Joining the dots: between the victims of Child Snatchers and international Paedophile Rings

Let he who hasn't covered up a massive paedoph...

Let he who hasn’t covered up a massive paedophile sex ring cast the first stone (Photo credit: ruSSeLL hiGGs)

Christopher Booker wrote last week: Indians Join Slovaks protesting against UK Child Snatchers in The Telegraph – The behaviour of our ‘child protection’ system is a growing international scandal. Here is the Indian petition to the Indian Government asking to enforce the Right to Return to India. Here is an article that referred to the Dutroux affair in Belgium written in 2008.

The OnlinePublishing Company writes what BBC Newsnight avoided: it names The Paedophile Ring that encircles British Politics some of whom may also be on Labour25.

One of the original articles is here. The list of Operation Ore is here. I deleted one name after his public threat.

  1. Jimmy Savile – the doorman to the cesspit, as in this well researched article
  2. Lord Greville Janner (Labour Peer)
  3. Lord Kaufman (Labour Peer)
  4. Lord Brittan
  5. Anthony Charles Lynton Blair
  6. Edward Heath
  7. Lord Robertson
  8. Lord Hardie
  9. Michael Portillo
  10. Derek Laud
  11. Michael Colvin
  12. Lord Montague of Beaulieu
  13. Gordon Brown
  14. Thomas Hamilton
  15. Lord Cullen
  16. Peter Mandelson

More names are mentioned as guests of paedophile parties and holidays – besides a list of articles relating to cover-ups in the past. And these places: Crest Hotel, Wrexham, Queen Victoria School.

Naming perpetrators seems just as necessary as giving a voice to victims – for currently, victims are being criminalised, while the criminals are getting away with anything!…

The Guardian writes Who profits from being in care: It’s not the children and Adoption: why the system is ruining lives.

Tom Watson MP goes further: 10 Days that shook my world.

It’s all part and parcel of Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups and a deja vu of Operation Ore!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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20 Responses to Joining the dots: between the victims of Child Snatchers and international Paedophile Rings

  1. Jean McDonald says:

    Thank you Sabine. The church I attended for almost 20 years, Holy Trinity Brompton, next to the Oratory in Knightsbridge embraced Tony Blair (and more). Check out UK column Vicar Nicky Gumbal is featured in their latest news. Jean

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Colin Peters says:

    It seems to me that the higher up we go in our established legal and judicial and establishment church systems, the more we encounter depravity and corruption.

  3. There can be no hiding place for such hypocrites and evil doers. We owe a debt of gratitude to all those brave enough to reveal the evil done them, as well as those attempting to highlight the evil done by others. We must not allow one of the sadists to escape revelation, and retribution, no matter who, or whatever position they hold, or may have held, in society.

    There can be no hiding place for any of them. As with any disease; they need to be identified, then eradicated.

    All those who are endeavoring to clean up the foul mess that is our society, deserve our thanks and commendation. It is to be hoped they will stay safe, despite the possible attempts by those in high places to silence them.

    I know people who have suffered great injustice. It has led to them being subdued and overwhelmed by those who should have been ready to administer help, and dispense justice. Instead, those who should have known better, preferred to take the route of perverting justice; gaining financial rewards, titles, and more power through the intervention of influential friends, and their collusion in the furtherance of corruption.

    We are told, so often, ignorance is no excuse for subverting, or failing to do what the law demands. The same is true for all those in authority who claim they have been in ignorance of the facts, when they refused to listen to the pleadings of the helpless.

    Let’s hope that the ‘millstone’, of which the New Testament speaks concerning those who would harm a child, will apply to those in high places who have sought to pervert the course of justice for so long. May they indeed fall off their elevated perches, and drown in the sea of filth they have spread around themselves, and been guilty of contaminating so many others.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lets not forget Gareth Wardell who was an MP in the early eighties for South West Wales.
    Then look at the politicians and fellow MPs around at that time.
    Where and what quangos did they move on to.
    Look at the who, what, when that were at the top of the trees in the Forestry Commission. They looked after their own.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Watch the press over the next while for information regarding a serial sex offender and predatory paedophile lauded by tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Lord McAvoy, your past from Fernhill is coming back to haunt you.

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  7. Nofearhere says:

    why no mention of a notorious paedophile from Rochdale-“Sir” Cyril Smith, the over weight lib dem pervert who founded the childrens homes he abused children in ? Well documented from the 1970’s and a bigger crime than Saviles re the authorities doing nothing.

    • Thanks for letting us know!

      • Nomad_is_back says:

        Just listen and believe what the children are saying. Question what the adults deny.
        This comment is from an abused child from the 70’s, and my family did not believe me nor did anything about a family member who was sexually abusing me every night.
        It has ruined so many areas of my life.

        • This is exactly what I don’t understand: why is everybody more keen on the perpetrators than on listening to victims??? If they press wants to sell ‘sex and violence’, why not the violence against children???

          THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for ‘coming out’!

          • Nomad_is_back says:

            No, thank you for listening, I’m over most of it now. That does not krab to say I do not think about and have suffered because of it. The family member is deceased, but this crime should and can be controlled and investigated more.

            • It seems that a shift of attitude is required: from listening to adults to listening to children.

              And as victims, we need to become rescuers.

              WELL DONE that and how you’ve overcome. The floods of tears must flow, as Maureen wrote in one of her excellent comments.

  8. And still they are giving prominence to, and listening to claims of, ‘No I never…’ or the calls of those in authority to, ‘Go to the police…’, instead of listening to the anguish of those victims who begged to be heard; weren’t even listened to; and in some cases, were permanently silenced.

    The damn has been breached; we must ensure the flood of tears, so long pent up behind walls of silence, is allowed to flow; to cleanse, and the natural process of healing and reconciliation can bring peace to the victims at last.

    No more whitewash please!

  9. JM says:

    Thanks Nomad.

    Unfortunately my abuser is still alive. She’s back in the house again next week. Pale’s into insignificance to what agents of the state did and are still doing to me though.

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