PAEDOPHILES: Here & Now (Kent, world wide) and There & Then (80s)

Kent’s Missing Children – a report on page 1 and 5 in a local paper.

Experts talk about Kent as the capital of ‘Paedophilia UK’. Children are taken to Kent when they should be ‘cared’ for in London or Suffolk and parents have unnecessarily long travels. It all makes sense only, when you begin to see that either sex or money or both are the reasons for these heinous activities by ‘them the institutions’.


From M.A.C.P.C. the Martial Arts Council for the Protection of Children against Government Child Abuse in Australia:

  1. Government Child Abuse by Design – How it Works
  2. Fundamental Overviews
  3. YouTube videos


From John Ward‘s The Slog, author no 5 and blog no 7 in the Non-Aligned Blogs of TotalPolitics:

Elms Guest House: 1980s paedophiles poised to be outed? As the obvious existence of long-standing systemic child sex abuse comes increasingly to light, more and more long-serving politicians are beginning to feel queasy. The fairly reliable word out there on the streets now is that two former Tory ministers, seven other MPs and various social luminaries from the late 1970s and early 1980s were regular visitors at the Barnes ‘venue’ featured above…….the boys all having been recruited from a nearby care home.

The ‘dead Liberal MP’ one would presume to have been Rochdale’s finest and fattest, but other names (I hear) are surprising: the span goes all the way from the BNP to the IRA, and from Buckingham Palace to the left wing of the Labour Party. As I said last month, the Establishment’s main problem here is that they genuinely don’t know how far this scandal will go before it’s burnt out: they cover up to protect what they fear, not necessarily to protect their own guilt.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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6 Responses to PAEDOPHILES: Here & Now (Kent, world wide) and There & Then (80s)

  1. peter oakes says:

    Does anyone read these items ? Where is the power and influence of the
    internet ? is it just another scam like the police, judges, law enforcement,
    child trafficking, property theft by government agencies etc.

    Why comment if no one is listening? The problem is easily solved if you
    desire it !

  2. You’re right Sabine. There is a process; things are happening, albeit slowly. We need to understand that our lives are mapped out and we’re all being where we’re supposed to be and doing what we came here to do. We may get frustrated at the ‘slowness’ of it all but that again is meant to be. Our mammoth task is to get more of our enemies i.e the ‘sheople’ reading V/U and taking it and such sites seriously. This is difficult because we, the ‘awake’ folk, are still few in number and therefore still at risk and we are all bogged down with coping with the every day stresses of life, such as those encountered in trying to earn a living, looking after our families, or the effects of our victimisation….

    Anyway, Season’s greetings to all my fellow slaves and may your creative, festive spirit help you in your battle to awaken those around you.

    Love to all.

    • Many thanks indeed, Sharon, for your support and encouragement!

      Yes, we just need to keep doing our best, without ‘going under’ in the process.

      We must be happy with the ‘busy-ness’ of Victims Unite! There are lots of visitors, followers, comments, and even haters and trolls!…

      Onwards and upwards – with renewed spirits and renewed energies as the days get longer again!!!

  3. peter oakes says:

    At last ! another comment ! there are plenty of Victims out there that should
    be engaged in the exposure of our efforts !

    Just announced ! the police and their federation conspired to pervert justice
    in a conspiracy to destroy a Tory party Whip ( Labor police conspiring in
    dirty politics ) As the Whip found out ” friends are hard to find when you are a
    Victim ” Cameron did not show any support for his colleague or indeed the

    The police know the judiciary and legal profession the ” legal mafia ” are
    enjoying the spoils of their legal thefts and frauds bogus bankruptcies etc.
    the police are demanding a piece of the cake ! re: spoils of these thefts and
    frauds child trafficking, pornography, paedophilia etc.

    Now in early December every news broadcast and every newspaper screamed
    out children from the age of eight and upwards were watching hard core porn
    on their computers, this proves they have ability and knowledge on the internet

    If every child from 4 years and older that was in the CARE of a local authority
    was issued with a mobile phone, they can take pictures of their abusers
    and put them on the internet a picture is worth a thousand words and is pretty
    good proof of guilt, it will reveal tattoos, warts, bent penis,s etc. and at a cost
    of less than a hundred quid would save millions of legal aid funds going to
    the mafia !

    We could even get a meercat to show the kids what to do ! Simples.

  4. Hi Peter,
    Children in receipt of non accidental injuries in care are punished by their carers and the SS for telling the truth. Girls that report their abusers have their hair cut off. Boys that get thrown against walls by police get told they are imagining it.
    It takes courage for a recipient of punishment for speaking the truth to speak out.
    The main thing is to get these children back to loving parents so that they can speak the truth in safe surroundings. I bet there are a number of SS and carers quaking as these exploited individuals reach 18. The bubble must burst soon.

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