GLOBAL POLITICAL AWAKENING: the Threat to the Global Elite and our Hope for the Future

English: Network diagram showing interlocks be...

English: Network diagram showing interlocks between various U.S. corporations and institutions and the Council on Foreign Relations, in 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been a while since global strategist Zbigniew Brzesinski expressed his fear of ‘global political awakening‘ at a meeting of the Council of Foreign Relations:

No matter where you go, politics is a matter of social engagement.

Mankind is now politically awake.

… history of colonialism and imperialism…

Hence we are preparing a meeting in the House of Commons to “Mind the Gaps: between Online and Mainstream Media, Government and Public” – on Tuesday, Jan. 15th – as the Association of McKenzie Friends acting as ‘Public Interest Advocates’.

Seven panellists will present Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups for questions and answers by, hopefully, many Parliamentarians.

Please RSVP sabine AT for further details, if you’d like to attend.

If you want to be part of the wake up call, please

Ask yourself questions about this distraction, deception & distortion, beautifully exposed in the UK by The Slog. The author John Ward appeals to the blogosphere to be in opposition to all things Bollocks, as he concludes:

Distortion & deception are the objective, distraction is the catalyst.

Unique in the UK, judges in the secret family courts keep trying to get away with the appearance of lawfulness, while parents express their anger – also in The Guardian – over child snatching which is organised by the State – either for the sex urges of paedophiles, or for money or both…

It’s time to wake up. More and more. With deeper and deeper insights, processing one shock after another…

We can only hope that, together, we will make the difference that is required. One person at a time.

May the Spirit of Christmas help us along, us:

  • as victims of white collar crimes 
  • who have turned into starfighters to stand our ground
  • who are helping each other as McKenzie Friends

and have

  • been visiting this site over 180,000 times since its beginning in August 2010
  • over 23,000 times in November 2012
  • and produced 3,890 comments.

May our virtual community be as effective as necessary in real life!

Meanwhile, here are a number of e-petitions that you can sign about the subject:

and here is a model abuse survivor describing what’s happening in US Family Courts: more of the same unfortunately…

Onwards and upwards – against all the odds!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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30 Responses to GLOBAL POLITICAL AWAKENING: the Threat to the Global Elite and our Hope for the Future

  1. Chris says:

    The only way the psychopaths in power can survive is by keeping the masses in ignorance. They look upon us as sub-human or below them for not realising what they are up to. During World War One Lloyd George said “if people knew what was really going on, the war would end tomorrow.”

    • Yes, yes, Chris!

      Whether it’s making money from thin air to produce weapons or whether it’s about making weapons in your country so that the ‘enemy’ can use them against your people…

      It’s all such nonsense that I can only hope that the New Year will help more and more people to WAKE UP from the slumber of their ignorance!!!

  2. JM says:

    The only reason that they have the power is that they are the one’s prepared to do what decent people aren’t. Whether that be rape, torture, murder…to the relatively lower levels of breaking into and attacking people int heir home’s and selling the happy slap footage to TV companies for entertainment….people who defendthemselves aren’t really schizos.

    Couple of carpenters have a meeting about how to build a table. At the end of the meeting there is no table. They have many subsequnet meetings. They invite their freinds. They talk for many many long hours. After several years of they end up having a big conference, one of those muli million pound jobs, invite every carpenter in the country. All subsidisied by the taxpayer.

    At the end of all this there is still no table.

  3. Chris says:

    The pattern appears to be the same – recession, war, mini boom, recession and so on – it has been like that since the founding of the Bank of England in 1694. There is always a deep recession before a major war; the banks claw in the money to pay for the forthcoming conflict. Governments get into debt to pay for the war and banks make even more profit. Wars are good for banks, it’s an efficient way of boosting their finances. It never ceases to amaze me how politicians manage to convince people to go and kill the population of another country. It’s terrifying social engineering. World War Two has been over for almost seventy years but post war propaganda films are still shown regularly on television. Killing is depicted within such films as if it were some form of game whereby the lives of German soldiers are meaningless. For every soldier killed, there is the hidden misery of grieving parents, wives, children etc. For the survivors, post traumatic stress disorder can affect the veteran’s children (epigenetics). Wars are a psychopaths’ playground. During WWII my father was a reluctant conscript in the British Army; he was totally against killing and believed it was a war that should never have happened. He was in front line intelligence, often operating behind enemy lines. Nothing to do with sabotage, only to observe. Most of his colleagues had similar views. Prewar several of them had studied in Germany and could speak fluent German. Because of the front line hell he went through (siege of Malta, invasions of Sicily, Italy and D-Day – amongst initial assault waves on all three invasions), I was never allowed to have toy guns when I was a child. He always said he would never put a gun in the hands of his son. The lies that are constantly pumped out about World War Two sickened him, especially the Hollywood version of events. Dad never wore his medals (due to the disgusting way this country treated him and other disabled war veterans) and had no time for regimental associations; they are an integral part of the “War Justification Industry.” History continues to repeat itself and people continue to believe official lies. What we learn from history is we don’t learn from history! Dad and I were very close, we were like twins. Sadly he passed away two years ago. Dad wrote two books but publishers were obsessed with adding fiction. We believed that truth should come before profit, so I drew out of my savings and published Dad’s books for him. The are two versions of all wars, what actually happened and what the authorities want you to believe, via their media machine. Sadly people are so brainwashed by the fiction version of events they are unable to think of anything else. Walk into any book shop and there are a myriad of books by authors that have simply gone through official documentation and put their own spin on events, but there are very few publications by people that were actually there, unless they were of high rank and well away from the action! People like fiction and successive governments’ social engineers (Tavistock Center and Frankfurt School) use this human frailty to get people to believe official lies. It has worked for hundreds of years, but I believe an increasing number of people are now beginning to wake up and the powers that be are getting very worried. I look forward to the day when we can see psychopath war criminals Tony Blair, David Cameron and Nick Clegg in court facing justice. In addition to this I hope the facts about previous war criminals and traitors are revealed.

    • May your hopes and wishes come true, dear Chris!!!

      Thank You very much for sharing your and your dad’s experiences!!!

      I just put down in another blog how sad it is that governments don’t honour the international treaties that made wars illegal: first the Kellogg-Briand-Pact in 1928 and then the Nürnberg Trials after WWII…

      But arms producers want to get rid of their products, it seems…

  4. Chris says:

    War is fought by forgotten heroes for lost causes!

    • “Forgotten heroes for lost causes”…

      Duped victims, too, they are, methinks, Chris!…

      I just commented on another blog post: how come that governments don’t respect the international treaties that previous governments signed about the illegality of war: first in 1929 the Kellogg-Briand Pact and after WWII with the Nürnberg Trials.

      It is really hard to wake up to ‘realities’ in this world of duping, hypocrisy and abuse of power!!!…

      Still: Happy New 2013 !

  5. “Dad never wore his medals (due to the disgusting way this country treated him and other disabled war veterans) and had no time for regimental associations; they are an integral part of the “War Justification Industry.”” Talk to Norman Scarth about those regimental associations, he knows first hand how they turn on the real heroes. Chris, your father sounds like he was a wonderful man; my dad was also forced into ‘National Service’ but luckily for him he went into Aircraft engineering and did very well out of it, getting an excellent education, becoming a Senior Aircraftsman which was his passport for a career in DeHavilands as a mechanical engineer. Had that not been the case he would’ve ended up working with his family in the building trade which he absolutely hated. Not long after that he met and married my mum.

    I’d like to read your dad’s books and I’m sure my dad would be interested also, where can I get a copy? I’m having a job convincing my dad that all is not as it seems in this once great British country of ours anymore; despite all the evidence he will argue with me ’till the cows come home about 9/11, insisting it was not an ‘inside job’ and that there is no such thing as a New World Order slavery agenda being played out… But the good thing is I’m having more success persuading the younger members of my family of the horrific reality we all face if people en masse do not wake up … and fast. My son and daughter [aged 15 and 14] now actively look for the Illuminati symbolism in their PS/Xbox games and in celebrity music videos and are starting to ask the right questions. Amazingly I even managed to get them to sit with me for 2 hours over the Xmas hols and watch stuff I’d recorded from the Richplanet series. I plan to do the same tonight too. This was achieved as a result of them asking me last month what I wanted for my birthday! [I told them the most valuable gift they could ever give me would be 4 or 5 hours of their undivided attention and to just watch some of the stuff I’d recorded on Sky 200, such as programmes presented by Richard D Hall, Ian R Crane, Patrick Henningson, Brian Gerrish… ] Deal done.

    If interested, you can read our story here

    We are living in amazing times of great consciousness shift. Here’s to 2013 bringing more of the great spiritual awakening and with it more love and compassion worldwide.

  6. Chris says:

    Many thanks Sabine and Sharonannzaki for your very interesting replies; much appreciated. I agree with you Sabine regarding treaties, but in reality treaties are no more than window dressing to please the masses. The League of Nations, between WWI and WWII was a typical example. My latest blog of which the above is an extract covers the real reasons for wars, especially WWII, and it’s not what the masses have been led to believe! We are continuously fed a pack of lies in order to keep people off the scent so to speak. In reality WWII was about finances and was fought for and on behalf of Banks. Most of what people have been led to believe about that war is the result of propaganda spread by the British Secret Service and it’s still believed to this day! They still keep screening old post-war propaganda films to keep the fraud alive. I hasten to add, I’ve got no time for totalitarianism and I’m against all forms of militarism, but truth is truth and its the key to freedom. Thanks for your reference sharonannzaki to Norman Scarth. Regarding regimental associations, I know Norman Scarth and have spoken to him. My investigations into regimental associations reveals they are not what most people believe them to be! They are far from the service veterans’ best friend! The most famous one, that will remain nameless, was formed in 1921 to prevent a revolution. Its function is purely social manipulation. There is a short film on my website called “The War Justification Industry” that gives further information. I speak extensively about them on one of my hidden history lectures. I would be very interested in reading your full article Sabine, can you possibly give me a link? Have just begun reading your website sharonannzaki, and it’s fascinating. I’m NOT a Freemaison but my profession, Architecture, has a very high number of Freemaisons. I will read more on your website before making further comment, but your views regarding Freemaisons appear to be similar to mine. They are in all areas of Government and local authorities and are rather like a virus. They get in and corrupt!
    As I’m sure you are well aware, there are different levels of freemasonry. The lower levels are like the boy scouts and haven’t a clue whats going on at much higher levels. Dad always called them a load of overgrown schoolboys! Why any man would want to roll up their trouser leg and display part of their bare chest to a group of other men, during some weird ceremony, is totally beyond me. Many thanks for your interest in Dad’s books, sharonannzaki, again it’s very much appreciated. We also did audio tapes and I now do short films (the war justification Industry is one of my efforts). The tapes and books are all available from my website Was interested to see you know about Richard D Hall, I met him when he spoke in Maidstone in Kent. He allowed me to sell Dad’s books and audio CD’s next to his and did all he could to help. I watch his programme on Freesat every Friday. I used to watch Edge Media with Theo Chalmers, Ian R Crane etc., but nowadays the channel appears to have been taken over by Loaded Magazine. I’m NOT interested in Loaded Magazine’s programmes, to me it’s a load of rubbish, similar to what can be seen on BBC 2 and Channel 4! In fact the only TV programme I tend to watch nowadays is Richplanet. Thank you again for your comments, Sabine and sharonannzaki, it’s very kind of you.

    • Chris says:

      Happy New Year 2013. I also hope the awakening will become more widespread. Hopefully in 2015 Roger Hayes (Lawful Rebellion) is due to start up the lawful bank (debt free currency) and an alternative system whereby the masses democratically elect representatives that really represent them. He hopes people will turn their backs on Westminster and totally ignore them!

      • I still think that the House of Commons is a good venue for meetings and that there are a few MPs with whom I can work. They are like gold dust though.

        Also, there is the House of Lords which has a few gems, too!

    • Yes, Chris, I think all wars about money. Hence I put the “illegality of usury and wars” together in the Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups .

      That’s what is so terrible that the UK keeps giving in to the US warmongers. We need to stop arms production and turn them into proper goods. That has been campaigned for when I came to London in 1981…


  7. JM says:

    Great comments on this thread, all a good read!
    One quicky I sometimes lay on people….”Every war there has ever been, the good guys always win! But surely the law of averages suggest that the guys should win at least one in three….”
    Quick way to gauge the individual buy gauging their response…
    Thanks for the link Chris, looks like another good read!

  8. Chris says:

    Many thanks for kindly responding. Was interested in what you said, Sabine, regarding turning arms into plows – I think that was the terminology. I used to know Bruce Kent of CND. His heart is in the right place and I think he is a good man but after a time I soon began to realize who was sponsoring the peace groups – its called “Controlled Opposition!” Until we get to the root cause of conflict i.e The Rothschilds and the rest of the deranged banking families along with the other psychopaths, there will never be any peace. I personally believe the entire political system is controlled by them. It is obvious as not one political party has the printing of debt free currency on their manifesto. It’s as if usury is a taboo subject. Whenever a politician knocks on my door at election time, I always ask them if their party will abolish usury. It’s the quickest way of getting rid of a politician! Once you mention the word “usury,” they run off, quicker than a greyhound!

    For many years I have studied bullying and psychopaths and it soon became very obvious the psychopath mindset is near to genius! Their manipulative powers are almost super human! The most terrifying aspect is their ability to manipulate the minds of non-psychopaths to carry out evil on their behalf. Stalin was responsible for the deaths of between 20 to 100 million people. He couldn’t have done it alone. The killings were done on an industrial scale, Russians were killing fellow Russians. The question arises, how on earth did he manage to get people to carry out such horrific atrocities? Stalin was so deranged, he even had members of his own family killed! Dr Hare is a leading authority on Psychopaths and he has come close to admitting they are a different breed of human! Earlier you mentioned the Nuremberg Trials; in reality they were theater and little to do with justice. Again, I’m totally against all forms of totalitarianism and injustice but real evidence shows that on many occasions the accused were drugged and tortured in order to give the answers the court wanted to hear. During WWII atrocities were committed on both sides, British and German psychopaths had a field day! We only hear of the German atrocities but rarely, if ever, hear of what the Allies got up to! Around three thousand German POW’s were deliberately starved to death under Eisenhower’s orders! Those men were NOT SS nor concentration camp guards. They had NOT committed any crime, they were mainly ordinary conscripts. Many German POW’s were shipped off to prison camps in America. There is evidence of torture and beatings in those camps, carried out by the guards. I was in contact with a German WWII veteran. He was an ordinary conscript on the battlefield. In fact there is every possibility he was on the same battlefield in France as my Dad! The German WWII veteran had NOT committed any wartime crime, in fact he helped to save the life of a badly injured British Paratrooper. He and his friend got the paratrooper to a German field hospital in time to save his life! After the war the German soldier was used as slave labour down a French coal mine until 1950! German troops captured on the Russian front were not released by the Russians until ten years after the war in 1955. Around 100 thousand were captured at Stalingrad, only around 10 thousand survived the Russian prison camps. There are many other crimes that have been covered up, too numerous to mention here. There is no doubt that Germany carried out some horrific atrocities, such as mass shootings etc., evidence could often be found in their own wartime records. People responsible for such crimes should have been brought to justice, but amongst the accused at Nuremberg there were many innocent people. For example Hos was told that if he confessed, his wife and family would be spared. Hos confessed to many things and was subsequently hung. When looking through the evidence and cross referencing official wartime documentation he was confessing to crimes that he couldn’t have possibly done! Under torture, people will confess to anything. Operation Paper clip was organized by America at the end of WWII to get German scientists and high level intelligence people to America to help them fight the cold war. Amongst them were people that had committed horrific wartime crimes. They were let off as the Americans needed their expertise. Official history books are generally remiss of those facts. Contrary to popular belief, America didn’t do Britain any financial favors during World War Two, in fact they virtually bankrupted this country. It was only a year or two ago that Britain finished paying off their debt to America for WWII! That answers the question as to why Britain’s defense (what’s left of it) is virtually run by the Americans! During the cold war it was admitted by America that Britain and Europe would be the USSR nuclear target during a cold-war conflict, leaving America untouched!

    • Wow, Chris, you have studied the history! Well done!

      THANK YOU!

      I guess we must contend ourselves with recording it on the web for future generations… May Google help them find your wise website and comments!!!

  9. Chris says:

    Many thanks for your kind words of support. You, like me, cannot stand injustice. There is an old Russian saying: “In order to look to the future, we must keep one eye on the past!” I continuously see history repeating itself. It is my belief the allies LOST the cold war. This sounds ridiculous and part of a wacky conspiracy theory until you look at the overwhelming evidence. What we are experiencing today in the west is “Subversion.” As long ago as the 1930’s, the former USSR knew it could NOT beat the west militarily, hence around 85% of their military budget was spent on the study of subversion. The Berlin wall coming down was all part of a well planned trick to make the west believe Communism was dead. It wasn’t it simply mutated and is still alive and well. The KGB’s plans continue to work like clockwork. People accept the current financial crisis as they are so browbeaten. People don’t realize that Wall Street financed the entire Communist system and made huge profits from it. Lord Rothschild admitted it! Social changes along with the destruction of British Industry didn’t happen by accident, it was all part of the plan. We are now heading towards an organized “Crisis.” The “Crisis” will be an excuse for the government to introduce a full Police State where anyone that speaks out will mysteriously disappear. At the moment it sounds far fetched but just think how many of our freedoms have disappeared over the last ten years or so! Both 9/11 and 7/7 have been proven to be phony and nothing to do with terrorism. 9/11, the buildings defied the laws of physics and it has been proven that on 7/7 it would have been near impossible for the accused to have carried out the attacks. Again, we see the work of government psychopaths to push an evil socially engineered agenda. Let’s hope there is a mass awakening in 2013. I’m optimistic, Happy New Year!

    • Optimistic about a mass awakening in 2013, that sounds really good, Chris!

      I’m certainly also convinced of all money masters exercising their powers wherever they can. But for the KGB to ‘counteract’ through subversion is an intriguing suggestion!

      Let’s see what we can do while we keep kicking!

  10. Chris says:

    Thanks Sabine, Regarding subversion, Yuri Brezmenov was a former KGB agent who defected to the West. He gave a series of lectures in the 1980’s, they are certainly an eye opener, they are on youtube: He is just one piece of evidence amongst many. It is no coincidence that politicians that make it to Prime Minister and government have personality flaws and weaknesses, hence the reason they can be blackmailed and used. It has been proven by legal expert, Albert Burgess, that in April 1971 Ted Heath committed treason. Information from several sources including ex MI6, confirm he was a rampant pedophile. So much so that the police appointed a guard to keep him out of trouble when he was climbing the political ranks to the top. It has also been confirmed that his yacht, “Morning Cloud,” and home in Winchester were paid for by the EU and the bankers! These people are not voted for, they are chosen. If you google “The Bilderbergs” there is a mountain of information about them. Tony Gosling is an ex BBC journalist that has done some extensive research into them. Tony Blair also has a lot of skeletons in his cupboard, so to speak. He was allegedly arrested twice, in the 1970’s and 80’s for indecency in a public toilet. He was taken to London’s Bow Street where he gave his middle name “Lynton” as if it were his first name. There is also a mountain of evidence surrounding Churchill! He certainly wasn’t what the masses believed him to be! My parents, who were in the war, couldn’t stand him. People at the time called him a “Warmonger!” The myth makers though depict him as a Saviour! He was far from that, I believe he was a war criminal! The bombing of Dresden is an example. It was a deliberate attempt to kill civilians as Churchill wanted to wipe out the entire German nation. I’ve heard witness accounts from survivors of Dresden including an English POW that was there at the time. The hell they went through and the horrors they witnessed are beyond comprehension. The myth makers build an illusion that people believe without question. Jimmy Savile is a perfect example. He was the darling of the establishment. He even advised children to be beware of strangers! Now we know he was an evil monster. He showed all the characteristics of a psychopath; they alway preach the opposite to what they actually do! Back to subversion, what the KGB planned and what continues to unfold is beyond a coincidence. The changes have been so subtle that people don’t notice them. Subversion takes several decades to succeed. Initially British universities were infiltrated as far back as the 1930’s. The politicians we have today are a product of that subversion, as Yuri Brezmenov says “We are stuck with them!” Britain is no longer an industrial nation, British industry was deliberately destroyed. We are now going through the subversion stage of demoralization where the population are deliberately demoralized. this was planned decades ago. The next stage will be “Financial Crisis.” Again it’s all well planned!The government gives the impression of being out of touch with the average person. They are not, they know exactly what’s going on! They are simply carrying out the orders of their banker pay masters!

  11. JM says:

    Hate to ‘piss on anybody’s parade’ as it were…but again I think the simple point remains it doesn’t matter that you know, and how many knows it…..just knowing how to build a table doesn’t actually produce a table…
    They have the power simply because they are prepared to do what decent people aren’t prepared to do. If you’re not prepared to descend to their level then you have already lost….and if you are, you eventually win…then you still have to emply the same people that worked for the old regime/ the collaborators/ foot soldiers, the real nasty sadists or society would collapse totally and you would lose control again, until somebody else takes over and is prepared to employ the people that have actually been carrying the orders out…

    And many people have already been ‘disappeared’ in this country over the past ten years +…I was one of them and still am in a very real sense, haven’t officially existed on the system for about seven years now! Legally obliged to starve to death if I weren’t still in a prison of sorts…but suicide is illegala s well apparently…as is mugging old ladies in order to buy food to survive….everybody is forced to break the law in one way or another!

  12. Chris says:

    All criminals fear exposure, the UK government is no different. They rely upon ignorance of the masses to carry out their scam. Their ultimate objective is massive population reduction. As a tidal wave of people are now awakening I’ve noticed senior politicians starting to look very worried. Have you seen Tony Blair recently? He looks pale and has aged considerably. Even though he and Gordon Brown spend considerable time outside the UK and they have bolt holes, they realize they can run but there will be no hiding place. If/when those criminals face justice charged with treason, under the 1848 treason and sedition act, if found guilty they face life in prison! Prior to 1997 it carried the death sentence! There is almost a total news blackout on Iceland. They recently arrested their criminal politicians and banksters and the country is being run by ordinary people. They have told the IMF to go to hell and they are printing their own debt free money! You don’t hear that on the BBC! Iceland’s economy is now booming! Southern Ireland looks as if it’s also reaching tipping point, lets hope similar happens there. When it happens it happens suddenly – people simply have enough. I feel it will take a little longer in Britain as we are very placid. The 1913 Federal Reserve Act comes to an end around March this year and many people believe they are deliberately creating an economic crash around that time. Their objective is to eradicate physical money and have everyone using plastic cards. It will be offered as a better alternative. In reality it’s the road to totalitarianism. A fully computerized financial system further enslaves us as governments will be able to turn people’s money supply off. There will not be a cash alternative so people will be forced to toe the line in order to survive. The best thing we can do is spread the word. By talking, the information is being passed on. Already politicians are finding it hard to answer our questions. They are in a dilemma. A letter was recently sent to John Redwood MP from a member of Lawful Rebellion about debt free currency. The reply is a laughing stock and reveals how ignorant that member of Parliament is. My local MP is pleasant but thick! He is often in the local newspaper planting trees, kissing babies, grinning like a Cheshire cat and doing what bovine excrement artists do best! He can’t think outside the box. His answers are pre-rehearsed political statements. I strongly believe he is unable to think for himself and has never done a days work in his life. He is a career politician in a very safe seat and on the gravy train getting a regular salary plus expenses along with a magnificent pension. His work is delegated so apart from waffling in the House of Conmen, sorry I mean Commons and signing letters that others have typed for him, I believe he has an easy life. He always has an army of local counselors and his secretary with him and simply delegates everything. I personally think they could run his office without him!

    • JM says:

      Hey Chris, you ar ein a sense preaching to the converted as far as just me goes….anybody who comes here and reads these posts are either a) already knowing- although we could argue a little over the details, the details are all open to interpretation anyway…b) perps, keeping tabs on us…
      I’ve been saying abt EFT since 1995 ish…I could see way back then! Fact is they can already do it- did it to me seven years ago ish….you lose your ‘papers’ (rather taken from me) then it’s homeless, no bank account, no job, self employed not even an option and no hope to acquire any of them gain without them to start with….then they locked me ina mental prison and tortued me intensively for many months- been a TI since about’98 I figure, looking back- just as I came onto the ‘working for aliving’ market….the first employer who took an interest in me was MI5 actually—I told them no! that might be where it all stems from…

      couple of quick fires though….i’m curious abt this MP you mention of yours, as to who? when I had trouble with them they couldn’t make up their minds who mine actually was….(I live on the border, and the computer was as confused as tehyw ere….but technically homeles then though so technically none/ no MP?) ended up being Dug Pig in the end, who became responsible for some of the worst abuse….and taken down my a duck moat? I mean WTF

      it’s the lower level psychos/ footsoldeirs that are the immediate problem….you have to kill one to get a name apaprently…definately was NOT non physical entity a, b or c….or soem bloke called Roy, it’s not his real name…I only suspect g-men of some sort because of the level of violence used for enjoyments sake, and soem of the weponry used and in broad daylight…..still have trouble walking to this day, never mind the rest!
      But you say they fear ‘exposure’? once they’re dead i think they’re pretty past caring….although psycopaths dnt really care, accept possibly for themselves.
      i keep forgetting about iceland….not sure what to believe…i never been there so can’t know for sure! if it even exists for that matter…..(hope you get the point)

    • I’m really glad you join the dots, too, between the CAUSES of white collar crimes, debt-based currencies, and the EFFECTS: victims, Chris!

      I think I’ll have to group all my money sites, where I’ve investigated the issues for quite some time:

      Forum for Stable Currencies:
      Bank of England Act
      Lord Sudeley

      Monetary Problems:
      Money as Debt aka Credit
      Public Debts for Vested Interest Payments

      Monetary Solutions:
      Green Credit for Green Purposes
      How is Green Growth Possible?
      Barter Currencies

  13. Chris, well said. JM, whose side are you on? I know you’re not a troll Jake but you are a bit of a waffler at the best of times and you are doing some serious time-wasting here. Have faith, people are awakening and with that will come love, truth and justice. Be patient and do what you can to wake up those sleepyheads around you.

    Chris, have started reading your very interesting, educational warveteran site. I’m going to show my dad your ‘War Justification Industry’ video and see if that persuades him that the two world wars [and all wars] were/are funded/engineered by the evil Illuminati bankers. [I’ll get through to him somehow!] Your article ‘The Sports Illusion’ humourously makes the point … “The smell of my school changing rooms had a unique odour all of its own. It stunk of stale greens, stale farts, vomit and sweaty armpits with a hint of soiled nappy! For some unknown reason the sports masters were obsessed with underpants.” Your ‘Royals and the Invisible man’ had me smiling too … “What does the Queen and village idiots have in common? The answer is: Quite a lot! They are both a product of close family breeding. They both wave at complete strangers and they both live in cloud cuckoo land! A village idiot has a very simple view of the world whereas the Queen believes she has a hereditary right to rule over us because an invisible man said so. If that’s not bonkers, I don’t know what is! Humans appear to be obsessed with cults; it’s a weakness that people with influence have exploited for millennia. Religion, The royals and our system of government are perfect examples of manipulation whereby a minority can exploit the majority.” And “When you look at the system by which a minority rules us, you only have to dig below the surface a little and not accept what they tell us to realise we are continuously lied to. We are conned out of our finances by an elite that use hocus-pocus to convince us they have the right to do so. This is where the invisible man comes in. The royals have as much right to sit on a throne as you and I have, but for one stumbling block. We can’t convince people we have a right to steal their money and are superior to them because an invisible man says so, but the royals can! There is also another problem, most of us have a conscience, but most of the royals don’t! As I’ve said in previous articles, the royals’ inbreeding is designed to produce psychopaths; it has served them well in their bloodthirsty past and enabled them to acquire a vast wealth though questionable means. Around forty years ago a psychopath married into my family and caused an emotional tsunami. Having studied psychopaths for many years, I’ve come to the conclusion they all work to a similar agenda. They are brilliant illusionists. They give you a false impression and they look upon us non-psychopaths as if we are gullible sheep. They all believe they are superior to other humans and deliberately create distrust and unease, enabling them to stand out as superior people that ride above the mayhem”

    So much for my plans for an early night tonight; your articles are too engrossing!

    Bless you.

    • JM says:

      I’m a waffler? really? have a word with yourself will ya’….? 😉

      never been called that before, archetypal strong silent type me…in real ife anyway, not that I have one of those…

  14. Chris says:

    Many thanks to everyone that has kindly commented on my articles. I feel it’s our generations responsibility to expose the truth. When you think of the suffering in both World Wars, on all sides, it’s easy to look at statistics and not at the real human beings. The dead are honored but the physically injured and mentally scarred are brushed under the carpet, only to be wheeled out on ceremonial occasions in order to suit a purpose. The post war “Government Directed Pensions Fraud” has been virtually airbrushed from history along with wartime euthanasia whereby unfit men were kept at the battlefront to finish them off in order to save post war welfare costs. All wars have to be justified, if justification cannot be found, as happened after WWI, a justification is invented. During WWI the men were told they were fighting for a land of milk and honey, fit for heroes. It was a lie. During World War Two the men were told similar. Again it was a lie. Yesterday evening, the 1954 film, “The Dambbusters” as shown on Channel 5. As with all propaganda, war justification films, they depict heroes that are keen to get at the enemy. They are all keen volunteers. The films are pro psychopath. It is a little known fact that conscripts often had sympathy for the enemy. During WWI, senior officers had to order the men to shoot lower as many deliberately shot over the heads of the enemy. It’s NOT natural for humans to kill fellow humans. During WWII, conscripts on both sides often risked their own lives the save the lives of wounded enemy soldiers. Soon after D-Day some German stretcher bearers wandered into the British lines where my Father was. Even though they could have gone to a safe POW camp, they continued to risk their lives in no-mans-land to bring back the wounded. Eventually they had to be ordered to stop as it was against the Geneva convention, that both sides stuck to rigidly. There are no monuments to those exceptionally brave men as what they did went against the propaganda. Their bravery has been lost in the mists of time, although they are mentioned in my Dad’s book. There were numerous other acts of kindness on the battlefield on both sides. Again, you won’t find those acts of kindness in official history books. In the 1980’s and 90’s Dad and I tried to find out what happened to those German stretcher bearers, sadly without success. German and British media couldn’t have cared less as it went against the general consensus that Germans were the thugs and the British were the good people. I got the impression the German media simply wanted to forget about WWII. Because my Dad was NOT a member of the Royal British Legion and had no time for them, the British media simply brushed him aside. Dad was not alone in his dislike of “Charitable” regimental associations as many other war veterans with similar views as Dad were equally ignored. People have to fit the stereotypical image for the media to pay attention to them.

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