Government Child ‘Protection’ Exposed in AUS, UK, US & CAN – to revisit Operation Ore?

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Child ‘protection’ or ‘snatching‘ is not a single issue campaign, nor is it a national phenomenon. But most ‘activism’ is based on the suffering of personal experience.

Nick Clegg said in Parliament that victims of abuse should speak out and that perpetrators would be brought to justice. Will he listen to parents who lost their children to Social Services as procurers for paedophiles, too?

Meanwhile, readers are invited to remember Operation Ore, the UK’s biggest ever police investigation which remains surrounded by controversies rather than justice for perpetrators and compensation for victims.

Some relevant links from the Mainstream Media:

  1. April 1998: The sheer scale of child sexual abuse in Britain – The Guardian
  2. April 2007: Operation Ore flawed by Fraud – The Guardian
  3. May 2007: Credit card fraud fears cloud Operation Ore – The Register
  4. June 2009: Has Operation Ore left a scar on British justice? – The Telegraph

Links from the Web:

  1. Operation Ore – The Largest Police Scandal Britain has ever seen – a very comprehensive exposure site
  2. Operation Ore – in memory of victim David Stanley
  3. Operation Ore – The Largest UK Paedophile Investigation – a detailed list of searchable names  – from AMSOSA UK – an agency offering male survivors of sexual abuse counselling support
  4. May 2008: Operation Ore – The Story – a comprehensive compilation covering the US and the UK
  5. April 2010: Paedophilia, the Hollie Greig Scandal, the Dunblane Massacre & the Scottish Cabal – Blog
  6. May 2012: Jimmy Savile child sex claims were known since 1999 but no action was taken – Online Publishing Company referring to Operation Ore
  7. 26 October 2012: ‘Blair covering up paedophile scandal?’ – The People’s United Community


  1. March 2010: Mike James and David Icke call Gordon Brown out as a Paedophile
  2. Sep 2010: Elite Paedophile Ring Exposed – Portugal Sex Abuse Case – BBC World News
  3. 24 Oct 2012: PMQ: Tom Watson

There are 111 Freedom of Information Requests, e.g.:

  1. May 2010: the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) was asked whether or not the MPS are going to reopen the case with a new government – which was REFUSED
  2. July 2010: the Home Office was asked: Have the two former Labour Cabinet ministers on the Operation Ore list of suspects been investigated? – REFUSED
  3. February 2011: The BBC were asked what they know about Operation Ore and responded with this file, where they talk about Hollie Greig, Gordon Brown and 9/11
  4. March 2011: The Prime Minister’s Office was asked what they know about Operation Ore, where the answer was: nothing.

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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7 Responses to Government Child ‘Protection’ Exposed in AUS, UK, US & CAN – to revisit Operation Ore?

  1. Whatever we can do, we will, whatever it takes, we will never give up. We are coming for our children. expect us. We are MOTHERS WHO WANT OUR CHILDREN BACK and we are worldwide including the US, AU, UK, CANADA, GERMANY and RUSSIA, as well as many other countries that do not have THEIR OWN group. Please join us in our initiative to EXPOSE CORRUPTION, END THE TYRANNY AND OPPRESSION OF CPS AND HAVE EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED TO THE WRONGFUL REMOVAL OF A CHILD FROM THEIR MOTHER OR NATURAL FAMILY CHARGED, FINED, PROSECUTED AND PUNISHED for being a part of KIDNAPPING AND CHILD TRAFFICKING!

    We are MOTHERS WHO WANT OUR CHILDREN BACK. We are coming for our children, EXPECT US.

  2. JM says:

    Tide not turning yet, that requires a lot of bloodshed, innocent and otherwise…

  3. Stanley Embling says:

    Hi to all….Anyone needing to contact Scotland Yard over Paedophilia cases here are the email addresses :- The Top Man being:- his next in command is:-

  4. Kevin Sole says:

    Is there anythink my partner and i can do to get are adopted daughter back please we need your help


    • I only know of the foster parents of the Slovak children having appealed against the decision NOT to adopt.

      Otherwise, I am told once adopted that’s it.

      However, in the wake of the Slovak Government questioning ‘wrongful adoptions’, we should be able to mount something.

      I wonder whether you could find out for yourself from the Slovak Embassy where they are with respect to questioning the UK’s wrongful adoptions in Strasbourg?

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