Child Snatching is one of Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups

It is not easy to make sense out of shocking stories that question everything we are made to believe. But thinking our own thoughts and following our own feelings is part of learning to be alive as a free spirit and free-standing individual.

Here is Light Entertainment – Andrew O’Hagan writes about child abuse and the British public – an eye opener into the paedo culture at the BBC – for the uninitiated reader.

Why is British light entertainment so often based on the sexualisation of people too young to cope? And why is it that we have a press so keen to feed off it? Is it to cover the fact, via some kind of willed outrage, that the culture itself is largely paedophile in its commercial and entertainment excitements?

Many victims have become starfighters and McKenzie Friends, rescuers who are helping victims. But Hillsborough and Savile are helping to identify the perpetrators as part of seven deadly syndromes and seven media cover-ups.

Here is an Executive Summary and here are the seven syndromes – also exposed on Justice Denied – in an even more shocking way, I think:

1. Secret Societies: The Private Lives of Public People – as Freemasons and other secret societies where secrets are used to blackmail members who are required to protect each other – at no matter what cost.
2. Mainstream Media Cover-Ups: Strategies for Gagging, Controlling and generally Dumbing Down – so that online publications have become a necessary expression of ‘public interest’
3. Crimes against Children and Families: Paedophilia, Child Snatching and Premature Sexualisation – the tip of the iceberg of white collar crimes, using falsified official documents, secret family courts and the most farcical attempts to appear ‘lawful’
Reporting of Fraud 4. Reporting Fraud and White Collar Crimes: Public Services as Perpetrators and Non-Investigators – when employers are raking in money, while employees are ‘just doing their job’ – often with kickbacks
Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694 5. The Illegality of Usury and Wars: How Successive Governments Ignore National Law and International Treaties – illustrating how institutions are used as shells and firewalls, while their employees do not deliver the institutions’ purpose
6. Policing: Who Guards the Guards? Royal Charters are a key legal mechanism to protect the Police as one of many institutions
7. CONTEST: How the Counter-Terrorism Strategies Drive Miscarriages of Justice – in the follow-up of 9/11 and 7/7 everybody on the net knows, but the Establishment ‘knows better’…

The full document is here.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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49 Responses to Child Snatching is one of Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups

  1. Norman Scarth says:

    Sabine, You have excelled yourself! Obviously, i have not been able to click on all the links, but am able to recognise that this is a monumental work. With respect & admiration, Norman. Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2012 09:55:05 +0000 To:

  2. Sabine is well organized and Hard Core Gung Ho, Norman. A fearless warrioress. She is a credit to Germany and Europe where so many seek only to feed from government’s hands and NEVER risk anything for the sake of doing good.

    How are you doing in your personal battles, Norman ? Are you continuing to escape and evade the neo-Nazi Jack Boot Thug Kangaroo Kourt’s and their neo-Sheriff of Nottingham LEO Goons ? Be like that last ship that escaped the U-Boote Flotte Wolf Pack on the High Seas ! WW II warrior ranks are getting thin– thanks for continuing to fight, Norman !

    I know it is tough. Neo-Nazi Red Coat LEO Goons have attacked me here more than once. I’ve been gassed, grenaded, shot, and POW, too. I have NOT suffered as much as you. I salute you.

    Things will get worse. I expect civilian hybrid clone nephilim adolescents by mid 2020’s of the Iron Seed Line Torah memra Daniel 2:43. American civilian DNA testing has reportedly been approved and they have an infant.


    Pedophile sex rings will yield stem cells and Sonnenkinder breeding females for these nephilim missions and the human children need protection. Consider what SS-VT breeders did in Nuremberg Third Reich Nazi Germany WW II and the Lebensborn Sonnenkinder. Hidden Inca Tours will not clone these nephilim hybrids however they are an excellent World Class POINT for REECE. Pedophiles prey sexually on children like Bob Hope did and earn $$$ from them. Nephilim clones with a 2600 ccm brain vault is their End Game. Do you have any ideas how this planned nephilim DNA test can help expose pedophiles ?

    Godspeed. Shalom. Art

    • Dear Arthur,

      First of all: MANY THANKS for your compliments! Once again: it takes one to know one!!!…

      Secondly: I am APPALLED to read about your version of an ‘end game’.

      Thirdly, I can only hope and trust that the Universe knows better than those guys with aberrant minds!!!…

      Meanwhile: onwards and upwards!

  3. Sabine it never ceases to amaze me how much you mange to get into print & circulating out there in the fight against injustice, tyranny, cruelty and all bad things, as well as doing everything else you do for general human advancement. This, the fruit of our ‘summit’ last weekend is one of your finest products to date! Thank you!

  4. JM says:

    aye, warrior wenches are cool!

    i dnt watch tv generally, but overheard soemthing i’m sure can’t be right earlier…..a public inquiry into an alleged pedophile ring involving Tory ministers from several decades back…? can’t be right…

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  7. I found that these words summarized the situation very well.

    “There are a number of Social Workers in Britain and Ireland who should be psychiatrically examined for Sadistic Schadenfreude Disease as a matter of considerable urgency as it does seem to be becoming highly infectious among their ranks.

    This Disease affects the frontal lobe area of the brain and destroys the part which controls emotions, most effectively destroying those emotions of compassion, caring, and concern.

    It seems to be being passed on during their meetings, conferences, and training Courses and is particularly rampant in certain parts of the U.K and Ireland such as Cork, Meath, Liverpool, Wigan, Essex, Suffolk, Surrey, Hampshire and some Inner London Boroughs where a highly virulent strain of the disease is apparent in those areas.

    Obvious non-medical symptoms are nervous jangling of car keys, waving the two index fingers of both hands in the air in front of their faces to denote “Quotation” marks, and comments in their speech such “I hear what you’re saying” and “What I think you’re saying is….. “. When it is obvious in the other person’s speech that they are making comments such as “F*+k off you heartless twisted bitch”.

    But it is their actions which give cause for most serious concern.

    They take gleeful delight when they see a highly distressed and distraught mother having her children removed from her (permanently) in hospital maternity wards or in Children’s Court precincts.

    They then go off to celebrate their `Victory for Rightfulness’ in the nearest pub, with large quantities of lentil soup, muesli, and to quaff generous quantities of Chardonnay.

    This is a very serious disease and is becoming increasingly virulent and is reaching epidemic proportions and the government must urgently intervene to stop the further spread of this disease among British/Irish Social Workers. (it seems also to be spreading among doctors and nurses and other associated professionals, who may be less seriously infected but the disease is apparent in their cognitive processes.)

    One of the most urgent steps for the government to take is to order every Pharmaceutical company to immediately begin research studies and tests into a vaccine which can be given widely and urgently, and with repeat booster doses at least every two years.

    A Treatment Programme for Sadistic Schadenfreude Disorder must also be immediately put into effect by the Department of Health.

    Top Medical Experts state that Frontal Love Lobotomy is essential followed by several years of Electro-Convulsive Therapy and a Rehabilitative Programme of gradual exposure to situations of caring loving relationships between mothers and children.

    It is not yet known whether the disease has an inherited component but in order to protect our society from future generations which these social workers may produce, a programme of compulsory sterilisation is essential.

    A full account of this Disease (Sadistic Schadenfreude Disorder) with accompanying data from scientific studies, will be appearing shortly in the British Medical Journal.

    Dept for Infectious Disease Control


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