The Paedofile, another Slovak Protest and more Related News

Wrexham Child Home Abuse Victim Describes Elite Paedophile Sex Parties – 14 November 2012

The Paedofile is part of The Slog – A diary of deception and distortion and Evidenced bollocks deconstruction. With 12,831 visits on average per day its influence cannot be overlooked! And the Paedofile was started in 2010! It did not have to wait for Jimmy Savile to be dead…

Another Protest at British Embassy over Social Services took place on Friday, 16 November 2012, after the Court had decided to adjourn on Tuesday rather than send the boys back home to Slovakia.

Julia Gillard launches Royal Commission into child sex abuse – this follows the Royal Commission into NSW Police in 1997. This article says it could change Australian politics.

The StudentRoom asks Could we conceivably treat paedophilia on the NHS?

Is the establishment really hiding a giant paedophile ring? – the question asked by The Economic Voice on 14 November 2012

We face the danger that this will get swept under the carpet by the ‘covernment‘ and this opportunity to reassert dignity into the higher echelons of British society will be missed.

How many of the victims of senior establishment paedophiles will take their own lives removing key witnesses for any future trials as others live in fear of speaking out against  such people in case they are branded a “weirdo” by some vacuous former MP of notoriety?

What is there to hide to warrant this thinly veiled closing of ranks on all sides of the house?

Britain: Child abuse scandals reveal inner rottenness of the Establishment – 14 November 2012

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2 Responses to The Paedofile, another Slovak Protest and more Related News

  1. peter oakes says:

    Geofrey Harold Scriven has passed away last Monday.

    Geofrey was a great campaigner please google: Geofrey Scriven

    a Starfighter !

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