“Anarchy” in full flow: childcatchers and corporate legal fascism on top of rogue lawyers

There are still enough honest people around who just get on with their lives. That’s why ‘anarchy’ [the absence of law] is only visible to those who have become victims of white collar crimes and who have decided to fight rather than adopt the victim position they are expected to adopt.

But the levels of criminality are deep. Here are just two recent examples that arrived in my inbox:

Page 68 of the Irish Mail on Sunday of 21 October 2012 contains this article about how bad it is and has been in Ireland! And yet, Ian Josephs has been recommending Ireland as the country to flee to when pregnant ladies need to escape the SS in the UK…

When a haulage company, the Co-op and BT choose to provide legal services that must mean:

  • current legal services are inadequate – as experienced by many victims
  • corporations rule the world, i.e. they ‘compete’ with publicly funded governmental services.

The question is whether it’s desirable


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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11 Responses to “Anarchy” in full flow: childcatchers and corporate legal fascism on top of rogue lawyers

  1. There was a shoot to kill policy on snatchers when I was as child in Ireland.

    Everyone knew they were not do ggoders, but like the men in dresses were only after one thing- children- sweet, innocent, well raised, well mannered children,,,,,,not the abused ones….oh no their parents were doing a fine job.

    When one looks at the bigger picture – children and energy- it all becomes clear.

  2. Stanley Embling says:

    From: stan
    To: news@bbc.com
    Cc: calendar@yorkshiretv.com ; tonight@itv.com ; >
    Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2012 5:42 PM
    Subject: Who’s Pulling Wool over who’s Eyes

    After so many lies and cover-ups got released from criminal concealment/suppression over the last two years how do us decent ordinary UK citizens know what is happening at the BBC now is not an elaborate Ploy ( similar as happened in Germany after The Reichstag fire of 1933,) to further stop publication of Relevant happenings (the general Public Should be made aware of?? )
    Didn’t a similar thing happen regards The David Kelly inquiry similar as happened when D notices were slapped on TV and Newspaper media by The Labour Government under Charles Anthony Linton Blair allegedly during Cash for Peerages??

  3. Roger Gough says:

    We, the ‘little people’, will only know that the ruling classes are taking us seriously when the files from the Dunblane shootings (which were ordered to be ‘Buried’ for 100 years), are now released for public scrutiny at a time when some of those implicated are still alive to face justice. How remarkable that 38degrees and/or Avaaz etc have not circulated a world-wide petition to make this simple but very important demand. No doubt such an action would be regarded as ‘a witch hunt’ ; how apposite!

  4. Roger Gough says:

    I should have added that the millions of people who gave their lives in interminable wars described as ‘just’ and who we are obliged to ‘remember’ on this day of days, would hopefully have thought they were fighting for such justice.

  5. Every comment by right-minded people will add to the pressure.

    Urge all your friends to get involved through this site, and on any of your blogs too.

    Forwarding to all your email contacts can soon increase numbers.

    Not everyone can be bothered I know, but at least they can’t claim they were never told.

  6. Stanley Embling says:

    I agree with Roger;.. I’m also left very bewildered as to why 38 degrees and or Avaaz have not put out a Petition on this most serious matter also on the very serious matter of “White Collar Crime” as I personally sought they do about 2 years ago

  7. Stanley Embling says:

    Roger and out Sabine….

  8. http://www.justiceforchildrenaustralia.org/

    Australia- and so it begins.

    “Royal Commission must focus on the children first and the damage being done to them
    Then the Royal Commission must find out who is responsible for this damage.
    Family Law decisions and processes would have to form an integral part of any such inquiry and must be included in the ToR.

    Child protection services must also be examined.

    As you probably know, judicial officers of the Family Court – including judges, magistrates and ICLs (Independent Children’s Lawyers) are NOT mandatory reporters of child abuse.!!!!!!

    This means that they are just as unaccountable as priests hearing confession.
    In addition to physical, sexual and other types of abuse –

    Justice for Children Australia believes that removal of a child from a loving caring parent who has done them no harm is child abuse and must be included.”

    I am unsure of law in UK/Eire re judges etc NOT having to report abuse- but it would answer the question why they never order proper police investigation into allegations of abuse in the secret court.

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