MIND THE GAPS – between Online and Mainstream Media, Government and Public @ the House of Commons

Mind the Gaps – between Online and Mainstream Media, Government and Public

Tuesday, 15th January, House of Commons, Committee Rooms, 11am – 1pm and 2pm – 4pm

Globalisation strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski[1] recently identified accelerating social change driven by “instant mass communications”, which have been cumulatively stimulating “a universal awakening of mass political consciousness[2].” In the UK, the consequent gulfs between public opinion and government, and between online and mainstream media are widening precariously: poll after poll details public trust plummeting[3][4][5] all round while many political activist websites have grown as busy as mainstream e-commerce and media outlets.

As public interest advocates, the Association of McKenzie Friends[6] seeks to acknowledge and address these gaps as a matter of urgency. In the wake of debilitating systemic failures such as Hillsborough, Savile and Leveson, we will be presenting an evidence-based analysis of “Seven Deadly Syndromes” that infect public life. Panel members are:

In the afternoon, John Hemming MP will be replaced by Austin Mitchell MP[14] who has not only been a mainstream journalist but also an expert of monetary reform and victims of white collar crimes for years.

The Seven Deadly Syndromes identified are:

  1. Secret Societies[15] – The Private Lives of Public People and Secrets of Public Servants
  2. Mainstream Media Cover-Ups[16] – Strategies for Gagging, Controlling and generally Dumbing Down
  3. Crimes against Children and Families[17] – Paedophilia, Child Snatching and Premature Sexualisation
  4. Reporting Fraud and White Collar Crimes[18] – Public Services as Perpetrators and Non-Investigators
  5. The Illegality of Usury and Wars[19] – How Successive Governments ignore Law and Treaties
  6. Policing[20] – Who Guards the Guards? Who Controls the Controllers?
  7. CONTEST[21]: Counter-Terrorism Strategies that drive Miscarriages of Justice after 9/11 and 7/7.

Hillsborough[22] and, amongst others, the cases of Michael Doherty[23] and Tony Farrell[24] highlight ongoing police failings and corruption; requests for a public inquiry into 7/7 go ignored. Savile[25] and other paedophile exposes continue to implicate our care system; schools; churches; prisons; hospitals; Westminster; royalty, decimating public confidence. The NHS is failing our vulnerable. Protests continue as public awareness increases about: secret family courts; Common Purpose; austerity cuts; student loans; the banking system; state surveillance; Israel – all seemingly unheard by government and ignored by mainstream media. This deplorable state in mind, the McKenzie Friends are appealing to all public servants who embrace seven principles of public life to come forward and stand together in the form of “advocates of integrity”:

The Seven Principles of Public Life[26]

Selflessness • Integrity • Objectivity • Accountability • Openness • Honesty •Leadership

In an effort to address and take responsibility for UK society’s collective sickness, the McKenzie Friends are calling upon employees at all levels of public institutions, whether Local Authorities, police, NHS, educators, civil servants, judiciary or other, to come forward as advocates of the Seven Principles. UK society does not need “rescuing” or “watching over” by those who refuse to stand open and accountable: we need our individual members – you – to step into self-responsibility and courageous outspokenness; we need our individual members – you – to protect our citizens and families, our neighbours, communities and, above all, our most vulnerable from the effects of what now amounts to an epidemic of secrecy, corruption, perversion and fear.

This is not a call to protest – it is a call to protect. We hope you will join us.

RSVP Belinda McKenzie on b.mckenzie@btinternet.com

or Sabine McNeill on sabine.mcneill@3d-metrics.com

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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20 Responses to MIND THE GAPS – between Online and Mainstream Media, Government and Public @ the House of Commons

  1. misty53 says:

    My compliments a brilliant blog, full information, its quite an eye opener for those who have no idea whats going on right under their very noses!! You have missed one of the biggest coverups though, and that is the murder of Daniel Morgan, nearly 26 years ago, this case stinks of corruption at the highest level! I shudder to think where all this is leading!

    • Is there a link to the case you’re referring to, Jan?

      I have, so far, only reported cases ‘live’ by people who are still fighting. We tried to ‘group cases’ to change the law and make a difference by helping each other…

  2. misty53 says:

    Reblogged this on NO MORE SHAME and commented:
    a truely brilliant blog, it reads like some sort of horror story, yet every word is true, really scary!!

  3. chriscoop53 says:

    sabine   interesting, and if i wasnt attending a job interview on that date i would have like to attend.   how are you??  how are things progressing?  i read your blogs with interest and am still interested in all that you sdo.   take care   chris xxx


    • Thanks, Chris!

      After I was exhausted / exasperated / frustrated and burned out, I got re-fired and re-fuelled in Germany – with the highlight of hearing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony live!

      Keeping that as my ‘inner music’ now, I trust that next week’s meeting will be a good prelude for a year of breakthroughs!

      “Progress” is the fact that the 2 Slovak boys have been returned, i.e. the Slovak Government made a difference – hopefully setting a trend in motion!

      Best wishes for 2013 for all of us!!!


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  5. Chris says:

    Wish you every success on 15th, but I feel the system is rotten to the core. There are a few good people in Westminster but I question if they have the power to change anything. The real problem is Westminster is run by the City of London under the illusion we live in a democracy. In reality Westminster has very little power to change anything. I believe we are witnessing ideological subversion in order to deliberately destroy currencies so as to usher in a cashless society. When our money is worthless, a cashless system will be offered as a better alternative. In reality that would be the road to full totalitarianism. Anyone that does not toe the line would have their finances stopped by the click of a computer key! When looking back, history shows us there is a constant cycle of a mini boom followed by an economic crash, then a war followed by a mini boom then a crash and so on. It is no coincidence that before WWI and WWII Europe was virtually bankrupt. Britain went bankrupt in 1932 and the USA went bankrupt in 1973, hence the dollar is propped up by the price of oil. Banks made a fortune out of both wars and wars generally. They get their puppet governments into debt, the population then pay higher and higher taxes to pay off the an artificial debt that will never end. People work harder for less pay and pay more in order to get less. Meanwhile the heads of the puppet governments are paid handsomely by their bankster employees. Tony Blair is just one example. When he left office he became a multi-millionaire. This cycle has continued, since the founding of The Bank of England in 1694, and will do until people get to the root of the problem. I believe the only way to true democracy is to ban all political parties from Westminster and only allow independent people to stand for parliament for a fixed term. The issuing of debt free sovereign currency (similar to the Bradbury, issued during WWI) and a society based upon love and compassion before finance. The society we have today is based upon the psychopath’s mindset. When looking at the majority of senior politicians they have no conscience and are driven by a massive ego. Little wonder there are so many social problems.

    • Yes, yes, Chris! And yes again!!!

      Never knew about the ‘Bradbury’. In Bristol, the ‘Bristol Pound’ has been introduced recently with more backing than any other private currency so far – except for professional barter companies.

      Maybe things have yet to get worse…

      Maybe there is some decency somewhere:

      · An amnesty

      · A jubilee

      · Compensations

      could do better than more and more control and ‘they’ could even save face!

      • Chris says:

        Many thanks Sabine for your reply. Perhaps it’s a coincidence (although I doubt it) every country known as the axis of evil prints its own debt free currency! In reality WWII was about finances. Every country that has printed its own debt free currency has gone from bust to boom overnight. The reason I have no faith in the current system is no political party of any size, that I know of, mentions usury. There is a lot of waffle but they avoid the root problem. My theory is there is every possibility of infiltration by those with city interests. Also politicians that implement debt free currency tend to get assassinated. Abraham Lincoln and Kennedy are two examples. Kennedy had debt free dollars printed and ready for circulation, they are now prized collectors items along with Lincolns famous greenback dollars. When the debt free Bradbury was introduced in Britain at the beginning of WWI the banks made sure it would not continue. I’m unaware anyone was killed over that as its demise was deliberately done by threats, possible bribes and economics. We all know how returning veterans from the WWI trenches came back to dire poverty. If the Bradbury had been allowed to continue there wouldn’t have been social deprivation in the 1920’s and 30’s and WWII probably would never had happened! The banks will try every trick in the book to maintain their empire and won’t go quietly. The Lawful Bank is due to start in 2015. The plan is to issue debt free currency and from that a system whereby people, not political parties, are democratically elected. Under the British Constitution we have the right to lawfully decide who governs us, that also means we can lawfully turn our backs on Westminster and support the new system. Without the support of the masses Westminster has no power and neither does the city. Their power derives from keeping people in total ignorance. As the mass awakening expands, it is now turning into a tidal wave and Westminster and the city are getting very worried. People have had enough of paying increasing taxes to fuel a corrupt system whilst watching society and infrastructure crumbling around them.

        • Yes, yes, Chris,

          Since Lincoln and Kennedy, Hitler knew it, Hussein knew it, and Islamists are ‘terrorists’ because Riba is a deadly sin in Islam.

          What is ‘bizarre’ that there were always enough guys, in kahootz with the media, to enthuse all those men to go for killing: others and themselves!…

          Well, I’m just thinking about how to follow up our meeting on Tuesday. Possibly bridging the gap between the mainstream media and the online world.

          We gotta keep trying!!!

          • Chris says:

            Thanks Sabine for your reply. What is sad is most men involved in wars, especially WWI and WWII were conscripts. My Dad was a conscript, he detested militarism and was totally against killing but had no choice in the matter. My Father used to read to his blind father so he had an in depth knowledge of what was going on during the run up to WWII. Hitler printed debt free money, that’s why the people loved him. Germany went from dire poverty to prosperity overnight. He was voted man of the year in Time magazine and his house was featured in British publication “Homes and Gardens Magazine” in 1938! Many British politicians went to Germany and reported that Britain should do the same as Germany and print debt free money. As the populous began to discover the merits of debt free currency, the banks, who own the media, promptly put a stop to it. Hitler went from being the darling of the British press to an evil tyrant overnight! The rest is history! I hasten to add that I’m NOT praising totalitarianism, I’m against all forms of police state. I’m just stating a fact that has been airbrushed from official history books!

  6. peter oakes says:

    You should have watched ” hard talk ” am today as Michael Hesseltine said
    ” there is no money left ” did,nt you listen to Alistair Darlings treasury spokesman two years ago . ” There is no money ” good luck.

    Blairs, Browns, scottish treason has stuffed us Big Time ! Only in 2015 will
    some money be available to support small to medium business, the foundation
    of all wealth creation !

    The tactless truth, all you clever graduates in Uni. are going to get a ” gap decade” let alone a gap year goofing off !, anyone aged 17 through 30
    is in for a very very tough time !

    Look out for politicians looking to exploit your predicament, especially
    Milliband & co. you are swimming in the mouth of the net ! next step ?

    Gotcha ! stuffed, done-up like a kipper ! Advice get out Now.

    Australia is your best bet, but also same same uk on a very dilute basis
    however you will get breathing space to get your act together ?

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