“DEEP DISTRUST about our Political System and the Way it is Reported by the Media”: BBC Radio Jersey

Picture of Matthew Price of BBC Radio Jersey t...

The Jersey Way is an “out side look at the goings on around the Island. From an average Joe view point.”

Here it publishes a sequence of radio interviews by BBC Radio Jersey about CoverUps. The interviewer Matthew Price talks about our time of ‘deep distrust about our political system and the way it is reported in the media’. Yes, we found that child snatching is one of Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups.

The radio interviews are about the history of child abuse and paedophilia: children’s homes and foster care.

I found most interesting the interviewer’s underlying assumption that ‘people’ are not trustworthy, whereas the investigative journalist and blogger, Rico Sorda believes in truth, honesty and integrity. And evidence.

Strangely, I had just heard the same analysis being voiced by a German military historian who had researched the question about Germany’s “sovereignty”.

It’s an attitude problem, methinks: of public school boys in the UK and Anglo-Saxon capitalists in Germany… But who cares what I think? Well, I was re-inspired by Tagore on this Sunday morning:

 I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to the light I have.

May you follow your inner light, too!

And here are a few more of Tagore‘s fireflies which the Poem Hunter kindly put together:

God seeks comrades and claims love,
the Devil seeks slaves and claims obedience.

The tyrant claims freedom to kill freedom
and yet to keep it for himself.

We gain freedom
when we have paid the full price
for our right to live.

I leave no trace of wings in the air,
but I am glad I have had my flight.

Man discovers his own wealth
when God comes to ask gifts of him.

God loves to see in me not his servant,
but himself, who serves all.

I am able to love my God
because He gives me freedom to deny Him.

The fireflies, twinkling among leaves,
make the stars wonder.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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16 Responses to “DEEP DISTRUST about our Political System and the Way it is Reported by the Media”: BBC Radio Jersey

  1. Roger Gough says:

    Sabine, you mention “How did Cyril Smith get away with paedophilia?” If you’ve not seen it, on BBC’s TV text service yesterday it was disclosed that the CPS, “after a search of the DPP’s offices”, found two unactioned Police files/referrals re. Smith; one was for charges against him of (what else?) child molestation, and the other for bribery. Here is the clearest possible indication of corruption by the CPS and DPP combined. If BBC perverts and Max Clifford are able to be arrested for “historical” sex offences, why can’t the CPP and CPS be investigated for the above cases of “historical” corruption? If my idea, outlined to you the other day, had been in place, Smith’s cases (as above) would – hopefully – have been unable to have been ignored.

    • The only explanation for all this irrational behaviour is “the old boys network” that then translates into bosses who buy what they need with either carrot or stick from their employees…

      By now I have also become too cynical to believe that anything can and will ever change for the BETTER!.. Who are we to put better systems into place? Well, as the Association of McKenzie Friends we could possibly!…

      Meanwhile, my only faith is in the online world of ‘real’ people…

      • Colin Peters says:

        You ask who are we to put better systems in place Sabine???
        Let’s face it. Try as we might, no way could we put more evil, unjust, oppressive, tyrannical and self serving ‘systems’ in place than those that we are currently lumbered with.
        Roll on Armageddon!

  2. Charlotte Dimock says:

    l lived in rochdale at the time of when most these allegations of abuse happened, regarding Cyril Smith and it was common knowledge. He was a Governor at my sons primary school . The word was that no good would be served by him being sent to prison when he was doing good for the local people. His name was never put in the paper , but the local college rag ran a cartoon strip. His mother was a cleaner at Rochdale Town Hall and she worked there past retirement age and used to attend public functions with Cyril. On one occassion l remember he had parked illegally right on a junction ( he was nipping to a butchers shop), he got out of his car right in front of my car as l turned and l nearly ran him over ( he waved and said sorry, as he knew he was in the wrong).

  3. peter oakes says:

    Just read an item in South Wales Guardian re: Edward Timpson MP and minister for children and paedophile victim provider in My opinion !

    I have personal knowledge Timpson MP & Barrister is an accessory after the fact to serious criminal offences re: criminal conspiracy to pervert justice, malicious bankrupting etc.

    I have provided two letters from Timpson MP to Victims Unite for publication !

    If he thinks I have libeled him, as a barrister he knows what action to take !

    Bring it on, Childrens Minister & perverter of justice, accessory & accomplice !

  4. JM says:

    Suppose the unpopular thought that occurs here would how could they get a fair trial after so much time has passed anyway? I always believed ‘better 1000 guilty men go free than an innocent go to jail’…no trials are ‘fair’ these days anyway….not for a long time, with the media publishing the verdict before even court convenes….anonymous hearsay is now ‘evidence’, actual evidence not shown like cctv….

    my worry is it’s being hijacked to fit up those who may well be a problem for those who have the power….my instinct on Max Clifford says as much, he’s got some decent people working for him i think…at least somebody bothered to reply when 99.9% of journos, solicitors, MPs didn’t…

  5. JM says:

    4got to subscribe…

  6. Chris says:

    The BBC is nothing more than a propaganda machine, it always has been. The first Director General was previously a Government Propaganda writer during the national strike! I suspect the current bunch of “celebrates” being interviewed by police on alleged sex crimes are nothing more than a front to hide a much bigger sex crime ring that goes right to the top. Have you noticed those being interviewed by police are all elderly and are at the end of their careers? I am still puzzled how Jimmy Savile got away with it for so long, he must have had high level protection. On the law of averages it would be impossible to commit such horrific crimes against children over several decades without being caught. Those arrested are only the tip of the iceberg, I think the entire establishment are rotten to the core. If we ever have a real democracy in this country, not the current artificial one, it’s my hope the top level perpetrators of evil are brought to justice. That, I believe, would include a fair number of ex-prime ministers and senior cabinet members!

    • You seem to be right, right, right, Chris, on all accounts!

      What I don’t get is the deviousness of The City in all this. How come they manage to ‘run the country from behind’, i.e. let the politicians be the fall guys while they pull the strings?

      • Chris says:

        Thanks Sabine, your reply is much appreciated. those that pull the strings, such as the City, or going higher such as the Rothschilds, deliberately select psychopath egotists with psychological weaknesses; in effect the senior politicians are blackmailed. For example there is evidence that Edward Heath was a rampant pedophile. He committed treason in April 1971 when taking Britain into the Soviet Common Market, and was rewarded – his house in Winchester was paid for along with his yacht “Morning Cloud.” If he had put a foot wrong, his secret life would have been revealed and he would have ended up in jail. The bi-sexual cross dressing psychopath Tony Blair has also been rewarded for his treasonous acts. He is now a multi-millionaire! Nobody can convince me he has made millions from his boring speeches and working part time for a bank! Prior to becoming prime minister he was allegedly caught twice, in the 1970’s and 80’s, in a public toilet carrying out an indecent act with another man. He was taken to Bow Street police station and charged. Going further back in history Churchill was also used in a similar way and blackmailed to do as the city said. Churchill was was due to loose Chartwell (his house) due to gambling debts etc to the sum of £19,000, a lot of money in those days. The city came to the rescue and paid off his debts – but there were strings attached! Similar to Blair, Churchill was also allegedly bi-sexual and there’s evidence he spent time in Morocco with rent boys. He therefore did what the City commanded of him, fearing his secret life would be revealed. The result was the deaths of countless millions during World War Two that could have been avoided. I have no time for totalitarianism and believe in freedom of the individual, but in reality Churchill was NOT the great war hero he is made out to be! Having studied the subject for many years, I have come to the opinion there are always two versions of current and historic events. What the establishment wants you to believe (the fiction version) and what really happened. Westminster is nothing more than a pantomime to entertain the masses – the real power and decision making is done by the elite financiers and it’s far from democratic. If politicians were really serving us we would have our own debt free currency, similar to Abraham Lincoln’s green back. Inflation and recession would be unheard of and poverty would be a thing of the past. Instead we are all enslaved by a system of corrupt loan sharks that relies upon the ignorance of the masses to survive. The BBC play a big part in this deception.

        • Oi wei, Chris,

          You are calling a spade a spade and a shovel a shovel!!!…

          That’s quite a lot of dynamite you’re aware of. “Funny” that you’ve come to the same conclusions that I have – albeit from very different starting points!

          It MUST be helpful to live longer and longer so that, maybe, we’ll have this chance to turn things round for the next generations!

          For in our youth we don’t think long-term and are hardly interested in history.

          Join the club of “deconstructing bollocks”, as John Ward puts it on his excellent “Slog”: http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/aims/

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