The list of paedophile names in the hands of the Prime Minister – thanks to Philip Schofield on “This Morning”

In this interview, the PM still believes that his country works:

  • the Police protects potential and actual victims
  • the Courts deliver Justice
  • the CPS ensures that perpetrators are brought to Justice.

Organising meetings of the Forum for Stable Currencies at Westminster has taught me otherwise and led me to publishing Victims Unite:

In short: anything that is meant to be true, is false, and anything that is meant to be false, turns out to be true. But it’s a tough  learning curve to come to these realisations!

That’s what the Emperor’s Clothes was about and that’s what we are waking up to, in a kind of shock therapy. The PM can’t escape this rude awakening either, it seems – thanks to the marvels of the internet!

The list of the elite paedophiles is here. A list of Labour paedophiles is on And an abuse survivor has put a list of some 16,000 paedophiles together:

The list of UK names in Operation Ore is here.

This video is entitled Child Abuse, Jimmy Savile and our Politicians and tells the story of Savile as a ‘procurer’ of children or, as David Icke had put it: the doorman to the cesspit and illustrates a number of ‘interesting’ allegations that one seems to have heard, seen and read about in different contexts, including Sun, Sea and Satan.

The video‘s recommendations are:

  1. change the Libel Law in the UK
  2. an end to D-Notices – with reference to Operation Ore naming 7,272 paedophiles in 1999
  3. no locking away of papers for hundred years or so
  4. politicians to be checked each year against the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB checked)
  5. no terms of reference for enquiries (limiting the scope)
  6. stop the Devil from finding work for idle hands
  7. stop allowing the elite to think they are special. Take away their privileges…

There are more paedophiles in the Establishment and the Governing Elite than there are among ordinary people.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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35 Responses to The list of paedophile names in the hands of the Prime Minister – thanks to Philip Schofield on “This Morning”

  1. Politicians and LEO always manage conflict for personal power and gain. They are all evil and rotten to the core. I’ve seen DA 1775 cover death events first hand. It may be time for vigilante actions.

  2. Colin Peters says:

    The more I see of how evil people in power and the ‘establishment, really are, the more I ask myself, – are these flesh and blood human beings really to blame, or are they being controlled/manipulated by demonic influence?This evil is so damned well organised.
    Let’s face it. The life that we have on earth is very short. As the Bible says, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world at the cost of losing his own soul – life.”
    If all of this evil that is engulfing society is solely man made, what’s the point of it all if we’re all going to finish up in the same place?
    Was it Paul who said that the world is under the control of, not blood and flesh, but spirits of the air?
    It is most telling that when Satan offered Jesus control of the world, Jesus did not rebuke him because Jesus knew that then, and now, for a short time longer, the world is under the Devils control.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The worst is yet to be exposed: paedophilia with young children and the massive scam by County Councils up and down the country, who are profiting from this covert cesspit in the name of ‘child care’…..what about all the “missing” children and their bent”protectorates” who torment these little ones who seek a normal family life but are deprived of this through STATE Stasi like interference?

  4. Stanley Embling says:

    Hi Colin, regards your concern…Google:- Bohemian Grove

    Regards Stan

  5. peter oakes says:

    Please keep the comments as simple and basic as possible! remember as
    Victims the general public believe ” we must have done something ” no smoke
    with-out fire mentality. And our experiences tend to believe everyone knows
    the truth when joe public has no idea !

    Victims Unite has had great effect behind closed doors, the decent freemasons
    have studied the hidden mysteries of human nature, and found some of their brothers wanting in honor, integrity, good conduct etc. after all their masonic
    charities have been victims re: attempted theft of Royal Masonic Hospital and
    now mason,s have been involved in child-paedophilea Wrexham N.Wales
    from Cheshire, Shropshire, Denbigh, as mentioned Channel 4 News -8th.Nov.12.

    John Snow went on to say the public are now getting saturated with inquiries
    that takes years ( and profit for the legal mafia) the victims are usually dead!
    and of course the criminals escape justice.

    These inquiries are ” Red Herrings ” arranged by senior civil servants and the
    ” Judicial Masonic Mafia ” Hillsborough exposed the police as systematic
    perverters of justice 150 Constables made to alter their statements by their
    senior officers no doubt after being ordered by the Home Office ! to
    maintain public confidence in the police, ha bloody ha. they fool nobody !

    Create a diversion to take away the heat ! suddenly Jimmy Savile takes
    center stage ( police breath sigh of relief )

    Now the biggest mafia the ” Legal Mafia ” are going to escape investigation because joe public will be overloaded with inquiries, corrupt lawyers especially
    QC,s will rip into paedophiles etc. in these inquiries to convince the gullible
    public lawyers are really honest and decent ! whilst charging £ 3000 /day
    in bogus fees.

    There is only 1 inquiry needed and that is to investigate the LEGAL MAFIA
    everything else will automatically be revealed Hillsborough, Jimmy Savile,
    HSBC. RBS. etc.etc. even the removal of Article 1 and 13 European Convention of Human Rights by judges Re; Nueberger. Butler-Sloss.
    all protected by the Un-Elected establishment.

    • Yes, Peter,

      It’s quite tragic: people in “authorities” seem to be more ‘credible’ and ‘trustworthy’ than victims, let alone activists!…

      BUT: I attended this event on e-Diplomacy and I can assure you that the gap between the mainstream and social media is narrowing. Twitter has the power of speed which matters not only for news, but also crisis management!

  6. Colin Peters says:

    I’m with you on that Peter.
    Start at the top and work down.

  7. There can be no hiding place for the hypocrites, and those guilty of hiding the evil perpetrated by those recently highlighted in the news concerning the paedophile rings that have apparently operated, at the highest level, within our society here in Britain. Celebrity and social position should be no barrier to justice. We must all abide by the law – including those who make the laws, as well as those entrusted with enforcing them.

    We owe a debt of gratitude to all those brave enough to reveal the evil done them, as well as those attempting to highlight the evil done by others. We must not allow one of these sadists to escape revelation, and retribution; no matter who, or whatever position they hold, or may have held, in society.

    There can be no hiding place for any of them. As with any disease; they need to be identified, then eradicated.

    All those who are endeavouring to clean up the foul mess that is our society, deserve our thanks and commendation. It is to be hoped they will stay safe, despite the possible attempts by those in high places to silence them.

    I know people who have suffered great injustice. It has led to them being subdued and overwhelmed by those who should have been ready to administer help, and dispense justice. Instead, those who should have known better, preferred to take the route of perverting justice; gaining financial rewards, titles, and more power through the intervention of influential friends, and their collusion in the furtherance of corruption.

    We are told, so often, ignorance is no excuse for subverting, or failing to do what the law demands. The same is true for all those in authority who claim they have been in ignorance of the facts, especially when they refused to listen to the pleadings of the helpless.

    Let’s hope that the ‘millstone’, of which the New Testament speaks concerning those who would harm a child, will apply to those in high places who have sought to pervert the course of justice for so long. May they indeed fall off their elevated perches, and drown in the sea of filth they have spread around themselves, and been guilty of contaminating so many others.

  8. peter oakes says:

    Well done Phillip Scolfield for ambushing David Cameron with the names
    of suspected paedo,s. Camerons usual evasive answer it “will start a witch
    hunt” Well so it should our law enforcement agencies have not only
    committed the offence of omission, some of them have actually engaged in
    child abuse.

    Notice when you catch-em out ! they cry cheap stunt, well I dont suppose
    their victims agree with that ! something has got to be done.

    Now Lord McAlpine has been declared innocent it should,nt take a Sherlock
    Holmes to identify the policeman who showed the victim of abuse a photograph
    claiming it was Lord McAlpine, after all not many police would have interviewed
    the victim and it should be on record ( down the salt mine at Winsford )
    they don,t shred documents no matter what clap trap they come up with,
    that is why the original statements concerning Hillsborough were kept and now
    confirm 150 statements were altered.

    keep up the pressure Victims Unite

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  10. Stanley Embling says:

    From: stan
    Cc: ; ; >
    Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2012 5:42 PM
    Subject: Who’s Pulling Wool over who’s Eyes?

    After so many lies and cover-ups got released from criminal concealment/suppression over the last two years how do us decent ordinary UK citizens know what is happening at the BBC now is not an elaborate Ploy ( similar as happened in Germany after The Reichstag fire of 1933,) to further stop publication of Relevant happenings (the general Public Should be made aware of?? )
    Didn’t a similar thing happen regards The David Kelly inquiry similar as happened when D notices were slapped on TV and Newspaper media by The Labour Government under Charles Anthony Linton Blair allegedly during Cash for Peerages??

  11. peter oakes says:

    The same ploy and tactics are being used in the near future ! the election of
    Police Commissioner. Next week Nov.15th.This is a device to show Joe Public that they will be able to control the police and to investigate silly crimes of a Yob culture that has been encouraged and fostered over the past 20 years, all done to break- down families and discipline that has created the most bad-mannered, obnoxious, crude, Yobo youth culture we now experience everyday to the point they urinate on our War Memorials, these are our modern heroes
    footballs rejects ! held in such esteem South Yorkshire Police used to blame
    innocent ,decent Liverpool fans at Hillsborough, and then they falsified 150
    Constables statements. that is ” making a false declaration ” contrary to
    Sectn.5 1911 Perjury Act. See: R-V-Sood. it does,nt get better than that to
    illustrate police respect for the law.

    And now you heard it first on Victims Unite ! John Dwyer former deputy chief constable of Cheshire is the Tory candidate for Cheshire,s Police Commissioner. He is an un-convicted criminal, assisting offenders, concealing
    offences and an accessory after the fact ! He was informed in front of 20 witness,s at an FSB meeting how bogus- malicious bankruptcies were being used to steal peoples assets especially John Challinor who lost Whitgreave Manor through thefts & frauds Case 15 of 2001 Stafford County Court

    Now that is libel even if it is true or false bring it on Dwyer, you should have received my letter copied to Dr.Adrian Neald, Neville Price, the Returning
    Officer, Margaret Flannery, the Labor Candidate and others.

    I don,t accuse anybody I just state the tactless truth ! spread that on the net

    This treasonous swine and mafia member has the brass neck to put up for
    Public Office he is already guilty of Misconduct in Public Office as a former
    councillor Crewe & Nantwich borough.

    now then, now then , how,s about that then! your friend jimmy BBC

  12. The idea of red herrings is more than plausible, and worthy of mention, but so are the challenges to those microbes who hide in the darkest places.

    Keep up the pressure, and the disclosures; it sounds as if there are lots of red-faces getting even hotter under their collars than there were before the disclosures began.

  13. Stanley Embling says:

    Hi to all, certain matters Peter and Maureen refer to /also certain paedophile matters have been passed to Scotland yard for their consideration; hopefully open another “Can of Worms” so watch this space….regards Stan


    thanks for your message, I have passed the detail onto the incident room for their consideration,

    All the best,

    020 7230 3146

  14. Stanley Embling says:

    Hi to all, certain matters Peter and Maureen refer to /also certain paedophile matters have been passed to Scotland yard for their consideration; hopefully open another “Can of Worms” to be opened so watch this space….regards Stan


    thanks for your message, I have passed the detail onto the incident room for their consideration,

    All the best,

    020 7230 3146

  15. Stanley Embling says:

    To see more of The Teachings from:- Google:- the Frankfurt School on corruption and abuse:-

    Who claim:-
    To further the advance of their ‘quiet’ cultural revolution – but giving us no ideas about their plans for the future – the School recommended (among other things):

    1. The creation of racism offences.
    2. Continual change to create confusion
    3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
    4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
    5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
    6. The promotion of excessive drinking
    7. Emptying of churches
    8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
    9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
    10. Control and dumbing down of media
    11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

    One of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud’s idea of ‘pansexualism’ – the search for pleasure, the exploitation of the differences between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women. To further their aims they would:

    • attack the authority of the father, deny the specific roles of father and mother, and wrest away from families their rights as primary educators of their children.
    • abolish differences in the education of boys and girls
    • abolish all forms of male dominance – hence the presence of women in the armed forces
    • declare women to be an ‘oppressed class’ and men as ‘oppressors’
    Munzenberg summed up the Frankfurt School’s long-term operation thus: ‘We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks.’

  16. It would seem they have already made inroads into their agenda.

    It is disturbing to discover the eagerness with which those with power, influence and money can be protected, but it is heartbreaking to know how difficult, even impossible that becomes for individuals lacking those three vital ingredients.

    History already tells us what happens to those who allow themselves to be duped into passivity by those, hell-bent on furthering their own power. It’s so much easier to adopt a passive stance, than to stand up to bullies. Looking the other way protects our consciences; for what we do not see, we can claim we know nothing about.

    Tyrants thrive on ignorance, and fear. Too many victims have feared the consequences of speaking the truth. Decent people find it impossible to believe stories of depravity.

    I remember a friend confiding in me; we were both fifteen. Her story involved her own father. Because my own father was so wonderful, I could not believe the truth of what she was telling me.

    She suffered a complete mental breakdown. It prevented her from completing her grammar-school education; she ended up in a mental hospital by the time I was at university.

    We lost touch, and I have regretted the years of not knowing what transpired. I wrote to her mother for a couple of years, but the correspondence dried up, and I lost touch as my own parents moved out of the district. I subsequently married and lived abroad for a time, but never returned to the place where it all happened.

    The putrescence of corruption clings; the victims, though innocent of blame, may never feel cleansed; may never know peace of mind or heart, so why should the perpetrators be allowed to prosper, or their names remain unsullied? Though dead, their names remain; better their infamy be acknowledged than the charade of their nobility be allowed to continue.

    • What a ‘proof of concept’, dear Maureen: we cannot believe horrors, because we cannot imagine them, even if we know and love the person who tells us…


      Thank you for another wonderful contribution! We all must support Steve Messham on Twitter. A good reason for getting to know that platform. Even the mainstream media are beginning to take it seriously – because of its speed and because in ‘crisis management’, it’s useful to know what’s happening ‘on the ground’. “Activists” have become a new breed of news sources!

  17. peter oakes says:

    Dear Stan. Can you please inform Scotland Yard that a former
    Detective Chief Suptd. George Jones. Cheshire CID knows the ID. of
    a police officer & other masons involved in the Wrexham Bryn Estyn
    home scandal in the mid 1980,s . Of course I reallise he could be
    deceased but it must be worth a phone call !

  18. Stanley Embling says:

    Hi Peter, for your info; I feel with you knowing far more about this case than myself, therefore I suggest you or anyone else needing to contact Scotland Yard over Paedophilia cases here are the email addresses :- The Top Man being:- his next in command is:-

  19. oldwilliam says:

    Errmmm… interesting thread, but why has no-one seen fit to publish the fact that Philip Schofield got it spectacularly wrong? His grandstanding is actually a perfect example of why such tactics are so seriously damaging to innocent members of the public, because he had the wrong name for the alleged “offender”!

    Isn’t this site supposed to champion the cause of victims? Schofield named Lord McAlpine as an offender and as a consequence ITV paid £125,000 compensation and Schofield had to apologise.

    • ??? Philip Schofield did not mention a SINGLE name!

      Whose axe are you trying to grind!?

      Watch that I won’t block you from spreading wrong information!

      • oldwilliam says:

        Oh come on, Sabine, fair’s fair – re-read my post! I didn’t say he mentioned the name… surely you are not saying that ITV paid £125,000 to Lord McAlpine for no reason? He showed David Cameron a list of names, taken from the Internet, showing the names of alleged paedophiles, which – like a huge proportion of Internet material – was wrong, and listed at least one perfectly innocent man, who – by anyone’s standard – was a victim of baseless accusations such as this high-profile one!

        And the title of this thread refers to that list as a “list of paedophile names” – clearly, it wasn’t! The fact that the names were not transmitted was very fortunate for ITV, and when I accessed this page to post this response, even your own site was showing the link to the ITV apology!

        Why would you want to block me for a factual post? Censorship? 😦

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  21. specb37 says:

    you do know all this paedophillia is legal in judaic talmudic law which is where the frankfurt school get their leaders freud,marx,engel,trotsky,herzel all talmudists.get the friends of israel out of uk polotics and lobbying and watch the change.

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