SAVILE could have been prosecuted if victims had been taken seriously…

That’s what ITV News said this morning about Savile’s victims: he could have been prosecuted in 2009, if POLICE had taken victims more seriously!

Here’s the Timeline: The Jimmy Savile investigation and here Police slated in Savile victims reports

The non-investigation of crimes by the Police is one of the issues that we have isolated in our Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups.

We hope that our meeting at the House of Commons on Tuesday will contribute to all victims being taken seriously – not only of sexual but all other white collar crimes!

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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17 Responses to SAVILE could have been prosecuted if victims had been taken seriously…

  1. Sectioning people for speaking the truth has not been the answer.
    How many people have been treated as pariahs, being delusional and sectioned for reporting the truth about Savile and his cohorts?
    How many others like Jane Clift are out there treated as pariahs for speaking the truth?

  2. says:

    Sounds so very much like Canada.
    The paedophile industry here is under surface fire; but deep down it is alive, well, undeterred and very strong.
    . . .

    And this ‘force’ influences CAS* to the negation of democratic spirit.

    *CAS = Children’s Aid Society . . . A Masonic Lodge snd Paedophile joint operation to satisfy perverted sexual jollies.
    Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

  3. There must not be no hiding of the truth, and those who voice their concerns must be listened to.

    For too long the perpetrators of these heinous crimes have held sway while the cries for help from the weak and vulnerable have been ignored.

    Now is the time of the little people; for ordinary folk like us, to make our voices heard, and to ensure we are never silenced again by complacency, or lulled into a mistaken sense of security by believing those who claim to be acting on our behalf are doing what they’re paid to do; chances are, they’re only looking after their own interests.

    Someone once said that the price of democracy is eternal vigilance. Let’s lend eyes and ears to help the vulnerable in our society so we never again say to anyone, ‘Oh it’s all in your mind; you’re just imagining it.’ until we’ve made some discreet enquiries first.

  4. JM says:

    I don’t believe the pigyobs have actually ever ‘investigated’ anything since the early 90s, considering words really do mean what words mean. It’s their job to commit crime, not investigate it….from breaking into homes, attacking, abducting people all the way up to stealing, raping torture and murder…then blame the victim!
    I can understand lawyers doing that as that as is the name of the game/ good business sense…but when the state adopts such a policy on the macro and micro level…then it is war, do other way to put a stop to it now. It’ll be riot, riot riot….until one succeeds then it’s called a revolution!

  5. Roger Gough says:

    I may have misunderstood what has been said this morning. Apologies if that’s the case. Starmer the non-Charmer has said that Senior CPS staff had ‘fouled-up’ on these matters. For them to have fouled up they would have needed to receive a report from the Police. To foul up they would have needed to disregard the strength of the evidence provided via the report. (Readers of this blog should surely by now realise that the Mafia running what remains of a UK justice system are lawyers of various ranks but only a single hue. They run the criminal justice system purely for the benefit of themselves and their friends. No one else). They then decide on the strength of the evidence. Having had experience of the CPS on the very first week that they were instituted (and for years afterwards) I have to say that not only do Police have find the evidence, strong enough to make a case, they then have to help convince the CPS that the case is ‘a goer’ so to speak. ‘Heads’ and ‘brickwalls’ spring to mind.

  6. Roger Gough says:

    The article accompanying the post from carmarthenshireplanning reveals a dispiriting example of my complaint in my previous post. I.E “Legal fees of £500,000′. The judiciary are ‘benefit’ frauds and ‘cheats’ just as surely as the working class folk and our disabled neighbours which the MSP seek to brand as ‘skivers’ and ‘shysters’. Fleet Street should be ashamed.

  7. peter oakes says:

    Royal Commission Inquiry NSW Police Service. Vol.4 The Paedophile Inquiry

    Page 18. 1.4. At the request of the then Police Minister Mr. Pickering.

    In July 1990 Detective Sgnt. ( now Chief Supdt. ) Lola Scott. Provided
    a report in respect of the police investigation in which she adviced that :

    There was no evidence that it had been inadequate; and that

    She did not believe a Royal Commission would resolve the matter.

    ” They would say that would,nt they ” Mandy Rice-Davies the Profumo

    Do not listen to their lies about Savile They have known for years and been willing participants in satanic evil practices against children ! It will take one
    individual with a conscience to provide photo,s of involvement by establishment figures to trigger the floodgates and the ” gate keepers ”
    cannot stop it.

  8. You have not misunderstood Roger.
    The Daily Mail is expected to run a hard copy of this link in tomorrow’s edition.
    Most probably others will follow tomorrow.
    Imagine the height to the top of the deck of cards. They could not afford for any of those cards to fall. They are certainly falling now. And all over themselves to cover it up.
    Those that did nothing are just as guilty as Saville and should be dealt with accordingly.
    My thoughts are with victims and those persecuted for coming forward to tell the truth and tarred as delusional and in need of Sectioning. How many are locked up in NHS secured mental wards on the grounds of delusions of grandeur when all they did was act in the interest of public safety. As is happening across the UK.

    • JM says:

      joint enterprise law springs to mind

      and the ‘crazy population’ in mental prisons has been growing by 40% per year every year for over a decade….I do not believe they’re all victims of saville or his cohorts….nor do i believe the CIA is still going around putting LSD in people’s bread….

      how many political dissidents are there in the UK? anybody dare put in a freedom of info request for that one?

      you don’t really survive even a relatively short term stay in one of those prisons, with the drugs and the electric shocks…severe brain damage, memories gone…’re not the same person that comes out that went in…

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  10. Long before the BBC Panorama revelations last year, I wrote, In November 2004, to the then Minister for Health & Social Services in Wales, Jane Hutt AM, telling her of the disgraceful treatment of an elderly patient in the same ward as my 92 year old aunt whom I was visiting at Cardiff’s Heath Hospital.

    Fortunately my aunt’s stay visit was brief. Her daughter, my cousin was so appalled at the treatment of the elderly patients, she insisted on removing her mother; deciding she would be better off being nursed at home.

    I catalogued what I had witnessed, as well as other horror stories told me by relatives of elderly patients, and subsequently got a reply from the Deputy Minister John Griffiths AM, who held a special responsibility portfolio for older people.

    I suggested that he did what I had done; make a personal visit to the ward, but incognito, so he could witness for himself the treatment of elderly patients as I had done. His only suggestion, I quote: ‘…I would like to thank you for drawing these matters to my attention…I am most concerned when instances of this nature occur…it is important…matters…should be properly investigated…I would urge you or those involved to take them up via the appropriate organisations using complaints channel as necessary in each case…’

    What he failed to understand was that few in that ward, for various reasons, did not have the means of complaining, and too many elderly patients in hospitals were afraid to complain because their treatment by hospital staff often worsened, since those involved retaliated with a vindictiveness bordering on the sadistic.

    All these were, and remain, among the cover-ups those in authority have kept from public view. Those who seek public office, and are well remunerated for doing the job to which they have been appointed, should be investigated. If found guilty of failing in their duty of responsibility, their shortcomings should be disclosed and the public made aware. After all, if Mr & Mrs Joe Bloggs have to pay the price, so should those who have milked the system for too long.

    • JM says:

      to offer a few more brief examples…my elderly father, several major operations…lying in intensive care….some lunatic balancing mop mucket of filthy black water on a chair kciked repeatedly into the equipment that was keeping him alive….then proceeded to smear this excrement over him in the pretext of washing him, after she had spread about half the contents of the bucket over the floor…
      had half a mind to physically stop her but knowing how my folks are they probably would end up testifying against me, if not sectioned again…

      elderly great aunt murdered by penicillin overdose. they knew damn well she was allergic…i say murdered as even if it was some dickhead not bothering to read and had never seen her before,,,,reason of depraved indifference springs to mind…obviously no pigyob investigation to determine manslaughter or murder or not, personally i think that is one for a jury to decide….
      also possibly murder on the grouds of me, she was my only source of finance…always gave me a fiver when i saw her, ever since i was a kid….

      my Nan. subcontacted out private ‘nursing staff’ to care for her in her own room. no actual nursing involved….they actually get paid to sleep in somebody else’s home/ rifle through and nick their stuff….
      but her disabled bed was a bit stiff…she couldn’t be bothered to faff with and didn’t warn anybody else that she hadn’t locked the side in…worse thanthat she left so it looked like it was secure….obviously nan fell out and in her weakened state she hit her head and was very seriously injured. didn’t stop there though. she physically attacked my mother and tried to stop her calling for an ambulance AFTER she had refused to do so. she was more concerned with protecting herself..personally by that point if i was there i would have smashed her head against the wall, dragged her out and left her unconcious in the road….that would have been the truth of the matter but i bet ye the headline would have been soemthing like ‘psycho attacks care worker and murders gran’…..
      nan never came out of hospital after that. shorterned her life by at least a few weeks, several months….still murder in my book no matter how much you reduce it by, days or forty years…

      then there wa sthat guy who refused medical attention, beaten him up abducted and threw him out of ambulance….ended up a vegetable head on a stick…..they jailed his mother for life for doing the decent thing/ respecting his wishes and euthnaising him/ forced them to stop applying so called medical attention. immunity and anonymity for the perps.

      i refsue anything that is state sanctioned. they have no right to even touch me even if they have just shot me repeatedly int he head. not only becaiuse of that but i refuse anything that has been tested on animals, no mdeical attention is legal in this country unless it has been….i demand privacy, no matter what….you can’t be a memeber of the state sanctioned ‘medical profession’ unles you’re prepared to violate the oath they all take immediately upon starting work….by plastering your pseronal info all over the internet and immediately telling pigyobs if soemthing serious like s tab wound or gunshot wound….
      they even collaborate with politicans/ let cameras in for their little media stunts….they also slobber over other peoples babies in order to make people vote for them apparently….fucking pedos hanging a lantern on it….i mean how absurd is that?
      they know where i live i don’t live there anymore. they have my mobile number it’s not my mobile number anymore. if they know where i’m going i’m not going there anymore.

      all of which has been repeatedly explained to these psychotic anons billions of times in every media format known to man. my family knows but continue to collaborate with them. my best/ only hope now is to go down fighting…some headline like that above!

  11. peter oakes says:

    Hi. Victims Chris Grayling is the first Lord Chancellor in ni-on 500 years
    to be appointed without being a lawyer, solicitor, barrister the “Legal Mafia ”
    is -issed – off no robes to tug on, still has a daft wig though?

    Get your complaints about bent judges in soonest.

  12. But beware the old mantras:
    1. You’re too late; too much time has elapsed.
    2. Speak to the relevant authorities.
    3. It’s not a matter for the Attorney General’s Office.

    Speak to people like Margaret Gomm; nearly eighty, and still striving to get justice.

    She lost her home in Herefordshire, and the beloved animals she’d rescued, through her lawyers putting, a then, inexperienced barrister, (but now both experienced and very wealthy) on to the plaintiff’s case. He was pitted against a defending barrister (who soon after became a judge) acting for the cowboy builder she’d been conned into employing and the case was tried in Aberystwyth.

    For more than twenty years Margaret has written hundreds of letters to hundreds of people, including HMQEII; all the Attorney Generals and MPs who have come and gone during the intervening years. None have offered any help – nor a spark of hope, although their honeyed words have dripped like sweetened poison from their pens.

    There’s not a spider’s strand of decency or honour among any of them, only their ability to stick together, and catch the unsuspecting in their webs of deceit.

    • Your wording is excellent, Maureen, and cases like Maureen’s remind me of all those victims who have died as starfighters.

      Deception, distraction and distortion need to be fought / exposed…

      The amazing John Ward publishes The Slog for that purpose. I have just amended my We Who Oppose Deception to look similar to his.

      He’ll be with us tomorrow at the House of Commons as his ‘call for action’ is: “The blogosphere’s destiny is to be in opposition to all things bollocks”… I understand that’s a heavy swearword in English. But his German translation sounded so meek that I thought I can use it as easily as he does…

      If I was to advise the Government with my ‘granny wisdom’, I would tell them to ‘come good’ with an amnesty and jubilee and act as Compensator of Last Resort. That way they could ‘hide behind their dishonest money’ but at least compensate victims…

    • Roger Gough says:

      Love the elegance and effectiveness of your final paragraph Maureen.

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