PROSECUTE the politicians responsible for the Secret Family Courts the politicians responsible for the Secret Family Courts is

  1. an online petition hosted by
  2. a new approach to get justice for all the victims of child snatching and forced adoptions
  3. by using the International Criminal Court of The Hague, to accuse
  • The Rt Hon Mr David Cameron MP
  • The Rt Hon Mr Nick Clegg MP
  • The Rt Hon Mr Kenneth Clarke MP
  • The Rt Hon Mr Michael Gove MP
  • Mr Tony Blair.

They are accused of Crimes against Humanity, for having violated the European Human Rights Act 1998 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to which the UK is a signatory, by allowing a system of secret (closed) courts; in particular:

  • Article 5: No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
  • Article 7: All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law.
  • Article 10: Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.
  • Article 30: Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

The petition has attracted very tragic ‘cases’ as comments and deserves as wide support as possible! It is important, as it builds INTERNATIONALLY on the signatures collected by The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW!

On the Government’s petition site I found:

  1. Open up family courts and have annual checkups on the outcomes of orders set for children
  2. Reform The Family Courts And Social Services
  4. The Family Court system should recognise Parental Alienation and the Practice Directions need to be changed to mitigate problems in the current system
  5. Social Services must provide evidence to be able to withhold children from their families
  6. Stop Twin-Tracking adoption within Care proceedings in certain circumstances, instead providing help to the families
  7. A parents right to choose not to have a certain Cafcass officer
  8. foster care and adoption

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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20 Responses to PROSECUTE the politicians responsible for the Secret Family Courts

  1. forcedadoption says:

    There is nothing to prevent social workers discussing general issues but they rarely do.
    Can the ss defend for example the atrocious way that children in the age group 6 – 14 approx are treated “in care”?
    Their lap tops and mobile phones are confiscated,they are forbidden to contact family or friends so they become instantly isolated from all they know and are used to. If they are foreign they are forbidden to speak their own language with parents who are sometimes allowed to visit them for short supervised periods at contact centres.These children are also forbidden to talk about their “case” ,the possibility of returning home and above all cannot report abuse by social workers,or foster carers however bad it gets.
    Murderers and rapists in prison can make outside phone calls and speak to visitors without censorship but innocent children “in care” are treated far worse than the very worst criminals !All thanks to UK social workers….


  2. ladyportia27 says:

    The secret courts are a continuation of the old Inquisition court trials for witches….all based on hearsay, with torture being the order of the day and most service users ending up suffering legal abuse syndrome/complex PTSD

    For the Public Good?
    , “in The Hammer of Witches. This was the unbridled, habitual sadism, a perverted bloodlust, of the inquisitors, and a bestial delight in tormenting people — especially when the victims were of the female sex”
    We know mothers who were tried as witches in Liverpool 2005, 2007 and 2009….all in secret and all had their children stolen.

    When asked to clarify how the judge arrived at her- oh yes- HER conclusion, she said the mothers had the strength of 10,000 men and needed to be punished as the system could not break them through torture.

    • ladyportia27 says:

      The child snatchers manual is Rhetoric case.

      Persecution strategies in a child care order investigation ¹
      Rhetorical strategy

      5.1.1 Insinuating strategy

      5.1.2 Positive-negative argumentation strategy

      5.1.3 Negative reinforcement strategy

      5.1.4 Negative synonym strategy

      5.1.5 Repetition strategy

      5.1.6 Hammer strategy

      5.1.7 Multi-minus strategy

      5.1.8 Contrast strategy

      5.1.9 Strategy of selective use of words indicating uncertainty

      5.1.10 Generalisation strategy

      5.1.11 Strategy of making trivial statements in a negative context

      5.2 Strategy of making the client seem pathological

      5.2.1 Strategy of implying that the client’s criticism stems from the client’s pathological condition

      5.2.2 Therapy strategy

      5.2.3 Strategy of making the client seem peculiar

      5.2.4 Strategy of making the client’s behaviour seem too intense

      5.2.5 Strategy of persecution by use of the fundamental attribution error

      5.2.6 Scapegoat strategy

      5.2.7 Strategy of calling attention to non-existent “facts”

      5.3 Suppression strategy

      5.3.1 Strategy of ignoring the client’s perspective

      5.3.2 Strategy of vagueness

      5.3.3 Strategy of gradually suppressing details

      5.3.4 Strategy of using the impersonal form

      5.4 Exaggeration strategy

      5.4.1 Quantitative strategy

      5.4.2 Fabulation strategy

      5.4.3 Strategy of gradual intensification

      5.4.4 Lying strategy

      5.4.5 Strategy of presenting irrelevant information

      5.4.6 Implicit theory strategy

      5.4.7 Strategy of exploiting and exaggerating events

      5.4.8 Strategy of collecting negative historical events of little or no relevance

      5.4.9 Strategy of referring to unspecified others

      5.4.10 Presumptive strategy

      5.5 Control and power strategy

      5.5.1 Provocative strategy

      5.5.2 Strategy of trying to accuse the client of lying

      5.5.3 Anti-democratic strategy

      5.5.4 Strategy of presenting insulting values and comments

      5.5.5 Strategy of restricting the credibility of others’ opinions

      5.6 The social authorities know best

      5.6.1 Strategy of emphasising social authorities’ resources

      5.6.2 Strategy of overconfidence in oneself and others

      5.6.3 Strategy of exceeding the limits of your competence

      5.6.4 Moralising strategy

      5.6.5 Strategy of justifying yourself and your actions

      5.7 Strategy of stressing one’s own experience

      5.7.1 Strategy of making vague references to experiences

      5.7.2 Strategy of ascribing an experience to the client

      5.7.3 Strategy of ascribing a negative attitude to the client

      5.8 Interpretational strategy

      5.8.1 Strategy of using strategic interpretation

      5.8.2 Strategy of using signs as evidence

      5.8.3 Strategy of interpreting everything negatively

      5.8.4 Negative prognosis strategy

  3. Ismail Bhamjee says:






  4. JM says:

    for more people need prosecuting, not just the one’s that issue the orders….not knowing it’s illegal when it’s been repeatedly explained to them is no excuse! and under joint enterprise law eevrybody on the payroll and every fracker that communicates with them is guilty of muliple counts of all the laws anyway….prisons just aren’t big enough! then there is genocide on top….

  5. JM says:

    Very often they dnt even bother with secret courts, Mental Prime Directive possibly….

  6. earthlinggb says:

    Sabine, I shall certainly sign because it is all fact and these people listed are, truly, criminal. But so are so many others. I implore you and your readers to take the case of Jade Jacobs-Brooks (reported on BBC TV earlier this year) who “did not exist” and PLEASE understand why this was the case and what it means. I have produced a short video on the issue which is called “Why do you pay tax?” and although the name does not sound like it is touching on this children issue, I can assure you it does and explains exactly why (fully supported by Parliamentary archive material, “In Brief” legal website and just pure and simple logic) the state/government believe they have the right to take our children, decide to have secret courts, have us pay tax and bail out corrupt banks. It ALL stems from the same singular issue.
    I challenge ANY lawyer, Barrister or Judge to debate this with me. They cannot. They have to admit the facts and the facts are what they are. They cannot sensibly argue the case in their defence – they must use obfuscation, ridicule, ignorance of it and/or force simply to say “That is the law and that is how it works”. But it only works the way the people who make it wish it to. The legislators are Cameron, Clarke, Blair, all the way back.

    I would happily explain it all to as many people who wish to understand it. It is, in fact, very very simple. It is just difficult for some to comprehend BECAUSE of its stark simplicity.

    You can find the video here:

    There is also a part 2. And…. I use music and other “tools” just to make it less “dry” as it is a very dry subject.

    Please watch. Any question, please ask.

  7. mauricekirky says:

    Extract from my blog

    Be very careful if you have had any dealings with either of these.. DH alias Crellin has taken my money under false pretences and unless it is returned it is a matter fir the police

    Is it a co incidence that this retired solicitor, also purported to be helping me, a *David Henderson* alias *Kevin Crellin*, has at the same time also appeared to have disappeared off the radar with my money, those in aviation informing me he is a known convicted fraudster?

    A reward for any information and his current address?

    Another urgent matter is a *Christopher Paul Alexander*, alias *Ebbs*, a person also operating in light aviation, who has now come forward and complained, in writing to the South Wales Police, as they, long ago, succeeded in threatening him to alter evidence before the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons that led to my being struck off the veterinary register.

  8. annoynmous says:


  9. Chris says:

    The only difference between HM Government and the Mafia is HM Government are better at thieving! They have managed to convince the populous of a pack of lies and rely upon peoples’ ignorance to survive. They thieve off us with taxation, they prop up a corrupt usury monetary system. They tell us their version of history along with their version of why this country is constantly at war. Sadly around 95% of the population accept what they are told without question! The Westminster gangsters (Parliament) continue to destroy this country from within, but people still support them! They are now thieving children from loving families, in order to make profit. They are asset stripping the elderly, for profit. The UK Parliament is sick and appears to be going further than any totalitarian state in the past. My dear father who sadly passed away recently was a conscript in World War Two. He survived the Malta Siege and three major invasions including D-Day. He, along with me, believed it was a war that should never had happened. There are two versions of World War Two, the Hollywood version, that most people have been brainwashed with and what really happened! Dad never wore his impressive array of medals nor belonged to any regimental associations. He never wore his medals as he was so disgusted by the way this country teated him. He was a victim of the Government directed Pensions Fraud. A major Government fraud that has been deliberately airbrushed from history. Before he died he said if he and his colleges could have looked into the future and seen Britain as it is today, they would have given up there and then. When will people wake up to what is really happening to this country?

    • Sooo sad and sooo true, Chris!!! Your dad’s pension fraud is nearly as bad as Norman Scarth who had to flee the country he fought for altogether!

      Thank You for sharing your thoughts!!!

      May some of those who could make a difference read it and get to it!

      We can only make our kinds of difference…

      With all my empathy and sympathy,


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