Did North Yorkshire Police fix it for Jim? + The 15 Rules of Web Disruption

This article is interesting reading about Jimmy Savile’s activities in Scarborough! How embarrassing it must be when people need to expose their own family members!…  But nobody is perfect…

Maybe people are beginning to get the larger picture of what David Icke describes as Jimmy Savile – the Doorman to the Cesspit!?…

To supply children, access to them is the key: Social Services, care homes, schools, hospitals.

And when we begin to expose the problem, we encounter haters & trolls who apply any of the 15 Rules of web disruption: How to spot – and defeat – disruption on the internet.

Isn’t it interesting what we can learn about each other – thanks to the net!?…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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10 Responses to Did North Yorkshire Police fix it for Jim? + The 15 Rules of Web Disruption

  1. It was not so much embarrassing to have to expose one’s own family members, but it was deeply saddening. Dear Brother & Co had their mortgage paid for, as well as their holidays and their new cars by their devoted parents and grandparents, whom they rewarded by defrauding them of their house, tormenting their father and grandfather until he died and hounding their mother and grandmother out of her own house, which they are trying to fraudulently sell. Solicitors we have spoken to say it is normal in such cases for the family to plan such frauds years before they carry them out, so every smile and birthday card for decades was all sham. That is sickening.

    Then we mustn’t forget the number of attempts Dear Brother & Co have made to get me arrested, both by the utterly corrupt British police and by abusing the honest Austrian police. What sort of person tries to get his brother arrested by making false allegations against him?

    What makes it so much worse is that two days after I went to the British authorities for help in dealing with the crime and abuse being committed against my elderly, vulnerable parents, the first (failed) attempt to arrest me was made. That was over four years ago. Since then. several further attempts have been made and one is currently in progress. There never has been and never will be any evidence to support these accusations of crime against me. However, it is clear that North Yorkshire Police and the City of York Council are little more than criminal gangs preying on the weak and vulnerable.

    As the investigation into this corruption has gone on, the evidence of rot in the British authorities has become ever more horrifying. Until the Savile affair came to light, Mum and I thought we had just become caught up in a crime movie. We now realise it is a horror movie, with our own family members likely to be supplying children to the paedophile gang running North Yorkshire.

    Mum is 83 years old, wheelchair-bound and not in the best of health. In the last four years, she has lost her husband of 60 years, having to witness how her own family tormented him to death, she has seen her first-born and her grandchildren turn against her and abuse her over her husband’s dead body, she has been the victim of a sustained campaign of harassment undertaken by police officers and social workers.

    Mum was a devoted teacher of deprived deaf children in South-East London. She has never hurt a fly in her life. She doted on her children and grandchildren. What sort of world do we live in, where everybody in authority joins in the abuse and crime being committed against her by her own family?

    What makes me shudder is the thought that they are backing Dear Brother & Co because he supplies them with children for them to abuse and will spill the beans if they do anything about Grandma B’s case.

    That is sicker that sick.

  2. peter oakes says:

    One day the readers of these comments will see the truth, until such
    time the mess will drift along as it has always done !

    Go back a few days ago ! the police and their reputation was in shreds due
    to the TRUTH concerning Hillsborough and the character besmirching of
    decent Liverpool supporters and their mothers & fathers

    Now the arch masters of spin and deceit come up with Jimmy Savile and the
    abuse of children they knew about years ago !

    Nice move ! divert the gullible public,s anger elsewhere re : Jimmy Savile

    For gods sake and innocent children everywhere Get a Grip ! see the
    truth and expose it.

  3. IMHO, Act real-time apart from NWO LEO’s and judges in Four Cornering Kangaroo Kourt and their Bailiff praetorian mercenary forces.


    This Anime ‘look’ has propaganda merit for any action against government and LEO’s as it brings to mind nuclear power plant Fukujima to NWO government Signal Intelligence Command and Control SPOOKS. The reactor rod pool is reported sinking into methane clutter and down 66 inches– almost 2m. It is only a question of time until the reported Russian plutonium contaminated fuel rods make the Pacific and possible ‘anime’ Japan ‘bitter’.



    It is so refreshing to see a smile and face of kindness fighting against insidious fluoride HF aq. This photo looks like a Battalion TOC MedEx Frankfurt AM party without the 577’s and Main Battle Tank/Flash Bang/Claymore/perimeter security, back in the NATO day. Very effective photography. IMHO, always frame Photo Ops using existing force multipliers even if the assets are not involved in your operations. Perhaps you can get close to politicians, Guarda, and military. Seek out powerful business gatherings, especially on ‘new and improved product’ introductions. These multi-million dollar propaganda productions by Neo-Nazi government will reduce your operating expenses. Military, LEO, and Private Sector guards expect a minimum TEN (10) PACE ‘ perimeter and have GENERAL ORDERS. It is safe to approach within TEN (10) PACES, however, test their perimeter with trained and experienced volunteers in order to make sure it is safe as a Photo Op. People in far removed towns and other countries will be encouraged by these Photo Op backdrops. Mil Spec and LEO will go home and look at their children’s HF aq fluoride rotten teeth, clean their weapons, and start thinking about who may issue them a Lawful Order. Military and LEO carefully suppress sovereign action against Jack Boot Thug murderous tyranny and mutiny in most cases unless there is a large WIA or KIA body count. (I suppressed a very small unarmed military mutiny among the Nighthawks in 1983 Fort Huachuca and no one ever heard of it, but it affected a number of covert warriors and LEO’s). LEO ‘dirty cops’ frequently suicide– CODE of BLUE– it’s all in G_d’s hands. Make no mistake, you are at war. These Fluoride daemons are poisoning children and Eire. Elements of toxic Spain is laughing at Eire’s HF aq poisoned children. Every action you take makes these HF aq toxic death merchants weaker– even tho’ you don’t see it right away. You force Intelligence surveillance to monitor your actions and therein recruit their SPOOKS. SPOOKS have children too. 90% of all people are apathetic. 5% GOOD. 5% Evil. You are only seeking to engage, reduce, and destroy the 5% who are EVIL– the apathetic sheeple types will fall in line with the 5% GOOD. Be careful, modern security types are as jumpy as the German Politzei and Bundeswehr were back in the Red Brigade Baader-Meinhof NATO days. I had to go clean-house yesterday and buy my Daughter and Grand Daughter fluoride HF aq free products. Colgate toothpaste here is .024% fluoride and I wonder about many hygiene products also.

  4. john c malcolm says:

    What I find surprising is that the Jimmy Savile abuse was well known by a number of people for many years.
    They have suddenly decided to speak out now.
    Savile has been safely dead a year, so cannot say anything in his own defence, is that the reason?
    For if he had, might he have implicated other people too!
    That implies the “other people” are still around….I wonder what they are up to,
    especially in S.Yorkshire….

  5. john c malcolm says:

    I can’t help feeling the outrage over Jimmy Saville has come out at a convenient time for someone trying to avoid attention being drawn to something else going on right now, with other criminals being involved.
    We are perhaps being manipulated in some way

    • You make me laugh: first it takes ages to ‘believe’ what’s happening. Then it takes ages ‘getting used to it’. And then you’re suggesting that it may be too good to be true to come out…

      I actually think it’s not quite possible any more to cover up. Anybody googles everybody nowadays. And there are a LOT of people on Twitter who do share what’s coming out.

      My sense is that the mainstream media and all other controlling mechanisms are having to catch up and can’t quite make it.

      Only time will tell…

    • On “The Conversation” it has been suggested that this is about attacking the BBC!

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