on this website, that none of our national media have mounted a national awareness campaign; and have left the victims are left to fight the might of the government unaided.
      I do know that engaging a legal representative is a mistake, as from that point onward the court and the establishment regard the solicitor’s client as an imbecile child. (Someone incapable of understanding or capable of speaking for themselves. And it gets worse;
      The solicitor’s first duty is not to their client, but to the court.
      His second duty is not to the client, but to his fellow members of the bar.
      Lastly, his duty is to the client.
      I am aware that some good solicitors push the boundaries as far as they dare, but unlike a Jury, they cannot challenge the law or bring it, or a fellow. member of the Law Society,into disrepute.
      As a layman, not a lawyer, I would suggest a reasonably lucid parent would insist upon their lawful right to present their own case. They are then entitled to demand full disclosure from the Social Services of every item of evidence they intend to produce in court, before the hearing.
      This will enable the victims to examine all the documents including court orders to ensure they are authentic and not printed out on Social Services computer.
      Secondly, the psychiatrist’s report will be include, if not it cannot be used in court, and the parents can make a copy.
      This is important, because once these are demanded it will not be long before victims discover that an identically worded document, except for the name of the child, is being used as a matter of routine.
      Should the Social Services fail to comply, the parent can quite rightly demand an adjournment to allow them time to rebut any accusations against them.
      It is important to add when requesting the adjournment, that “I will not be rushed to judgment.”

      But most of all the victims need to become united and organised, meet and adopt a policy to take on the injustice of the Family Courts, after all there are probably thousands of victims.

  8. S Simmons says:

    The only other thing i wanted to add was this-I know there have been many parents take their lives both mums and dads who have had social services involved and its about time something changed and these professionals stopped getting away with this fraud behaving unlawfully.Some one at the end of the day has to care.Candles are lit and these families are thought of by people like myself and other birth parents with much sadness.It breaks my heart to only even try and think what will become of their children now, left without a mum or a dad permanently.We need more people to care and for us all to be listened to,particularly when we do have so much written evidence to support fully our claims.Quite often,much evidence will not be discovered properly by the birth parent until they have their files back from their solicitor who acted for them.You do this by writing a letter, as calls will be ignored.Then you need your files back from social services too asking in writing under DPA 1998.Google a man named “Ian Josephs” because social services will not tell you this information.You are also entitled to your children(s) files provided the adoption has not gone through yet, as you will still maintain your parental rights at this stage.Let’s see people do care when mum’s (and dads) are at the stage of been on a hunger strike,as they are not doing this for no reason.Let’s see the professionals responsible for fabricating evidence sacked and serving time in prison where they belong.Let’s see families stop been ripped apart where they don’t need to be, but more supported instead.Finally,let’s see “Voluntary Care” where e.g i never signed any paperwork mean just that,and not an invitation involuntarily by the parent, for social services to steal our children away from us.My views are very strong i realise.

  9. Anonymous says:

    To all the mums in prison god bless you for your bravery but you must not cause yourself harm start eating for your children because that is what they want you to do. God is with you and with your children.

  10. You’re absolutely right Anonymous. It is perfectly understandable that these parents would go on hunger strike; after all what is left to lose? They have already lost the most precious things in the world. BUT they must stay healthy and strong in order to keep up the fight for their children and to support others who are also going through the same heartache; even tho they may feel everything is utterly futile. They must hold on to the belief that when the consciousness levels rise in the masses [and they will, it is already happening] there will come a time [and it cannot be too far away now] when the criminals in suits are the ones banged up and the innocent parents and their children are reunited.

    As Bill and Lill of Pie & Mash famously say “God bless all victims and survivors”; I’d add another one, “God bless all rescuers”. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Sabine and all good folk like her who dedicate so much of their free time, running support/educational websites like V/U, without payment and in fact being out of pocket travelling etc, just to try and help others. It is heartwarming to know that people like Sabine and other McKenzie Angels genuinely care and are able to visit these parents and other innocent prisoners in prison and that they support people in court etc. That gives victims the courage to battle on and to try and challenge their persecutors because they know they’re not alone – there will always be people out there – courageous, upright, tireless volunteers [at risk of imprisonment themselves], raising awareness and fighting injustice on behalf of others.

    People need to grasp the point that an injustice to one is injustice to all because if we are not already victims of State corruption, we soon will be [or someone we love will be.] We are all consciousness and infinite love is the only truth. Romans 8:38-39, “For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers … nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” You see, it was the spoken word that Jesus used in confronting the devil in the wilderness. He delivered the Word of God with authority and power. That is exactly how we too need to use His Word my friends. Whenever you think you are alone in the battle, just remember the story about Daniel. The angel didn’t fight alone. He had help from another angel named Michael. Daniel didn’t pray alone, but together with his friends, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. So too, in our battle against the evil one, we don’t fight alone. We are soldiers in an army. We belong to God’s team, with other brothers and sisters in Christ and with all of God’s heavenly host. Take courage, the victory is yours! The victory is ours! We cannot lose! Jesus Christ has already defeated the enemy for us. We must now simply walk in that victory!

  11. What is it with American mothers- this mirrors an American mum in ROI.

    This is the child snatcher manual with all their tactics explained – from Psychology Dept Sweden.

    Persecution strategies in a child care order investigation

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  13. Ludovit ZLATY says:

    Just seat down and watch this story… it’s unbelievable, that this can happen in 21st century in democratic country like in UK… it’s with English subtitles>

  14. Just watched some of the video posted by Ludovit Zlaty. So so sad, but happening all the time to all the wrong families all over the world. Everything wrong way round and back to front. Evil NWO. Innocent people everywhere suffering untold misery because of the filthy evil insane subhuman scum paedos in power. People have no idea of the unimaginable scale of child abuse, murder and sacrifice worldwide. Social Services are but a small part of the organized system complete with mind controlled slaves, trained handlers and high level officials. Saville is a tiny tip of a ginormous iceberg. The entertainment industry is crawling with Paedos and paedo protectors. The latest establishment stunt surrounding the character assassination by UK MSM whores of Steve Messham is to stop the momentum of the revelations about elite involvement in Savile’s activities, and to discredit information on the internet about elites involvement in paedophilia.

    Makes my blood boil to see the crocodile tears of the likes of Esther Rantzen; she like all the other high profile, high powered accomplices to Paedo scum deserves the same fate as the dirty filthy child molesters they cover for. And why does Simon Cowell pay £50,000 bail money in support of the Paedo Johnathon King? Is he a paedo himself? Wouldn’t surprise me. The comic Jim Davison says another big name is about to be exposed. So why doesn’t he grow some balls and do the naming? Or is he, just like all the rest, more concerned with his career than the suffering of little children, some no more than babes in arms being gang raped and being forced to have sex with animals and it’s happening right now, everywhere.

    And what of the photos that Steve Messham managed to get hold of, the vital incriminating evidence of men in their vile act, with their ugly faces for all to see, that Steve gave to the Police? Well they were destroyed of course, by the ‘Authorities’.

    But thank God the victims are fighting back and forming a growing army that will one day be a force to be reckoned with. Now all we have to do is wake the zombies up. In the meantime here’s something to warm your heart I truly believe that the beasts from hell will go back there and burn in hell forever.

    Here are some more good links/vids to give us hope [Sabine I apologise if you’ve already provided these links; I can’t keep up with your excellent but numerous posts!],%2520Web,%2520low%2520res,%252017.7.08/,+elevated&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk

    God bless all victims and everyone trying their best to defeat evil. Never give up the fight. Ivana, may God keep you and your family strong in your battle. Steve, you may or may not read this, but I want you to know that I’m glad you landed a few blows on that QC Anthony Jennings; you’re a hero, stay strong, the public are in full support of you.

    “Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centres of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance” – Robert F Kennedy.

  15. they have the dna they need for a dna on the boy, because i havd sent them (the embassy) my hair myocradra dna, and they want questions answered to her life in the U S and they have them to they have also been told has her birth certificate, what their excuse will be next i am waiting to see. the embassy won’t answer my emails and i have sent them plenty with no answer, i just wonder what they are trying to hide i think the u s citizen pay their salary and they should work for u s citizens abroad, i have asked them this to i will not give up until melissa and her son is on american soil
    melissas mother.

    • JM says:

      i am political target anyway, they have no right to my dna or anybody else’s….. they just ignore/ lie, fabricate bits of paper if they feel the need with lies on them….you send them birth certificate? then you have lost birth certificate and they continue ignoring you….they’re not there to help you or anybody else….

      • they don’t have her original birth certificate her lawyer does i emailed them a copy and they wanted some questions answered and sent to them notorized i did that just waiting to see what else they are going to come up with i am calling washington d c and i have talked to them before so i am to find some answers to i have been busy trying to find a house to move to so zeb will have a place to play and he can have a dog. melissa is disabled and cant climb stairs. i will need one story house with some help from the government for down payment and be a first time home buyer discount will be cheaper than rent.
        did you look at my fund raiser on fundly i am trying to get there i .do have a place to stay and transportation but i need plane fare and somefor food .

        • JM says:

          ‘fraid your fund raising page is no longer up, error msg you get is “The page you’re looking for has gone to a better place.
          We just aren’t sure where that is.”
          would love to help if i could, not allowed to work or even claim benefits- regardless i’m still trying to trade, which is next to impossible without an even basic bank acc…..i am working on it! there’s nothing i can do with regards to that, but please sort out the page if u can….
          – strange, they always insist on original copies which are then promptly disappeared….it’s ridiculous, force you to trust people who mostly to refuse to confirm or deny who they are and repeatedly show they can’t be trusted with such things….dnt count on the govt either, and ic an’t even travel…..just trying/ wishing/ thinking of soemthing that could actually help.

          • i pulled the fundraise up and it is still there please help unite mother and child
            they won’t get the real birth certificate i have sent them a copy by email and i eventually will get to u k some how if i have to try and sellsome of my furniture

  16. JM says:

    francine, you wanan check u typed it correctly? it wnt load here stilll…

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