An Open Letter to Lord Alistair McAlpine by former Sunday Times journalist for Trial by Twitter

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Ishtar’s Gate is a website with discussion forum that I came across thanks to Twitter which I hardly use. But Steven Messham is on Twitter and he is one of the many victims who do need support. He tweeted that the BBC treated him like dirt. That’s NOT ON! He suffered enough as a child!!!

Ishtar must be his biggest supporter, for, as a former Sunday Times journalist, she wrote An Open Letter to Lord Alistair McAlpine which she mentions by tweeting in support of Steven Messham. The letter refers to

  • Lord McAlpine’s lawyer threatening all those on Twitter mentioning his name in connection with paedophilia would be sued for libel
  • an interview he gave to an Australian newspaper in August 2000
  • his book The New Macchiavelli: The Art of Politics in Business – a guide on how to succeed in modern politics by being vile
  • his advice on dealing with the media: spread false defeat to gain public sympathy
  • or false accusation and then arrange for it to be exposed as such – so the accuser will forever be treated with suspicion.

David Icke’s The Biggest Secret named him – along with a lot of other high profile names.

The Scallywag magazine named him.

The Evening Standard published in 2003 McAlpine erotic sell-off.

David Icke’s Forum is presumably the most comprehensive fount of relevant information online.


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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6 Responses to An Open Letter to Lord Alistair McAlpine by former Sunday Times journalist for Trial by Twitter

  1. JM says:

    obviously, this is why you dnt tell pigyobs, let alone give it to them, about any ‘evidence’—-been telling folk for years! nobody listens or just become violent….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Clearly thousands of children are routinely, savagely abused and often ripped from good parents by these psychotic and nihilistic savages-one can only look to the highest courts and question them- fear is the real enemy here-get angry not frightrned? Write to your mp and to your local chief of.police with your evidence

    • MP is still my advice, too, but people are disillusioned.

      John Hemming MP is the most committed one.

      However, a recent Commons debate on child sexual exploitation shows others who are honest.

      Local chief of police may or may not be ok.

      But we MUST HAVE TRIED!!!

  3. JM says:

    no no no no NO!

    please dnt be so bloody stupid. why would you tell the psychos who you are and where you live whilst making sure you get upgraded to the red list?

    i think this is why they do this….enourgae you to come forward….like those student protests….student gets clubbed repeatedly over the head and abducted to ‘hospital’….and the IPCC asks for witnesses to come forward? but there’s more cameras around there than the bleeding Pentagon….work it out will ya! never heard anymore on that one….anybody know if he did die? perp promoted to ….where?

    they torture people for talking and not talking. that is what they actually said to me!

    unless it happens to you you dnt know, but I tried my MP, first one just ignored the problem and the attacks intensified. random beatings, abductions, lit cigs in the eye…pushed into oncoming traffic….poisoned water supply, put under 24 hour ssurveillance….wish i sold all those cameras i pulle dout on ebay now!

    second one had me repeatedly gang raped. genitals mutilated. still tortured now and in a lot of pain. right now appears to be microwave based or soemthing similar. recently seemed to have switched frequencies, headaches not so bad but severe heart problems now. they even murdered my dog! 😦

    my aunt also happens to be a pedophile who is still free and is presumably abusing young boys, her six year old grandson most likely target now i wd guess. female pedos dnt officially yet do they…?

    it’s all epitimised by the “yes i did put on a disguise, creep up behind and shoot him repeatedly in the head, my name is Roy, it’s not even my real name, but i am a non physical entity (no medical cert to show he’s suffering from such a delusion) but what the fuck are you going to do about it? ” kind of attitude….threaten to defend yourself? beaten to death…another ‘inquest’ in the news for that….haven’t seen a white victim getting such an inquest yet though….
    certainly better than being taken alive again.

    not to mention psychos in cheap star wars knock offs breaking into people’s homes, attacking people and selling the footage to TV companies for entertainment….that’s SOP to.

    i am extremely angry and absolutely terrified. but regardless of what was done and is still being done to me…pales into insignificance considering what else they do….

    and 60 minute makeoer? i mean WTF….they’re not even g-men! if id id that i expect to be in prison for a very long time and rightly so….

    it’s illegal to talk to these terroists anyway, allegedly, and i can’t condone anybody doing anything illegal for legal reasons….allegedly, it is is still LEGAL to defend yourself but their version wnt have any semblance to reality. it NEVER does. you have to treat all these anonymous psychopaths the same as a) it is their ‘job’ to be a psychopath, b) joint enterprise law.

    i still do not believe there to be any flaws in that logic or my legal position, it’s not a delusion.

    only one actual possible solution i can see….learn to speak Irish and try and get there! possibly invest in a metal detector….just dnt talk to me abt it under constant surveillance here….

  4. Stanley Embling says:


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